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Is Animal Print Still in Style?

May 20, 2021

When I started this style blog in 2018 I quickly learned that animal print was a must-have for a chic, stylish wardrobe. At the time I already had a couple of pieces of leopard print, one a gauzy button up dress from Talbots and the other a long sleeve professional looking blouse. But it didn’t take me long to purchase a few more casual animal print pieces, such as tees, sandals, flats, belts and handbags. This was one trend I wanted to participate in fully! But what about now? Three years later is animal print still in style?

Is Animal Print Still in Style in 2021?

Hallelujah! Yes, animal print is still roaring. Rather, animal prints are still very much in vogue. We’re long past being partial to only leopard print. These days you can still find and wear fashionable garments and accessories that feature the exotic prints of lions and tigers and bears…okay, not bears. But lions, tigers, giraffes, zebras and and reptiles, oh my!

Animal Print

I’m even reading about cow prints breaking onto the scene. But honestly, for me, wearing the prints of farm animals doesn’t hold the same exotic charm as donning the patterns of the jungle. What about you?

But yes, I repeat, yes, keep pulling out those animal print tees, shoes, belts and toppers and wear them with confidence. In fact, that’s style tip number one for wearing this jungle print.

Animal Print with Confidence

Animal Print Style Tip #1 – If you’re going to wear animal print, do it with confidence. You don’t want to look like the cowardly lion of Wizard of Oz fame, do you? No! Let your animal print roar. Choose striking prints that make an impact and position them against backdrops of denim, black, white, brown or tan. But you can also wear your animal print with swaths of red, pink or orange.

Animal Print with Confidence

Animal Print Style Tip #2 – Wear it like a solid. We call it a print, and I guess technically it is one. But it reads like a solid. That means you absolutely can wear it with other contrasting prints. Yes, you can wear your animal print tee with florals, stripes, plaids and other graphic prints.

I’ve worn this Johnny Was kimono (which was generously gifted to me) here before. And I have still more photos to share with you in another outfit. But wearing this reversible kimono on the “wild side” (it has flowers on the other side) with my leopard print tee is definitely my favorite way to style it.

Animal Print

Animal Print Style Tip #3 – Wear it like a neutral. That is, if you’re wearing a true animal print, wear it like a neutral. But these days we’re seeing animal prints in pinks, blues, greens, etc. Those I’d wear more like the color they are. But if you wear a print that really looks like an animal’s coat, you can pair it with other colors effortlessly because it reads like a neutral. So you can wear it the same way you would, say, black or brown or grey.

Animal Print

Speaking of treating your animal print like a neutral and a solid, wearing it under a kimono is a surefire modern way to top that classic animal print tee you probably already have in your wardrobe. (Don’t have one? I’ve gathered some, along with other animal print favorites, in the shopping widget below. But this $10 animal print tee is a great place to start.)

Bianca Suede Sandals by Vionic

Since I paired my leopard print tee with a print kimono today, let’s talk kimonos a bit. Hopefully you’ve seen my newest YouTube video in which I shared that adding a kimono is a great way to look casual but chic this summer. As I mentioned there, any of us can wear kimonos. Whether you’re tall or petite, trim or full figured, you absolutely can find a kimono that looks stunning on you. Plus, they’re cool, slenderizing, and stylish.

Simply choose a kimono that works for your proportions and frame. Here’s a shopping widget with some of my favorites in all different price points. I have discovered that all ruanas, wraps or kimonos are not created equally. You do get what you pay for. But if you’re just trying this style out, don’t bust the bank with this purchase. I’ve tried to select only kimonos that I would gladly wear.

Note: I wouldn’t necessarily pair an animal print tee with all of these. But I’ve looked over them and most of them would work nicely with a tee similar to mine or another animal print top.

I wore my animal print tee and reversible kimono over my cotton and linen blend barrel pants. Not only do these pants have a modern silhouette with a flattering high waist, but they are so breathable and lightweight. I did size up to a 10 in them.

Animal Print

I completed the look with just a little bit of jewelry, including these lightweight gold hoop earrings and this Kendra Scott multi strand necklace.

I’ve got two more shopping widgets for you. The first is filled with fun animal print pieces I found at a variety of price points. The second is to shop the look.

