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Tips for Transitioning Your Wardrobe to Early Fall

September 9, 2020

Happy Wednesday! Normally I upload YouTube videos on Wednesday, but this week I’m collaborating with another YouTuber so we’re sharing our videos tomorrow. We’ll be previewing our 10 Piece Capsule Wardrobes for Early Fall. So meanwhile I thought I’d follow that theme and share with you a few tips for easily and stylishly transitioning your wardrobe to early fall.

Tip #1 – Focus on Neutrals

While you certainly can continue to wear color in the fall, the early weeks of the season are a great time to shift to more neutrals. You’ll be able to wear them in your coolest garments – think t-shirts, skirts, cropped jeans and even shorts – but still look like you’ve moved into a new season.

short-sleeve popover
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Personally, I enjoy putting away my summery colors – such as seersucker blue, beachy pinks and oranges and sunny yellows – in favor of more subtle neutrals at this time of year. I go ahead and pack away my strictly summer garments and begin to make room for my autumn and winter pieces. This way I can focus on the next season’s wardrobe while still wearing clothing that’s appropriate for the warm weather.

Transition Into Fall with a Black Tee and Jeans
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Tip #2 – Return to the Basics

As I put away summer colors in favor of more neutrals, I also put away clothing that feels and looks summery and opt instead for more basic pieces. Think t-shirts, button up shirts and popovers, chambray shirts, denim skirts, chinos and jeans.

What to wear to Women's Bible Study
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These are basic pieces that are easy to layer when the weather starts cooling. But meanwhile, they look chic and classic. And they definitely feel more autumnal than linen pants or gauzy tops or beach vibe dresses.

Tip #3 – Bring in the Colors of the New Season with Accessories

Summertime Elevated Casual Jeans Style Uniform
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Most of us have a few fall colored scarfs in our collection. I also pull out more tortoise shell jewelry, animal print belts and shoes, heavier leather belts and bags and deeper colored jackets and cardigans. I also find that wearing a little animal print in general is a great tip for transitioning your wardrobe to early fall.

Go Wild with Animal Print

Tip #4 – Lean into These 3rd Pieces

While we’ll do a lot of layering in the fall and winter, it may be too early for some of those 3rd pieces. But these are the five I generally reach for first.

  • denim jacket
  • utility (or safari) jacket
  • cotton cardigan
  • cotton pullover sweater
  • neutral colored blazer
J.Jill Dress
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If you layer those top pieces of short sleeve tees (or even the occasional tank top), you’ll still be relatively cool but you’ll also look more like fall. Lightweight but seasonal toppers are a great way for transitioning your wardrobe to early fall.

Utility Jacket Completes Fall Weekend Look
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Tip #5 – Change Out Your Footwear

The final tip I have for transitioning your wardrobe to early fall is simply to change out your footwear. No, you don’t have to put away all of your sandals yet if you don’t want to. Look, these aren’t rules. They’re just tips to help you start the process…when…you’re…ready.

I realize we all pull out our fall wardrobes at different times, depending on where we live, our personal preferences and our lifestyles. But I’m just providing these tips so they’ll be here when you’re getting the “all things pumpkin spice and apple cider” vibes. Hahaha!

Drape Collar Knit Blazer
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So one of the easiest ways to change the overall vibe of your outfits from summer to fall is simply to switch in mules for sandals, loafers for slides and slip on sneakers for flip flops. If you enjoy wearing peep toe booties, those are a great option because they allow you to savor your pretty pedicure a little longer.

Which of these tips for transitioning your wardrobe to early fall are you already using? Any of them?

Shopping for Transitional Pieces

If you’re in need of any of the transitional pieces I’ve mentioned, I’ve prepared a shopping widget that might interest you. These are shoes, basic tees and jeans, third pieces and accessories that could help you transition your wardrobe to early fall seamlessly. These are affiliate links, of course. If you shop through these links and make a purchase, I potentially earn a commission, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you for shopping my links!

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Blessed for My Day

We don’t like to alienate ourselves these days, do we? I certainly don’t. I don’t want to draw a line in the sand and find myself alone on one side of it. Plus, our culture tells us we’re hateful, bigoted, narrow-minded or arrogant if we make a divisive statement or stand.

And honestly, I don’t want to alienate people from me. I want to love them. I want invite them, not infuriate them.

