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5 Fashion Fixes so You Won’t Look So Old

April 25, 2018

Five Fashions Fixes to Look Younger

Remember the opening scene in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Nia Vardalos’ character Toula is riding into work at her family’s restaurant with her father. It’s a dreary, rainy day and at some point Toula’s father makes the day feel even more hopeless when he tells her with a thick Greek accent, “You just look so old!” Sure enough, we soon discover Toula is much younger than she looks, and later we watch her transform herself into a more vibrant, youthful woman – who soon earns the affections of Ian, a handsome non-Greek American played by John Corbett. Somewhere along the way mousy, frumpy Toula (those are her words, not mine!) learned a few fashion fixes that helped her look more beautiful and less tired. And today I’d like to share a few fixes that Toula used and we can to…so we don’t look so old!

Frump Girl
Toula reminds us there are just a few steps from frump to fabulous.

Fashion Fix #1 – Free Up Your Hair

Free Up Your Hair Image

I grew up in the 80s, in the days of hot rollers, curling irons and lots of hairspray. But things have changed, ladies. Today’s hairstyles are freer, looser and more casual. Regardless of the cut or texture of your hair, you’ll look younger and more current if you allow your hair some freedom.

That has taken some “gettin’ used to” for me. But when I did learn to let my hair fall a little more loosely and frame my face a little more softly, I noticed a marked difference in my appearance.

You can tell from the photos above that a youthful appearance does not hinge on the color of your hair. Several of the women in these pictures have some gray, but they still look more vibrant because they’ve resisted the urge to over style or over spray. And yes, you can spray your hair. But just use something that allows for more play and not so much stay.

Fashion Fix #2 – Not So Much Oatmeal; More Color

Not So Much Oatmeal

Save the oatmeal for breakfast. Choose color instead whenever you can. That’s not to say you can never wear colors like beige, brown, taupe or gray. But just keep in mind that these colors can age you if you’re not strategic about how you wear them. For instance, if you must wear a solid, muted shade of suit or dress for work, make sure the cut is current, your shoes are stylish and your jewelry is youthful (more about that to come).

But whenever I can, I choose color. Just  the difference between a pale blue suit and an oatmeal colored one is tremendous. And if I do wear a beige suit, for instance, I select a colorful silk top to wear under it and maybe add some colorful jewelry or handbag. (By the way, I’m sharing a beige suit with you soon here on the blog. But watch what I wear with it!)

Fashion Fix # 3 – No Frumpy Shoes!

Frumpy Shoes Age an Entire Outfit

I received a short email from a high school friend the other day simply asking me to sign her up to my blog’s subscription list. But she also briefly noted that she feels like she “dresses too old.” Now I haven’t seen this friend in over 30 years, but from photos on Facebook I can tell this woman is as beautiful as she was at our high school graduation. Still, she got me to thinking about what it means to “dress too old.”

As I looked around and studied people out and about, I noticed that you can wear a really stylish and current outfit, but if your shoes are frumpy…it’s all for naught!

Look, I know some gals need to wear certain kinds of shoes that provide extra comfort and support. Whether you have a foot condition or you have a job where you’re on your feet all day, you understandably want to wear shoes that feel good and do no harm. And you should certainly take care of your feet.

But these days that’s no excuse for wearing frumpy shoes. In the photo above you can see shoes that are available today that provide both comfort and style. In fact, I’ll provide links to these shoes in a widget at the end of this section. But the main lesson here is to always choose to wear shoes that get the job done…but also keep you looking fabulous and youthful…head to toe!

Fashion Fix #4 – Try Some Delicate Jewelry

Choose delicate, youthful jewelry

I’m actually advising against conventional wisdom here. I know that bold statement necklaces and blingy earrings are in. And I wear them. But I’ve noticed that most of my younger friends opt for very delicate, feminine and dainty jewelry. They seem to choose more understated pieces.

So that makes me think that maybe our huge statement necklaces are aging us a bit. I’m going to try (once again this is a stretch for me!) to select understated pieces in the future. The necklaces, earrings and bracelet above are good examples. But you might want to keep an eye on your younger friends and family members, too, to see what they’re wearing.

Here are a few selections to consider.

Fashion Fix #5 – Choose Floral Prints Wisely – Think Modern

Choose Floral Prints Carefully

Floral prints are everywhere – on clothing, handbags and even shoes. But I think as we get older we need to be cautious about which prints we select to wear, especially on larger garments such as dresses, blouses and jackets. I’ve tried to pin down exactly what it is that makes a print look old-fashioned as opposed to current, but I’m having a difficult time nailing down a formula. Maybe you have a suggestion.