Animal Print T-Shirt

Animal Print Fashions

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Blessed for My Day

Three things I hate: being sick, sitting in the dentist’s chair and being misunderstood. And not in that order! Ha! I think I hate nothing worse than being misunderstood. Especially when my intentions were good, but my motives and my actions have been misread by someone else. Have you had that happen to you? I’m sure you have. We’ve all been misjudged at times.

What should we do when someone misreads our actions or misinterprets our words, causing them to treat us with suspicion or, worse yet, contempt? That’s a hard one. I want to fix the situation, explain my way out of it. But sometimes that just doesn’t help; it only makes matters worse. I’ve found that, while I may indeed need to graciously explain myself if given the opportunity, the more important thing for me to do is draw near to the One who knows my heart through and through. There in the light of His presence I may discover that I did indeed do or say something that would naturally cause suspicion. But I’ll also have the opportunity to dwell safely in the presence of One who loves me and gives me the grace I so desire.

After this the king of the Ammonites died, and Hanun his son reigned in his place. And David said, “I will deal loyally with Hanun the son of Nahash, as his father dealt loyally with me.” So David sent by his servants to console him concerning his father. And David’s servants came into the land of the Ammonites. But the princes of the Ammonites said to Hanun their lord, “Do you think, because David has sent comforters to you, that he is honoring your father? Has not David sent his servants to you to search the city and to spy it out and to overthrow it?” So Hanun took David’s servants and shaved off half the beard of each and cut off their garments in the middle, at their hips, and sent them away. ~ 2 Samuel 10:1-4

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73 thoughts on “Is Animal Print Still in Style?

  1. I know animal prints are supposed to be a neutral but I personally would never wear that outfit. Also I hope barrel pants are not a new trend because I think they are extremely unflattering and downright ugly. Sorry, I usually love your outfits!

  2. I don’t know about cow prints on clothes but how about shoes? I think they could be really cute!! Have a good day everyone!!

    1. I do a lot of country line dancing in Florida and I just bought a pair of cow print boots. At first I wanted the leopard print but they were too big in my size so I ordered the cow print. I was actually afraid to wear them but when I did, everyone loved them. I’m so glad I got them.

  3. High waisted ANYTHINGS are awful for women with short torsos. There’s very little space between my ribs and my hipbones, so when I get a high waisted pair of pants, the “waist” is pretty much up under my boobs. AWFUL. And too many retail chains are emphasizing these high waisted items to a point where I may not buy another pair of pants/jeans/capris for several years until the trend dies out. And I agree with Tricia above that those barrel pants are not flattering for most women. I think they’re called “barrel pants” for a reason.

    1. I understand your dilemma Mary, but there are still plenty of midrise pants available. I do not have a short torso, so high rise pants work wonderfully for me. They conceal or tame the tummy and create nice proportions. We’re all built differently and need to shop for and dress our unique bodies.

      1. I look for high rise pants as I am long in the torso. That is why there are different styles, to fit different people.

      2. I took Kelly Snyder’s class, Adore Your Wardrobe, and it teaches women how to dress proportionally based on body type. She says fashion is based on art and math! Simply put, every style isn’t for every woman. As a pear shape, I’ve waited out skinny jeans and am so happy they are going buh-bye. Barrel pants are awesome for many body types as more substantial silhouettes flourish. You go, Kay!

  4. I don’t think there’s ever a reason to be rude. We all have our own tastes, and the type of body we have can also make a huge difference in what we can/should wear. I am only 5’1” and an hourglass with a large chest, but a slender but curvy body. I would look terrible in barrel pants. A kimono can overwhelm me. So, I can’t necessarily wear everything you style, but I can rock animal print, and most of us wear t-shirts. You look great, Kay, and I appreciate all of your hard work. Thank you so much.

  5. I love barrel pants, they look so comfortable! Love leopard print and kimonos also. Checked some of these sites that offer these that you had posted. Thank you. I do not however like anything with reptile print.
    Thank you for all the work you do educating me on fashion. I tend to be lazy in this area. Nice that it is all at my fingertips with your help!!!!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Elizabeth. It’s taken me a while to embrace reptile prints too. And I’m still not a huge fan. ?

