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Spring & Summer 2022 Fashion Forecast – Part 1

January 18, 2022

Yes, there is snow on the ground and, truth be told, we’re barely into winter. But I thought talking about spring and summer fashion trends might warm our bones a little. What do you say? Grab something warm to drink and let’s talk spring and summer fashion trends…a little today…a little more next week…and even more as the weeks of winter unfold. Instead of doing one big trend report for spring, I thought we’d break it into bite size pieces so we can chew on these things a bit. Are you with me?

Spring and Summer 2022 Fashion Forecast (1)

Of course, we’re nowhere close to spring. But that’s kind of the purpose of a forecast, right? We want to have time to prepare for what’s ahead. So for the next I-don’t-know-how-many weeks I’m going to share a Spring & Summer Fashion Forecast with four wearable trends we’re seeing on the horizon and one that is, in my humble opinion, less wearable.

Because these trends are taken from the catwalks of fashion week shows this past year, the clothing we’ll be talking about may not be available yet in much volume, if at all. So I’ll be sharing the photos I can find in my archives, on retailer websites and on a free data base that I have access to, and linking to what I can.

Finally, before I get started, let’s keep fashion fun. Trends are supposed to be fun options. No one should follow all of the trends. But I’m sharing a lot of trends over the next few weeks so that we can all pick a few…if we so wish…to participate in this spring and summer. I suggest looking for the ones that work best for your personal style essence, lifestyle, body type and coloring.

I’ll be sharing four that I think will work for some of us and one that I personally will opt out of. And I welcome your comments about the trends I share. But I do ask that we be gracious and remember that the very trend we may not care for, someone else may love and look great in. So I’d like for us to stay away from words like, “hate,” “ugly,” “ridiculous,” and so on. Trust me. I’m preaching to myself, too! Some of the trends I’ll be sharing are indeed pretty extreme. But let’s keep the conversation lighthearted and gracious.

Wearable Trends

Now you and I absolutely can wear whatever trends we like. There are no rules. But after blogging in this space for almost four years I have learned a thing or two about dressing our body shape and proportions, personal styling and lifestyle dressing. So I’m simply offering my two cents on the trends that I think may be most wearable for women over 50. Still, you’ll want to take into account your coloring, lifestyle, personal style aesthetic and body type.

Wearing White on White on White

I think one of the most delightful trends forecasted for spring and summer is the concept of wearing white monochromatically. This trend has the potential to bring such freshness and joy to our wardrobe after a long cold winter. The fashion week runways featured lots of white on white on white looks, and predictions are that we’ll be seeing similar outfits created on the streets.

White on White on White
Photo source: Canva stock image

If you think you can’t wear white, think again. This trend doesn’t indicate adhering to strictly pure white. You can participate in whatever “shade” of white works best for your coloring, including ivory, pearl, winter white, etc.

What I Wore Saturday

Worried that white will add visual weight? Yeah, it could. White expands while black or dark recedes. However, creating a column of white will actually elongate and slenderize if done correctly. We’ll definitely talk more about how to work this spring and summer 2022 trend in the coming months.

Duster Length Button Up Shirt
From last spring. See the original post for details.

I’m going to provide a shopping widget with items to get you started on thinking about how you might incorporate this white on white on white trend into your wardrobe, if you choose. Keep in mind, I’m not seeing a lot of spring appropriate clothes in the stores just yet. So the pickings were slim. But if you would like to build a Pinterest board for these trends, you could click through the links and then pin those items to your board. That’s always a good place to start when envisioning a style change.

White Jeans all White
From 2018.

Feel free to pin my images from this post to your Pinterest boards, too. And while you’re at it, follow me on Pinterest.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

Where to start? If you’re interested in trying the white on white on white trend, I suggest beginning by investing in a great white jacket. I love my white linen blazer and it will help me create this style trend. I’m sure we’ll see lots of them this spring and summer. Meanwhile, I found this great white utility jacket on sale at Talbots for a song!

