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How to Accessorize Tastefully & Beautifully

November 16, 2023

We really haven’t gotten dressed for our day until we’ve accessorized our outfit. Adding some earrings brightens your face. Buckling on a belt can pull an outfit together visually. And choosing a handbag that “works with” your shoes makes your look cohesive and easy on the eyes. But sometimes in my effort to accessorize perfectly, I overthink it. You, too? So today I’m teaming up with Brighton to share a few tips for how to accessorize tastefully & beautifully, with less fuss and more impact.

Accessorizing Made Easy
Astrid organizer bag // Mediterranean long necklace (doubled over) // Interlok trio petite necklace // Intrigue Soiree two-tone hoop earrings // Intrigue bracelet

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I’ve discovered that accessorizing an outfit is not just about what you add to your outfit. It’s also about what you don’t add. Wearing too many accessories not only looks busy and distracting, but it also sends the signal that you lack genuine confidence and are trying really hard to impress. So don’t overthink…and don’t over accessorize.

Confidence is the best accessory. It can make or break an outfit.

~ Stacy London
Accessorizing Like a Master
Astrid organizer bag // Mediterranean long necklace (doubled over) // Interlok trio petite necklace // Intrigue Soiree two-tone hoop earrings // Intrigue bracelet

Accessorizing really begins before you start layering on jewelry or a handbag or shoes. I have to start thinking about pulling my outfit together with color, tone and intensity choices first. For instance, layering a lavender coat over my lavender sweater compounds this color choice and makes it look more intentional. And that’s largely what accessories in general do: they make it appear as though you put a little effort into your look for the day, which, of course, you did.

The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.

~ Clairee Belcher, Steel Magnolias
Accessories Are Like Your Signature
Astrid organizer bag // Interlok trio petite necklace // Intrigue Soiree two-tone hoop earrings // Intrigue bracelet

I also think it’s smart to think of accessorizing an outfit like signing your signature to a letter. Your choices in accessories make your outfit uniquely yours. They tell a little of your story, set you apart from the next woman over and even give people a glimpse into your backstory, if the pieces you are wearing are sentimental favorites.

A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories.

~ Oscar de la Renta
Accessorizing: Don't Overthink It
Astrid organizer bag // Interlok trio petite necklace // Intrigue Soiree two-tone hoop earrings // Intrigue bracelet

I’ve discovered that the most important key to accessorizing well is simply that you have to have great accessories in your possession before you can add them to your outfit. That sounds obvious, but how many times have we felt like we didn’t have the right shoes or handbag for an outfit? Or maybe we realized we didn’t have the optimal length of necklace for a particular neckline.

Have the Accessories
Interlok trio petite necklace // Intrigue Soiree two-tone hoop earrings

So when Brighton reached out recently and wanted to gift me a few pieces to share with you, I took advantage of this opportunity to address some holes in my own accessory collection. I’ve discovered that I need some two-tone jewelry pieces that I can wear with either silver or gold. I also knew I needed pieces that are elevated enough for dressier occasions, but also great for everyday life. And I needed a shoulder bag full of functionality but also high on style, one that would work with multiple colors of shoes, too.

Jewelry from Brighton

Brighton is one of the few design houses where their own designers sketch each creation by hand and then follow the product from conception to fruition. It’s a traditional process that has been practiced for centuries, yet the accessories themselves are always fashion-relevant and timeless works of art.

Brighton Jewelry

I’m sure you’ve noted the distinguishing marks of Brighton jewelry and accessories. They frequently feature silver embellishments, braids, intricate cutouts and engravings and interesting patterns. But while Brighton’s signature style is recognizable, it never loses its appeal. And every piece feels fresh, unique and a little elevated.

