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Coffee with Kay – February, 2022

Coffee Time with Kay
February 28, 2022

Hello dear friend! On this final day of February I’m inviting you in for something warm to drink and little fireside chat. We just got in from our vacation last night (more on that to come!) and we’re moving a little slowly. So James has built me a fire in the fireplace and I’ve poured a second cup of coffee. It’s time for our monthly Coffee with Kay post and I’m spilling the beans on 10 things going on in my life recently.

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my dress

Each month, on the final day of the month, I’m posting a Coffee with Kay post like this. I’ve done them sporadically in the past, but building them into my monthly editorial calendar will help me to be more consistent with these personable chats. If you missed the January Coffee with Kay you can check it out here.

Remember, the title of my blog is Dressed…for My Day. So in this one monthly post I pivot from focusing on getting “dressed” and instead share a little about “my day,” if you will. If this isn’t your cup of tea, I completely understand. But I’m enjoying these posts as an opportunity for sharing a little more of who I am…beyond the clothes and makeup and style tips.

And just to stretch me and give me a little bit of structure here – because I thrive on structure – I attempt to share ten little tidbits with you each month. Those ten things may be new projects I’ve started, lessons I’ve learned, purchases I’ve made, places I’ve been, mistakes I’ve made…you name it.

#1 – My heart is heavy.

Like most other influencers (I’m not really comfortable with that term, but it is what it is), I struggle with posting fashion and chatty coffee talks without also addressing the big things that are going on in our world. And yet, like others, I don’t feel at all qualified to really share much of my thoughts or emotions about the war in Ukraine right now.

I know I feel heavy over it. I know I can’t watch the images on television long before I just have to turn away. I know those same images pop back into my head throughout the day and I ache for what is going on and feel helpless because I can’t do more. And I know I’m angry that children and women and men are going through such a horrific ordeal.

Please know and understand, dear friend, that when I post tomorrow’s fashion post I am not turning a blind eye to the realities of this war. And I’m not silly or frivolous or clueless. I’m just doing my job and sharing the content that belongs here at Dressed for My Day. But I’m also beginning and ending my day by praying for the people involved. And I care…deeply. As I know you do.

#2 – We started a garden…in our basement.

When I shared with James that some friends of ours have had great success with hydroponic gardens, he purchased us this one and “planted it” in our basement.

Hydroponic Garden
Our Hydroponic Garden

My friends regularly reap lettuce and herbs from theirs. We just planted ours a few weeks ago, but so far it is growing at a steady rate. We had the thermostat turned way down while we were gone on vacation, but James says the hydroponic system regulates its temperature and everything seemed to do fine in our absence. We really don’t do anything to it. And I’m anxious to have a little harvest of lettuce, arugula, spinach and some herbs.

We’ll probably plant some things outside this spring, too. But at least we don’t have to worry about the deer eating from our hydroponic garden!

#3 – I started my Flourouracil treatment on my nose this month.

As I’ve shared here before, I had a Mohs surgery on my forehead for a basal cell carcinoma back in November. My dermatologist had also diagnosed a precancerous spot on my nose, but advised that I wait until after Christmas (when I would be in the sun a little less) to treat it with Flourouracil, a chemotherapy cream used to treat precancerous and some cancerous skin conditions. Some people have to apply the cream to large portions of skin, but I only had to apply it to a small surface area about the size of a pencil eraser.

Flourouracil Treatment

The above photo is really way too close up for my comfort. Ha! But I circled the area that I’m treating. I’d just started the Flourouracil cream treatments a few days before these photos were taken, so nothing much had happened. It actually took a good week or so before I noticed anything happening at all.

But by the time we left for vacation, the spot was definitely looking more raw and starting to hurt a bit when touched. I was careful to use SPF 50 sunscreen on my nose and wore a hat at all times when I was outside, but I also stopped the treatment soon into our vacation. It was time. I only had to do the treatment two to three weeks, and I think I went almost three.

Oh, and just to clear a little something up. I did indeed batch photos for the blog before I started the treatment. Some women were concerned that I was embarrassed to show the “real me.” But that wasn’t the case at all. I took photos on vacation and I was on Instagram the entire week. But the reason I batched the photos before the treatment was because my dermatologist wanted me out of the sun while using the cream, and we much prefer to take photos outside for the better lighting. I just wanted you to know…

#4 – We saw Death on the Nile at the movie theater.

