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Spring & Summer 2022 Footwear Forecast

February 15, 2022

Are you getting spring fever? I certainly am. As I’ve been ordering things to take to Florida with me, both to wear and to photograph for the blog, I’ve practically started itching with excitement. And we’re still seeing relatively little spring styles in the stores yet. But we are seeing just enough to whet our appetites. So today we’re continuing with part four of our Spring & Summer 2022 Fashion Forecast series. I’m sharing four upcoming footwear trends that I consider to be highly wearable (if you wish to participate) and one that I’m skipping…at least for now.

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I’ve heard it said that this is the year of the shoes. Indeed, with jeans and pants lengths shortening, we’re going to see more of a focus on footwear in outfits. So much more than just functional, shoes will be a major player in the composition of outfits.

Shoes can really make or break an outfit. Or at least they can change the overall look of an outfit dramatically. In fact, spring is one of my favorite seasons to share several different footwear options for an outfit so you can see how much that single choice changes things up.

Inspired by the Men

I think menswear inspired shoes can be an especially lovely option for older women because they are often comfortable. But they also create beautiful juxtaposition in an outfit when combined with more feminine pieces, which many of us love to wear in spades. Additionally, shoes with traditionally masculine detailing can add a touch of distinction and sophistication to an otherwise casual look.

pink cotton sweater
Thursday Boots Captain Boots (size up 1/2 size) // See the original post for details.

Of course, this trend includes several types of footwear, such as lace-up boots (shown above), lug sole loafers and boots, Oxfords and brogues. But it also includes women’s footwear with traditionally masculine details.

The key to wearing these styles is to balance them out with feminine attire or accessories. In fact, the mixture can be quite appealing.

Remember, I’m sharing the fashions I can currently find in each of these trends in the shopping widgets below. Some of these are indeed quite pricey. But selection is quite low at this point; I’m just sharing examples so we can get a feel for the trends coming our way.

Where to start: Look for menswear inspired details such as tassels, chain links, lug soles, laceups and squared off toe boxes in the shoes you already love to wear. Consider how you’ll combine more feminine elements to your outfits to balance the menswear inspired shoes. You can find menswear inspiration in everything from pumps to loafers to sandals to sneakers.


In recent years we saw Birkenstocks experience a resurgence in popularity. This year, we’re seeing Birk-like shoes or sandals from other brands. These are generally very casual shoes, but the trend has become to wear them with skirts and dresses as well as jeans and shorts.

Sweatshirt on Shoulders
see the original post for details

Similar to the menswear inspired trend, Birkenstocks and their look-alikes can look great when worn with other elements that are a little more feminine and soft.

Where to start: Consider if the Birkenstock sandal vibe works with your personal style essence. If you decide to give them a try, watch for look-alikes or consider if you’d prefer to go with the long-trusted brand. They’re generally wide shoes with ample arch support, but they’re not for everyone.

A Little Ballet Flats

Another shoe style we’re welcoming back to the spotlight is the ballet flat. Now remember, a trend is sometimes new, but more often than not a trend is just a familiar style that has cycled back around in popularity. So you may have ballet flats in your wardrobe already. But in recent years the mule and loafer have overshadowed these sweet, feminine shoes somewhat.

Sarah Flint Sacchetto Ballet Flats // Use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off your first purchase

Ballet flats can indeed look very charming and feminine. And they’re a nice dressier option for women who prefer not to wear heels. But you’ll want to pay careful attention to the structure of this traditionally very flat shoe if you need special arch support or other considerations. And ballet flats constructed from leather will have more give and stretch than those made from manmade fibers.

Where to start: You can go two different routes with your ballet flats this spring. Choose a pair in nude, denim or trending cognac to wear with versatility. Or look for a pair of ballet flats in one of the trending colors, such as Daffodil yellow or Poinciana red, to add a splash of cheer to your outfits.

Go Fish!

Fisherman sandals have been slowly rising in popularity over the past few years. These are the warm weather shoes that feature thick, substantial straps across the front of the foot and traditionally enclosing the toe. You probably bought these for your children when they were toddlers.

Fisherman Sandals
Fisherman Sandals

While they may evoke memories of your children in their Sunday best, these very wearable sandals could be fun to incorporate into your spring and summer wardrobe. They can indeed look a little old-fashioned, so look for modern details like lug soles, smaller straps (like these above), trending colors or block heels. You can wear these sandals with everything from jeans to shorts to skirts.

Where to start: Since this trend was around last year, you’ll find great deals on these sandals (some in the widget above), but they may be final sale.

Of course I’ve barely exposed the tip of the iceberg when it comes to shoe trends for spring and summer. We’ll continue to see sneakers trend, especially in the fun, retro trainers, which can make an outfit look effortlessly modern. We’re seeing chunky and unusual heel shapes in sandals and pumps. Plus platforms are trending again this year. You’ll still see lots of mules and slides (check out these from Tory Burch for inspiration). And look for lots of color and other fun elements in footwear, echoing the culture’s cry for more joy and activity.

Functional sport sandals are still going to be popular as people escape their homes and get out and explore more. Loafers are still trending. Look for them with those lug soles and other chunky elements, but also expect to see more feminine silhouettes and colors this spring.

Really, it’s a wear what makes you happy atmosphere this year. And that includes footwear.

The One I’m Sitting Out

While I actually love this style of footwear on other women, I’ll be sitting this one out.

Going Gladiator

I guess I’m more of a minimalist when it comes to my own footwear. I just don’t do fussy. And while they look beautiful on other women, I don’t even have any desire to put a pair of gladiator sandals on my feet…or up my legs!