Going Gingham!

No you aren’t losing your mind. Gingham has indeed been trending for several years now. But we’ll be seeing even more of this fresh, flirty fabric this spring and summer. And I absolutely think we women over 50 can wear it with style and confidence.

Looking Chic with Baby Blue Gingham
See the original post.

I think the key for us ladies of a certain age is to wear gingham pieces that are otherwise a little more mature and sophisticated. We might want to stay away from pieces that look a little childish, perhaps those that feature too many frills and flourishes. But then again, you do you!

Girls' Trip Graphic Tee
See the original post.

I’m really kind of surprised that gingham is still running hot this spring and summer, since we’ve seen so much of it during the past few years. But I think the fun, youthful vibe of this fabric really resonates with our culture’s current desire for joy and enthusiasm.

Watch for gingham in skirts, dresses, shorts, jackets and even accessories. The fun thing is we’ll undoubtedly see it in every color imaginable, too. If you wear one gingham piece, such as a jacket or skirt with other more classic garments, you won’t have to worry about looking like you’re “trying too hard.” But don’t be afraid to have a little fun with this classic summer fabric.

Where to start? If you’re interested in trying the gingham trend this spring and summer, you might want to be on the lookout for pair of gingham trousers or a gingham skirt. Both of those items are large enough to make an impact and you’ll get a good cost per wear out of them if you learn multiple ways to style them. Either could be dressed up or down simply by changing out the top and footwear. I usually find great gingham skirts and trousers at Talbots and Ann Taylor. Just give them another month or two to start getting it in.

Skirt Suiting

A fairly new or at least new again trend that I’m really looking forward to seeing is skirt suiting. So yes, the prediction is that we’ll be seeing more wearable suits with skirts, not just the pants and jacket combos we’ve been seeing in recent years. I’ll admit, my fear is that this combination could look a little dated on us over 50 gals. But I think if we pay attention to keeping the elements modern we can pull it off.

Of course, because this trend really is a revival of a past trend, I don’t have any photos in my archives to show you. I did find this image from Michael Kors.

Skirt Suiting
From Michael Kors.

And these from Macy’s.

Skirt Suits
left // center // right

White the white suit on the left is probably more our speed and the skirts in the center and right are probably a little short for most of us, I think the two suits on the right are more indicative of what will be trending this spring and summer. We’re talking modern, slightly edgy, but feminine suits. They’ll have a playfulness and femininity about them.

But what that means is that you and I can wear our more classic suit skirts and coordinating jackets and look on trend, too. We don’t have to wear the shorter skirts or the boxy jackets, unless we want to. But the simple fact that this pairing is back in vogue sets us up to wear that classic combo with more confidence.

Where to start? Cull your own closet to see if you have matching jacket and skirt combinations. Consider how you could have them tailored to make them a little more modern, if necessary. Also think about ways to add modern touches with accessories. But also keep an eye out for modern iterations of this classic pairing. I think it will be fun to purchase a newer skirt and jacket/top combo if they do indeed make an appearance as predicted.

Pleated Skirts

I mentioned in last Friday’s blog post that pleated skirts, which have been trending for a couple of years now, are expected to be even more dominant this spring and summer.

Winter Try-On Skirts 4
Floral Pleated Midi Skirt // cashmere sweater in almond heather (45% off) // similar boots or these // earrings // comparable necklace – See the original post for sizing details.

I think these skirts continue to trend because they are both classic and ultra feminine. They have that fun, swingy thing going for them. Ha! But they can also be a bit of a challenge for us older women because some of them can “broaden” the hips and derriere.

Winter Try-On Skirts 3
Floral Pleated Midi Skirt // Cropped Cashmere Cardigan // pumps no longer available // cashmere sweater in almond heather (45% off) // Stella Knot Suede Loafers // earrings // comparable necklace

I’ve purchased this Floral Pleated Midi Skirt from Ann Taylor and I plan to play around with it quite a bit this winter and into spring and summer. I think it makes a great year round skirt. I’ve shown it above with a few different options in footwear, but I also envision it with sandals and even white sneakers for a more playful look.

