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Holiday Outfit Try-Ons You’ll Love!

November 7, 2023

Can you believe the holidays are fast upon us? Actually, I’m already feeling pretty festive. I’ve been shopping for holiday outfit inspiration ever since glittery, velvety, shimmery things hit the store recently, as I’ve been prepping for inspirational holiday blog posts. But we just can’t keep up with getting photos made fast enough of the items as they come in. So today I’m sharing holiday outfit try-ons from my office mirror and a few stores I stopped into.

Holiday Outfits Try-On Session

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

Actually, some of the items I’m sharing with you today are already selling out. So that’s what compelled me to throw these mirror selfies into a blog post for you now. I don’t want you to miss out, especially since many of them are already marked down.

One caveat before we start. These are fitting room try-ons and I failed to take along the right shoes to try things on with. So I apologize for my bare feet. And let’s not even talk about my hair. Ha! Okay, grace, grace! Let’s get going on the matter at hand!

First up, let’s see the Talbots holiday outfits. I’m anxious to show you this red velvet tuxedo blazer and red velvet slim ankle pants. I’m wearing these plush separates with the black metallic ribbed shell.

red velvet tuxedo blazer (wearing 8; fits) // red velvet slim ankle pants (wearing 10; roomy) // black metallic ribbed shell TTS; wearing medium // Evelyn Pearl pumps (a little roomy) // shimmer & shine huggie hoops // floral embroidered velvet minaudière

I’m wearing a 10 in the red velvet slim ankle pants and they are quite roomy in the waist, hips, and upper thighs. I generally wear a 10 in pants at Talbots and an 8 in jeans that have stretch. But these 10s are big on me. Unfortunately they are sold out in the 8. I’m watching like a hawk for a return. Meanwhile I’ll decide whether to just keep them or not…because other than the fit I love them. I might try taking them to my tailor and see what she says.

I think I would prefer to wear the red velvet tuxedo blazer and red velvet slim ankle pants with a white, ivory or even gold shimmery top. I have ordered this one in ivory/silver and this one in silver from Nordstrom. But for now I’m wearing it with the black metallic ribbed shell. I just think it lacks a little something. But it does fit true to size.

Here are a few other things I tried on at Talbots when I was there today to pick up the black metallic ribbed shell. I tried on these faux leather leggings and they fit nicely in a size 10. I’m personally done with wearing faux leather leggings, but I know I may have some readers who are interested in them. I think they look great and they’re very on trend. I’m just not looking for any myself.

faux leather leggings (wearing 10; TTS) // embellished boyfriend shirt (wearing M; TTS)

I topped the faux leather leggings with the white embellished boyfriend shirt, probably not the best pairing, but I wasn’t really very focused on these. Still at least you can see how long this embellished boyfriend shirt here. I’m wearing it again below with the taffeta fit & flare skirt, which is just lovely.

taffeta fit & flare skirt (wearing an 8; a little snug, but fits) // embellished boyfriend shirt (wearing M; TTS)

The taffeta fit & flare skirt has a soft, generous lining underneath. It is such a pretty, feminine option. Talbots also has a similar red embroidered fit & flare taffeta skirt.

Next I tried on the pleated sleeve crewneck top in ivory with the kick crop pants in holiday dot.

pleated sleeve crewneck top in ivory (TTS) // kick crop pants (wearing 10; roomy)

I’m not a big fan of the kick crop pants. I didn’t realize at the time that they are kick crop pants. To me they just looked wide and straight and somehow…off. But maybe if they had fit better my opinion would have been higher. Alas, the 10s were too roomy on me and I wasn’t impressed enough to try the 8.

Next I tried on the effortless velvet wide leg pants with the pleated sleeve crewneck top. I just think both of these pieces look pretty boring and uninspired.

effortless velvet wide leg pants // pleated sleeve crewneck top

The effortless velvet wide leg pants are indeed wide, but they’re also shapeless and I don’t think the waistline hits at a great place, at least on me. Since they’re black, they just look like a blob to me. I’ve decided that velour, velvet, satin, etc. pants in black really need some shape. You’ll see a pair further down from Chico’s that fits the bill perfectly.