We didn’t see any movies in 2020 or 2021, so we’ve been making up for it in 2022. This month we saw Death on the Nile, the new Hercule Poirot movie with Kenneth Branagh in the main role. We had seen Murder on the Orient Express when it came out several years ago and really enjoyed it. We felt like Death on the Nile was even better produced and equally entertaining. I figured out the who-done-it fairly early in the movie, but it was still very enjoyable watching it unfold.

#5 – We enjoyed a beautiful four days in Florida with my parents.

My parents have been spending February in Florida for around 20 years. For a good part of that time they’ve been going to St. Augustine Beach and renting a condo. I’ve been down for a week here and there over the past eight years or so, but James had never been able to go. So this was our first year to go down together.

Me at Corky Bell’s in Palatka, Florida – Sweater (40% off) // jeans also similar (more economical) // sandals // earrings // tote bag // my hat was close by! // bracelet // necklace no longer available

We had the most perfect weather for our visit to St. Augustine Beach and loved spending the time with my mom and dad. We ate seafood every day, walked on the beach and just enjoyed the time away. It was a very restful vacation.

#6 – I celebrated my 58th birthday in Florida.

Last Wednesday I turned 58. We celebrated with lunch at the Conch House Restaurant in St. Augustine. I rarely get to enjoy my birthdays with my parents, so that was a treat.

at the Conch House
my sweater // earrings // hat // necklace

Honestly, I’m feeling a little worse for the wear these days. I’ve had these two scares with skin cancer, don’t sleep great these days (or nights!) and have a reoccurring pinched nerve in my shoulder every now and again that makes working a struggle. But then again I’m grateful for the good health I do have. And I’m even more glad that on this birthday I got to be with my parents and husband, who are all doing well.

#7 – We stopped for a quick stay in Savannah on the way home.

I once interviewed for a job in Savannah, at a papermill. I would have been their PR director. It’s sometimes funny to think how different life may have been if you’d made different choices along the way. But I was happy to visit Savannah with my husband of 34 years, whom I would never have met if I’d taken that job.

jeans // t-shirt // jacket (50% off!) // loafers // tote bag // necklace // earrings

We enjoyed beautiful weather there, too. But the stay was too short. We plan to drive back through for a longer stay next year. We walked along the river, through downtown, ate a delicious dinner and breakfast and stayed at the Planters Inn. It was very comfortable and ideally situated between the River and downtown.

#8 – We made some other fun stops as we travelled, too.

James had originally planned for us to go to five of the oldest cities of five states. But then he realized he was doing a little too much driving. So we cut one out. Ha! We visited Harrodsburg, the oldest city in Kentucky; St. Augustine, the oldest city in Florida (and the country); Savannah, the oldest city in Georgia; and Jonesborough, the oldest city in Tennessee.

Me in Harrodsburg, KY
Me sharing our experience at Old Fort Harrod State Park on Instagram Stories

I started off strong in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, sharing our travels on Instagram Stories. But as the trip went on and I began to relax a little more, I shared less. I did archive the stories HERE. So you can see a little bit I think from most of the cities we visited.

I also thoroughly enjoyed our overnight stay at the Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill. It was quite unique and lovely. I chronicled a good bit of that in this little Instagram reel. We stayed on the grounds and ate at the The Trustees’ Table. I would have loved to hike some of their trails, but we had to move on…and it was quite cold. But I enjoyed learning about this segment of history and exploring the grounds of the historic village.

Another place we plan to get back to for a longer visit is Jonesborough, Tennessee. It was raining when we were there, so we didn’t get to explore quite as much as we’d hoped. But Jonesborough has a lovely downtown, a sweet theater and some great dining. We ate dinner at the Kitchen at Grace Meadows and decided that it was probably our favorite meal of the entire vacation. And we had some tremendously wonderful meals! But that home-cooking! Wow! It was outstanding.

#9 – I enjoyed using my Bagsmart Bags for travel.

Honestly, I don’t know what I did before I purchased these Bagsmart travel bags. Yeah, I do. I used three different bags for my toiletries! But I got everything I needed for our extensive north to south trip in this Bagsmart Toiletry Bag.