  6. Love your style, Kay!!! You always look fun and chic but tasteful too! I’m always excited to see a new post from you. I especially enjoy your blog because your things are a little more casual, things I’d absolutely wear. And Blessed for my Day is an extra gift. Thank you!

  7. I make the comment All the Time at DFMD Private FB page that, “I love me some leopard print t”! I feel like it’s a classic and in my opinion will not go out of style?.

    I love your reversible kimono and saw the price! Yes a bit pricey but so beautiful and almost getting, two for one!

    Great post Kay,


  8. I think every woman’s shape (body) and sense of herself should dictate what she wears. No reason to be negative or rude. There are items the fashion bloggers ( I follow 4) wear that I never could (or would) but I keep my comments neutral. I’m not tall and statuesque at 5 ft 3 so I’ll never look amazing in certain outfits, as they do. I learn, however…..and that’s the point.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Paulette. I follow several bloggers too and never choose to rate or critique their outfits. Fashion is a personal expression of oneself. To critique someone’s clothing, especially when they’ve obviously made an effort, is to make a judgment on that person’s character. It feels hurtful and unnecessary. Thank you for being a positive voice.

  9. I really appreciate your confidence and thinking “ out of the box”. It gives me ideas for things that could work for me or at least things I can appreciate others wearing. I am having a hard time with this over 65 body of mine and trying to come to terms with not looking like me anymore. Your positive outlook is a ray of sunshine every day. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Sharon. I’m so glad you’re getting something out of what I share here. I try. I’ll admit, my own confidence is waning a bit these days. Aging is hard. Thanks for sharing. ?

      1. I hear you loud and clear about the waning confidence as I’m aging – I’m right there with you! I’m giving myself a lot more confidence boosting pep talks these days than I ever did. Your hard work and sunny disposition make my day! Thanks Kay! ??

      2. I’ll admit I was shocked at the first reply. But reading everyone s comments is reassuring. I so appreciate your posts and videos Kay. And your advice to be courageous and confident. We must all wear what we feel comfortable and lovely in. I’m 67 and only now giving myself permission to buy a wardrobe of clothes that flatter me. And you’re helping me a lot. Of course we won’t suit everything. I Pick and choose from the huge amount of styles you show us. Living in the UK means I seek out similar styles to the ones you showcase. Many thanks

  10. I love animal prints except for the reptiles. Ick! I wear them except for this one print. I do not think animal prints will ever go out of style. Of course, my favorite is the leopard, which will probably always have the staying power. I am with you on the cow prints. I think they should stay in the barnyard. ha Love the exotic leopard or cheetah print. I am long waisted though only 5’3″ so the high waisted pants are good on me. The really low waisted never stayed up and most women I saw wear them had plumbers crack with tucked in tops. Glad they are out, though you know I do not care for the barrel pants. Unflattering. My opinion, of course. Loved the BFMD. Yes, it is hard to be misunderstood and then not to be able to let someone know you didn’t mean any harm. Like my opinion here on todays post of animal prints,
    Have a wonderful time moving to your new home.

  11. I love this outfit. You look beautiful!
    Thank you so much for helping me stay current, confident and stylish. I appreciate all that you do.

  12. Kay, I usually like the outfits that you feature, but I’m not a fan of this one. That’s not to say it shouldn’t appeal to others. I like that you recognize how we are all individual with our own style.

  13. I have to runas that I still struggle with how to style them. My brain says that they should not be worn with full legged pants, so I’ve got some mental adjustments to make. I have a fair amount of animal prints items in my closet that I love wearing or using. I have to keep telling myself that animal print is a neutral, if it’s in the right colors. I really like your barrel pants! Thank you for all of the research and work that you do to put these posts together. I am choosing to pray for those that write unkind and/or rude comments. I hope that the move is going well, thus far. God bless you, Kay!

    1. Thank you for your encouragement and thoughts Ginger. Yes, wear those ruanas with your pants and jeans. Sometimes we really do have to make some mental adjustments. I know I do. And the best way for me to do that is take photos and look at them. And of course just wearing the thing!

