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These Were HOT at DFMD in November 2023

December 4, 2023

Happy Monday! We’re well into December, so it’s time to share the things that were hot, Hot, HOT at Dressed for My Day in November, 2023. I always love pausing for a bit at the end of a month to see what really resonated with my readers here at the blog as well as YouTube viewers and social media followers.

HOT at DFMD in November 2023

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

Since I have my assistant Holly run the analytics each month and then create the graphics above and below, I never know until I sit down to write this post what was in fact hot at DFMD. I look forward to running through these with you. And I’d welcome your feedback if you did indeed purchase any of the items on our HOT list for November.

HOT at DFMD in November 2023

We’ll run through these in true countdown order, culminating in the number one most popular item at DFMD in November. But before we start, remember these are really just the items that were most frequently clicked through and then resulted in a purchase. Your privacy is secure; I have no way of knowing who made a purchase or even what exactly was bought.

#16 – Shimmer & Shine Huggie Hoop Earrings

I love the Shimmer & Shine Huggie Hoop Earrings because they are relatively small and lightweight, but they still deliver a lot of shine and glamour.

red velvet tuxedo blazer (wearing 8; fits) // red velvet slim ankle pants (wearing 10; roomy) // black metallic ribbed shell TTS; wearing medium // Evelyn Pearl pumps (a little roomy) // shimmer & shine huggie hoops // floral embroidered velvet minaudière as seen in this BLOG POST.

I do hope some of you got the pretty Evelyn Pearl pumps shown above, too. They are surprisingly comfortable and so pretty on the foot.

#15 – Perfect Turtleneck

I love these Perfect Turtlenecks so much I decided to order more. Unfortunately I goofed and ordered the ribbed turtlenecks instead. I hope I like them as much. I’ve had both in the past, so I think they’ll be fine.

Don't neglect to accessorize your outfit.
both turtlenecks // black pants // jeans // black pumps (use code KAYHEELS for $50 off your first pair of heels at Ally) // Tish Chelsea boots // coat // brooch // pendant necklace // shoulder bag // earrings as seen in this BLOG POST.

But these turtlenecks are the perfect weight for wearing as a true turtleneck top. You can layer over them, but you don’t need to. And yet, they’re not as heavy as a sweater either. Really nice for wearing under a jacket or cardigan. They run true to size.

#14 – Mid Rise Secretly Slender Straight Leg Jeans

This is at least the second week we’ve seen these St. John’s Bay jeans in the favorites list. They really are nice jeans for the price.

casual fall outfits from JCPenney
mid-rise straight leg jeans in dark formation rinse (TTS; wearing a misses 10) // black tank (similar) // plaid flannel shirt (TTS) // black belt // black Chelsea boots // necklace // earrings // bracelet as seen in this BLOG POST.

I will note that these are indeed mid rise jeans. So if your preferred rise is a mid rise, this is your jean. I really need a true high rise, so I don’t wear mine much. But if you have a shorter torso, these will work beautifully. They run true to size.

#13 – Classic Shetland Blazer

I think this is probably also the second time we’ve seen the Classic Shetland Blazer in the HOT at DFMD list. It’s also available in a pretty camel color, but I love this berry red.

How to Wear a Blazer and Look Casual
berry red blazer // ribbed t-shirt (sold out) similar white tank // denim jeans (more economical option) // belt // purse // necklace // bracelet // earrings // flats (use code KAYFLATS for savings on your first flats at Ally) as seen in this BLOG POST.

The Classic Shetland Blazer runs true to size; I’m wearing an 8. And it does come in a full range of sizes, although some of them are sold out.

#12 – Owl Jacquard Pullover

The kids in my church loved it when I wore this Owl Jacquard Pullover one Sunday. They noticed right away that the owl is wearing a little three-dimensional scarf. So cute!

sweater (marked down + extra 50% off) // coat (low availability) alternative // jeans // boots (40% off today) // purse // earrings // leaf brooch (40% off) as seen in this BLOG POST.

The sweater runs true to size and is such a nice weight. It’s a 57% Cotton, 28% Acrylic, 15% Polyester blend, very soft.