Toiletry Bag
Bagsmart Toiletry Bag

Please pardon the photo; I took it with my phone (as I did most of the ones I’ve shown today). But this little Bagsmart Toiletry Bag is a wonder! I got full size hair spry and self-tanner in there (because I neglected to buy travel size ones) and all of my skincare, makeup, hair products and cosmetic brushes. And it was so easy to organize and find everything as we traveled.

Bagsmart Toiletry Bag
Bagsmart Toiletry Bag

I also used the Bagsmart Hanging Jewelry Organizer on our trip. I didn’t take a lot of jewelry. But I liked the way this bag kept my necklaces from tangling and everything was handy and safe. I’m quite impressed with the quality of these bags, too. The price is great and the bags come in a variety of colors. I have the large Bagsmart Toiletry Bag, by the way.

My Jewelry Organizer
My Jewelry Organizer

#10 – I’ve chosen my Mother-of-the-Bride dress!

Oh, yes, I have! And now I have to get the alterations made. I don’t really want to reveal the dress until the wedding (May 15th), but I don’t mind letting you know that it’s one of the dresses in the shopping widget below.

Because Abby’s wedding is in the afternoon with a simple reception of hors d’oeuvres and cake, I didn’t want anything too “evening-ish.” But Abby still wanted me to wear a long dress. So I looked for a dress that looks festive and springlike without being too glittery.

Thank you for joining me.

Thank you so much for joining me for coffee today. I do hate that so far this conversation has been one-sided. But I’d love to hear from you, too. You don’t have to share ten things. But if you’d like to respond to something I shared or even tell me some thing or two that you’ve been doing this month, I’d truly love to read your comments. You are a blessing to me. I hope you enjoyed this little visit and that it will be something we all look forward to each month.

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Blessed for My Day

I get a little anxious as we travel these days. It hasn’t always been this way. But highway travel just makes me nervous. However, I determine not to let my anxiety get the best of me. I don’t want my fears to keep me from experiencing life. I know that when we let fear rule, we let the enemy win.

Instead I have to fight my fear by reminding myself that it is not from God; it is from the enemy. Then I choose to operate out of a sound mind by dwelling on what is true, good, right and worthy of my thoughts. Do not let fear keep you from doing something God has for you.

For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. ~ 2 Timothy 1:7

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xoxo, Kay
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51 thoughts on “Coffee with Kay – February, 2022

  1. One thing I’m doing is tightening up on the Faster Way. I’m a little discouraged not seeing many ,
    if any results. Been at it pretty tight for two months.
    I really enjoy you and your blog.

    1. Hang in there Debbie. I do believe you will see results. If you were already pretty fit it may take longer. But if you work the plan it will work. I am back at it today!

  2. Thanks for having coffee with me. Glad you enjoyed your time away. I think you would look amazing in any of the dresses you shared. Can’t wait to see the wedding day photos.

  3. I discovered you on YouTube about a week ago when I searched “dressing over 50”. Your site is exactly what I was looking for and more! It is perfect and the fact that you are a Christian just puts it over the top! I can just sit and watch your videos for hours. Thank you! Thank you!

  4. Thanks for sharing your “skin” and being so open about it. My heart too is breaking for the Ukraine. I’m praying that God will intervene for them as they are a God-fearing nation- at least from what I have read. I also find it hard to watch as I too feel helpless.
    You have great style and your advice is awesome! Thank you! I think you start a contest to guess which dress you chose for Abigail’s wedding!

  5. Kay, I have two guesses: the La Femme Embellished Floral or Embellished Tulle & Lace A-Line Gown. Will have to wait and see! 🙂 I’m sure your choice will be lovely and you will be a beautiful MOB. Looking forward to seeing Abby’s dress and the flowers.

    I’m starting to sift my closet to try on everything and eliminate ‘corporate’ business wear. I’m not sure what I want to wear in retirement but I’ve created a list of activities I’ll need to dress for (using your great post on Building A Retirement Wardrobe). I’m thinking about neutrals and signature color palette selection, too. I think my main issue is not having enough variety in neutrals to pull the colors together in multiple ways.
    Thanks for the makeup application post. I was using my beauty blender wrong and using it following your instructions yielded great results. I did have a F/U question: do you use powder on top of blended foundation? I’ve always used powder but it removes the ‘dewy’ finish. Maybe skip?