  14. I like barrel legs. Usually I need to adjust but these just appeal to me. I’m short waisted but I like the high rise pants because they help me cover my muffin top. I don’t tuck, I tie so it doesn’t bother me. I just tie my shirt lower. Snake skin I love as in my gold purse and sandals. I have dominion over snakes. If they are dead. LOL
    I like the way the leopards in the kimono pick up the leopards in the tee. I’d wear this outfit.
    BFMD reminded me of a 50 yr old memory. Don’t knit your new MIL a shawl for her BD. She thinks you are calling her old.?My intention was to keep her warm. Who knew? She misunderstood.

    1. Hahaha! You’re always good for the soul Eve. Thanks for sharing. I especially loved that you mentioned having dominion over snakes. ? And when I started typing this reply and typed your name I saw the irony. Hehehe! And thanks for sharing that example of gifting your MIL the knitted shawl. Perfect. ?

      1. Thanks for another great post. I also have a longer torso and am really glad that high waisted pants are now available. I have struggled with the short waisted for the last few years.
        When leopard print first came out I didn’t care for it, but it has grown on me. I still don’t have any clothing with the print but now it’s because I’d like to be a bit different as it seems everyone I see had some piece of leopard style. But that’s not to say I won’t in the future.
        Do all kimono have sleeves or are some sleeveless?
        I am new to your posts and it was because of Marie-Anne Lecour whom I’d been following for a while now.

        1. Welcome Norma. I’m so glad Marie-Anne sent you my way. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and saying hello. You can find kimonos with and without sleeves. Well actually, I think the different names – kimonos, wraps, ruanas, toppers, etc. – are supposed to indicate form, but at this time I think there is a lot of overlap and brands name their garments whatever they want to regardless of the true definition. I imagine kimonos are supposed to have sleeves link mine, since that style is indicative of Japanese kimonos. But you can find equally versatile wraps and ruanas and toppers that do not have sleeves. Some are sewn cocoon style and others are put together more like big rectangles with a slit and opening for the neck. So chose the style that works best for you or appeals the most. I have all three types and enjoy them. But I’d say the true kimono style with sleeves is probably the easiest to keep in place as you’re wearing it. Good question. ?

  15. I thought the outfit was fun and if it’s not for you, that’s awesome because God gave you a different sense of style.
    I don’t seek out influencers to change me, I seek them out for their fun sense of sharing and style. It’s okay to “agree to disagree”—remember when that was fashionable?
    Fun outfit, Kay and thanks for the blessed words as well.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Denise. Thanks for letting me know. I knew when I saw the photos that not everyone would love the outfit. And that’s why I tried to steer the conversation towards animal print and wearing kimonos. ? I appreciate your positivity. ?

  16. Hi Kay, I just want to say that I appreciate all you do for us. Your hard work is evident and you ARE making a difference! Your blog is the highlight of my day. You always look beautiful and effortlessly chic, with outfits i absolutely would wear.

    You’ve taught me to stretch myself a bit. I’m only 5’2” and normal weight, but when you said fashion should be fun, it’s not always about looking your thinnest, I took a chance and ordered the barrel pants. I do roll the hem up once (wish more companies offered petite sizes!). My husband’s first comment was “those look like mine”! ? But he got used to them and gave them a thumbs up. They are so skimming at the waist and hips, and comfy through the legs. Certainly a step up from wearing yoga pants all last year ?

    I have very simple classic style but your post on dressing up for your husband on date night resonated. I ordered the beautiful floral pink & green blouse from Nordstrom’s and wore it on Mother’s Day with white pants. My husband, and adult kids complimented me ALL DAY telling me how beautiful I looked!! It’s fun to step outside our comfort zone a little ?

    I took your advice on adding a touch of animal prints to our wardrobes, and ordered sneakers, a belt, and flats in leopard print. Again, I never fail to get compliments, especially on the sneakers!

    Finally, after years of ill-fitting white t-shirts I ordered the Banana Republic one you said was your favorite and I LOVE IT! ?

    Sorry for such a long comment. I don’t often post but know I read you every day and you’ve made a difference! Don’t let the negativity get you down. There’s more women like me out there than you know! Thank you! And God bless.

    1. Ahh, that’s all so encouraging and kind. But beyond that I’m just so glad that YOU are enjoying those new fashion choices. Good for you! ?? I love that. Thank you so much for pausing to share all of this today Jan. I appreciate it more than you can know. ?

