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Spring Accessories to Add to Your Wardrobe

March 11, 2021

Hello and welcome to Dressed for My Day. Today I’m continuing to preview and anticipate the official arrival of spring. We’re going to run down a list of the most trending accessories to add to your wardrobe. These are the splashes of color, bits of shine and touches of texture that will make even the most basic spring look interesting and on point. Most importantly, these accessories will make you shine!

Add these Spring Accessories to Your Wardrobe

I have also scoured the Internet and built shopping widgets for each of the categories of accessories I’m sharing. I’ve tried to include options from a wide range of price points. When you’re planning and building your spring wardrobe, you know I encourage setting and abiding by a budget. And accessories shouldn’t break the bank!

The outfit photos I’m sharing are predominantly from last spring. So when items in the photo are no longer available, I’m just linking you to the old post for inspiration or further details. You’ll find links to available items in the photo caption or in the copy of the post. But I do also have photos from the retailers as well as a few new spring outfit looks I’ve worn lately.


I love adding a pretty filmy or silk scarf to a spring look.

Scarf and Jewelry
As seen in this video // Barn Jacket // Patchwork-Print Square Scarf // Demi Gold Wrap Ring In White Baroque Pearl // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) // similar bracelet // shoulder bag

Not only are scarves a fun way to add color and texture to a springtime outfit, but they can also serve a practical purpose, such as pulling your hair back on a windy day or keeping the chill off your neck in the cool mornings.

Madewell bandana (not included in shopping widget) in wisteria dove multi (no longer available) – other prints and colors available // enamel bangle // belt – See more of this post.

Of course you can also just add a scarf to your handbag if you’re not much for putting them around your neck. This little bit of handbag candy will add more interest to your look than you imagine.

scarf on bag
chinos // yellow satchel // silk scarf // bracelet // Demi Gold Wrap Ring In White Baroque Pearl // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

At this time of year I look for scarves in trending colors that I don’t want to invest heavily in – think illuminating yellow or tangerine orange. But you could also use a black and white or navy gingham scarf to balance out a more colorful outfit. Trending prints include fun florals, polka dots, travel motifs and animal prints.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.


Our jewelry choices often shift a bit with the change of seasons.


chain link necklace
Gorjana Parker link collar necklace & Gorjana compass coin pendant necklace, both available in gold also. See more of this post.

While you still may need the long pendants you’ve been wearing with your sweaters this winter, you might frequently reach for shorter necklaces to fill in open necklines during the spring and summer. That’s why, when I was recently shopping for my Birthday Bonus at Kendra Scott (they give 50% off one item in the store!!!), I opted for the Demi Gold Chain Necklace In White Baroque Pearl shown below. Remember, pearls and especially more modern iterations of pearls are trending this year. In fact, I’m already seeing them abound everywhere I look. And I for one am loving them!

pearl necklace
Demi Gold Chain Necklace In White Baroque Pearl

I also purchased the Demi Gold Wrap Ring In White Baroque Pearl and the Demi Gold Huggie Earrings In White Baroque Pearl. I probably won’t wear them all together, but I love having these modern pearls at the ready, especially for spring and summer. So far I’ve resisted purchasing the Demi Gold Charm Necklace In White Baroque Pearl (shown below with the earrings, ring and bracelet), but it’s another lovely option.

pearl charm necklace
See all Kendra Scott Pearls

Layering dainty necklaces, such as the ones I’ve shown here, continues to be on trend. Plus, when you wear dainty, layered necklaces you’ll actually look more youthful and contemporary.

However, large, chunky necklaces are certainly not a mistake. You can instantly add character and interest to a basic outfit with a statement necklace. Choose one that will work with many pieces in your closet or at least with the colors of your wardrobe.

White Poplin Popover
The necklace above is no longer available, but I purchased it at Chico’s, where I frequently find so many great statement necklaces.

But before you start shopping, remember chain links, nautical symbols, sea life, pearls and colorful stones are trending this year. And most of those will never look “out of style.”


During the winter I tend to wear a lot of small earrings because the larger ones get in the way of my turtlenecks and other high collars. But in the spring and summer when I wear more open collars, I like to wear larger earrings.

Spring & Summer Wedding Guest Dresses
Veronica Hoop Earrings // necklaces no longer available (similar options)

Wearing earrings with some sparkle, like mine here, or color is a great way to bring attention up to your face. As an older woman, ahem, I suggest you choose earrings that add a little interest and “light” to your look without stealing the show. You don’t want to hide behind your jewelry. I think of earrings as the lights on a Christmas tree. Make sense?

That said, I do think spring is a good time to add some fun to our earrings. I’m already enjoying the Ditsy Floral Hoop Earrings below, as well as these Soft Bouquet Hoop Earrings in island turquoise.


