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Warm Work-From-Home Outfit for Winter

January 21, 2020

Hello and welcome to Dressed for My Day! I’m sharing my second look in our mini-series: How to Feel Warm and Look Stylish this Winter. Today I have a work-from-home outfit that has fast become one of my favorite go-tos.

I need to interject a little something at this point that applies to all the posts in this series. You see I didn’t actually set out to compile posts about feeling warm and looking stylish when I shot these photos. But it was a blustery, cold day when we photographed the looks, so I wore extra layers to stay warm. At first I intended to keep the extra layers to myself, a sort of model’s secret, if you will. But then, when the next-to-my-skin layers kept peeking through, I decided to go ahead and share how I kept warm in this photo session. And that turned into this little series about How to Feel Warm + Look Stylish this Winter.

Warm Work-from-Home Outfit for Winter
sweatshirt // long sleeve t-shirt // commuter pants (TTS) // sneakers (similar option) // earrings (similar) // hobo bag (more economical option) // sunglasses

I say all that to explain why I’m not wearing a coat or outerwear accessories in most of these posts. And could I layer on more clothes and present even warmer combinations? Of course! But hopefully you can at least get some ideas from each of these posts about how to take your basic winter looks and add in some warmth – to whatever degree you need added warmth – and still keep your outfits stylish and beautiful.

Warm Work-from-Home Outfit for Winter

We keep our house at about 67° during the day, so I definitely layer on warmth even at home. That’s why I love this warm and cozy layered outfit.

Close up shot

While I do wear jeans many days, I opt for these “commuter pants” more and more these days. These are the Wander Stash Skinny Pants and they’re also available in navy captain, cliff hanger (soft beige) and mountain olive. In fact, those last two shades are considerably marked down right now and I keep waffling about whether or not to buy another pair. I’m wearing my normal 8 in the regular length.

Warm + Stylish Tip #1 – Pants like these made of recycled nylon/spandex help shield your legs from biting wind much better than blue jeans or knit pants do. So they’re a great option when commuting or going for a walk.

Commuter Pants

I like these pants for working from home because they’re extremely comfortable, but they also look chic and pulled together. So if I need to hop up from the computer and run out for lunch or errands, I’m ready to go.

Plus, as a work from home business woman, I want to take myself seriously and I want others – even the delivery people who drop by almost daily! – to take me seriously, too. Dressing in crisp, chic but comfortable pants like these make me feel more productive and smart. #mindgames

Close Up Back

For this look I kept the top all about comfort. I actually have on a bottom layer you can’t see at all. It’s a simple camisole, but it fits close to the skin and really helps keep my torso warm.

Warm + Stylish Tip #2Wear a simple camisole under absolutely anything to help your torso stay warmer. These simple camisoles come in every skin color plus black and white.

Next I’ve layered on a long sleeve cotton t-shirt. This shirt, made from organic cotton, is so soft and easy on the skin. It’s fairly thin, so it layers wonderfully under other pieces. (Often I layer on this merino wool blend tank under my long sleeve tee. It’s just another layer of warmth, but the wool blend feels great.)

Warm Work-from-Home Outfit for Winter

Finally, for my work-from-home look, I’m wearing this sundown sweatshirt in dogwood mauve. Unfortunately I don’t see that color online, but there are so many other great shades to choose from. I also have the sage colored sundown sweatshirt, and the antique burgundy is the same shade as my tee. It’s oh so soft and cozy. I’m wearing a medium in the t-shirt and the sweatshirt for a roomy fit. But I think the small would have worked well for a trimmer fit.

Warm Work-from-Home Outfit for Winter

True to my normal work-from-home uniform, I pared my jewelry down to my gold hoop earrings. These are very similar. And on my feet I’m wearing black crew length socks and my corduroy Teva sneakers. But, truth be told, most of the time when I’m working at home I’m wearing my Ugg slippers. I LOVE these shearling trimmed slippers!

Now this is what I wear when I’m working at the house. But you can bet that if I leave to run errands I’d zip up my hooded down and feather jacket (similar), wrap my warm grey cashmere scarf around my neck and put my black cashmere beanie on my head. And yes, I’d wear gloves, too!

Warm Work-from-Home Outfit for Winter
sweatshirt // long sleeve t-shirt // commuter pants (TTS) // sneakers (similar option) // earrings (similar) // hobo bag (more economical option) // sunglasses

I don’t have a shopping widget for you today. Too many of the pieces refused to produce photos, so it didn’t seem worth it. But you can shop through the links in the text and captions. Let me know if you have questions about any of these items.

Normally I don’t really push the items I’m sharing. I just try to share them. But I will tell you that I absolutely love these pants. I wouldn’t wear them to work from home in if I didn’t. Working from a home office makes it too convenient to wear cozy sweats! So if I’m wearing these to work, you better believe they are comfortable! I also plan to wear these when traveling.

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If you missed yesterday’s How to Feel Warm + Look Stylish post you can catch it here.

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How to Feel Warm + Look Stylish this Winter - Work-from-Home look for the colder months

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Take a moment today to consider the treasures that you unearthed during your darkest trials. Maybe you developed a closer walk with the Lord, a deeper prayer life, a new hunger for God’s Word or an increased assurance of His presence. It could be that you learned scriptures you cherish to this day. Maybe you learned things about God’s character that you hadn’t been intimately acquainted with previously. Or perhaps you grew in gratitude for what you do have.

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19 thoughts on “Warm Work-From-Home Outfit for Winter

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your dog Benjy. You and your family must have given him stellar care to have him age to 16 years old. Always remember to be kind and to do what is best for him not you at this time; even though it is so hard. I look forward to reading your blog each morning. Be strong.