  17. It’s hard for me to think of animal print as a solid, but seeing it with your print ruana has made me say “hmmmm.” I like it! I also like that you pointed out that we have to wear our clothes with confidence. If we feel silly in a caftan, for example, we won’t look right. I think that’s why I didnt wear hats, even though I love them on others. However, I found a hat that my husband complimented me on, and now I feel confident in it. Thanks for all your ideas.

  18. Hi Kay, I’ve only commented one time before but I read your blog every day. You are always a breath of fresh air. I love your honest, down-to-earth style of expressing yourself. Yep, I think we all know that not all fashions will suit all people but it’s such fun to be caught up on what is “in.” I am short and short waisted so I too have my doubts about the barrel pants but I may give them a try. I have already copied our choices of necklaces which I love. Thank you also for your inspirational messages at the end of your blog each day.

  19. You have great style, and I like the look you’ve shown in this post. I always enjoy reading your blog posts and continue to learn helpful information from you! Thank you for sharing, and enjoy your day!

  20. I don’t love every outfit that a blogger puts together, nor do I love every one I try when experimenting with my own closet. I like to see what you come up with, because it gets my own creative juices flowing. And honestly, when we refuse to try any new silhouettes or color combos, we eventually look like we are in a time warp. Also, sometimes I need to see a look “everywhere” before I can come to terms with it on my plus size body. You always get me thinking, and I love your attitude. You exude grace and class. Sure, you think your body is changing, but it’s a heck of a nice looking one, and it gets the job done! At almost 65, with many people I know with medical and mobility challenges, I’ve resolved to be grateful for, and do the best I can with the body I have.

  21. Dear Kay,
    Love your posts,
    I was inspired to walk into Talbots here in town and get a cotton elbow length shirt for 40% off. I would not normally do that. I worked retail for years at Mervyns and Khols and realized the mark ups in clothing.. However, quality of clothing makes a huge difference. I will pay up for that. I even asked about being sized and am intending to do that soon.
    Thank you again

  22. You look stunning and beautiful in this outfit Kay. I have loved your look in all the various pants styles you show us…and barrel pants look amazing on you. I haven’t tried this style…At 5’3” I am not sure how they would look on me..but worth a try. I am still trying to find regular jeans that don’t fall down on As I got older I lost my waist. High waisted pants are the only kind that I like so I am happy you share that type. You are beautiful and inspirational. I know I appreciate everything you do for us.

  23. What a great idea to pair a leopard t-shirt with a ruana! I love it and would not have thought of it. Just bought a beautiful ruana dirt cheap on final sale at Chico’s, and that shirt will look lovely with it!!! Thanks, Kay!!!

  24. Thanks for the information regarding animal prints. I have a beautiful leopard print top that I can’t wait to wear. Especially after your information.

    Recently I purchased a oatmeal linen jacket from Talbots. Could you please provide some ideas about how to wear it?

    Thanks for all you do.

    1. Hi Dot. Check out this post for how I styled one last year. But I also think it would look great over a white tee and jeans, a white blouse and dress slacks, an animal print tee or blouse and white jeans. So many combos. Oh and you can surely wear it with a black tee or tank under it too. And a graphic tee! Just play with it, take photos and let your eyes adjust to the new looks. It will prove to be quite versatile I’m sure.

  25. I love that stunning kimono with the leopard top, and am inspired to try it with my own kimonos! Leopard print will always have a place in my wardrobe. But I’m very selective about how the print is rendered so as to look sophisticated rather than cheap. Right now I have leopard print represented in 2 dressy tanks, a shirt dress, 2 scarves, a belt, jewelry, a pencil skirt, jeans, slip on sneakers, ankle boots, and a tankini bathing suit. Wow, that’s more than I thought!

  26. For many years I relied on animal print mules, belt and a button up blouse (not all at the same time) to add a little something to my very basic wardrobe, but I haven’t been enjoying it recently. I wear it some, only because I have a rule if I buy it I have to wear it out. This year Im looking for “quieter” clothes. Clothes that make less of a statement. The animal print will stay in my closet, it will just be put on hold for now.