I think one of the keys to styling this trending skirt is to keep proportions balanced, both lengthwise and in fullness versus slimness. So cropped length tops that skim the body work really nicely.

Where to start? If you’re interested in trying this trend, begin to notice the different silhouettes they come in and which might be best for you. For instance, if you are fuller in the hips, you might want to avoid those with multiple tiers. Also, because these have been trending for a while, you should be able to find lots of examples of how to style them on Pinterest. When you’re ready to purchase one, you’ll probably be able to find one that is wearable year round on sale.

The One I’m Sitting Out

My goal is to share five upcoming trends for spring and summer each week. Four of those will hopefully be trends I think are very wearable. That simply means we can take the extremes we see on the runways and translate them easily into wearable streetwear that makes sense for our season in life, our lifestyles and our body types.

But I’m also sharing one upcoming trend that I’ll be sitting out. That doesn’t mean you have to, of course. But I will explain why I won’t be participating.

Mini Skirts

Skirts have been going shorter and shorter over the past few years. And this year the micro mini hit the runways. Yes, some of them look like a neck tie worn as a skirt. Ha! But that’s not for me.

Classic mini skirt (not a micro mini) from Loft

Obviously the micro mini is more suited to women with a waiflike body, if it’s appropriate at all. So that’s a hard no for me. But the more classic mini skirt does indeed continue to trend as well. And I think that if a woman over 50 still has great legs and can wear one modestly without exposing, ahem, other things, then go for it! But my legs just aren’t that great anymore. So I’ll definitely be sitting this trend out.

The good news is that skirts in general are trending right now. And we’ll be seeing availability and great styling with longer lengths as well. Watch for more midis, but also the return of the maxi. More on that in a future post!

Thanks for Stopping in for our Trend Forecast

Thank you for stopping in. I hope this post was fun for you. And maybe it warmed you up a bit, too! I’d love to hear your thoughts or field your questions. Let’s just keep the comments fun and lighthearted, shall we? Have a great winter day!

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29 thoughts on “Spring & Summer 2022 Fashion Forecast – Part 1

  1. I’m excited that skirt suits are back!!! I loved them when I was in the corporate world and I love them still. When I paired back my closet, I did a big shake up of my skirt suits, keeping some bold jackets to pair with black skirts and white skirts and cream skirts. I’ve also noticed the firing trend and some skirt suits with fringe around the jacket edges. I’ve got my eyes on one that looks awesome. I’m the the same camp on the minis. My fine China does not need to be on display for anyone! And gingham, oh my stars. I used to have a hot pink gingham shirt that I wore with hot pink linen Bermuda shorts whenever we traveled to the Caribbean (this has been at least 20 years ago! Ha!) Maybe this time around, I’ll have to not save it for special occasions and just enjoy it for every day wear!

  2. I was talking to my hairstylist here in Denver about fashion trends because she sees some fancy people.

    She told me tight and form fitting on top (and of course crop tops which I won’t be doing), and big and wide on the bottom.

    Skinny jeans are out. You’ve mentioned this in several posts and I’m glad you did because you got me on to some cute wider leg jeans with some stretch in them. (Kut and Blue brand)

    She said flannel shirts that are open with a white T-shirt underneath.

  3. I love the white on white monochromatic look. It looks so fresh and can take us into summer as well. I have a white linen blazer from last year as well and a white jean jacket that will do nicely to give me this look with white jeans, skirt, etc.
    I also love gingham and though I did not find anything last Spring will be on the outlook this Spring. I also like the suit look with skirt and jacket together in the gingham or all white look, ect., I do not care for long skirts that much anymore as I have gotten older. They do make me look hipper and I am 5’3″ so do not look as good as a tall person like yourself. Might pass on this and of course the mini skirt. Not young or skinny enough.
    I absolutely enjoyed the BFMD. So true yesterday as we had furnace problems her in Minnesota. I know God wanted us to trust in Him and He took care of us.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, Kay! Thank you for doing the research and spending the time to break the spring fashion trends down for us. And what a wonderful BFMD! Knowing what works for ourselves is key! Have a fabulous day!

