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Our February 2022 Favorites

March 3, 2022

Well March is speeding by already, so I thought I better drop our February Favorites in here real quick. These are the items I’ve enjoyed using or wearing in the month of February, as well as the top products purchased by my readers and YouTube viewers. First I’ll share my February Favorites and then I will share yours.

Our February 2022 Favorites

My February Favorites

Each month I like to look back and consider the products, fashions and, sometimes, services I used and especially loved that month. This helps me to stay on track in building my personal wardrobe and creating my signature style. It also motivates me to evaluate my spending patterns and make adjustments as needed. You might want to do the same!

Each month when I do this little exercise I’m surprised to find that a sort of theme has materialized. I don’t know why I’m surprised; I tend to think in terms of themes all the time! Ha! Anyhow, this month the theme is winter vacation to Florida. Go figure. Many of these items became favorites as I used them in our travels to Florida and back this month. But I’ve also used and worn them others times, too. Let’s go!

My February 2022 Favorites Numbered (1)
1) Ivory Relaxed Fit Blazer 2) Packable Floppy Hat 3) Pleated Midi Skirt 4) Square Silk Scarf 5) Edison Flats 6) Jane Iredale Naturally Matte Eyeshadow 7) Urban Decay Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Primer 8) Faux Leather Classic Tote 9) New Balance x J.Crew 996 Sneakers 10) BagSmart Large Toiletry Travel Bag

Ivory Relaxed Fit Blazer

I selected this Ivory Relaxed Fit Blazer for my most recent Nordstrom collaboration, but I ended up liking it so much more than I had expected. Since it’s an unlined blazer, you just never know. But this lovely Ivory Relaxed Fit Blazer steamed up beautifully and kept its shape with wear. I enjoyed wearing it a bit in Florida, and I know I’ll be pulling it out again and again this spring and summer.

Ivory gabardine blazer
Ivory Relaxed Fit Blazer – For more details see the original post HERE.

The Relaxed Fit Blazer runs true to size for a relaxed fit. And it’s available in several other nice colors, too. It will work well with jeans, dresses, casual slacks and even shorts.

Packable Floppy Hat

Because of my recent scares with skin cancer, I’m committed to wearing hats more this spring and summer (especially). This Packable Floppy Hat was with me every minute that I was outside on my recent vacation. But I’ll be grabbing it from here on out, too.

Floppy Hat
Packable Floppy Hat – For details and shopping information see the original post HERE.

Pleated Midi Skirt

What I Wore Wednesday
Pleated Midi Skirt – See the original post HERE.

I hope you ladies don’t get tired of seeing this Pleated Midi Skirt because I’m loving it. And I’m planning on styling this versatile, four-season Pleated Midi Skirt four times this year…at least! It has a beautiful drape, versatile colors, an easy-on-easy-off elasticized waistband and lots of twirl potential! Yeah, I’m pretty sure most of us don’t twirl nearly enough.

Pleated Midi Skirt
Pleated Midi Skirt – See the original post for details and shopping HERE.

The Pleated Midi Skirt is still in stock, but, unfortunately, it’s also still full price…as of Wednesday. Fingers crossed it’s on special today!

Square Silk Scarf

It’s the little things really, isn’t it? Who knew when I purchased this little Square Silk Scarf that I would wear it almost weekly ever since? But I think I’ve worn this one little accessory more than anything else I’ve purchased recently.

Caslon T-Shirt
Square Silk Scarf – See the original post for details HERE.

I love the sophisticated neutral print on my Square Silk Scarf, but as I’m typing this blog post this particular print is out of stock. They replenished it once before, so they may yet again. Meanwhile, they have several other fun prints in the Square Silk Scarf that would be equally versatile and fun for spring and summer.

Edison Flats

I fell in love with cap toe flats several years ago and purchased these from Express a couple of years ago. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed wearing those, but they no longer have them with the two shades. They’re definitely an inexpensive and good shoe. But when I saw these cap toe Edison Flats at Talbots I knew I needed them.