    1. I generally am applying a light translucent powder after makeup application these days. I think I’m shinier with the sunscreen I’m using now. I wasn’t applying powder before I started using it.

  6. I always enjoy your posts – you come across as a friendly, sincere person (unlike some “Influencers” and offer good advice. I especially enjoy Coffee with Kay! I grew up in Kentucky, oh so many years ago,, and used to go to Jonesboro when I lived in Knoxville. I’ve been in Atlanta so long it feels like home now. it would be fun to meet you sometime when you come to Atlanta. Looking forward to the Wedding details and pictures. Have a marvelous week – can you believe Lenten is already here later this week? My goodness, it was just Christmas!
    Let’s hear more about your garden!


  7. Hi Kay, I am guessing you picked one of the floral dresses from Nordstrom, probably the blue one. All of them are nice.

  8. My guess is the Teri Jon by Rickie Freeman Columm dress.

    My heart is breaking for Ukraine. I hope this situation is resolved in the very near future, and Ukraine will be allowed to rebuild and prosper as a free nation.

    I love Savannah! Thank you for your “newsy” posts.

  9. Aww Kay! You’re funny, they can’t change the end of the film, it’s a remake,we all know who dunit! Looking forward to seeing pics of the wedding.Sounds like a great holiday.I too love Florida.Best wishes

  10. Well, Kay I’m so glad you had a wonderful vacation in Florida. I had Covid this past week and although it wasn’t a bad case, it was like having a nasty cold with extreme tiredness. But I’m so much better today and looking forward to getting back into the swing of things again.
    And happy birthday! Mine was the 8th and I got to spend it in Disney World which was so fun for my husband and me. I can so relate though to your nervousness on the road, I am beginning to feel the same way. We make a lot of trips from North Carolina to Pittsburgh as our daughter and son in law live there and although I can make the trip in my sleep, (We grew up there.) the driving is getting ridiculous. But like you I am doing it anyway, we are making the biggest trip of our lives in Sept. to Paris and I really am nervous about it, too! But I’m just going to trust it all to God and go!
    Have a wonderful month and thanks for sharing your life with us and for the great wardrobe tips that you send our way!

    1. I saw your comment Bobbi and saw you were from NC. I am also from NC. Just wanted to speak to North Carolina lady. Pat in NC

  11. My heart is also heavy for what is happening in our world. I can only watch or listen to only so much and have to turn it off. I am in constant prayer for the people of Ukraine and peace. Reading your blog is a joy and I read it in the manner in which it is intended, light and a diversion from the troubles of the world.

    Thank you for writing about your skin. I have been lax in wearing a hat or sunscreen when I am outside. I have fair skin also and need to do better. I had a very strange thing happen to my feet. I have been working out at a club in my hometown for people 55 and over. The teachers are amazing. Well I wear my boots to class, change into gym shoes and then put my boots back on. I don’t go barefooted. What seem to be all of a sudden my feet started blistering and turning red. My husband said it looked like athletes feet so I used over the counter medication. It just got worse. Thankfully I was able to see my dermatologist who said it was the worse case she has ever seen of athletes foot. I said I have never had this happen before and how did I get it? She said she didn’t know for sure. They are on the mend but still I am baffled.
    We are heading to Florida tomorrow for a month in the sun with our 14 hear old dog. It will be a 2 1/2 day drive from Michigan. So looking forward to warmer temps. I feel like I am packing everything. Lol. I am taking my small Featherweight sewing machine because I can’t not sew for a month. Ha,Ha. I am working on a temperature quilt. Each day you record the high and low and make a block reflecting that. I have a group of 8 of us each working on one.

    The dresses for your daughters wedding look amazing. I think the lighter blue dress is the one you picked. Have a blessed week.

  12. Kay, don’t let the Mohl’s surgery and the precancerous one/Flourisil get you down. I am 12 years older than you so have used Flourisil a few times including my face, then chest and finally arms twice last winter. And I have had 3 squamous cell cancers removed including one done 2 days before you had yours done. We didn’t do this on purpose, it was just how sunscreen or the lack of it was years ago. The biggest thing is that we are taking care of ourselves now and not ignoring strange moles and bumps on our body. You will be fine so enjoy life, follow what the dermatologist suggest and wear your sunscreen and hat! Glad you have a very special trip!

