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Winter Travel Capsule Wardrobe with Christopher & Banks

December 19, 2019
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Are you traveling during the holidays? Or maybe you’re anticipating a little getaway in January or February. I’m doing both! So I thought I’d put together a beautiful winter travel capsule wardrobe with help from my friends at Christopher and Banks. You’re going to love the way these nine pieces mix and coordinate!

For my winter travel capsule wardrobe, I selected:

  • 3 pairs of pants (2 jeans + 1 dressier pant)
  • 3 basic long sleeve tops in different colors
  • 3 toppers (1 cardigan + 2 jackets)
  • versatile earrings + necklace

It was important to me to get everything I need for a diverse getaway into one carry-on suitcase. Of course I’d need to pack pajamas, under garments, shoes and cosmetics, too. But trust me. There’s room for all of that and more with these nine layering pieces from Christopher and Banks. Plus, you can easily wear your coat over any of the outfits I’ve put together.

My winter travel capsule wardrobe utilizes five colors that mix and coordinate beautifully:

  • black
  • grey
  • red
  • sapphire blue
  • white

Alright! Let’s see these versatile travel pieces. I’m featuring them in three completely different outfits. But it won’t take much imagination for you to envision how each piece could fit nicely with others from the different outfits.

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Plaid Trucker Jacket + Red Mock Neck + Black Jeans

First up, a colorful, comfortable and oh so sporty look. This plaid trucker jacket just beckons me to go on a journey! I love the full front zipper and the boxy fit, not to mention that colorful, plaid fabric. Love! The jacket is fully lined and pleasantly warm.

Plaid Trucker Jacket

Winter Travel Advisory: You could always pack thermals and/or lightweight tanks to wear under all of these looks if you need additional warmth.

Under the trucker jacket I’m wearing a red mock neck tee over black everyday tapered jeans in the shaped fit. If you need to discover your best jean fit at Christopher and Banks, visit their Jean Fit Guide. Overall, their sizes are generous. I’m wearing a size 6 in both pairs of jeans that I’m sharing today.

Plaid Trucker Jacket

Winter Travel Advisory: When traveling, take just a few pieces of jewelry in mixed metals. That way your pieces will go with everything in your suitcase!

I selected just two pieces of jewelry for easy packing and wearing. I’m wearing the long metal teardrop pendant and the mixed metal hoop earrings.


Winter Travel Advisory: Be sure to pack or wear a pair of sneakers or other durable, athletic shoes. You’ll need multiple pairs of shoes just in case one gets wet. But I suggest sleek sneakers that work well with your carefully curated outfits.

Black & White Plaid Moto Jacket + Black Mock Neck + Grey Jeans

Instead of carrying blue jeans on my trip, I decided to pack these grey straight leg jeans. These jeans feature vibrant but very tasteful embroidery on the back pockets.

Winter Travel Capsule Wardrobe with Christopher and Banks

Anything that matches these grey jeans will also work well with my black jeans. Even the black mock neck tee I’ve paired with them will create a chic, slenderizing look with the black jeans or the black pants you’ll see next. By the way, you could replace the mock neck tee with a black turtleneck if you’d like a little extra warmth.

Winter Travel Advisory: Don’t forget to pack a few pairs of warm socks to go with your outfits. And you may want a pair of sherpa lined socks for travel, too.

Winter Travel Capsule Wardrobe with Christopher and Banks

Unfortunately, my plaid moto jacket seems to be sold out except for in the plus sizes. But you could achieve the same look with this darker plaid corduroy jacket. (I may need that one, too!)

Plaid Moto Jacket and Grey Jeans

Can’t you envision these trim grey jeans and plaid moto jacket (or this one) with the red mock neck, too? And my sneakers work perfectly here as well, but I’ve chosen to finish off this sporty look with my black suede booties.

This look works perfectly for touring a museum, shopping, watching a movie or dining out. But because everything is also soft and cozy, it’s a great travel day outfit, too.

Black Pants + Sapphire Blue Long Sleeve Tee + Ivory Cozy Cardigan

Whether you plan to dine at a nice restaurant, attend a party, go to church or do anything else that would require nicer attire, it won’t hurt to carry along these Signature Slimming Luxe Stretch Straight Pants. Not only are these pants svelte and chic, but they’re also amazingly comfortable. So you won’t mind putting your jeans away for a day or two and wearing these classic slacks with any of the solid tops and pretty completer pieces.

black dress slacks

These slacks are such a nice length, hitting right at the top of the foot on my 5’8″ frame. So they’re perfect with flats or my classic black pumps. But these pants are also available in petite and women’s sizes, as well as short, average and long variations in the missy and women’s fit. I’m wearing the Missy 8, average length, for reference. The pants also have front and back pockets, but feature a flat front elasticized waistband for a neat, slenderizing silhouette.