Edison Flats – See the original post for details HERE.

I really love these Edison Flats with my Pleated Midi Skirt, as shown a few photos up. But I do think they look great with simple black jeans, too. The Edison Flats and feel so much more comfortable than I had expected. In fact, when Talbots had a 40% off Flash Sale just two nights ago and these were included, I purchased them in the ivory and indigo, too. I’m looking forward to wearing them with navy dresses, slacks and jeans.

Jane Iredale Naturally Matte Eyeshadow

Jane Iredale Naturally Matte Eyeshadow
Jane Iredale Naturally Matte Eyeshadow

Pretty much anytime you’ve seen me lately I’ve been wearing the beautiful soft matte shades in this Jane Iredale Naturally Matte Eyeshadow palette. I’m sold. I’m not really sure I’ll ever buy another kind of eyeshadow. (Famous last words! Ha!) But really, this Jane Iredale Naturally Matte Eyeshadow features the loveliest, softest natural shades, and they all go on smoothly and blend well. It’s nicely pigmented, so a little goes a long ways. And I love that the lightest shade, which I apply to my entire brow to eyelid area, is larger than the others.

Wearing the Jane Iredale Naturally Matte Eyeshadow – See the original post HERE for more details.

If you prefer just a little bit of sparkle in your eyeshadow, you might like this Jane Iredale Glam Palette, but it still has soft, lovely neutrals.

Urban Decay Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Primer

Because, truth be told, I don’t know if it’s the Jane Iredale Naturally Matte Eyeshadow that is going on and staying on so beautifully or if it’s the Urban Decay Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Primer that’s giving me such good results these days, I thought I should include this little gem in my list, too.

Eyeshadow Primer
Urban Decay Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Primer

Unlike eyeshadow primers I’ve used before, the Urban Decay Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Primer goes on like silk. I apply it with the doe foot applicator/lid, but then I pat it over my eyelid with my finger, very lightly. It dries quickly and invisibly. Then when I apply my eyeshadow it goes on super smoothly and stays put and crease-free all day. No joke. Yep, it’s 5 o’clock in the afternoon and I just took a selfie photo and checked it out. It’s an ugly mug! But there’s not a crease or line to be found. And my Jane Iredale Naturally Matte Eyeshadow still looks beautifully blended.

If you’re interested, but hesitant, you might want to try the travel size for about half the price.

Faux Leather Classic Tote

I have a couple of nice leather totes now, so I really purchased this Faux Leather Classic Tote just to share in my recent Nordstrom post. But I ended up liking it so much that I’ve just kept using it. And, since I didn’t really want to travel with an expensive bag, I took this one Faux Leather Classic Tote on our vacation to Florida. It held up to sitting on the floorboard of our van, lugging several pounds of my junk, ahem, necessities, and being tossed here and there all along the way.

Heels and Bag

For instance, every time we did a photo shoot I crammed several pairs of shoes in there along with multiple sunglasses and lipsticks and extra tops. Ha! The Faux Leather Classic Tote includes a little removable zipper pouch that I used for my sunglasses and reading glasses. And it has a full zipper closure on the top, too.

New Balance x J.Crew 996 Sneakers

Some months when I create this Favorites post, I’m scrounging for items to include. But this month I could have added more. In the end I chose the ones that bring me joy, like twirling skirts and beautifully blended eyeshadow and a flirty straw hat. But nothing brings me more joy in the list than these New Balance x J.Crew 996 Sneakers. I LOVE these retro fashion sneakers!

Styling a Plaid Blazer for Spring
New Balance x J.Crew 996 Sneakers

When retro sneakers started trending last spring, I had to push myself to try them out. But I did. I literally dipped my toes into these Madewell retro trainers (as seen in this post) and ended up wearing them more than I thought I would last year. I still have those Madewell retro trainers, but I really prefer the slightly more streamlined silhouette of these New Balance x J.Crew 996 Sneakers.

New Balance x J.Crew 996 Sneakers
New Balance x J.Crew 996 Sneakers – jeans and sweater found HERE. Use my link to save 30% on your first purchase at Garnet Hill.