But first one more thing from my try-on session at Talbots today. Last I tried on the pleated sleeve crewneck top with the lace pencil skirt. Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner. This slim fitting lace pencil skirt is quite lovely.

lace pencil skirt (wearing an 8; need a 10) // pleated sleeve crewneck top (TTS)

Alas, they didn’t have the size 10 in the store, so this is the size 8 in the lace pencil skirt. If you’re looking for something classy that would serve you well for multiple holiday outings, this is your girl!

Next, I’ll quickly run through the items from Talbots that I shared last week before moving on to items from the other stores.

Party Outfits
button-shoulder mockneck top // Weston pants // suede Evelyn pearl pumps // necklace // earrings // bracelet

I returned that button-shoulder mockneck top because the medium (that I’m wearing above) was too snug in the chest and arms. I tried the large and it looked baggy on me. Also, be warned that you do have to unbutton the buttons on the neckline to get the top on. But those Weston pants are keepers. I’m wearing an 8 and they fit very nicely. Above I’m wearing the suede Evelyn pearl pumps and they fit just a little loose, but I’m keeping them.

Party Outfits
button-shoulder mockneck top // Weston pants // boucle block heel pumps // necklace // earrings // bracelet

And here I’m wearing the same outfit but with the boucle block heel pumps. These shoes fit like a dream; so comfortable and true to size. Below I’m wearing my red Hampshire ankle pants with the cashmere charming cardigan also in red. I love the little bedazzled buttons. These both fit true to size.

Party Outfits
cashmere charming cardigan // red Hampshire ankle pants // suede Evelyn pearl pumps // necklace // earrings // bracelet

Next I have on the red Hampshire ankle pants with the woven sleeve v-neck pullover. This v-neck pullover is even prettier in person than it is in these photos. The sleeves are just lovely and I like that they finished them with a button cuff.

Party Outfits
woven sleeve v-neck pullover // red Hampshire ankle pants // suede Evelyn pearl pumps // necklace // earrings // bracelet

And the final photo is of the same items above just mixed and matched a little differently. They all fit true to size.

Party Outfits
woven sleeve v-neck pullover // Weston pants // boucle block heel pumps // necklace // earrings // bracelet

So that’s all I have from Talbots. Yesterday I stopped into White House Black Market. I found several pretty things there, but my photos look pretty bad. The lighting was poor and there really wasn’t a great place to snap a picture. I had high hopes for this floral smocked pleated midi skirt, and I do think it is really pretty. I tried several tops with it, however, and none of them worked quite right.

3/4 sleeve mockneck pullover // floral smocked pleated midi skirt

The 3/4 sleeve mockneck pullover might would have worked better if I were a little better endowed. I never could get that little fold under the arm to go away; it just seemed like there was extra fabric there. I’m wearing a medium in the 3/4 sleeve mockneck pullover (I tried the large and it was way to big) and a size 8 in the floral smocked pleated midi skirt.

The sales associate who was helping me was wearing this red woven front long sleeve top below in the light palomino and she looked lovely in it. But she was quite bosomy and I am not. I think that’s the key with this top. I’m wearing a small; they didn’t have a medium in the store and she was just insistent that I try this on.

woven front long sleeve top (wearing small) // high rise mariner wide leg jeans

I do, however, really like these high rise mariner wide leg jeans. They fit nicely true to size; I’m wearing a 10. The gold buttons look a little elevated, the wash is nice and dark and the length is good. They come in long, regular and short lengths; I’m wearing a regular. Keep in mind I am 5’8″.

high rise mariner wide leg jeans //

Above I’m wearing the high rise mariner wide leg jeans again, this time with a beautiful Hollywood pink v-neck empire waist blouse. Truly, this satiny polyester blouse is just stunning. I do wish the photos represented it better. The empire waist blouse fits true to size; I’m wearing a medium. This is the one thing I almost bought, but talked myself out of it. The sales associate kept saying that Thursday they would be having a big sale, so we’ll see.

