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Cold Weather Outfits I Wore This Week

November 17, 2023

Happy Friday! It’s time for a quick rundown of the outfits I wore for the past seven days. It’s been chilly here. We’ve had beautiful sunny days with cold temperatures. So I’ve been dressing in true autumn style. Let’s check out the cold weather outfits I wore this week.

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How This Works

These are my real life outfits from my own closet. Many of these things are available, but some may not be. When I can locate one quickly I’ll share substitutes and/or more economical options. But if I don’t provide one and you’d like for me to, just ask.

All available items are linked in the captions of the photos. Even if they don’t look like links (sometimes they don’t highlight for some reason), they generally are. So just click through if you’re interested.

Medium Contrast In Intensity Pink and Grey

Honestly, the days are ablur lately. You may have heard that I have my first grandbaby coming in mid December. So I’m trying to do as little work as possible the last couple of weeks of that month. I want to be there and fully engage for my daughter and son-in-law and their new little girl. So I’m working like a busy beaver right now so I can lay low later. Thus, I have no idea what I did last Friday. I’m thinking we shot videos or photos by the looks of my makeup. And I do think I remember wearing that sweater for a recent video, too.

pink sweater last year (similar option) // jeans // mules // earrings

Anyhow, I love the combination of pink and grey. I think the beige mules are okay with this look for sure. But I think I chose them because I wasn’t going anywhere that day. Otherwise, I probably would have had on my grey block heel boots.

What I Wore for the Kids

Sunday morning I taught the children’s Sunday school class at our small home church. I thought the children might like the cute owl on this sweater, so I chose to pair it with jeans and booties. Sure enough, a couple of them noticed the sweater and loved that it has a little three-dimensional scarf. Ha!

sweater (marked down + extra 50% off) // coat (low availability) alternative // jeans // boots (40% off today) // purse // earrings // leaf brooch (40% off)

I topped the camel sweater with a camel coat (low availability alternative) for a really cohesive look. I just love using that little style hack. Next week I have a blog post about the three coats we all need in our closet. Watch for it! It’s a good one.

Psst! I noticed that this sweater is marked down and you get an extra 50% off today. And ALL sweaters, shoes (including the boots above) and accessories are 40% off at Talbots today. Yay!

Low Contrast In Intensity Pink and Grey

The pink and grey outfit above is one I would call medium contrast in intensity. Remember, all of us can wear medium contrast in intensity pretty well because it’s smackdab in the middle of low and high contrast. But because my features have low contrast in intensity, I prefer to mimic that composition in my outfit.

sweater unavailable (similar option) // jeans (similar option) // boots (40% off today!) // necklace // earrings

So I would say this combination is more low contrast in intensity. At least the sweater and jeans are both medium intensity, so that is low contrast. The boots, of course, are high intensity, so it might have been nice if I’d swapped in my grey boots here. But they’re a little higher and I imagine these boots felt better that day. You do what you can!

What I Wore Tuesday

Tuesday I had to shoot a little video footage and then get to work on editing the video I’d shot the previous day with the Hallmark Christmas movie costume designer. I decided it was a cardigan kind of day. Somehow cardigans just seem like a nice option for around the house to me. Maybe it’s because you can remove the cardigan if you get a little warm. Hmm.

cardigan // turtleneck sweater// jeans // boots // belt (similar) // necklace // earrings

So I went all beige and oatmeal. I love this soft combination. I wore it with my lighter wash jeans. And those truffle suede boots are turning out to be one of the best things I’ve purchased this fall. I wear them a lot. I noticed the reviews say they feel snug. Hmm. Maybe. But I’m wearing my true size 9.5 M comfortably with a thin sock.

Oh, and did you notice how much I’m enjoying wearing my new Brighton jewelry? I noticed that they have a beautiful gift with purchase right now. It would make a lovely Christmas present for someone.

Work From Home Outfit

I remember I pulled this outfit from the freshly folded laundry Wednesday after we shot photos that morning. I had been in and out of outfits for the photo shoot, so soft, cozy athleisurewear just seemed like what I needed. Indeed, these Vuori separates are so comforting.

shirt (similar) // jacket (also here) // joggers (also here) alternative similar style // sneakers // earrings

I have the Vuori Halo performance hoodie jacket (also here) and the Laguna lounge pant joggers (also here). You generally need to size up in Vuori; I wear a large in both very comfortably. And like I said, I have washed them and they’ve held up really well.

Working from Home a Little More Dressed Up

I guess the next day I put away the comfort clothes and got dressed up like a big girl. Ha! I’ve been incorporating lavender into my wardrobe this fall and winter. And I like the way it works with my navy cords here.

crewneck cashmere sweater (marked down) // corduroy pants // boots (40% off) // necklace // earrings

If you’re paying attention to this sort of thing, I’d say this is a medium contrast in intensity outfit. By the way, I always size up to a 10 in the corduroy pants at Talbots.

Out to Dinner Outfit

Thursday evening James and I went out to dinner at a favorite Italian restaurant (Prima Vista) to celebrate a milestone for his Discover the Bible podcast. If you appreciate good Bible exegesis and like messages that are verse-by-verse, I highly recommend you check it out. Recently he did two extremely sound messages on the conflict in Israel that are a must. The beauty of a podcast is you just listen, so you can listen while walking or washing dishes or even driving down the highway.

velvet blazer // sequin top // jeans // purse // earrings (40% off) // ALLY lower heel boots Use code “KAYBOOTS” at checkout for $50 off your first pair of boots. // bracelet

Anyhow, yesterday I had done an Instagram Live in which I had shared four festive outfits for special occasions and outings. I asked James which one I should wear to dinner and he chose this one. By the way, you can indeed usually use code KAYBOOTS to get $50 off of my beautiful and extremely comfortable ALLY lower heel boots. BUT…today Ally Shoes started their Black Friday Cyber Monday sale with much deeper savings. You cannot stack my code, but right now in-stock boots (and other shoes!!) are 15-20% off, which comes to $71 off on these ALLY lower heel boots.

Thanks so much for dropping in. Have a great Friday. I’m off to get a trim and then taping more videos this afternoon. And I’m keeping my eyes on that grandbaby’s due date as my incentive!

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2 thoughts on “Cold Weather Outfits I Wore This Week

  1. I really like your new haircut. It is a bit shorter and it brightens up your beautiful face. I have the same taste in clothes that you do. So I really like what you pick. I am retired now so I don’t need many clothes. I dress very casual but like to be cleaned up. I have several volunteer gigs that require washable clothes ( church food pantry, dinner for community, cleaning, and sorting books for book boxes around the county). Thanks for your blog. Happy Thanksgiving.