  2. I’m enjoying your latest series! Cute outfits so far.
    I wanted to share with you that I also have a 16-year-old small dog, a Pomeranian named Marci, who’s struggling (heart, liver and kidney problems). She was born with hip dysplasia too and I’ve seen her feel worse every winter from the arthritis that goes with her hip problems. I’ve learned that if I can keep her warm she feels much better. I thought I would suggest that you might try getting a heated dog bed and/or warming one room for her to about 73 degrees. Arthritis and cold are not a good combination and most older dogs have arthritis. I know these cold temps are new for you so thought my experience might be helpful. Your vet can x-ray him to see if he has arthritis if you’d like to be sure that’s all that’s going on. Our vet prescribed T Relief that I get from Amazon, a natural pain reliever that doesn’t make her feel drugged but relieves the pain so she can rest. I live in Lexington KY so we’re dealing with similar weather.
    Good luck.

  3. Kay, My heart is breaking as you and James watch Benji’s health deteriorating. There’s nothing easy about it. ?? I absolutely love this outfit and you look awesome in that color. While our current finances don’t allow me to go on a shopping spree, I want to check those pants out. I know that I would get a lot of wear out of them with our very laid back lifestyle. It’s another really cold day in GA. God bless!

  4. Praying for Benji and you and James! These little blessing from God are ‘family’ members and it’s not different than when one of us is sick or declining. Been there, done that and I must say, I wasn’t very brave. I’m really enjoying this series because MOST of my days are spent here at home. This outfit is right up my alley and dresses up the boring sweat pants, etc routine. My husband and I both have arthritis and other health issues so we can’t keep our house quite as cool as you do but we definitely layer! Appreciate you sharing that fact as well. After all, let’s be honest….it’s winter and it’s COLD!! Ha! There is no place for vanity when it’s in the teens & 20’s.

  5. This is a great stay-at-home look! I’m curious about those pants. I think they’d also be a good option for travel.

    1. Yes, they’re a great option for travel. I’ve already worn them on a short car trip and plan to wear them next time I fly too.

  6. So sorry to hear about Benji. It is so hard to lose them. They fill our hearts and lives with so much love, but they take a bit of our hearts with them when they are gone. My heart is with you and your husband.

  7. Hi Kay. I am so sorry to hear about Benji. It is always hard watch a family pet decline. We lost our 13 year old golden retriever a few years back and it was very difficult-so many family memories wrapped up in him, you know?
    I ordered a few of the things from your post today. I remember seeing these and I couldn’t remember where – so thank you! Our family is taking a trip to the Grand Canyon this spring & I wanted some pants like these for the trip. Question-I know you lived in Arizona for some time and did a good bit of hiking. We plan to hike some on our trip and I wondered if you have any good suggestions for hiking shoes/ boots that are lightweight, comfortable and at least a little stylish? ? Many of the ones I’m seeing now are called hiking boots but they look more like the trendy fashion than a smart choice for exercise. Would love to know your thoughts! Thank you!

    1. Hi Pam. I think you will love these pants. They’re perfect for travel and yes hiking too. I’m still wearing my hiking boots from 13 years ago so I’m probably not much help in picking out the exact pair. But I think the key is where you get them and the brands you consider. Mine are Vasque. If you are doing mild hiking and don’t feel like you need ankle support, these shoes look great: I like that they have Goretex to protect against wetness. But really a lot of hiking in Arizona is going to be on very rocky, Sandy terrain where slippage can be a problem, so I would suggest boots. These by Vasque also look good to me:
      I think both of these are on Amazon, but if you’d like to look at other shoes and models, I’d suggest looking at . Hope that helps. I love my Vasques. Have a wonderful trip!

  8. Absolutely LOVE your page–am new to it and all that you have to offer. Where can I find those Wander Stash Skinny Pants that you are wearing today? You always look fabulous. So sorry to hear about Benji.

    1. Hi Pat, I’m glad you are enjoying the blog. You can find the pants by clicking through this link: Or you can find them maybe at a local Athleta Store if you have one nearby. The green and tan ones are deeply discounted right now, but the black and navy are full price. I hope you find what you’re looking for. I love these pants. By the way. You just need to click on the red words in the post and those links will take you to the store websites where you can purchase the products. Or there is usually, but not today, a shopping widget at the bottom of the post.

  9. I absolutely LOVE your page and am new to it. Where can I buy those great looking Wander Stash travel pants? You always look so beautiful and stylishly put together. Something I would like to learn how to do. So sorry to hear about Benji.

  10. Love your outfit today: so warm and so pulled together. I love how you coordinate everything. I generally don’t care for sneakers, but the ones you are wearing are so stinking cute and such a great color.
    Trials have taught me that God never abandons anyone. He feels our pain and shines His light into the darkness. Thankfully, many problems are just temporary inconveniences.

  11. I always forget about wearing color in my tennis shoes. You look so pretty in that color.
    We lost our little 17 year old Cairn Terrier a few years ago, he fought so hard to stand and greet my husband. The vet told us that his body was just shutting down. He buried his patients on a sunny hillside. I loved him for his compassion, We still miss his beautiful personality.

  12. I am so sorry to hear about Benji. Being an animal lover myself I know how hard it must be to watch him decline. He’s had a long and happy life with you. Those pants look interesting, I’ll have to check them out.

  13. Kay…we had to put our older dog down last week. The hardest part for me was watching our adult children stop in to say goodbye to their childhood pet…many memories and many tears!! Hugs to you!

    As I read through this post I couldn’t help but wonder how I would possibly get all those layers off when a hot flash struck…anyone else?? I’m either freezing or roasting lately! Maybe a post about “quick-cool fashion for the menopausal woman” would be a good idea! ?