I wore these lightweight New Balance x J.Crew 996 Sneakers walking all over St. Augustine and then walking the beach that night. In fact, James calculated by his FitBit that we walked just under 14 miles that day. And my feet felt great!

So yeah, it takes a little getting used to seeing and wearing these retro sneakers. But sister, they’re a good thing. They look modern and trendy, but they are oh so comfortable, too. And they bring me great joy.

BagSmart Large Toiletry Travel Bag

And the final item on my list of February Favorites is the BagSmart Large Toiletry Travel Bag that I used for the first time on my recent vacation. I purchased this BagSmart Large Toiletry Travel Bag last summer, then promptly forgot about it. I’m so glad I remembered I had it and filled it up for our trip. And fill it up, I did!

BagSmart Large Toiletry Travel Bag

I normally pack my toiletries in three different bags, one for makeup, one for brushes and applicators and one for hair, skincare and dental products. But this time I took everything and then some in this one handy fold-out bag. It has four separate compartments with all the elasticized holders you could want. Plus it has a hanger so you can hang it from a door while using it.

Bagsmart Toiletry Bag
BagSmart Large Toiletry Travel Bag

But most importantly to me, the quality of this bag is outstanding. I was truly surprised at the stellar quality of the bag for the price. The BagSmart Large Toiletry Travel Bag comes in several colors and two sizes. I have the large. I was even able to take a full-size hairspray and other full size products (because I neglected to purchase travel sizes before the trip) with no trouble. I also have the BagSmart Hanging Jewelry Organizer and loved using it, too.

So those are my February Favorites. Let me know if you have any questions about them. I will joyfully share!

Your February 2022 Favorites

These are at least the most popular links that are resulting in purchases. And I have a feeling, most of the purchases have indeed been for these exact items. They’re winners in my book, too!

#5 – Dorco Tinkle Demaplaning Tools

Several of these February Favorites come from my recent video on 9 Secrets for Better Makeup Application.

One of the top sellers from that video was the Dorco Tinkle Demaplaning Tools. I mistakenly called these microblades in the video. I know better. I just had a brain freeze that day. Ha! These simple little dermaplaners simply remove the top layer of dead skin as well as unsightly hairs and/or fuzz. And no, you won’t grow a beard if you use them. Ha!

Dorco Tinkle Demaplaning Tools
Dorco Tinkle Demaplaning Tools

I didn’t start using the Dorco Tinkle Demaplaning Tools until a few months ago and I wish I’d started years ago. It really makes a difference in the quality of your skin and the application of makeup.

Dorco Tinkle Demaplaning Tools
Dorco Tinkle Demaplaning Tools

#4 – Absolution Raw Hem Wit & Wisdom Straight Leg Ankle Jeans

I hope you ladies enjoy your Absolution Raw Hem Wit & Wisdom Straight Leg Ankle Jeans as much as I like mine. I featured them in this post last week.

Straight Leg Ankle Jeans from Wit & Wisdom
Wit & Wisdom Straight Leg Ankle Jeans

Wit & Wisdom offers premium quality denim at a much more affordable price. They’re a nice alternative to the pricier brands and offer great fit. I find the Wit & Wisdom Straight Leg Ankle Jeans to run true to size or just a tad large. If you haven’t yet tried the straight leg ankle jeans, these are the jeans to start with. They come a tad long, in my estimation. I cut mine off about 3/4″, but they already have a raw edge, too.

#3 – Timeless Skin Care 10% Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum

I really love this Timeless Skin Care 10% Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum, too. You can read more about this brightening, healing and toning serum in this post about my nighttime skincare routine.

Vitamin C
Timeless Skin Care 10% Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum

#2 – CeraVe Tinted Sunscreen with SPF 30

I’m always happy when the top sellers at Dressed for My Day are products or styles that I really love and use myself. It’s important to me that I only recommend things that I truly like and stand behind. That’s definitely the case with this CeraVe Tinted Sunscreen with SPF 30.