Winter Travel Advisory: Don’t forget your scarf! This color block eternity scarf would work beautifully with this capsule wardrobe. You could also add this cozy black and white plaid ruana to layer with these pieces.

Ivory Cardigan

For a soft and dressy vibe, I topped the black slacks with a sapphire blue long sleeve double trim crewneck tee and the cozy cardigan in ivory. The tees are available in so many lovely shades, so remember you can adapt this winter travel capsule wardrobe to the colors of your choice. And this fuzzy soft open front cardigan will look lovely with any of them.

Winter Travel Advisory: Don’t forget to take some warm, cuddly pajamas!

Now Mix It All Up!

I know I don’t have to tell you that all of the pieces above mix and coordinate beautifully to create additional outfits. You could wear this small capsule wardrobe for over three weeks and never wear the same look twice!

The photo below was taken on our recent trip to the Cincinnati Museum Center. I paired the black jeans with the sapphire blue tee and the plaid trucker jacket.

Winter Travel Capsule Wardrobe with Christopher and Banks Extra

You could easily put together your own winter travel capsule wardrobe from Christopher and Banks with different colors using my formula. For instance, you could use many of the same pieces I’m sharing here in blue denim, brown, forest green and off white. The key is simply to select jeans, pants, tops and outer layers that all work with each other.

3 Outfits out of Many
How many great looks could YOU create from this 9-piece Winter Travel Capsule Wardrobe with Christopher and Banks?

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15 thoughts on “Winter Travel Capsule Wardrobe with Christopher & Banks

  1. Great pieces for traveling or just for a capsule wardrobe!! I can see mixing ALL of those pieces for many different looks! As usual, you look beautiful in all of them!!

  2. Thanks Kay….this is a very helpful post! I have wondered how to create a winter travel capsule wardrobe. I’m going to save this to my Pinterest board.
    And you look so nice in each of the outfits! Thank you also for Blessed for my Day!
    Have a great day!

  3. This is a great post! I travel quite a bit during the winter months, so this capsule wardrobe is very appropriate for me. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into helping all of us be well dressed.

  4. Thank you for putting so much effort into creating this travel capsule wardrobe, Kay! You shared some great looks and I can envision other outfits that you can create with those pieces. I really like the open front cardigan! It looks like it is well made, soft, comfortable, and flattering. Do you usually dry your cardigans flat, as suggested? Great BFMD!

  5. Thank you, Kay! This post is perfect timing for me as I begin to pack for mytwo-week trip to visit with my father. While I’m not purchasing anyanything new right now, I’m definitely going to pack capsule-like with pieces I already have (many from Chrisopher and Banks). You’ve inspired me to be intentional in my packing and not quite as random as I tend to be.
    BFMD is always a blessing for me, too.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Nancy. Yeah sometimes it’s a struggle for me to leave behind things I just love, but once I’m on the road with a more carefully curated wardrobe I’m so glad I did.

  6. Wonderful post – thank-you! So many useful ideas and thank-you for not making it the traditional ‘denim matches everything’ or ‘denim is appropriate for all occasions’ posts I’ve been seeing so much on other blogs. Your ideas are great for travel but also for a budget friendly at-home and work wardrobe.

    1. Yes! That was exactly my goal Cyndi. I wanted something a little more put together than just blue denim. I’m glad you noticed that. At the same time, you could certainly throw a pair of blue jeans into the mix and they would work perfectly. ?

  7. I would feel comfortable in all these looks. I just bought a great little multi color blue jacket that would work to replace the plaid jacket and I’d be good to go on this capsule. I like to have one jacket that is not solid in a capsule to add variety but I’m short so I avoid plaid. Oh, to be 5’8″” and not 5’3″. You look awesome in anything.

  8. Such a great wardrobe: just a few pieces, so versatile, and neutral colors. You make choosing clothes look easy and creating a workable wardrobe look so easy!
    P.S. I really enjoy the way you begin each blog with Dear Gal. It makes me smile.