#11 – Metallic Woven Sleeve V-Neck Pullover

I didn’t keep all the holiday pieces I purchased from Talbots for this try-on blog post, but I did keep everything shown below, including the Metallic Woven Sleeve V-Neck Pullover. It’s just lovely and I’m looking forward to wearing it soon.

Party Outfits
woven sleeve v-neck pullover // Weston pants // boucle block heel pumps // necklace // earrings // bracelet as seen in this BLOG POST.

The woven sleeve v-neck pullover runs true to size and is such a versatile top. It’s perfectly appropriate for most any festive occasion paired with anything from a pretty skirt to colorful trousers to jeans.

#10 – Crewneck Cashmere Sweater

Nordstrom has had this Crewneck Cashmere Sweater marked down for a while, so it is selling fast, especially in certain colors. I’m in love with this purple aster. It runs true to size.

Accessorizing Like a Master
Crewneck Cashmere Sweater // Natalia moto coat // Astrid organizer bag // Mediterranean long necklace (doubled over) // Interlok trio petite necklace // Intrigue Soiree two-tone hoop earrings // Intrigue bracelet as seen in this BLOG POST.

But the Crewneck Cashmere Sweater comes in a rainbow of other great colors and neutrals, too. It’s a really nice cashmere for the price.

#9 – Tribeca Pants

Undoubtedly the Tribeca Pants are making a repeat appearance in our HOT at DFMD list this month. These have fast become my favorite black trousers, at least for the time being. They may be a little trendy, so I don’t know that I’ll be wearing them for years and years. But I do think this silhouette will be in style for quite a while yet.

Blouse and Pants and Jacket
blouse (TTS; wearing medium) // trousers (TTS to roomy; wearing 8) // double faced jacket (TTS; wearing large) // clutch // black pumps (use code KAYHEELS for $40 off your first pair of heels at Ally) // earrings // bracelet // gloves as seen in this BLOG POST.

These single pleat trousers are also available in camel and navy. And you can get them here in red, too. I would grab those up in a heartbeat if I didn’t already have the red Hampshire ankle pants. the Tribeca Pants run true to size for a roomy fit; I’m wearing a size 8.

#8 – Winter Stripes Trouser Socks

I don’t own nor have I ever shown the Winter Stripes Trouser Socks. Ha! I think they are in a couple of our Christmas gift guides, however. And I probably linked to them in a video, too. You’ll have to let me know if you purchased some and what you think. They do look fun!

#7 – Cashmere Charming Cardigan

I’ll be showing this Cashmere Charming Cardigan in Wednesday’s video on how to wear cardigans and look modern, not frumpy. I think this traditional cardigan is best worn buttoned up, like I’m wearing it below.

Party Outfits
cashmere charming cardigan // red Hampshire ankle pants // suede Evelyn pearl pumps // necklace // earrings // bracelet as seen in this BLOG POST.

Plus this monochromatic look is so striking and on trend. Perfect for a holiday gathering.

#6 – Natalia Moto Coat

When I decided to add some lavender to my wardrobe this year, I also decided to go all in. For me, that meant getting a coat I could easily wear with my new lavender pieces. This Natalia Moto Coat was just the ticket.

Accessorizing Made Easy
Crewneck Cashmere Sweater // Natalia moto coat // Astrid organizer bag // Mediterranean long necklace (doubled over) // Interlok trio petite necklace // Intrigue Soiree two-tone hoop earrings // Intrigue bracelet as seen in this BLOG POST.

The coat runs true to size to a little large; I’m wearing an 8 comfortably.

#5 – Out & About Stretch Seamed Bootcut Pants

I wear these Out & About Stretch Seamed Bootcut Pants A LOT! They’re one of my go-tos for evenings when I just tired of “real clothes” and ready to change into something a little more comfortable. I also wear them on days when I want to get out for little walks throughout the day.

purple shirt // jacket // pants // sneakers // necklace as seen in this BLOG POST.

The Out & About Stretch Seamed Bootcut Pants are a mid-weight elevated yoga pant. Talbots shows them being worn in the snow, but I would not wear them in such cold weather. They are not lined or insulated. They fit true to size.

#4 – Straight Leg Jeans in Florence Wash

These Straight Leg Jeans in Florence Wash are such a nice dark wash jean. The threading on the jeans is navy instead of the traditional gold. So they look a little more elevated and polished.