  13. Thank you so much for the lovely chat! I have been missing that connection with other female friends since COVID. Also, being a housewife now after leaving the corporate world means I have to be more intentional with my coffee with friends.

    I am so broken hearted about what is happening in Ukraine. I’ve been to Moldova twice now to teach English to students. We do it by reading the Bible and sharing bible stories with the students! I’ve met many Ukrainian people as well as many Russian kids. I worry about all our Moldovan students and pray they remain safe and protected by God’s protection.

    This month I’ve been working on my garden too. We are temporarily living in an apartment until we relocate to Northern Nevada next year. My patio is only 6’x9’ but I pack as many herbs, tomatoes, and flowers as possible. I love digging in the dirt and my little container garden is very satisfying. Plus, we know where our food comes from. Bonus!

    My husband and I are finalizing the floor plans for our new house that we will build when we get to Yerington, NV next year. My sweet honey will be retiring next year and we will become farmers, raise chickens, goats, ducks, quail, honey bees, and I hope a pig or two. My garden will be very big and we will be much more self sustaining with greenhouses and a place to grow all our food. We have designed the house just the way we want since we have downsized now. This will be the third house we’ve built in our 40 years of marriage and I pray, our last! I’ve been pinning decor ideas, paint color ideas, outdoor living rooms, etc. Pinterest has been most helpful for planning our little homestead.

    March 21st will be our 41st anniversary. I haven’t a clue how we are going to celebrate it at this point. Most likely a nice dinner out somewhere close by. Last year we did the Grand Canyon and took the train back home to Maryland. It was 10 days of glorious vacation. We all need those vacations to help us recharge our batteries. I’m so glad to hear you and James were able to get away and spend time with family and in places that bring you joy.

    Wishing you much joy as you settle back into life at home and continue with your wedding planning.

  14. Happy belated Birthday to you, Kay! I am so happy that you got to spend it with your parents, and that James finally got to join the 3 of you in FL. I think I know which dress you selected, but I’ll just have to wait and see it after May 15. I do hope and pray that our GA weather will be beautiful that day. The main thing I did in February is cut down a good many trees and vines in trees around our yard, along with clipping away smaller trees and other growth that I didn’t like while the snakes are in hibernation. Then I drug it all to my debris pile. Others won’t necessarily notice what I’ve done, but I do and I’m pleased with how much more open those areas are. You see, we have about 100 acres and most of it is woods, so we have plenty of privacy. We only have one neighbor that’s anywhere close to our home out in the country on a private dirt road. I have my 4 month skin check on Friday (yes, I go every four month because I have that many issues), with two spots in particular that have changed and need to be tended too. I know how important sunscreen and hats are, but I still neglect putting both of them to use, like I know I should. Thank goodness I am not a sun worshipper. I enjoyed our coffee time!

  15. It was so nice to have coffee with you and the other lovely ladies in the group! What a wonderful way to begin or end my day. There are so many things to be concerned about these days and you always seem to remind me that God is in control and we need not be anxious about anything (so hard!).
    All the dresses you’ve posted are beautiful and I will look forward to seeing your choice!

  16. What an adorable pic of you and your hubby! Sounds like you had a great trip and your husband did wonderfully planning your historic itinerary. Love it!
    My heart is also breaking with the situation in Ukraine. My dad was born and raised there near Lviv and I have many cousins and nieces and nephews in Poland on my moms side. We’re glued to the news and praying so very hard for God’s Angel Armies to intervene on Ukraine’s behalf. Me and my children have never been more proud of our heritage. May God be with them!

  17. Kay, I’m so glad you, James and your parents enjoyed our beautiful Florida weather! It was perfect last week and this week is starting out just as beautiful. Loved having coffee with you (mine was iced coffee).

    Your daily posts are very helpful and I enjoy reading them. I’m 71 years old and am now utilizing a capsule wardrobe. I’ve purged a lot of things but still have a few more items that need to go. I donate the purged items. I’m also trying to do more slow fashion. That has been an eye-opener for me and a good challenge.