But what I’ve settled on is that I simply need to “think modern” when selecting floral prints. You see, retro and old-fashioned prints actually appeal to me. They look sweet, slightly aged, nostalgic. Maybe they appeal to you, too. But I need to learn to appreciate these prints without wearing them! Instead, if I want to buy a new floral dress or skirt, I need to look for one that is decidedly current. I need to choose colors that are specifically in style now. To help with that, here are some shades that are hot on the scene right now in Spring/Summer 2018 (You’ll notice some of these shades in the dress to the right in the photo above.):

Fashion Fix Challenge

Toula took the fashion fix challenge in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. She went from frump to fabulous. Now, I know none of you are frumpy! But as we get older we do have to make a conscientious effort to stay current and fresh. Really, I’ve found that looking youthful and vibrant is not about dressing for a certain age; it’s more about dressing the body you have now for the day you’re living in now. That means being mindful of what looks good on you…and what is trending now…and working your own personal magic to combine the two in a way that works…for you.

Is there a fashion fix that speaks to you here? Or maybe you have another fashion fix to share with all of us that would keep us from “looking so old!” We’d love to hear it. Do tell!

I’m linking this post to the Style Wise linkup, where so many fabulous ladies offer style tips and examples every week. And be sure to check out the style tips at Jo-Lynne Shane’s Fashion Friday Linkup, too.

Blessed for My Day

A sweet friend shared with me Psalm 37 this morning. It was perfect for me and the situations I’m facing in life. She texted me this morning that she is praying this Psalm for me. I love that. I think when we pray in accordance with God’s Word He delights in that and leans in close, ready to answer our prayers. Do you have a scripture you are praying for yourself or someone else right now?

Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness. Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart. ~ Psalm 37:3-4

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31 thoughts on “5 Fashion Fixes so You Won’t Look So Old

  1. I always think shoes make such a difference, Kay!!
    And I think the floral part could really depend on the item. If it’s a modern cut or style, then I think you look better.
    I may have to disagree about the jewelry though….but then again, it’s what you’re wearing it with. I think it’s important to have focal point —that seems to be one of the thing Toula was missing in that photo….

    1. Yeah, I agree Jodie. I’m still wearing my big chunky jewelry! And I like what you suggest about a focal point. Great tip! ?

    1. Yes, it does seem to be an issue that we are wise to consider occasionally. Otherwise we just slip into frumpy habits, lol! ?

    1. Thanks Claire. I’ll consider that August wedding a bit. Is it a fairly traditional afternoon wedding or something more or less formal?

  2. I appreciate the great tips, Kay! I love shoes; however, the older I get I find I am drawn to comfort. It’s hard to find dress shoes that are comfortable for me & don’t make me look like Mrs. (ha)Wiggins from Carol Burnette! Help! Love my Burkinstocks but they aren’t the most attractive shoes with skirts/dresses!

    1. Ha! Ha! Yes, the struggle with comfortable but attractive shoes is real! I just try to pick the cutest comfortable shoes possible and take along a pair of even more comfortable shoes to change into when needed.

  3. I love this post!! I totally agree with the shoes but a lot of comfortable, cute shoes cost more! I also think a great hair style does wonders plus healthy hair!! You could probably do a separate post for each one of these!! Thanks Kay!

    1. Yes, comfortable and stylish shoes definitely do cost more. I think that probably means you just have fewer shoes but good quality. And you’re so right about healthy hair! A good cut, well maintained and just overall healthy. Great point! Thanks for adding to the discussion. ?

  4. I am really enjoying your blog. In regards to the flower prints, I was watching a show with fashion etc and she said the flowers should be no bigger than your fist so it would be a bit different for everyone.

    1. Ha! That’s good to know. Something to consider when shopping. Thanks for adding to the conversation! 🙂

  5. Thank you for your ideas and suggestions!! I need to work on my hair style! I’ve been styling it the same for years. Thank you for this boost to search for a new way of styling it. And the color choices!!!

    1. Thanks for reading, Laurie. And best wishes on that new hairstyle! I think that’s exciting. I bet you’ll look great in a new, relaxed do!

  6. My fashion fix tip would be Wear a Supportive Bra! The girls need to be high and pointing outward. Proper undergarments form the most important base to all fashion.

    1. Yes! That’s a great tip, Gina. I’m so small-chested I don’t often think along those lines, but the proper under garments do make a big difference. Especially as we get older and things start shifting! Thanks for the tip!

  7. Hi Kay! My first time commenting. I have really enjoyed following you and love your down to earth achievable tips!
    This post was from 2018, and it looks like florals have remained popular . As a 65 yo, I feel it is very important to choose your florals wisely. As you have said they can certainly date you. They can also be very unflattering if the pattern is too large or small for your body type. One tip I have is that placement can also become a factor. Being large busted I take 2or3 of my size in to try on. A large flower on one breast and none on the other just looks ridiculous, or a pattern that runs across the midsection may destroy the proportions and add pounds that aren’t there!
    Maybe you could expand on these these thoughts of floral pattern size and placement in a new post? Thank you for all your great ideas!

    1. Great input, Martha. Thanks so much for sharing. That’s a wonderful idea for a future post. I appreciate your comment. Thanks so much for reading Dressed for My Day. ?