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Styling Linen Shorts for Summer

May 23, 2022

Happy Monday morning! We are inching ever closer to summer, but maybe you, like me, already have warm days where you live. You know I love linen for summer, so today I’m styling some classy but breezy linen shorts for the hot days ahead.

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white linen shell
linen pull-on shorts (TTS) // white linen shell // Tory Burch Miller Cloud Sandals in Spark Gold/Natural (gifted) // bag no longer available (option and more economical option) // boho cuff bracelet // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your purchase) // button up linen shirt

I really like the fit and silhouette of my linen pull-on shorts and they’re available in several nice colors. These relaxed fit, 100% linen shorts fit true to size, come in a full range of sizes and feature a 6″ inseam (5″ for petites and plus petites). These linen shorts, along with everything else at Talbots, are available for 30% off just through Wednesday Monday, and Classic Awards members you can get one item for 40% off with code AWARDS SUMMER. (Updated 5-28-22.) But I did round up over 20 other pairs of linen and linen blend shorts in the shopping widget below.

Linen Fact: Linen is known as the world’s strongest natural fiber and is far more durable than cotton.

Linen Shorts

Of course you can wear linen shorts like these so many ways really. But because linen is just the essence of summer to me, I especially appreciate a subtle pairing like this flax beige and white. I’ve chosen to style my flax colored linen shorts with other white linen pieces which you could wear separately or together. Here I’ve topped the linen shorts with a white linen shell featuring Trapunto detailing around the split neckline.

Linen Fact: Linen is moisture resistant. It can be absorbed up to 20% with moisture without even feeling wet. That makes wearing linen in the humidity a smart choice.

white linen shell

I tucked in the white linen shell all around and then pulled most of it out in the back, leaving just the gentlest tuck in the front. While I would consider wearing this tunic style white linen shell untucked over longer length pants, I personally wouldn’t wear it out with these shorts. I fear it would throw the proportions off too much. But that’s just me and my proportions; you know best how to dress your proportions and body shape.

Linen Fact: Linen is also hypoallergenic and bacteria resistant. Bacteria does not grow easily in linen. So even if you do sweat in linen, your clothing is much less likely to harbor foul odors.

Styling Linen Shorts for Summer

While I think it’s so smart to wear a cool outfit like this one comprised of linen shorts and a sleeveless linen shell, I would definitely carry along a third piece to add when entering an airconditioned space. You could certainly top this linen duo with a denim jacket, utility jacket or lightweight cardigan. But I chose to layer on more linen with my J.Jill button up linen shirt. Because sizes are limited, I found another option for you, too. I love Chico’s linen as well.

Linen Fact: Linen is very lightweight and loosely woven, which allows heat to escape from the body. It absorbs a lot of moisture and dries quickly, keeping you cool and dry. So even a long-sleeved linen shirt will feel cool in the heat.

Linen Button Up Shirt
button up linen shirt // linen pull-on shorts (TTS) // white linen shell // Tory Burch Miller Cloud Sandals in Spark Gold/Natural (gifted) // bag no longer available (option and more economical option) // boho cuff bracelet // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your purchase) // earrings // necklace no longer available (option)

Because linen is such a summertime favorite, I think it’s smart to accessorize your linen outfits with distinctly summer accessories. I carried my straw satchel handbag from Brighton. It’s no longer available, but they have other lovely woven options that ring of summer. I gave this straw bag to Abigail as a honeymoon gift. And here’s a beautiful but more economical option. A straw bag is an investment you can enjoy pulling out to use every summer.

Linen Fact: Linen does wrinkle easily. That’s just the nature of the fabric. But did you know that the more you wear your linen the less it will wrinkle? With wear and washing the fabric actually becomes softer so it holds the wrinkles less.

Gold Sandals
Tory Burch Miller Cloud Sandals in Spark Gold/Natural (gifted)

I was gifted these Tory Burch Miller Cloud Sandals. I thought they would be the perfect footwear for this summery outfit. These oh so comfortable sandals are pricey, but if you enjoy wearing slip-on shoes that are both comfortable and chic you might find that price per wear you come out pretty good. I’ve already worn them several days and I’ve had them less than a week. They fit true to size.

Linen Fact: In the 1700s flax was a household crop in the colonies and many women spun their own linen fabric. But as cotton became the bigger cash cow, flax production waned and linen was worn less. However, in the early 1900s linen became popular among the wealthier citizens of the country who sought out beautiful fabrics that could also keep them cool in the summer. So, while linen is common throughout the world now, many people associate it with wealth and leisure and prestige.


I completed the outfit with simple summery jewelry. My dainty palm branch necklace is several years old and no longer available. However, I think this Kendra Scott butterfly necklace would work beautifully. My gold filigree earrings are also from Kendra Scott. And doesn’t my Victoria Emmerson boho cuff bracelet work nicely here?

boho cuff bracelet

I love the way this outfit came together. And I imagine you could duplicate a similar look from other items in your closet. I’d wear this outfit to lunch with friends, while on vacation at the beach or sitting on my back porch at the end of the day.

Linen Outfit for Summer
linen pull-on shorts (TTS) // white linen shell // Tory Burch Miller Cloud Sandals in Spark Gold/Natural (gifted) // bag no longer available (option and more economical option) // boho cuff bracelet // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your purchase) // button up linen shirt // gold filigree earrings // necklace no longer available (option)

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9 thoughts on “Styling Linen Shorts for Summer

  1. I have never bought anything linen. Chico’s has No Iron Linen, not exactly sure what that means? Does it also wrinkle? I just might buy their white linen top as it is cute. I loved your flax color shorts!

    1. Hi Bonnie. Garments labeled no-iron linen are usually a linen blend that wrinkles less. I love Chico’s no-iron linen blend shirts. I do find that they could still use a little steaming or ironing occasionally but rarely.

  2. I found a few forgotten linen shirts in my closet last fall when putting my summer clothes away. I kept them and they are in great condition. I don’t recall wearing them much and will use them this summer. Your shorts are very flattering! I will look into shopping for a pair or two.
    BFMD is something I can relate to. I enjoy talking with friends. The few newer women I’ve met seem to dominate conversations with their views and have no qualms asking personal questions. I enjoy a private life and don’t wish to disclose everything about myself in one or two visits. I have nothing to hide but skipping the development stage of building a friendship is not for me. Any thoughts?

  3. Hi Kay,

    I enjoy your blog very much. Best wishes for you and your family for your daughter’s wedding. My question is about the tanning product you use. I noticed that you wear mostly light colored clothing, and I am afraid that a tanning product would stain my clothes. I have never used a tanning product before. Will it come off on my clothes or sheets?


  4. Really like these linen shorts and linen top
    I ordered this outfit’ now I hope it has warmed a lot by the time the arrive here.
    Good BFMD

  5. I’m so glad you shared that linen gets softer and less wrinkly over time. I’ve always avoided linen because of the wrinkling, even though I love it. I purchased a linen top this summer and am excited to wear it and be COOL during our hot spells.

  6. Your BFMD advice – Yes, we have to keep that perspective…. we don’t need any more division in the Church! I have never experienced times like these now and this is excellent advice!