    Looking forward to the MOB dress reveal. Whichever one you chose, will be lovely.

    Thank you for the Blessed For My Day posts. I enjoy your insight and and how you share the Gospel with others. Please continue all that you do. I appreciate it.

  18. I enjoyed the post, Kay. I’m so glad your vacation was relaxing and your husband was able to join you.
    I share your concern for the dear ones of the Ukraine and believe that prayer can move mountains.
    All of the gowns are stunning. Can’t wait to see the dress you have chosen.
    Thank you for the time of fellowship and the sharing of your heart with us.

  19. So glad you had such a fun time on vacation. It is to relax and enjoy yourself and seems you had lots of fun times. I have always wanted to go to Savannah. Maybe someday soon. Anxious too to see what you picked out for the dress for Abby’s wedding. I am going with one of the floral ones from Nordstrom also. You are so such a beautiful person inside and out and will look so nice in whatever you picked out.
    My heart aches too for what is going on in the Ukraine and all over the world. Prayer does work miracles and we all need to pray for the people there and over the world. Hoping God does intervene, Have a blessed day. Oh, yes, I love the coffee with Kay, though since the post was a little later, good that you got some rest, I had my hot tea hours ago.

  20. I also enjoyed Coffee with Kay! Thank you for “inviting us in”. Happy belated birthday. If you are doing a “contest” – I am guessing one of the floral gowns that were shown. You’ll be a beautiful MOB and best wishes to Abby and family on her wedding day.

  21. I want to plan a vacation to St. Augustine this summer but will need to go through Atlanta as we live in Tennessee. My husband and I are nervous about driving thru Atlanta. I, too, am more anxious about traveling as the years go by. We have vacationed in Savanah and loved it. Also love Jonesboro! We have visited in that area many times as we have a son and his family who lived in East Tennessee for several years.

    With all the others, my heart is burdened for the people ofUkraine.

  22. Happy Birthday, and thanks for sharing what is going on in your life. Being retired and then experiencing the COVID restrictions has made me feel isolated, so it’s nice to hear what’s going on with you. It is a treasure to be able to spend time with loving parents. So glad you were able to be together.
    I love the idea of visiting the oldest cities in different states! We like to travel and will have to do that. It happens that we have been to all the ones you visited on this trip.
    I can’t watch much of the news reports about the Ukraine either. I am praying for them, and that God will make His light shine through His people. It has reminded me that there are other places of war in our world that don’t make the news regularly, where Christians are oppressed or worse. I have become more consistent in my prayer life for others who face hardships for being Christian. One small good thing to come out of this terrible situation.
    I am guessing either the pink column dress (you would look fantastic in that!) or the floral dress with the longer flutter sleeves. I can’t wait to find out which one you chose! Be sure to include a picture of your daughter’s dress as well.

  23. Kay, enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing. My husband and I were at St. AUGUSTINE THIS LAST WEEK. IT IS ONE OF OUR FAVORITE PLACES. WE ARE RVers and love the State Park and beach. The Conch House is always a stop for lunch. We were there on Thursday. Glad you had a wonderful trip and birthday.

  24. Kay, I think you are an informed, intelligent, and perceptive person who has more to say on other topics in addition to style. I share your concerns about the citizens of Ukraine. But I admire their courage in resisting the Russian invasion!!