But there’s nothing loving about letting someone miss out on the kingdom of God simply because I don’t want to rock the boat. In my fear of creating a gulf between me and my loved one or friend, I perpetuate the chasm between them and their Maker. Jesus made it very clear. There is only one way to enter into the kingdom of heaven. Let’s not be afraid to share the way.

Jesus answered him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.” ~ John 3:3

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14 thoughts on “Tips for Transitioning Your Wardrobe to Early Fall

  1. Good morning Kay! You shared some very good tips. I have pulled my summer tops out of my closet, but that’s all I’ve done thus far. I have stopped carrying my summer handbags and I am gravitating away from my footwear that scream summer. I hope that you thoroughly enjoy your two week vacation, but if you will be away from James the whole time, I bet he will really miss you! Have a blessed day!

  2. Hope you are having a great vacation, enjoy, you deserve it! As we move on into fall could you talk about colour options for those of us who don’t look good in the traditional fall colours.

  3. Wow. The Blessed for My Day….. there is my challenge as I have always shied away from being the boat-rocker. You’re right, that is not loving. That is an area that I really need to change.
    The fashion post is very helpful for transition time! I have taken the truly summer things out of my closet to make room for fall, and I love the photos here of the jeans and tops that just look so ‘season appropriate.’ I have a feeling my denim skirts are going to get more wear now than they did when it was blisteringly hot outside! Great tips!!

  4. Hi, Kay loved your tips on transitioning our wardrobes into fall!! Great tips. BUT your Blessed For Your Day was so spot on for now and worded so full of wisdom!!! I agree with you 100%!!! The Lord certainly, I believe, wants to use us in a mighty way now, if we will just allow Him to do so! God’s blessings to you as you serve Him! You are beautiful inside and out

  5. Love the tips. The one I have done already is put my summer purse away. I am still wearing summer things as my area has mid 90’s this week. So I am still in tank tops and shorts. Soaking it up while it’s here. But I keep eyeing my sweaters! And my poor comforter on the floor . I love bundling up with crisp fall nights. Your tips about changing the colors you wear, I haven’t really done before so now I am thinking on that. Thanks for all your ideas!!

  6. I am new to your blog, but I am really enjoying it. I love fashion, and your tips are great. I especially love your spiritual posts at the end of your blogs. Thank you for your helpful hints and wise insight. Have a blessed day.

    Jamie Standefer

  7. I love being part of your thread. You’ve prompted me to think and evaluate my wardrobe. Fall is my favorite season tho I’m in a warm weather state.
    Enjoy your break !!?

  8. Amen and Amen…loved Blessed for My Day! May we share the Good News in love but with boldness and courage so that all will come to repentance and none shall
    perish. ??

  9. I love the safari jacket with jeans and yellow sweater. I blame you for my next purchase but I need a green safari jacket. All these outfits appeal to me for fall and even into winter since we are mild even at Christmas some years.
    BFMD is so on target. My pastor said he looked into the coffin of a friend and ask himself if he should have tried harder with him. We have to try.

  10. Hi Kay, Love the transition looks for Fall. I am so happy I have found you blog. I always struggle with looking my best for my age (62). Your freebies and videos do such a wonderful job of helping me with that. It has been such a blessing to find you. I really love your end of summer sale. I have done some purchases that maybe won’t be instyle next year, keeping finger crossed they will though. But great tips on finding sales and what we should purchase. Have my eye on a Talbot’s white blazer. Do you think it will be in style next year. Also, have a few schoolboy blazers for a few years back, are they still in style. I do not work outside of the home. These would be only for lunch and dinner out, when we get to do that again, or for church.

    1. Yes!!! to the white blazer. Always in style. Your other blazers should work too if you like them. Blazers really never lose their style. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog. ?

  11. I’ve got on some khaki chinos today, along with a chocolate brown tank top, my chambray top and some loafers instead of sandals. Every year I dread having to put away my summer shoes and stick my feet back in closed-toed shoes, but you can only put it off for so long in Austria! I added some gold accessories to my look and feel that I’ve achieved the perfect transition look. That’s not always easy to do this time of year. Thanks for all of your tips!

    1. As a teacher, sticking my feet back into closed-toe shoes is one of the most dreaded back-to-school transitions! And, I’m a cold natured person who loves socks from fall into spring.

  12. Change of seasons (especially those days when it’s cool in the morning and evening but warm mid-day) is a hard time to put together outfits. Thanks for the transition outfit inspirations and tips. In a side note: your hair always look good but the cut and style in the photo with tip #3 is stunning!