How to Wear a Blazer and Look Casual
azalea oxblood dickey blazer // hoodie dickey (sold separately) // straight leg jeans (more economical option) // ribbed t-shirt (sold out) similar white tank // lower block heel leather booties (use code KAYBOOTS for $50 off your first pair of Ally boots) (more economical option) // shoulder bag // necklace // earrings as seen in this BLOG POST.

These particular straight leg jeans from Talbots run a little smaller than other jeans in the same cut for some reason. I’m wearing my usual 8, but they feel snugger in the torso.

#3 – Linny H2O Booties

These Linny H2O Booties in the truffle suede have been a real game changer in my wardrobe this fall. I find that I wear so many things in this mid intensity, so these boots work nicely with those clothes.

button up shirt // tank // jeans // boots // necklace // earrings

And you’ve got to love that these Linny H2O Booties are also very comfortable. I need a little bit of a heel these days, and this sturdy 1 3/4″ block heel is perfect for me. They run true to size for me.

#2 – Cotton Button Front Shirt in Beautiful Plaid

The number 2 HOT at DFMD item is this soft, comfortable Cotton Button Front Shirt in Beautiful Plaid. I’m really loving it. In fact, I’m wearing this one today. They don’t say on the website that it is flannel, but it is super soft like flannel.

button-front plaid shirt
Cotton Button Front Shirt in Beautiful Plaid as seen in this BLOG POST.

The Cotton Button Front Shirt in Beautiful Plaid runs true to size; I’m wearing a medium. It’s a traditional fit, meaning it’s not especially tailored. But it does have darts at the bust. I’ve also noticed that Talbots has widened their sleeves a bit to work for larger upper arms like mine. Amen.

#1 – Crewneck Snow Cardinals Cardigan

And of course the Cotton Button Front Shirt in Beautiful Plaid works beautifully with our number one top seller at DFMD: the Crewneck Snow Cardinals Cardigan. I think you ladies have about bought this one out!

cardinals in snow crewneck cardigan
snow cardinals crewneck cardigan (TTS; wearing a misses medium) // plaid cotton button-front shirt (TTS; wearing a misses medium) // straight high waist relaxed jeans (TTS; wearing a 10 misses) // Chelsea boots (TTS) // earrings // similar red shoulder bag as seen in this BLOG POST.

This pretty snow cardinals crewneck cardigan is definitely one of my favorite purchases of the season. I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am. I’m wearing mine today! I wear a size medium, so I’d say it is true to size.

Well, that’s a wrap! Let me know if you purchased any of the HOT at DFMD items for November. I’d love to hear how they worked out for you. Thanks so much for dropping in.

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7 thoughts on “These Were HOT at DFMD in November 2023

  1. I always look forward to your devotionals at the end of your posts. Today’s was especially on point for where I am today. Thank you for the reminder that only Jesus is our everything.
    Blessings to you, Kay.

  2. Hi Kay, I bought two of the Perfect Turtlenecks from Talbots (camel and burgundy). I loved them so much I bought the grey and cream too! They are beautiful quality. They are TTS and as you said, a nice medium thickness.

  3. Hi Kay….Yes, I caved and bought the very pretty #2 plaid shirt! Ha! The material is very soft and it’s light weight. I love the feel of it. It was just delivered a few days ago so haven’t had a chance to wear it yet but I’m looking forward to it. Thank you as always for your lovely fashion suggestions.

  4. I bought bombas socks as a gift for my sister who requested them. You also talked so much about them I bought one extra for me. Love them! I will be getting more.

  5. Love the post! Being a petite, Talbot’s is my favorite store. I purchased the Out and About Seamed Boot Cut pants for travel and I just wore them on a business trip last week. They are so comfortable but also very polished.

    I enjoy your posts and I appreciate your “Blessed For My Day” section.

    God bless you this holiday season.

  6. Loved blessed for my day. I really like the black pleated pants. On the Talbot website they look so slim but on you the look looser which I prefer. Also the inseam for regular is 27 inches. That would be great for me. For petite the inseam of 24 is too short. Are they ankle pants and what inseam are you wearing regular or tall.

    1. They are actually an ankle pant and I wear the misses regular length. But if you want them longer you could try the misses length. That said, it would also change the silhouette of the pants a bit.