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10 Colorful Sweaters for Winter to Spring

January 23, 2019

Brrr. It’s turned cold here again! I keep pushing spring in my mind, but I guess it’s a useless cause. So today I’m sharing a compromise. I’ve got a beautiful, bright and colorful sweater that is suitable for winter now as well as the early days of spring. PLUS I’ve gathered 9 other colorful sweaters for you to choose from, too.

Here’s to brightening up these cold winter days with some beautiful, colorful sweaters!

Bright Colorful Sweater for Winter to Spring
Spring Stripe Sweater || Wonderstretch Straight Leg Pants || Charm Bracelet || Satchel (no longer available) || Sunglasses || black booties (similar)

This beautiful sweater is actually even called Spring Stripe Sweater. So there ya go! It’s amazingly soft and has lots of give. I’m wearing the medium here, but I’ve returned it for the small. I don’t think the photo above accurately portrays how roomy it is because I tried to make it look more fitted for the post. Trust me, lots of give in this sweater.

Bright Colorful Sweater for Winter to Spring

After I ordered this creamy cotton blend drop sleeve sweater, I saw two other style bloggers share it. Then I was so excited to receive mine because they made it look so good.

Bright Colorful Sweater for Winter to Spring

The other bloggers who shared this same sweater paired it with jeans, one with black jeans and one with blue. And those pairings looked casual, smart and lovely. But since I thought you might have seen them, too, I decided to pair it with my black pants.

I was thrilled that this sweater paired so nicely with both jeans and dress slacks. You know I’m all about versatility!

Bright Colorful Sweater for Winter to Spring

So yes, the stripes on this creamy backdrop are pink and true black. So you could also wear it with a black wool pencil skirt or black cords.

Bright Colorful Sweater for Winter to Spring
Jewelry: charm bracelet || charms || pendant (similar) || earrings

You could add a cami under this sweater or even a button up shirt, if you needed the extra warmth. But I think this sweater is also light enough to wear into the early days of spring. And it’s an easy layer to take off if the spring day heats up.

Bright Colorful Sweater for Winter to Spring

After finding this little gem I thought I’d see if there were other pretty, colorful sweaters that could beautifully refresh a tired winter wardrobe. And I hit the jackpot! Below are 10 colorful sweaters to breathe fresh air into your weary winter closet.

Colorful Sweaters Graphic
Top Left || Top Center || Top Right
Middle Left || Middle Center || Middle Right
Bottom Left || Bottom Center || Bottom Right
Bright Colorful Sweater for Winter to Spring

But don’t forget about this one, too. Last I checked it was fully stocked. And I think the price is pretty reasonable, too. I’m looking forward to wearing this sweet sweater with jeans, too.

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I hope you enjoyed this post and that it inspired you to breathe a little fresh air into your weary winter wardrobe. Of course, you could also add a pretty, colorful scarf. But if you liked what you saw here, I hope you’ll share it on Pinterest or Facebook. Thanks so much for stopping in today!

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