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Transition Into Fall with a Black Tee and Blue Jeans

August 22, 2019

Here we go again! Yeah, I realize just yesterday I showed you how to transition into fall with a white tee. Ha! But the simplicity of these posts is kinda the point. Unfortunately, we often overlook the obvious…so I’m pointing it out! Yep. You can beautifully and easily transition into fall with a black tee and blue jeans.

Transition Into Fall with a Black Tee and Jeans

I used to think you couldn’t wear black with blue jeans. But you absolutely can! In fact, it’s a great color combination – black and denim blue.

This outfit follows the same formula I presented in yesterday’s post. I explained it pretty fully there, so today I’ll keep it straight forward.


Transition Into Fall with a Black Tee and Jeans

For my “clean slate” I chose a black v-neck tee and high rise straight fit ankle jeans with a raw hem, both from Banana Republic. Choosing a black tee instead of a white one will help you create a chic, understated look for the early days of fall.

Style Tip – Don’t be afraid to tuck your shirt in! A loose front tuck actually hides a multitude of flaws, believe it or not, because it creates a soft fit.

Transition Into Fall with a Black Tee and Jeans


I added warmth to my look with my leopard print vegan suede belt again. But a caramel leather belt would have worked well, too.

Style Tip – Pair black and caramel or brown leather for a rich look.

Transition Into Fall with a Black Tee and Jeans


As in yesterday’s post, these are not really my preferred shoes for this outfit. They’re just one of the few pair I had found and unpacked at the time! But the caramel leather in these bay slides does work with this black and denim look, especially in the warmer days of early fall.

Transition Into Fall with a Black Tee and Jeans

Again I chose to carry my new Tory Burch hobo bag. I love this bag. I picked it up when it was discounted considerably, but I’m determined to use it for years and get a good price per wear out of it.

Transition Into Fall with a Black Tee and Jeans

Style Tip – Simply changing to a more fall/winter appropriate handbag is a great way to transition your simplest outfits into the new season without adding warmth or bulk.


Transition Into Fall with a Black Tee and Jeans

I kept my jewelry simple and chic with these gold hoops and mini studs, a delicate gold necklace and a tortoise shell and pearl bangle.


This woven knit kimono is fast becoming a favorite piece. And it’s perfect for adding a layer of interest and texture to this basic black tee without adding too much warmth.

Transition Into Fall with a Black Tee and Jeans

There you have it! This black tee outfit is cool and simple, but the darker, richer colors and a simple third piece help create a distinctly fall look. It’s perfect for strolling through shops, lunch and a matinee or a morning at the farmer’s market. Of course, this is what I’m prone to wear when I’m working in my home office, too.

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Transition into Fall with a simple Black Tee and Blue Jeans

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16 thoughts on “Transition Into Fall with a Black Tee and Blue Jeans

  1. This is EXACTLY what I wear most days!! It’s so practical and I think, stylish! Sweet and simple and have all of that in my closet right now!! Except the gold hoop earrings and I just now ordered them! Thanks Kay, for all your great advice and for sharing the love of God with us! I so look forward to your posts every single day! Cherish this time you have now, with your son getting married. Took me back to when my son and daughter married. Very special memories.

    1. Hi Sondra. Whew! I’m honestly relieved. As I put the finishing touches on this post last night I worried that it would bore you gals. I know it’s not rocket science!

      But I’ve been realizing that sometimes I tend to make getting dressed harder than it needs to be. And, perhaps more importantly, I’ve noticed that the most chic and flattering looks are generally those that are more understated and simple. And that’s my personal goal – to look a little more chic and self-confident. Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the post. ?

  2. this my go to outfit ! i love a black tee shirt w jean or chinos. i love how the 3rd piece elevates it the next level

  3. Wow, the whole outfit looks awesome! I love to wear a black top with blue denim. I think the key though is a lighter wash denim such as you’re styling. Pairing black with dark blue denim isn’t bad but the lighter wash certainly gives the outfit some contrast. I’ve never been a leopard girl but I think I’m going to have to invest in a leopard belt. The sizing on belts always confuses me. When the belt gives the sizing in inches is that the length of the belt or is it intended to be the circumference of your waist?

    1. Thanks for the input, Nancy. I think you’re absolutely right about pairing black with lighter washes of denim. Spot on.

      Belts are usually measured to fit your true waist measurement. Keep in mind that many times we wear our belts below our naval so measure accordingly. The measurements for women usually play out like this: 27-29 – S, 30-32 – M, 33-35 – L, 36-38 – XL. Better yet, I find that if I generally reach for a medium in, say, fitness pants, then I wear a medium belt, etc. Hope that helps! ?

  4. Hi Kay, I loved the last 2 blogs! So down to earth with real life styles! On a side note, we just had our sons wedding this past weekend, beautiful event and day. However I had my hair done, half up half down, great picture for hair stylist. Did not look like pic at all!
    So disappointed, I went home and redid my hair myself one hour before we left.. Paid $70 for the awful experience too. So my tip for you is to know what style you plan on and do it once before the big day! At least I still have one more wedding down the road with our youngest son to get the perfect hair do! ?
    Be blessed and be a blessing ?

    1. Congratulations Kim. I’m so glad you had a beautiful day and that your son’s wedding was a joyful occasion. I’m really getting excited about the wedding. And I’ll definitely take your advice. I hadn’t even thought about hair and I definitely need to. I think I do want to wear it up so I better get on that. Thanks so much. ?

  5. I have the necessary pieces in my closet to recreate this outfit. If only wearing some fall colors would help the temps to lower themselves. ? Yesterday I pulled my summer color handbags out of my closet, but did not put them in the attic since we head to the beach on 8/31. I may need one of them for that trip. Have a great day!

    1. Hi Ginger. It’s actually very steamy, hot here too. ? But I trust we’ll all see some cooler days soon. Yes, I think changing out handbags is certainly the first logical step! Have a wonderful day. ?

  6. What a great look! Love the jeans, they look great paired with the black Tshirt. And the kimono is such a great addition too! Such a beautiful color!

  7. Kay, believe it or not I wrote your transitioning tips into my journal yesterday. Easy and practical! So seeing today’s post with an example was a great follow-up. I’m so ready to ditch a lot of my summery prints and florals- at least pack them away. Thanks!

    1. Hi Betsy. It’s funny how that feeling to transition comes over us, huh? I love summer, but I’m definitely ready for a change of style. ?

  8. I love your look today. I would wear that color combo without hesitation. Can you explain how the sizing for those jeans work? I am always confused when trying to match those sizes with conventional sizing. I think the sandals give it a toned down look for summer when the nights are a bit cooler. You look great! Let us know if BR is having a sale this weekend..I will pick up those jeans. I always try to buy everything on sale!

    1. Hi Linda. I found on sizing chart on the BR website that says a 29, which is what I’m wearing, is equal to a size 6. I generally wear either a 6 or 8 in jeans, so I’d say the sizing is true to size but go with your lower size if, like me, you generally wear two different sizes. That said, just take the sizing from there: if a 29 is a 6, then a 30 would be an 8, a 28 would be a 4, etc. I hope that helps.

      Also, from what I can tell, the jeans are actually on sale right now. They’re 40% off. But I’ll definitely alert you gals to any sales this weekend. ?