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Summer Linen Outfits from Nordstrom House Brands

May 12, 2022
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If you were with me here at Dressed for My Day last summer, you have to know how much I love wearing linen during the warmer months. I’ve actually already pulled out my linen pieces and begun wearing them. But today I’m sharing two new simple but fresh and lovely linen outfits from Nordstrom’s house brands.

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Summer Linen Outfits with Nordstrom
lightweight linen pants // washed ribbed v-neck t-shirt // ruana // similar espadrilles and another option // similar necklace // similar bracelet // earrings

This first outfit is comprised of a pair of lightweight linen pants, a washed ribbed v-neck t-shirt and a long flowy ruana. I love wearing this combination for entertaining at my home, going out to a casual brunch or getting coffee with a friend.

Linen Pants

These 55% linen, 45% rayon blend pants feature front and rear pockets, a comfortable drawstring waistband and full legs. These stylish pants come in petite sizes, too, but I don’t think this flax color is currently available in petite. They do run true to size but quite long, which is great if you enjoy wearing heels. But I will probably hem these to wear with these flat sandals. You can machine wash and tumble dry these linen blend pants, but I will probably lay them on my drying rack instead. Finally, they come in this flax as well as navy, black and white. You’ll find a lot of pricier linen pants out there this summer, but I think these linen blend pants are perfect for a casual lifestyle.

LInen Pants and Espadrilles

Because the linen blend pants were a little long for me (I’m 5’8″) and I didn’t have time to hem them, I chose to wear them with my espadrilles instead of the casual canvas sandals I had originally chosen. Nordstrom has a great selection of trending espadrilles in their Caslon brand. I especially like these and these for this easy breezy casual combination.

LInen Pants and Espadrilles

I’ve topped the linen blend pants with a stretchy pink rosette v-neck t-shirt. It just so happens to perfectly match the pink rosette fringe ruana from one of my favorite Nordstrom house brands, Treasure & Bond. I’m really enjoying wearing tops and completer pieces in the same color this spring, so I thought the pink rosette duo would look lovely over the flax linen blend pants. The 55% polyester, 45% cotton v-neck t-shirt runs true to size and also comes in olive and grey.

Summer Linen Outfits from Nordstrom
lightweight linen pants // washed ribbed v-neck t-shirt // ruana // similar espadrilles and another option // similar necklace // similar bracelet // earrings

By the way, my necklace and bracelet are also from Nordstrom house brands, but neither is available anymore. But this necklace is similar and these layering bracelets would be my pick. I wore my Kendra Scott split hoop earrings. Let’s move on to the second of my summer linen outfits.

Summer Linen Skirt
linen blend A-line skirt // v-neck short sleeve tee // packable floppy hat // d’Orsay flats // similar denim jacket // similar necklace // similar bracelet // earrings

I know that many of my readers prefer to wear skirts during the warmer months, so I wanted to include a skirt option. I ordered this Treasure & Bond linen blend A-line skirt and crossed my fingers! I rarely feel like skirts look great on me, so I worried that it might not suit me. But this simple, blue Kentucky stripe linen blend skirt did not disappoint.

Summer Linen Skirt

I think this linen blend skirt would look lovely with a more tailored or close fitting summer sweater. Maybe something slightly cropped so you wouldn’t have to tuck it in for the best proportions. But I felt perfectly comfortable and pretty pairing the linen blend skirt with this v-neck short sleeve tee. This short sleeve tee features a trending raw double trim around the v-neckline. It has a slightly roomy fit, but I’d say it runs true to size. You might could size down for a closer fit. It’s a little sheer, but not so see-through that I would worry about it personally. And the short sleeve tee comes in over a dozen different colors and patterns.

with Denim Jacket

Because it was chilly the day we shot these photos, I only have the one without my denim jacket. But I love how a simple denim jacket completes this one-two outfit. Here’s a great denim jacket currently available at Nordstrom that would perfectly fit the bill.

with Packable Floppy Hat

I completed the outfit with my favorite packable floppy hat and these trending fisherman inspired d’Orsay flats. My floppy hat is also available in other colors, including white and ivory. The d’Orsay flats fit true to size and also come in tan cashew and pink smoke, both lovely colors for summer. I would wear this outfit for a day of exploring and sightseeing.

d'Orsay Flats

I love wearing linen and linen blend separates during the summer. I collected several other linen blend items from Nordstrom in the shopping widget below. Remember, Nordstrom always provides free shipping and free and easy returns. And I like to take advantage of their buy online and pick up in store feature since I live near a Nordstrom. If you’re not already a member of their Nordy Club, be sure to join before you place your order. You can accumulate Nordy Notes to put toward future purchases.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I put together my summer linen outfits from Nordstrom. Thanks so much for dropping in!

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7 thoughts on “Summer Linen Outfits from Nordstrom House Brands

  1. Hi Kay and don’t you look adorable……

    Love the linen pants, oh so comfortable.

    Have such an amazing time with Abby and all the family. I pray Blessings on Abby and Andrew and the wedding is blessed by God. Looking forward to seeing some pics!


  2. Dear Kate,
    I’m your follower for a very long time and I admire your work very much. Most styling-tips are easy to incorporate and I prefer your very personal way in which you exchange ideas with us in the community. I don’t want to be hurtful, but please: leave the huts away!! You have such beautiful hair!! Hats just don’t suit you (in my opinion) and the same goes for kimonos and ruanas. Sorry! Just take it als a little feedback from a 60 year old woman from Germany.
    Enjoy the time-off with your family and thank you so much for your very inspiring blogs and vides.
    Kindest regards, Christina

    1. The hat is not so much for a fashion statement but for sun protection. Although, I think Kay wears a hat very well and stylish. I look terrible in hats so I do not wear them also, I get terrible “hat hair”.

    2. I think Kay looks great in hats, kimonos & ruanas!! I really like that she shows us many options. I agree she has very pretty hair, but the hats add protection and style when she chooses to add them. I wish I could have her tall, elegant look with the ruanas!

  3. Kay both your outfits are so lovely! I am loving linen as well ,thanks to bloggers like you! Perfect for hot weather. Please take this time and step away to enjoy all the blessings coming your way this week. I know all of you are so excited the day is almost here! Blessings too you and your family!

  4. What a wonderful BFMD! Kay, you look so nice in both outfits. It sounds like the week has gotten off to a great start. I know that it’s going to end on a very high note for your family.