    1. Ahh, I get that. I find myself wanting to create more subdued, quieter outfits too. I like the way you worded that. I think I flip flop back and forth between quieter and louder really, but I want even my bolder outfits to have some understated qualities. You’ve given me something to think about. ?

      1. Kay you are so kind. After many years I’ve realized I get quite overwhelmed with a lot of pattern color and frankly choices. I appreciate it on others but when I attempt it I never wear it. Keep up with the inspiration.

  27. Hello Kay, Thank you for an outstanding outfit on Friday! While I don’t have barrel pants, I did go out and purchase a pair of mom jeans and two pairs of wide leg cropped jeans one hemmed and one with a raw hem last year. I love them, I am 5’4″ 135lbs. And am 62. I thought I may be too short for the style but I had so many compliments at work prior to retiring. I also received a compliment from 2 twenty somethings at a restaurant when I was out with my niece. One of the gals said I looked very fashion forward and edgy. What a compliment! I had on faded wide leg crops, black pointed toe sling backs, black tee tucked in with a black belt, and a cropped jean jacket. Silver hoops and an engraved silver bracelet. You inspired me to get out of my safe place a try out the new silhouettes. Thank you. Love your style. I look forward to your page every day ? best part is the bible reading at the end of each blog which I share with my daughter. Blessings Kay, best wishes for a smooth move ❤

    1. Norah, that outfit you described sounds amazing and enviable. No wonder you got those compliments. Isn’t it amazing how much difference a few modern style choices can make? I mean I’m all for staying true to our personal style essence and wearing a mostly classic wardrobe. After all, who wants to replace your whole wardrobe every year??? But opting for a few new modern silhouettes in things like jeans and footwear really makes a difference. Way to go! ??

  28. Kay,
    Really love this post. What size is your “Johnny Was” kimono? (Just in case my husband wants to know for my birthday)

    1. Hahaha! Love it! Mine is a medium. I notice Saks doesn’t have a lot of sizes right now but I have used the NOTIFY ME feature before and they will indeed send you an email when it is restocked in your size. And they do have a few other to choose from too.

  29. I never met an animal print I didn’t like! I love your blog as it gives me ideas for utilizing what I may already have in my closet or ideas to try a new silhouette. Sorry ladies sometimes feel they must express their disdain for outfits rather than use a look for inspiration as it’s intended. I appreciate being able to click on an item and not have to hunt online or go shopping…thanks for this great service you provide. I really enjoy your blog and literally just discovered Marie Anne days before your recent collaboration.

  30. I have always loved animal prints, and have always had at least one piece in my wardrobe. It suits my personality, and spices up neutrals in a classy way. Thanks for your (always) great style suggestions!

  31. I love animal prints as an accent to solid colors. I agree that the animal print top does not work with that kimono (which is lovely) and the barrel pants are awful. Ay carumba!

  32. I love your style, Kay. Even when it’s something I can’t or won’t wear, I learn by how you style your clothes. Little things like tucking or not tucking, silhouettes, pant styles, etc. are helpful, even if the whole outfit isn’t for me. I am recently retired, and COVID slowed down the process of changing my wardrobe from work clothes to clothes that fit my new lifestyle. Your blog has been so helpful! I envy your height, but otherwise I can learn from the information you share about how a particular brand or piece of clothing might fit me. You have encouraged me to try things that otherwise I might not try. That includes animal prints!
    I would be interested in your opinion about camouflage prints. Is this a fad, or will it have staying power?

    1. Hi Ruth. Thanks so much for sharing your takeaway. That’s so helpful. Congratulations on your recent retirement. Let’s hope this second year of it is better than the first! Yes, I think camo is still trending, but not as high as it was a few years ago. We’re also seeing softer tones of it prevailing. But that’s not to say that wearing your camo print pants of a few years ago would look dated. It wouldn’t. I personally don’t think camo is the classic that animal print (specifically leopard) is and I believe we’ll see it lose favor eventually. But that’s just my opinion, not something I’ve read in fashion reports.

  33. When I first saw the combination, I thought I would never have her confidence to carry that off. As I read further, I noticed the animals pictured on the kimono fabric. Ah, there’s the common ground.
    I have a couple things with an animal print that I enjoy, one being a pair of black flats with a leopard print on the top. Snazzy shoes are such fun.