satin ruched neck shell (TTS) // velvet trousers (TTS) // velvet relaxed blazer (TTS) // longsleeve topstitch satin blouse (TTS)

Oh my! Those mirrors were dirty. I had really hoped you could see this velvet trousers (TTS) and velvet relaxed blazer (TTS) duo a little more clearly. It is a pretty suit. It’s a very relaxed, modern fit and vibe, not at all like the Talbots tuxedo duo (although I really like those). This countess red is a deep, moody red, quite striking. Both of these pieces fit true to size, but the jacket does not close on me. It doesn’t look like it closes on the model on the website either, however. Still, I’m wearing an 8 here and a 10 might have been better for me.

By the way, I didn’t get a photo, but this denim jacket is absolutely stunning on. I left with the sales person holding it for me, but I didn’t get to return. It fit true to size; I tried on a medium. And it would be a knock-out with these jeans.

Let’s move on to Chico’s! At Chico’s I generally wear a 1 (misses 8) or a 1.5 (misses 10). Everything here ran true to size.

Are you noticing that everyone has lots of velvet, sequins, shimmery glitter and beautiful colors? I mean these stores were decked out in holiday options. Everyone is bringing on the glitz and glamour big this year. And I’m here for it!

girlfriend red embellished ankle jeans // no-iron stretch tunic // red Italian leather bag (from J.Crew)

I think this red lace shirt would be pretty with these jeans for a very festive party outfit. But I had picked up the no-iron stretch tunic lying beside it to try on. Both fit true to size; I’m wearing a 1.5 in the jeans and a 1 in the stretch tunic.

girlfriend velveteen flare jeans in black (wearing size 1.5 TTS) // velvet burnout scroll print shirt

I was so impressed with these girlfriend velveteen flare jeans in black. Remember earlier when I said that I’ve discovered black velvet, velour and such jeans and pants need to have some shape to them so that they don’t look like a black blob? Well here’s the answer. These girlfriend velveteen flare jeans fit so nicely true to size. I generally only like to wear flare jeans with a heel, but I think I could at least wear a kitten heel with these. They are just perfect.

I think I would have liked the velvet burnout scroll print shirt above more if I could have tried it on with the coordinating cobalt blue microfiber tank, but the sales associate brought me a black one to pair with it. It’s a beautiful blouse and fits true to size.

studded detail v-neck tee // girlfriend scattered stones flare jeans // rib trim quilted vest

The studded detail v-neck tee and the rib trim quilted vest make a fun casual holiday outfit together, but what I really loved here are the girlfriend scattered stones flare jeans. Chico’s is known for their embellished jeans, and they get it right. These have just a scattering of embellishments on the bottom portion of the fronts of the legs. It’s really just a hint of glitz. All three items fit true to size.

girlfriend flare jeans (TTS) // silk blend velvet burnout poncho (TTS) // black microfiber tank

This silk blend velvet burnout poncho was one of the highlights of my try-on sessions. It is absolutely exquisite. The colors look different in varying light, but it’s full of moody jewel tones. I wore it over the black microfiber tank, but you could also wear it over a fitted long sleeve tee or maybe even a turtleneck. It’s just so unique and luxurious. I wore it with girlfriend flare jeans but you could certainly wear it with dressier slacks or even over a black slim fitting dress.

girlfriend flare jeans (TTS) // silk blend velvet burnout poncho (TTS) // black microfiber tank

And last I tried on a glittery dress. This velvet sequin bell sleeve dress is the one thing I tried on that may run a bit large. I’m wearing a 1, but it looks a little roomy to me.

velvet sequin bell sleeve dress

It definitely feels comfortable and it’s not at all itchy or bothersome inside of this sequin laden dress. I love the pretty midnight blue color, too. I’d wear it with sheer hose and gold or silver lame pumps.