We’ll soon be baring more of our arms, so it’s a good time to add a new bracelet or two to your accessory collection. You could wear a classic bangle (which tends to be my go-to), layered bracelets, a charm bracelet or a novelty bracelet.

enamel bangle // belt – See more of this post.

I’ve seen so many pretty bracelets coming out for spring already. And I’m thrilled. I’m a bracelet kinda gal! Some of the trends I’m seeing are lots of pearls, nautical motifs, sea life, pretty colors of beads, more turquoise, big chains and charms. Oh, and keep layering them on. That’s definitely still the trend.

Some of the prettiest bracelets I’ve seen: clockwise, starting at top left: mixed bead stretch bracelet // nautical charm pearl bracelet set // twisty pearl statement bracelet // long link gold bracelet // chunky gold chain bracelet // nautical charm beaded bracelet set


As much as most of us gals wear our glasses, we really must consider them as wardrobe accessories.


We generally underestimate the power of our sunglasses. When I lived in Arizona, I was rarely outside without sunnies on my face, so it was imperative to consider them as accessories. But if you live in a less sunny area you may have fallen into the trap of viewing them as completely utilitarian.

Side Stripe Joggers
See more of this post.

But I encourage you to think about your sunglasses as part of your outfit. You could opt for one pair in a neutral that works with most of your clothing or do like I do and keep a few pairs on hand. Either way, choose sunnies that work well for your face shape, look modern and feature elements of interest, such as some color or stones. Ultimately, sharp looking sunglasses can really elevate your look significantly. Likewise, dowdy looking glasses will make you look as though you’re hiding behind them.

As Simple as a Popover
Tory Burch T- Temple Butterfly Sunglasses

You certainly don’t have to spend a mint on designer sunglasses. But I have found that the more I spend on my sunnies, the more likely I am to take care of them and keep up with them. Either way, I’ve got a number of stylish sunnies for you to consider below.

Shopping Tip: If you start shopping from Nordstrom’s Sunglasses page, you can select your face shape in the sidebar. That way you’ll see a selection of glasses meant to work well for you.

Reading Glasses

Yep. We need to consider our reading glasses as fashion accessories, too. They can absolutely make or break your look. And since I do wear mine when I’m shopping, ordering from a menu or checking my phone, my readers need to add to my look and not detract from it.

Reading Glasses
See more of this post.

My reading glasses are prescription glasses because they’re bifocals. I use one strength for reading the computer screen and one for reading everything else. But if you wear basic readers I do suggest you put some thought and effort into purchasing glasses that get the job done but also look lovely on your face.


Belts are definitely having a moment these days. That’s largely because with cropped pants we often need to tuck in our shirts in order to create the right proportions. Generally, if you wear cropped pants and let your top hang down too far you’ll appear to have very short, stumpy legs. Thus, we’re belting more.

cropped pants with a belt
Reversible black/brown belt // See more of this post.

You can also use a belt to create the appearance of a smaller waist by cinching a tunic or even your loose fitting blazer. So it’s definitely a good time to invest in a few belts that work well with your wardrobe. I especially like having an animal print belt or two.

Go Wild with Animal Print
See more of this post.

Keep in mind that there are hip belts and waist belts, and buy accordingly. I prefer to buy a hip belt that fits, and then you can still get that same belt to work around your natural waist, even over multiple layers.

neutral trench coat
See more of this post.

I’ve included a few designer belts in the shopping widget below. While I don’t own one, I do think that of all the accessories, a belt is a smart investment. Why? You’re not going to lose it (unlike a handbag), they don’t go out of style, you’re not going to break it (unlike sunglasses) and they don’t wear out (unlike shoes).


Adding a hat is a great way to elevate your style. But, of course, hats also serve the practical purpose of shading your eyes and face from the sun. And hopefully you’re out in the sun a little more as the days warm up!

Seersucker Fit & Flare Dress
See more of this post.

I love the idea of having at least one wide brimmed hat and one baseball cap in your wardrobe, whether you wear them for dressier occasions or more casual outings. Bucket hats are also continuing to trend this spring. Oh, and rain hats are a great option if you’re out in the weather much.

Handbags & Shoes

These are major categories that I’ll produce separate posts for soon. But meanwhile, here’s what trending.

Handbags & Shoulder Bags

Last spring baguette bags (see the photo below) resurfaced from the 90s and early 2000s. But I never saw many of them, truth be told.

Straight Leg Ankle Jeans
See more of this post.

This year, however, I’ve already spotted more at our favorite retailers. I’m totally crushing on the Michael Kors baguette bags below that are available in some beautiful trending colors. Granted, this one is pricey. However, if you’re enrolled in KorsVIP you can get 25% off today with code SPRING25. Not enrolled? Get it now. It’s free, and it provides you with free shipping all the time from MK.