Gladiator Sandals
Joanie II Lace-Up Sandal by Sorel // x Laura Ashley Kathleen Ghillie Sandal by Aerosoles // Vernisa Strappy Sandal
by Vince Camuto

Another consideration that keeps me from participating in this trend is that ankle straps draw attention to and emphasize your ankles. My ankles are on the thicker side, so I generally steer clear of straps there. But if you have slender ankles, definitely go for this trend. Gladiator sandals are so on trend, and they can make your legs and feet look beautiful. Plus they had fun interest to any outfit.

Where to start: Consider participating in this sandal (and espadrille) trend if you have slender ankles and enjoy wearing skirts, dresses and shorts. You can find Gladiator-type shoes with buckles and ties, so choose the style that works best for your preferences.

Thanks so much for stopping in today. Remember, this is part four in our Spring and Summer Fashion Forecast, so you can check out the other posts in this series below.

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22 thoughts on “Spring & Summer 2022 Footwear Forecast

  1. Kay, I appreciate your blog so much! It is fun to look at the styles and see what is a good fit for me. I have 2 suggestions.
    1. Please include Kohl’s as a source of clothes. Their price points are lower than many of the stores you use.
    2. Please don’t work too hard on providing new content while you are gone! Perhaps scheduling some good “reruns” of basic style essence or other topics could ease your load. Thanks for all you do!

    1. Hi Cary. I will definitely try to include more options from Kohl’s. Unfortunately when I try to include them sometimes they don’t show up in the widgets. But I’ll keep trying. I’ve already got lots of great content planned for next week. It shouldn’t take too long to work it up. But thank you for the consideration. ?

  2. I so enjoy your blog . I have worked in the fashion business for 47 years (yes I was a baby when I started ) you are right on with choices ! Since I now work with mostly 30 year olds , it’s nice to come home and see what I can wear! Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you Judy. Indeed, things are a little different for us as we get older, huh. I don’t think a lot of the younger bloggers realize this. But they’ll discover it soon enough! ?

  3. I was thinking of you yesterday Kay and wondering what the shoe styles were going to be for Spring. I’m not crazy about chunky heels. It appears kitten heels and flats are still going to be in style. I have a wedding to attend in Texas and I unfortunately won’t have had my bunion surgery yet. For anyone else who deals with this, I found Calla shoes ( I’ve tried purchasing my size in other brands in the wide width, but the heel always slips. These shoes keep the width where it’s needed. I hope this helps someone.

    1. I had a bilateral bunionectomy about 6 years ago. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I can now wear closed toe shoes with no pain. Good luck with your surgery.

  4. I do not care for the lug soles on shoes. Too clumsy and chunky looking. I am looking for some ballet flat for Spring and Summer and would like in some of the new Spring colors. I have a pair of yellow sandals and red shoes from last year, so was thinking in pale pink or blue shade. Some of the widgets you showed that I like were either not my size or color I am looking for, but I will keep looking.
    Don’t worry about working too hard before vacation. You and James deserve a nice vacation and the rest and relaxation.
    Are you posting while you are on vacation, and that is why you are storing up so much now?

  5. I get such a laugh out of Birkenstocks being a trending shoe. Here. in a town bordering the famous or infamous Woodstock NY that hippie vibe shoe has never gone away. Worn with any outfit these shoes give me a real artist/hippie feeling. Guess there is something to be said for where you live when thinking about fashion!

    1. Same where I live (near a “hippie town”) but I take “trending” to mean that they’re having a “moment” now…not that they were ever out of style or had gone away. It’s like with ballet flats trending but were never out of style. The mules and loafers are trending now but they’ve never gone away either.

  6. Kay,
    The shoe trends for spring are interesting. Ballet slippers are so cute. You are right about arch problems with these. Insole support is needed for me and my high arch. Just inexpensive drug store inserts make a big difference. The menswear shoes are too masculine for me. I do like the lace-up boots in that style. I have a pair of brand new espadrilles from last year’s clearance and can’t wait to wear them. Passing on the gladiator look.

    Don’t worry about your postings while on vacation. Just enjoy being with your husband and family.
    Your followers will still be here!

  7. A recently acquired “drop foot” situation limits my shoe style because of a small apparatus I need to wear on my foot/ankle to keep me from tripping. I’m always looking for cute styles that tennis shoes will work with. I agree with you that shoes can make or break an outfit. Frustrating!! I appreciate your blog, Kay. Enjoy your away time.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that, Patsy. I’ve had other readers with similar frustrating situations. I always advise to keep your footwear as minimal as possible – think nude toned and streamlined – and draw the focus up with pretty jewelry, a scarf or interesting top. And of course a pretty smile! ?

  8. Thanks for your wonderful content! I read a couple of weeks ago that you had a pre-cancerous spot on your nose. Well, I got the results of a biopsy I had a couple of days ago and I have a pre-cancerous spot on my neck. I have opted to treat it with the chemotherapy cream that I’ll start tomorrow. So, tell me…how bad is it?? They warned me of itching, redness, sore…all of the bad. I have very sensitive skin and so hoping I can tolerate it.

    1. I’m sure that’s probably the same cream I’m using. I find it to be very slow acting. But after two weeks of consistent use I am at the point where it is a little sore and the spot is now pretty raw. It’s not been bad though. And I think I’m taking a week off from using it while I’m in Florida. My doctor suggested I use it for two weeks and then take a week off if necessary. I don’t know that it’s necessary but I thought this might be a good time to take a break since I will be in the sun some (with a hat and 70 SPF sunscreen).

  9. Thanks so much for responding. Interesting that yours is slow acting. My Dr. made it sound like it will be fast and furious. 🙂 I’m only to use it for 2 weeks and that’s supposed to be it. I hope that yours is successful and you have a wonderful time in FL.