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Chico’s Medallion Print Dress

June 5, 2018

I’ve been wearing dresses often lately. I love that a dress is a one-and-done outfit – just add a few accessories and shoes, no need to coordinate pieces or layer. And I love the comfort and versatility dresses offer – suitable for home, work or dinner out. If you’re looking for an easy-peasy dress to add to your summer wardrobe, you might like this Chico’s medallion print dress. And it’s half price!!!

Medallion Print Dress for Chico's for ease and style

When I ordered this dress, I ordered it and one other. Unfortunately, I probably ordered the wrong size in both, but this one fit somewhat. I had to return the other one, so I kept this one because I needed a dress. I apologize for the complicated explanation. All that to say, this dress should probably fit a little closer to the body. I’m wearing a 1 (remember Chico’s sizing is a little different than other brands) and I re-ordered the second dress in a 0. At Chico’s the clothing sizes are 0=4-6, 1=8-10, 2=12-14, 3=16-18. They do also carry 000 (XXsmall) and 00 (Xsmall). And in some items they have half sizes – .5 (size 6),1.5 (size 10), 2.5 (size 14), 3.5 (18). Don’t let the sizing scare you away from Chico’s. Many, in fact most, of their pieces are stretchy and forgiving, so the sizing really does work.

Medallion Print Dress

This fun medallion print dress is made of polyester and spandex, and it’s amazingly breathable and easy. It hangs very lightly on your body, so it’s extremely comfortable. I did wear a half slip with it, but I’m not sure you need to. The dress is on sale at half its original price right now, and as I’m writing this post it is available in a full range of sizes. Miracle!

Medallion Print Dress

I think the photo above gives you the best view of the fabric. It really has a panoply of fun colors.

Medallion Print Dress with Black Strappy Sandals

I decided to highlight the black print in the dress and wore my Talbots black capri leather sandals. However, they are running low in size selection on those, so I’m providing a shopping widget with other sandals that I think would look snazzy with this dress and others. I especially like the idea of wearing silver or gold metallic sandals with the dress, depending on which color of jewelry you prefer. (More on that next.)

Medallion Print Dress with jewelry

My necklace and the bracelet on my right wrist are both from my recent Rocksbox set. Y’all! This Rocksbox thing is just the coolest. It’s a subscription based try before you buy jewelry service. For $21 a month, you receive three pieces of jewelry that are yours to wear on loan for as long as you like. When you’re ready to refresh your set, you just put your set back in the mail using the reusable envelope it came in, and use the prepaid shipping label in your set. But you get to use your monthly fee to help purchase the items you choose to keep. I decided to keep this silver Wilde Rio necklace, so I used my credits to pay for it. It is perfect for mid to lower necklines that need a full bodied, modern statement necklace. I wore the Kendra Scott Elton bracelet extensively, but then after a few weeks I returned it and the earrings I had received. Now I’m kind of regretting returning that bracelet, so we’ll see. (ring and butterfly bracelet: James Avery)

Just in case you do purchase this medallion print dress or another dress from Chico’s, I’m showing you some beautiful statement necklaces and jewelry from there also. Right now at Chico’s, if you place an order for $100 or more, you get $25 back with code 76258. And if your order is $125 or more, your shipping is free. So it might be worth it to buy your accessories along with the dress. I’ve tried to group the pieces into the widget in sets that I think would look nice together.

Medallion Print Dress

This semi-rearview shot is not the most flattering of me, but I always like to include the back view if possible. I really like the flutter sleeves on this dress as well as the round, eased elastic neckline. You could also belt this dress if you’d like, and I included that in the shopping widget as well.

By the way, I also really like this blue medallion print dress, this Ikat keyhole dress, this kaleidoscope print dress and this hot pink medallion print dress. I have photos of some in the widget, but others weren’t available, so you’ll need to click through to see them.

My other Chico’s dress that I exchanged for the right size is slowly making it’s way across the country evidently. But as soon as I get it I’ll share it with you, too. 

Don’t forget to check out Rockbox if you are at all interested in trying new jewelry in a fun and really creative way. I can’t believe I got to enjoy that bracelet for as long as I wanted before returning it!

Blessed for My Day

Do you have a dilemma or complicated situation you’re trying to figure out? Maybe a relationship puzzle, a tangle at work, an unclear future or a financial complication? I bet you want to do the wise thing and so you’re desperately seeking God’s wisdom for your dilemma. But did you know that, while the Bible does indeed say we need to seek wisdom like hidden treasure, it also tells us exactly where that treasure is concealed. In the person of Jesus Christ! So I’ve found that when I need wisdom for a particular conundrum the best course of action really is to seek Jesus. By spending time in His Word, reflecting on His character and words and following closely in His footsteps in time I find the wisdom I need for any situation. I pray you find the wisdom you are looking for…in the person of Jesus Christ.

“…Christ Himself, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” ~ Colossians 2:2b-3

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