Handbags (1)

I did find other baguette bags in both neutrals and pretty colors at lower prices though. I like this suede neutral one at Macy’s and these INC Edenne Chain Baguette Crossbody bags are fun if you want something more colorful.

I suggest you simply have at least one neutral colored bag in the silhouette of your choice for the season. And I like to carry a bag in the lighter shades of spring and summer at this time. Think soft taupe, grey, beige, light brown or creamy white. The Nine West Gemma Carryall below is a nice option at a good price.

Nine West Gemma Carryall // Like Dreams Vegan Leather Mini Barrel Crossbody

But I also love having at least one bag in a splash of cheerful color for the spring and summer. This is a great place to “wear” the trending colors of the season that you might not want to add to your clothing wardrobe. I purchased this fun yellow satchel at Target. Yellow is actually the color of the year, but this is probably all the yellow I’ll add to my wardrobe. Loving orange, but don’t want to wear it? Check out the Vegan Leather Mini Barrel Crossbody above, also at a nice price.

New Spring Trends with Target

But you’ll also continue to see bucket bags, hobo bags and feminine satchels, as well as crossbody bags. I selected the canvas crossbody with leather trim from J. Crew for my smaller spring bag. I think it’s sporty and fresh, but also versatile. It’s also available in navy canvas as well as several leather options. And it’s 15% off (online only) today with code EXTRA. Oh, and it looks like the leather camera bags are actually even a better buy today because they’re already 40% off.

Camera Bag & Jewelry and belt
canvas crossbody // demi chain bracelet // pearl baroque bracelet – Sorry about the blurry photo! It’s from this week’s video.

But perhaps the biggest trend I’m seeing this year in bags is the backpack. While belt bags trended for a couple of years, these sporty packs are the new hands-free option. And I’m all in with my black Tumi Patricia backpack. Good news! This bag (as well as so many other Tumi products) is 20% off right now, and I rarely see Tumis marked down at all.

Tumi Patricia backpack // See the original post.

But don’t worry. I found lots of other backpack options for you to choose from, too. And some of them are much less expensive than my Tumi Patricia backpack and just as stylish. The benefit of the Tumi Patricia backpack is that it has some great features for travel and use, such as a magnetic outer pocket for your phone.

One other bag I wanted to draw your attention to that I’m enjoying is my Everlane Oversized Carryall. It’s kinda “out there.” But I do think it looks very modern. And it’s a great travel bag for a day trip or even a plane trip. This 100% recycled polyester bag has a great price sticker and comes in other color options, too.

House Hunting Friday
Everlane Oversized Carryall

Your handbag is a great place to add a little color or interest to your outfit. And while I don’t own any extremely expensive designer bags, I do think a quality handbag is a wise investment…if you’ll either continue to use it for a while or you’ll sell it later. When it comes to handbags, I find you get what you pay for. At any rate, I’ve included beautiful spring bags from a full range of price points in the widget below.


Your shoes can absolutely make or break your outfit. And while some of us may have feet “issues” that prevent us from wearing, say, heels or pointy toes or shoes without arch support, we can all find something to wear on our feet that looks pretty and fashionable.

I’ll have plenty of non-sandal shoes for you to choose from in the shopping widget, but I did want to show you my new Born Inlet Sandals from J.Jill. These are the first Born shoes I’ve ever owned, but my oh my. They are so extremely soft and comfortable. I normally wear a 9.5, but they’re only available in whole sizes. Plus the website says they run large. So I just ordered the 9 and they work well for me. If you wear a whole size, I do suggest going ahead and sizing down to the next whole size.

yellow handbag and neutral sandals
yellow magnetic closure satchel handbag // Born® Inlet Sandals in nude // See the video for details.

The Born® Inlet Sandals come in nude (I’m wearing), clay and a marine navy, too. Today J.Jill is offering 30% off your purchase (yippee!), but unfortunately the Born® Inlet Sandals are not eligible for the discount. But I don’t think they’re a terribly bad price for a good leather sandal to begin with.

Besides a nice sandal, I think it’s wise to have a couple of other neutral colored shoes in your wardrobe for spring. Loafers are classics, but they’re also really trending this year. I purchased my Modern Loafers from Everlane and I’m extremely happy with them. They run true to size and come in other color options, too.

Handbags (2)
Modern Loafers from Everlane // See the video for more details.

But other flats are trending, too. You’ll continue to see pointy toes, and those always help elongate the leg and elevate your look. My nude flats nor my tote are available now, but I recently picked up this nude pointy toe flats from Target and they’re almost identical. You’ll see them in tomorrow’s post.

