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How to Style Your Wardrobe with Pinterest

July 15, 2020

Happy hump day, dear gal. And since it’s Wednesday, it’s also time for another YouTube video. Are you enjoying my YouTube channel? I sure do hope so. I’m really enjoying creating these videos for you. I feel like they give me more opportunity to really explain my processes better. And today’s video is a great example of that. I’m sharing step by step how to style your wardrobe with Pinterest.

On my channel I have what are called playlist. A playlist is a series of videos that fall into a certain category and they help you navigate my library of videos better, especially as they accumulate in number. Today I’m adding to the Copy that Style playlist. This is a series I’ll be adding to about every month or so.

In this series I simply select a couple of looks from either Pinterest or Instagram to recreate with pieces from my own wardrobe. But you can use the same process I use to recreate the looks you love, too.

In today’s video I’m sharing how you can use this tool to style the pieces in your wardrobe that are stumping you. Do you have a pair of wide leg pants you don’t know what to do with? Or maybe puff-sleeve top you’re wondering how to wear? Whatever hangs in your closet and taunts you…simply put it through the steps I’m sharing today and you’ll soon be styling it like nobody’s business!

I hope you enjoy today’s video!

I’ve Got Goodies for You!

Downloadable Printable Step-by-Step Copy that Look Guide

I have a treat for everyone today! I’ve created a downloadable, printable guide to help you remember the steps I covered in today’s video. While I usually reserve these goodies for my Subscribers, I felt generous today and am making it available to everyone. Just keep in mind that I have lots more goodies like this for those who subscribe to my daily or weekly emails. So I hope you’ll consider subscribing if you haven’t already.

You can download your simple step-by-step checklist to help you Copy that Style here.

Pin These!

I created the following graphics for you to pin to your Pinterest inspiration boards.

Copy that Style
orange (bright papaya) relaxed chino shorts (just $19.99!) // similar chambray shirt // similar gold sandals // leather and raffia belt // earrings
Copy that Style
white chinos // white v-neck tee // similar long button up shirt (swimsuit coverup) mine is sold out // flip flops // similar straw hand bag // bangles

Shopping widget

Finally, I have a shopping widget for you. I’ve included everything I’m wearing in my two looks that is still available. By the way, many of the things I’m showing you here are marked way down. These are affiliate links. If you click through them and purchase anything, I potentially earn a commission, but at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting the work I do here by shopping my affiliate links. I appreciate you!

Will you help me out?

I’d be ever so grateful if you spread the word about my YouTube channel and this blog. You can always copy and paste a URL link and send it in a text or email to a few friends. Really, mouth to mouth, person to person referrals are the best! Who do you know who loves to put together outfits? Or maybe you know someone who is struggling with putting together a wardrobe that really works for them.

You can also share today’s YouTube video with someone simply by sending them this link:

Thank you so much for spreading the word about Dressed for My Day!

Blessed for My Day

What makes us quick to anger? Have you ever considered why or when you tend to have a short fuse? I think I anger quickly when I am easily offended. And I’m easily offended when I hinge my self worth on someone else’s treatment or estimation of me. I’m also easily offended when I assume the worst of others but the best of myself. Ouch. Finally, I get offended easily if I have unrealistic expectations of others.

But James directs us to be slow to anger…to let offenses roll off of us without growing hot under the collar. How can we do that? First, let’s decide to be more aware of our own propensity toward offense. Think about the situations and people who tend to leave you feeling offended. How can you change your heart toward those people or circumstances? Finally, learn to give grace instead of grief. Choose to assume the best of others. And decide that your value does not depend on how they treat you, but you can certainly demonstrate your true value by responding to them with kindness and forbearance.

But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger; for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God. ~ James 1:19-20

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xoxo, Kay
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26 thoughts on “How to Style Your Wardrobe with Pinterest

  1. What a great video! Pinterest is a site I rarely visit, but I believe I need to rectify the situation. I would have never thought to get outfit inspiration this way. Thank you so much the enlightenment. Now to have some fun with my wardrobe!

  2. Thank you Kay for The Blessed For My Day…today! It’s so true and I try to be like this. Sometimes it’s not easy but with God, Allthings are Possible.

    Love the side-by-side looks and will be trying this. It won’t cast me a thing! (Comes from my closet)


    1. Just watched the video also Kay…. love this one….

      You do an awesome job in your videos!


  3. Wowza! Another great video and all the bells and whistles with the support materials! Can’t wait to try this! Thanks for helping us breathe new life into items we already have!

  4. Thank you Kay!! I loved today’s video!! In fact I ordered those same bright orange shorts two days ago. Can’t wait for them to come! Now I have another way to wear them. I need to be using Pinterest more often. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Loved the video. As I watched I thought of a couple items in my closet that have just been hanging there. Great ideas! Thanks, love all your posts.

  6. What great ideas, Kay! Another way to intentionally style outfits! Notice, I’m trying to be intentional instead of random about clothes. I’ll get so much more for the money I spend on clothes. Many thanks!
    It is hard to keep from giving meanness back; the natural inclination is to get defensive or return the treatment. However, when think of what Jesus endured on my behalf and the grace He extended to me, I ask the Lord to help me respond in ways that will make Him proud of me. The interactions I regret most are those that I failed to give to the Lord.
    Have a wonderful day, Kay. Thank you for all that you teach us.

  7. Another fabulous video today, Kay! You are such a natural in front of the camera. I love the outfits you styled and the very helpful tips for styling them. Have a blessed day!

  8. Love videos like these. They help me to see my own clothes in a different way.
    Slow to anger is hard when hubby plops a bit old bloody pork butt down in the middle of your newly washed green linem tablecloth. True it was in a bag but it could have leaked. Lockdown/Not working/took up smoking…ribs etc.

  9. Another phenomenal video Kay!!!! I enjoy Pinterest, not only for fashion but for recipes, health, exercise, household hacks, hair styles and much more. Great BFMD too.