Brighton Jewelry
leather Astrid organizer

In fact, I have other Brighton jewelry and handbags that I’ve had for several years, and they feel just as relevant and wear-worthy as when I first got them. My straw bag from Brighton draws compliments every time I use it (which is frequently each summer). And I know this leather Astrid organizer is one I’ll use for years, too. Not only does the hardware look rich and the leather feel supple and luxurious, but the organization this bag offers is unparalleled.

leather Astrid organizer
leather Astrid organizer

The leather Astrid organizer has so many slots for cards in the side opening. But it also includes a zipper pocket where I keep cash. That opening closes very securely with two magnetic closures and you can’t even tell it’s an opening once it is closed.

leather Astrid organizer

The other side of the leather Astrid organizer features a large pocket where I can easily store my large cell phone. It has a firm magnetic closure, too, so I don’t worry about my phone falling out. Of course inside the purse you find lots more pockets and zipper closures, as well as ample space for all my essentials.

leather Astrid organizer
Astrid organizer bag // Interlok trio petite necklace // Intrigue Soiree two-tone hoop earrings // Intrigue bracelet

I like that the leather Astrid organizer goes so well with the cognac accessories in my wardrobe, but it works equally well with black and other shades of leather and suede. And I can wear it with cool or warm tones in my clothing. It’s just a perfect everyday bag (great for travel, too!) that still elevates and polishes an outfit as well.

Brighton Jewelry

In this post I’m wearing the silver Interlok trio petite necklace (so dainty!) with three mixed metal pieces: the Mediterranean long necklace (doubled over), the Intrigue Soiree two-tone hoop earrings and the Intrigue bracelet. I love that Brighton makes it easy to accessorize by offering collections of jewelry and accessories that work beautifully together, but you can also mix and match pieces from various collections to create your own personal style.

Accessorizing Made Easy
Astrid organizer bag // Mediterranean long necklace (doubled over) // Interlok trio petite necklace // Intrigue Soiree two-tone hoop earrings // Intrigue bracelet

If you haven’t checked out Brighton before or if it’s been a while, I encourage you to head to their website HERE and browse a bit. You’ll love what you see. And you may find a Christmas gift for yourself or for someone special on your list. The quality is always spot-on, and the selection of handbags, shoes, sunglasses and reading glasses, jewelry and other accessories is ample.

You can check out my Brighton selection as well as other favorites I rounded up in the shopping widget below.

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Well, it turned out my mom was right. That 4th grade teacher was sweet, but totally ineffective. Even I could see that. And as it turned out I absolutely loved my language arts and math teachers, who were both much sterner and demanding. Isn’t that the ways it goes? We think we want the easy route, but the more difficult one proves to be more fruitful. That’s how it is with God’s commands, too. They seem harsh and unreasonable and hard…at first. But when push comes to shove we learn that God’s ways are fruitful and good for us. Indeed, we learn that God’s commands are a delight.

Trouble and distress have come upon me, but your commands give me delight. ~ Psalm 119:143

xoxo, Kay
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8 thoughts on “How to Accessorize Tastefully & Beautifully

  1. So glad you are showing Brighton! My accessories are definitely Brighton heavy and I enjoy every one of them. A great BFMD!

  2. Love that you showcased Brighton! I have been their fan for over 20 years, purchasing handbags, watches, and jewelry pieces. They have a wonderful program where they will clean and condition their registered bags. Mine from 20 years ago are still beautiful! I just need more space to store them.

    1. I don’t recall that comment. And I don’t know of anything to shorten a necklace. But I did double over the long multi-tone chain from Brighton. I think a chain that like is so versatile because you can wear it multiple lengths that way.

  3. Just intrigued by BFMD and the comment about a ‘teacher’s homeroom’. Is this what we in the UK would call our primary school class teacher, and can you really choose whose class to go into? Sorry if I have misunderstood. I’ve never come across this before.

    1. Home room was the class you would go to for roll call in high school, but in elementary school it was your main teacher. Then you might go to other teachers for language arts and math. You don’t usually get to request a teacher. But because my mom taught in my school she was able to pull some strings, as were the other teachers.

      1. That’s kind of you to reply, Kay. Thank you. We are talking about the same thing but different terminology.
        I agree with you about stricter teachers too!
        Have a very happy Thanksgiving with your family.

  4. Kay what lovely clothing from this company. I have heard of them but have never owned any of their beautiful clothing. Wow! Such nice looking clothing and love how you styled them. Hope you have the best of Thanksgivings and safe travels there and back turkey 🦃