Great economic option for the shoes above.

Finally, we’ll continue to see an upsurge in the wearing of fashion sneakers with all sorts of looks.

Floral pants
Madewell Sidewalk Sneakers (run large, size down .5) – 30% off with code HOWFUN

I love having white leather sneakers (30% off with code HOWFUN) in my closet, but I also like to step out in something more trendy occasionally. Last year I wore baby blue sneakers from Ecco, but this year I’ve opted for the even trendier trainers from Madewell (also 30% off with code HOWFUN).

New Spring Trends with Target
Trendy trainers from Madewell – also in other color combinations and 30% off today with code HOWFUN // See the original post for details.

When it comes to sneakers, chunky is in. But we’re also seeing all kinds of detailing, such as rickrack, leopard and snake print patches, metallics, suede, etc.

Mules and slides continue to trend as well. And I think these are some of the best to have on hand during the transitional weather of spring. We’ll also continue to see espadrilles, wedge sandals and just about every other kind of shoe you can think of. Oh, and sandals with a big toe ring are everywhere!

One more thing. I do think it’s important to have a pair of neutral or flesh colored dressy shoes in our closet for spring, too. Of course, I keep my nude pumps at the ready all year long. Recently I received the beautiful Bossy Beige Leather Pumps from Ally Shoes. I am so amazed at these pumps. They’re not inexpensive, but the detailing and internal structure and padded insoles are worth every penny. Ally Shoes also has flats. And they’ve given me codes for my readers so you can get a discount. Use code KAYHEELS for $40 off your first pair of Ally heels or code KAYFLATS for 10% off your first pair of flats.

Ally Shoes
Bossy Beige Leather Pumps from Ally Shoes // See video for more details.

Oh my! That’s a wrap! I have a feeling I forgot something, too. Maybe you gals will let me know if I did.

The bottom line is that our accessories can make a difference in our outfits. Honestly, they can make it or break it. And right now it’s very in to create somewhat of a minimalist or pared down look with your clothing and then elevate that look with interesting and well styled accessories. So it’s definitely worth putting together an assortment of accessories that serve your particular wardrobe and style essence well.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions. And have a great day!

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Spring Accessories

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28 thoughts on “Spring Accessories to Add to Your Wardrobe

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  2. Since I dress in neutrals and depend on acessiories to change the look, this post is right on target for me. I consider my jackets to be acessiories too. I look for light fabric jackets for spring because I feel more together with a third layer. I love summer vest too. I have various colors in addition to neutral colors in those. Lace and chiffon in spring colors over white, beige or pale grey are my favorite go to outfits.
    That little wisteria scarf is the perfect touch,

  3. Kay, I really appreciate all of the time and effort you put into this post for us! All of the information is so helpful. I wish that my spring/summer clothes and accessories were where I could see them to help me know the gaps that I have. I hope that you had a good day and that you and James enjoy your evening.

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  7. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, I looked around at the mall for some scarves but nothing really caught my eye in the colors I was pursuing. I decided to go to the Goodwill store, where I found several 3 that were 100% silk for the price of two at the mall and luckily found 2 leather belts black with a silver buckle and brown with brass hardware in new condition. I’ve certainly been inspired by your posts. Now perhaps for something in yellow… daffodils in May. Have a blessed day Kay xoxo

    1. Thank you Norah. I haven’t seen many scarves in the stores either. I think inventory is still quite wonky with the ongoing pandemic. But it’s always nice when you can find good second hand deals anyhow. Enjoy! ?

    2. Go on Etsy and look up The Scarf Collector. She has some amazing vintage silk scarves. I bought 3 and LOVE them!

  8. This was a wonderful, fun post!!!! Thank you. I am interested in many of the items you featured, Kay. Most are already in my various baskets?

  9. Thanks for all the pointers on the accessories. Just adding new accessories to an out fit really changes the look. I bought a leopard and brown wide belt early this year and now am looking for a new black one. Love the BFMD about joy. One of the gifts of the spirit.
    Yesterday when you showed the blue cardigan from Talbots, was it the Biscayne blue color? This is what it looked like and this is what I ordered in the cardigan and sleeveless top to go under it.

  10. Great post!Accessories can bring Spring to our look before the temperatures do,and thanks for the heads up on trends.
    I consider face masks accessories,too,and intend on wearing them for a while still.Even later,they might be prudent in flu season.Our daughter has remarked that her job has not had its usual”office cold”.I have found really lovely masks on Etsy.Like scarves,they can be a way to add color and pattern to the basics.I found several made with subtle William Morris Arts and Crafts prints that will be a fun to wear when I’ve had my second vaccine.Check out Etsy and have fun!

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