#2 - CeraVe Tinted Sunscreen with SPF 30
CeraVe Tinted Sunscreen with SPF 30

The CeraVe Tinted Sunscreen with SPF 30 is a mineral sunscreen that is lightly tinted so you don’t get that white face effect. It goes on smoothly and easily. I apply it after my moisturizer and before my foundation primer (or foundation, if I skip the primer). And yes, sometimes I skip the foundation because the CeraVe Tinted Sunscreen with SPF 30 really does leave your face looking healthy and radiant, regardless of your natural skin color. I use it on my face and down onto my neck.

#1 – CINEMA SECRETS Pro Cosmetics Professional Brush Cleaner

I shared the CINEMA SECRETS Pro Cosmetics Professional Brush Cleaner in this recent video about tips for helping your makeup go on better. I find that having clean brushes really results in better makeup application. And this CINEMA SECRETS Pro Cosmetics Professional Brush Cleaner gets brushes clean like nothing I’ve ever seen.

CINEMA SECRETS Pro Cosmetics Professional Brush Cleaner
CINEMA SECRETS Pro Cosmetics Professional Brush Cleaner

You just put a little of this potent liquid in a small dish or cup and then dip your dirty brushes in. It immediately strips them of the makeup, but leaves the brushes soft and refreshed.

CINEMA SECRETS Pro Cosmetics Professional Brush Cleaner
CINEMA SECRETS Pro Cosmetics Professional Brush Cleaner

The CINEMA SECRETS Pro Cosmetics Professional Brush Cleaner is not inexpensive. But I think it’s a great investment if you have brushes you want to keep clean and usable.

CINEMA SECRETS Pro Cosmetics Professional Brush Cleaner

And those are your favorites! If you purchased any of those, let us know what you think. I welcome your honest opinions, even if they are different from mine. Just keep them kind and gracious, please.

Thanks so much for dropping in. Have a lovely day!

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10 thoughts on “Our February 2022 Favorites

  1. I purchased the Wit and Wisdom raw hem jeans. Have not received them yet. Hope I like them as much as you do. I will have to hem or cut mine off. I am 5″3′ and if you had to cut them off they will be really long on me.
    Nice BFMD. He will always be there even if I stumble.

  2. This is a lovely post about February favorites! I especially like the ivory jacket and the beige slides. What brand are the beige slides and where did you purchase them? I’m guessing they’re from a past year since you didn’t give information about them. I really do want to find something similar.

  3. Happy Thursday Kay…

    I have been using the Tinkle razors for about 4-6 months now and really like them. I was wondering if you shave up or down on your face? I go both ways but not sure if that’s correct? Maybe either way is ok?

    Also last year bought the Tmeless Skin care and really liked it….need to get more!


  4. I ordered the WW jeans but haven’t tried them yet. They will be my first raw hem purchase. I have used the UD shadow primer and it is good. Nice list of favorites!

  5. Enjoyed your post and many of the items. However at this time Im on a very tight budget as retirees are hit very hard by the devastating inflation at the grocery store and gas pumps. I know it is to be worse by summer so, Im catching up of my medical needs. Thanks for all you do Kay.

    1. There is never any pressure to buy. Definitely be wise and take care of more pressing needs. I really don’t want this blog to be all about shopping. So I hope you always feel welcomed and appreciated here. ?

  6. I purchased the Edison flats. I think I’m really going to love them. Now I’m in search of a reasonably priced blazer… do you find the best sales on these at the end of winter?

    1. Great to hear, Tammy. For the blazer I suggest you find something you like and then keep an eye on them for pop up or flash sales. Retailers actually offer their deepest cuts through flash sales these days rather than end of season sales. Plus they have better inventory then and you’ll have more time to wear the item, making the cost per wear better. I really like Express for reasonably priced blazers But they also have some nice ones at Loft and right now you can use code LUCKYU and get 50% off there. So these kinds of deals are really much better than waiting for an end of season markdown when inventory is depleted.