  5. WOW … love this new idea of posting in parts! Yes, some new trends are not for us “elegant-age” women, but we can still look at them and learn first hand what we should and should not be considering. You have me starting to work on my closets and what an eye opener! I’ve found clothes that I love but have not worn in years that are taking up precious space. My home is an older one that originaly had NO closets so space is very important. Thanks Kay … keep up the good work, and thanks for the daily thoughts on the verses. I do so enjoy them and they help me a lot on this life’s journey.

  6. This was a fun post to read! I love the idea of ‘introducing’ trends ahead of time to let us think about them. I think I’d like to try light camel/tan bottoms with ivory/off white layers on top to suit my coloring. It seems less intimidating to me than white on white on white, for me personally. I haven’t worn skirts for YEARS, but might give it a try. I think it is interesting that almost ANY length skirt is ‘in’ – from the micro mini to the suit skirt length to the midi skirt. It certainly provides lots of options. I’m looking forward to the next one in this trend series. Have a great day!

  7. I really liked this fashion forecast for spring. Especially when it’s cold with snow on the ground! I especially like the white monochromatic look, but I am also looking forward to gingham and skirt suits. I am only 5’1”, with an hourglass figure, and I have found I look best in separate pieces, rather than a dress, which can overwhelm me. I don’t know what there would be to dislike, except for the mini skirt. I do prefer my skirt at knee length, though, and really can’t wear the midi. Thank you for this post, and I am looking forward to the rest of them!

  8. Thanks Kay, for delving into spring. I am a seamstress and having a early look into the next season helps me to know what to sew next and how to plan my wardrobe. I just bought a beautiful pink gray and cream windowpane plaid wool that I am going to make into a skirt suit using a Vintage Anne Klein Vogue pattern for the jacket with a pencil skirt. Glad to know these things are coming back into style.

    1. That sounds so amazing, Bobbie. If it’s in your wheelhouse, could you please post your finished outfit on the “Dressed for my Day” private Facebook page. It would be a special treat to see.

  9. I love skirts and can’t remember why I stopped wearing them. My final working years I wore a corporate “uniform” of pants, blouse and third pieces, typically a jacket. I had a gingham blouse as a teen and loved it. But I don’t want to look too country (please, please no offense, anyone!). Maybe navy or black with white would look summery.

  10. Luv this post! I like the all white trend – I do the winter white and have some all white for spring/summer. I luv gingham- I have a pink gingham skirt – large checks – doesn’t make me look too heavy. I was surprised about that! And I luv the knife-pleated skirt- I actually have about 4. Wouldn’t mind a print – mine are all solid colours! Thsnks again for a great post about what’s trending!

  11. I have white (silver?) hair and very fair skin. If I wear white next to my face, I just fade into the woodwork?! Even with your gorgeous hair, I feel you are more awesome in darker colors next to your face. Do you feel that way?

  12. I’m with you … mini skirts … ummm no! But for those that can – go for it! ?

    I do like some of these other trends and may have to try one or two.

    Looking forward to more on this series.

  13. Interesting trends. I’ve always loved gingham but only have black and white. I think pink would be pretty. I will wear midi skirts in a gauzy fabric for walking on the beach. I like long skirts with drawstrings in a linen blend too. No to short anything. Betty Gable had her legs insured for a million dollars. Bet I couldn’t get ten.?
    At my age about the only temptation I have to fight is overeating. God did give a way out though. I can now get fresh produce delivered to my door every day. Hallelujah!