And finally I have a couple of things I got in from Nordstrom.

sequin cap sleeve top (runs large) // Eileen Fisher longline velvet blazer in Cassis (runs large) // earrings // jeans old // shoes old // bracelet

I had watched a stylist from Nordstrom share about this Eileen Fisher longline velvet blazer and the sequin cap sleeve top on Instagram and fell in love. And these two pieces didn’t disappoint either. I knew to size down to a small in the Eileen Fisher longline velvet blazer, and sure enough this relaxed blazer fits beautifully in the small. The stylist also recommended sizing down in the sequin cap sleeve top, so I ordered both a small and a medium.

sequin cap sleeve top (runs large) // earrings // jeans old // shoes old // bracelet

The small actually fit nicely in the sequin cap sleeve top, but it had a little defect at the neckline so I’m returning it. I’m going to go ahead and keep the medium since it has such a nice drape and I’ll be wearing it under a jacket all the time anyhow. I’m sure this combo would look great with full length jeans, too, but the stylist was showing it with ankle jeans and glittery sandals, so I duplicated her look as closely as I could.

v-neck longsleeve tee // Eileen Fisher longline velvet blazer in Cassis (runs large) // earrings // jeans old // shoes old // bracelet // gold crystal studded bag

I love the Eileen Fisher longline velvet blazer with the sequin cap sleeve top, but I want to be able to wear it other ways for a slightly more subdued look, too. So above and below I’m wearing it with a slightly cropped length micro ribbed v-neck longsleeve tee from Madewell. It’s become a fast favorite because of the length and the silky, stretchy fabric. And take note of that fun gold crystal studded bag. My assistant Holly had included it in our subscriber freebie style inspiration and I ordered it. Ha!

v-neck longsleeve tee // Eileen Fisher longline velvet blazer in Cassis (runs large) // earrings // jeans old // shoes old // bracelet // gold crystal studded bag

I think the bag adds a real modern vibe to this outfit. It’s also available in black.

Well that’s a wrap! Let me know if you have any questions. This was a beast, huh? I’ll be sharing more styled holiday outfits soon – all the way from casual cookie baking ideas to night on the town looks. But I wanted you to have access to these beautiful pieces while I’m still putting my ideas together.

Have a great day!

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  1. Kay, did something go wrong with your email today? I did not receive one, so I finally just went on internet & looked for your blog at 10 pm, hoping you were ok. I don’t see any comments. Thank you for the post; I’ll read it now!

  2. Oh, my, that was fun!!!! Thank you for all the work trying things on and going from store to store – I’m sure it’s enjoyable for you as well or presumably you would not do it, but it’s still work! Glad you took some time off for yourself – the time between now and the end of the year can be intense, and I know you have a special family event coming as well! And yes, the Lord’s ways are not our way, that’s for sure.

  3. You’ve certainly put a lot of effort in today’s post – thank you! Of course, not every outfit will be to everyone’s taste; for example, I’m not a fan of velvet pants or embellished jeans even though they look amazing on other gals. For me, the white blouse and lace skirt combo was a knock-it-out-of-the-park look. 😀

  4. Loved the Christmas theme!! I really loved the red hampshire ankle pants, the nordstrom sequince top, the chico’s green wrap. of course none of those go together! I can’t seem to like all one outfit!! I think that happens to me a lot when I go shopping. I so love how on your blog you talk about intentionality and reasons for getting things. I am now putting thought into how I could wear each of the 3 things that stood out to me with my existing wardrobe!! Thanks!!

  5. Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen! Ephesians 3:21-22 NIV

  6. Color is off on beige V neck woven top and purple pinky Westin Pants it sort of screams NO NO NO

    1. The top is not beige. It is gold. And I think gold and pink are especially lovely together. But you could certainly do otherwise. No need for all caps, however. It feels like you’re yelling at me. 🙂

      1. Apologies…my caps stuck on and I didn’t realize it, looking at colors online are sometimes deceiving. Have a peaceful week and don’t take my thoughts to heart as I didn’t mean to hurt you. Sandra