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Value Priced Summer Sleepwear for Home and Travel

June 16, 2022
Post Sponsored by Nordstrom Rack

I love having several options of cool, comfortable and cute sleepwear during the summer. Today I’m sharing three different selections of summer sleepwear perfect for home and travel. And it’s all from Nordstrom Rack, one of my favorite sources for good quality fashions at affordable prices.

Long Sleeveless Nightgown for Summer
True Body Lift + Scoop Neck Wireless Bra // paisley sleeveless nightgown

When the temperatures are high and the days are long, I’m prone to slip into my nighttime clothes early so I can relax comfortably. My paisley sleeveless nightgown feels soft and cool on my skin, and it’s a nice length for visiting with family over coffee.

Sleeveless Nightgown

As I visit family and friends in their homes during summer travels, I want pretty and decent things I can wear and feel presentable in. So I want to make sure my sleepwear looks modest but also feels cool and comfortable. I’m wearing the chateau rose True Body Lift + Scoop Neck Wireless Bra underneath my 95% rayon, 5% spandex paisley sleeveless nightgown for modesty. It feels comfortable enough to sleep in and fits true to size. The True Body Lift + Scoop Neck Wireless Bra also comes in a variety of colors and a wide range of sizes.


I think the paisley print on this sleeveless nightgown is so fresh and pretty. And the waterfall hemline feel flirty and youthful, but also modest. The gown runs true to size for a generous fit. I’m wearing a medium.

My next option for cool and cozy summer sleepwear are blue denim awning stripe boyfriend pajama shorts and top, sold separately. These Abound separates are 60% cotton, 40% polyester, but they really feel like 100% cotton, so soft and lightweight. I think the polyester does actually help keep them from wrinkling as much.

Striped Pajamas
boyfriend pajama top // boyfriend pajama shorts (another option: boyfriend crop pajamas) // True Body Lift + Scoop Neck Wireless Bra

The boyfriend pajama top is a cropped length, so definitely take that into consideration. But even on my 5’8″ frame I feel comfortable with the length. The pajama shorts feature a 3″ inseam, but it feels long enough to me for sleepwear. But if these are too short for you, you might consider the coordinating boyfriend crop pajamas.

Pajama Shorts and Top

The waistband is elasticized, of course, and there are no pockets. Both the boyfriend pajama top and the boyfriend pajama shorts fit me true to size in the medium. And they come in several other really summery fresh colors and prints. Again, I wore the True Body Lift + Scoop Neck Wireless Bra underneath for modesty and comfort.

True Body Lift + Scoop Neck Wireless Bra
boyfriend pajama top // boyfriend pajama shorts (another option: boyfriend crop pajamas) // True Body Lift + Scoop Neck Wireless Bra

The Abound separates come in sizes from x-small to xx-large. They fit very generously.

My next selection is one I probably wouldn’t wear to visit family or friends. But I would wear it on vacation with my honey. It’s definitely a little more flirtatious!

Chemise and Robe Set
Floral Lace-Trimmed Chemise & Robe Set

The crazy thing about this Floral Lace-Trimmed Chemise & Robe Set is that it is, indeed, sold as a set. And at a really nice price. It’s 60% off the original price, which explains why some sizes are already sold out.


Unlike so many strappy chemises, this one is really quite comfortable. The polyester/spandex fabric feels very soft and lightweight. Truthfully, I was amazed at the quality of this Floral Lace-Trimmed Chemise & Robe Set. And isn’t the lace trim on both the chemise and the robe just such a pretty detail?

Lace Trim
Floral Lace-Trimmed Chemise & Robe Set

I would wear these three different summer sleepwear options for different situations, but I think they’re all three lovely. I also ordered this tank and jogger 2-piece pajama set and really like it. It’s soft and lightweight and so cozy. But it was quite big on me. So while I kept it and have worn it to sleep in, I didn’t show it just because I felt like it looks quite large. So definitely size down in this darling 2-piece pajama set, which comes in multiple colors and patterns.

I’m grateful to Nordstrom Rack for sponsoring today’s post. They’re one of my go-to sources for quality at affordable prices. I love that I can collect Nordy points when I shop there. And they offer up to 70% off designer brands with extended and easy returns. And right now they have their June End of Season Sale going on with additional savings.

I’ve gathered more great summer sleepwear options for you in the shopping widget below. Thanks so much for dropping in today!

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7 thoughts on “Value Priced Summer Sleepwear for Home and Travel

  1. I just ordered the floral lace chemise and robe set. I have been looking for something new for this summer and I just love this.
    Yes, I know it is hard when we are disappointed in something and they are out of something at the store or restaurant. We tend
    to pout and sometimes get upset. I have been there. Thank you for the reminder to be more like Jesus and the verse.

  2. Hi Kay. I ordered the necessitea set but it didn’t come up with a discount. The link also took me to a set that was $100 and had an extra piece which was deodorant. I have contacted them via email and there is not a phone number on their website. I’m disappointed as I would love to try these products they look lovely. I have them in order but didn’t want to pay full price! I worked through the link you provided on the you tube video. Any help would be appreciated

    1. Hi Meg. I really don’t know why this happened. I had one other viewer tell me that she couldn’t find a place to insert the code. I’m wondering, did you use the link I provided? And even if you did, could you try going to the website through it again? I think they maybe got things a little mixed up on their end at one point yesterday, but supposedly that got fixed. The code should be HARMS10. I have the deodorant and like it too.

    2. Hi Meg. I investigated further and it looks like they sold out of the 4-piece set. I do have and recommend the deodorant if you are at all interested but I can understand if you would prefer not. Finally, when you get to the place where you are about to put in credit card info look to the top of the screen. There is a little down arrow and beside it says something like review order. Tap there and it will open the place to insert the code. It’s not very intuitive. But with a little scrounging around I did find it. Sorry for the confusion.

  3. Larry has finally convinced me to wear flirty pajamas around him, so we ordered quite a few from various retailers, including Nordstrom Rack. I activated have the Flora by Flora set that you linked to. It is very comfortable. I am usually in my night clothes by 3p every day that we are home, so that I can be more comfortable and unwind from the day. If you want a refreshing beverage that will cool you off, Larry and I highly recommend a frozen coffee from Dunkin Donuts. We have caramel flavoring put in ours. Have a great day!

  4. Since this post was sponsored by Nordstrom Rack, I understand why you only featured options from there, but I have to point out that the sleepwear from Soma is also fabulous. I discovered Soma through one of your blog posts, and I now own several of their sleepshirts and pajamas, in addition to their sports bras.

  5. I love the choices! My favorite is the striped shorts outfit. The negligee is lovely!

    Thank you for being so transparent in BFMD. We all fail constantly. Often when I am feeling great and “spiritual” I tumble over some stupid thing. It is nice to know I’m not alone.

    Also, I love that chair! I just finished decorating the main level of my house (just need some paintings and knicknacks). It is so fun and pleasant to have lovely surroundings. It makes me dream of how nice Heaven will be!