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My Elevated Summertime Style Uniform with Jeans

August 11, 2020

Maybe that title sounds like a mouthful, but the concept I want to share today is simple. I love having a few uniforms in my style arsenal for easy go-to looks that I can create on the fly. So let’s talk a little today about what it means to have a style uniform as I share my favorite elevated summertime style uniform with jeans.

A style uniform is simply a go-to outfit formula you are able to curate consistently with the pieces in your wardrobe. So the uniform doesn’t necessarily look exactly the same every time you put it together. But it consists of the same types of pieces each time.

Summertime Elevated Casual Jeans Style Uniform

It’s smart to develop several uniforms that you can create without much thought from the pieces in your closet. That way, when it’s time to dash out the door to meet friends for coffee or to meet your husband for an impromptu date night, you can throw something on quickly and feel confident about how you look.

Summertime Elevated Casual Jeans Style Uniform

A smart gal will, of course, have several style uniforms in her arsenal. Maybe you’d have one uniform for an athleisure look that you enjoy wearing. In the summer you also might have a very casual, work-around-the-house style uniform. And then you might also have a Sunday morning style uniform.

Summertime Elevated Casual Jeans Style Uniform

Depending on your signature style, your lifestyle and your clothing preferences, your uniforms could consist of any of the following foundational pieces…and more:

  • jeans
  • shorts
  • skirts
  • dresses
  • joggers
  • dress pants
  • hiking pants

So you won’t necessarily have the same types of uniforms I would have. But I do think it’s wise for any gal who occasionally wears jeans to have a jeans uniform she can throw together without much thought. Otherwise, when you decide to wear your denim you could feel a little stumped, especially in the summertime, when perhaps jeans are not a daily choice.

Summertime Uniform with Jeans

For my summertime jeans uniform I like to put together what I call an elevated casual style. This is my elevated summertime style uniform with jeans. My uniform is made up of very casual pieces, but then I elevate them with a few specific accessories and an optional third piece. When I wear this, in whatever variation I choose, I know I’ll look casual but also pulled together.

My elevated summertime style uniform with jeans simply consists of:

  • jeans
  • a t-shirt
  • a belt
  • sneakers
  • pared down, but noticeable jewelry
  • an optional blazer
  • a solid colored simple shoulder bag
shoulder bag

Whether I wear dark wash jeans and a light colored t-shirt or light wash jeans and a dark t-shirt, I know this look works for me. I can also throw into the mix a graphic tee and be confident that the uniform will still work.

Summertime Uniform with Jeans

I like wearing trendy, white sneakers with this uniform because I know they always work. Could I wear leopard print, colored or camo print sneakers? Probably. And sometimes I do. But the white leather sneakers are the go-to choice that requires no thought and always delivers.


So you can see how this uniform concept translates into other outfits, I’m sharing a photo of what I actually wore recently to church. You’ll see it’s the same elevated summertime style uniform formula, but simply different garments.

similar jeans (more economical option) // black blazer option // Tory Burch Sneakers (more economical selection) // compass coin necklace

Here I’m still wearing my jeans, t-shirt, belt, sneakers, pared down jewelry and optional blazer, but with different selections. My jeans are skinny and dark. The tee is a graphic t-shirt with our church’s logo. I’ve worn a black blazer and belt(which you can’t see here). And my jewelry is silver. I’m actually wearing the same sneakers.

Below, you’ll see the uniform translation I’m showing today, but with my white linen blazer. So it’s a very different look, but the same uniform. And I know the uniform works every time…regardless of the pieces I choose within those categories. I’m able to throw it together quickly and beautifully each time.

Summertime Style Uniform
Madewell high waist jeans // black t-shirt // white linen blazer // Tory Burch Sneakers (more economical selection) // black hobo bag (more economical option) // similar necklace // similar belt // earrings // sunglasses

Do I wear this every day? No! But it’s a uniform I can recreate in multiple ways from the pieces in my wardrobe. Which means that when I’m building my wardrobe I have to add interesting pieces that work in this uniform. That’s why I do indeed have a number of blazers. But I generally wear them in this casual fashion.

What kinds of summertime style uniforms do you have? How do you generally style your jeans when you wear them during the summer? I’d love to hear your thoughts today.

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11 thoughts on “My Elevated Summertime Style Uniform with Jeans

  1. I am a jeans girl, day in & day out, year round…jeans. Dark wash, light wash, white, black, colored, chewed hem, cropped…I think you get the idea. I am retired so my days are spent at home, especially now. So I wear various tops, depending on the temps, with my jeans. Linen, gauze and lightweight cotton during the summer, sweatshirts & sweaters during the winter. I am either barefoot or wearing flip flops or slippers; again depending on the temperature. I’ll put on a pair of tennis shoes in the summer if heading out or my Ugg boots in the winter. I don’t own any blazers so my third piece is usually a cardigan. I do have denim jackets and a couple of utility jackets that I need to train myself to wear. Jewelry is always my diamond earrings gifted to me by my husband. If I want a more substantial earring I will put on a pair of hoops. Statement jewelry is not my thing. Pretty basic clothing for the small rural community I live in.

    1. Do like jeans, Michele? Hahaha! I think it’s wonderful to have your wardrobe so splendidly pared down, especially in this season of life. It sounds like you know what you like, what works for your lifestyle and how to wear it. Way to go! ??

    2. Exactly what you said. Except. Where are my diamond earrings? I’ll have to give someone a talking to. ? I do own a few windbreakers and some loafers.

  2. I love this look. I am a blazer person, who often wears my blazers with jeans.
    I would love to know more about your new hairdo as to how you style it, etc.Can you wearit smooth as well as curled? My hair is a similar length and cut and was thinking it could be a nice change for me. It looks very cute on you!

    1. Hi Janice. Yes, I just use a diffuser and a few twists with a curling wand to get this look. I’ll share more one of these days in a post or video when I’m a little bit more experienced. I can still straighten it with a dryer and round brush followed by a flat iron like I was doing before. But I understand that you need to not do that very often at all if you really want to get your hair to curl consistently and well. And I have noticed mine getting curlier the longer I stay away from the flat iron. Thanks so much.

  3. This is such a cute on trend look….I love this. I really like a nice white sneaker and I feel more dressed up even if I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt… elevates the look.

    I am one who doesn’t’t shop Nordstrom.


  4. I am definitely a jeans girl. I like the darker wash at this time in my life. But, I have had all different kinds in my youth. I have a few blazer type jackets but wear sweater sets with a shell, a crisp shirt, or an interesting graphic tee. I wear flats, boat shoes, sandals, or loafers. I do like sneakers also, especially white. I wear minimal jewelry: gold stud earrings, several bracelets, a wedding ring, and a ring hand ring. This is my go-to uniform.
    I really like your blazer looks. They are simple, versatile, and elegant. Your new hair style is very becoming. It also looks as if it is somewhat easy to achieve.
    Thanks for BFMD. It is always a blessing.

  5. Hi Kay! I have not been wearing my jeans much this summer because it’s just been way to hot. It doesn’t take much for me to sweat, I mean glisten abundantly, so I prefer light weight fabrics while it’s so hot. I am not a blazer woman either, but when it’s cool, I do enjoy my denim jackets or cardigans.

  6. My husband preached the same Scriptures on Sunday that you shared today! Whoo! Praise God!
    You look so nice in your denim and black T-shirt! Your hairstyle looks very fresh and flattering, too!
    I surely enjoy your blog! Thank you for sharing!