  14. Your posts of you in white and gingham checks were beautiful today!! You also looked great with your hair pulled back. Great article!!

  15. Kaye,
    I am so happy to see the spring looks! After holidays the winter is not so exciting and seems to be a long haul towards spring. The whites are beautiful and the gingham prints are perfect for warm weather. Your blue and white shirt is so fresh looking with a white jacket. The Kors suit reminds me of a dress I wore for work in a corporate office. Loved getting dressed. My lifestyle is mainly casual now.
    Thanks for the post …so uplifting on a cold winter’s day!

  16. It is cold and windy here in NY today so looking forward to spring is very welcome. I will probably go for the shorter skirt if I can find something sporty/casual. Are jean skirts a thing? I used to love them! Also love the gingham blazer! Have not owned a blazer since the early 80s but maybe I would wear one if it is as cute as that!

  17. Yes, to looking ahead to spring! I love blazers but my lifestyle is very casual now. The all-white palette is very appealing. Thank you for the sneak peek, Kay!

  18. Oooo! That white on white is so classy. I love the white bottom and white top with the fringe on you. I don’t wear skirts anymore. Since the trend of no stockings started, I find that for most of us bare legs are not especially attractive. Just my opinion though. Thank you as always, Kay, for a fun posting and giving us something to think about for spring.

  19. I’ve been waiting for mini skirts to be in style for a long time. They look good on me because I’m petite. I love the look you showed with the boots. Of course I don’t go really high, just a few inches above the knee. I loved this post and am looking forward to the others like it.

  20. Thanks for this post. I love the midi length pleated skirts and the gingham. I already have two white dresses I like, one cotton and one linen. You’ve given me the idea to look for just the right cardigan to wear with them. I would feel foolish in a mini skirt, but I enjoy seeing young women wearing them. Brings back memories of my teenage and young adult years. I don’t like to show too much skin – nothing too low cut, short, etc. If I have to think too much about what I might be showing, I don’t buy or wear it. But as you said, it’s an individual decision. I have a friend a little younger than me and she looks cute in bermuda shorts and sleeveless tops so to each their own.

  21. Not a winter fan so dreaming Spring is perfect for me! And I LOVE white! Really excited for the white on white trend! TY for this post!

  22. A very good post. Makes me want to evaluate and shop a little. The best of course is BFMD. While it is important to look my best, more important is how I look on the inside

  23. Love some of these trends! Thanks for sharing. I especially love gingham-I’ve purchased some fun gingham from Draper James.

    I’d love for you to talk about skirts for the petite person. I’m 5’3”, size 2 or 4, but curvier hips now in my 50’s. I feel like skirts make me look 2 feet tall.?I prefer dresses/ skirts right above my knee, but with a skirt that’s really messing with the 2/3-1/3 proportions. I just can’t figure out how to wear them in a flattering way. I love dresses, though.


  24. I prefer skirts at knee length but will wear a midi in winter. I’ll wear a shorter skort for summer but not a mini as I’d be too uncomfortable bending over. Maybe wearing tights under them would make it feasible if in a colder climate but I’m in a hot climate. I like the pink gingham for Spring. I don’t have much occasion to wear dressy clothes now and many of clothes in my closet are sitting unworn. The challenge is knowing what to part with because the older clothes are still good quality and the trends change so often so I keep what I feel comfortable in. It helps to know what the trends are and keep it looking fresh and classy.

  25. Love the new summer fashion and trends you posted. White on white is a bit iffy for me. I wear a white denim skirt/jeans/shorts with a white top or tee, but the third layer need to have some color. I love the all white look on other people. I let my natural hair grow out it’s almost white in the front and all white does not look quite right anymore. I love gingham and own quite a bit of it, blue/white and black/white. It makes me happy to wear pleated skirts. There is something about them that pleases me. Mini skirt are not me anymore. I used to love them in my teens, but have not worn them since. You are doing such a wonderful job presenting the fashion for 2022.