  25. Kay, it was lovely to have coffee with you this afternoon. Happy Belated Birthday!
    To let you know a little about me:
    1) I, too, am concerned about the situation in the Ukraine. We have relatives that are missionaries there. They responded by saying that God called them to serve in the Ukraine and He hadn’t directed them differently.
    2)We raise a big garden, or rather my husband does. But each year I can’t wait for those red ripe tomatoes!
    3)I am recuperating from a terrific bout of gout. The crazy thing is that it is so preventable, so easily. Just drink water.
    4)A few days ago I ran across your video about readjusting your wardrobe when you retired. One of the things that I would like to add is that, at least in my case, although I knew it was time to retire, I grieved for almost a year. I loved my job and was happy to go to work. (I was an RN on a mental health unit in the hospital and I loved, loved, loved it!)
    5)I can’t even remember when I went to a movie last. I prefer reading the book in my own comfy recliner, dog at my feet, and a bowl of my own popcorn. In fact, I was given a couple of passes to a movie several years ago and have never used them.
    6)My husband of 42 years and I are rehabbing one of our rental houses. Sometimes “Dressing for my day” is pulling on paint-spattered jeans and a tee.
    7)I really appreciate your videos on skin care and makeup. I have never done much with makeup but would like to learn.
    8)We live out in the country and I love the darkness at night, seeing the stars, enjoying the beauty of a full moon on the snow-covered landscape, hearing peepers and crows, and the water coursing down the creek.
    9)I’m glad that you show clothes with some color. Sometimes other sites use clothes that seem almost drab as a way of being able to mix outfits.
    10)It’s interesting that the Scripture reference (2Timothy 2:7) was the one I used recently in an article for our church newsletter, but with an entirely different context. I related it to being prepared for what may come, be it snowstorm, earthquake, or the Second Coming, and use it as a call to prepare to help other people as well.
    Anyway, I enjoyed our coffee time, and thanks for listening.

  26. Hello Birthday Sister! So nice to hear of your travels. Thanks for the ideas for travel bags and the hydroponics too. Mostly, thanks for recognizing the strife in Ukraine. Your comments are perfect. I actually stopped following a fashion blogger because no matter what terrible thing had happened she seemed oblivious and just blathered on about what outfits she put together that day. That hurt my soul that she could be so, what is the word, superficial? Just one sentence would have let me know she cared about our world and not just her tiny piece of it. (And your MOB dress will be great- perfection is not required, right? It’s fun to have exciting moments to look forward to.)

  27. I always enjoy your posts and today is no exception. LOVE your transparency. I especially enjoy the blessed for my day segments. So glad you had a fun-filled vacation, and enjoyed that you included a picture with you and your husband. Nice to put a face to the people I pray for (and I am praying for both of you.)
    My husband and I enjoyed visiting St. Augustine and Savannah when we lived in Florida.
    We bought a farm built in 1852 about 6 years ago. The home and outbuildings sit on 18 acres and need more work than we realized. We are slowing working to remodel them but it is very time consuming, not to mention expensive. We love the work and it is definitely keeping us busy.

  28. I was so tickled to see that you and your husband found your way to our hometown…. Jonesborough, TN! We live just 4 miles away, and are practically over the hill from The Kitchen at Grace Meadows! And yes—- it is our little jewel around here! Everybody loves it!! And matter-of-fact we are good friends with the owners (Dan and Tammy Eldridge). I knew Tammy would be so tickled….. so I sent her your blog link to let her know!! They’ve been out of town, so I don’t think you would’ve gotten to meet them, but generally speaking, they are very hands-on and visit with their guests!! Come back again soon!! My sister and I would love to take you and your husband out to supper there! She and I are both big Kay Harms fans!!!

  29. Thank you, Kay, for shining the light of God’s Word and your loveliness in a world that has gone dark. Your travels are reminiscent of a trip that we took in early December to Savannah, Charleston, and St. Augustine. Happier times for sure.

  30. Good morning from Canada Kay and Happy Belated Birthday,
    I enjoy these coffee chats with you as much as I love reading your blog and watching your YouTube videos. I have never considered myself a fashionista but now that I’m retired, I plan to spend more time taking care of me. Hubby and I have always enjoyed taking road trips and often times we will just hop in our vehicle and explore the countryside for up to hours at a time. Lately, however, I have also become nervous travelling the roadways. It just seems that everyone is in such a hurry these days and so many of the vehicles seem to be speeding through the streets. The war in Ukraine is also weighing heavy on my heart so I am lifting up prayers for their safety and courage. Keep up the great work Kay!

  31. I really like the MOB dress contest idea! 🙂 All of them are very pretty. I don’t think there’s a bad choice in there!
    I’m so glad your trip went really well. It does sound a little like my husband planned it though–go-go-go!
    I’ve been praying for Ukraine. I don’t know what will happen, but I know God can use it for the good of his people. I hate to see the suffering and feel so helpless. I can’t even imagine how helpless those parents feel about protecting their children.
    I think we’ll go see the movie on your recommendation! We haven’t been anywhere in ages, and though we’ve seen the BBC version a million times, it will be fun to see anyway! I think we’ll do the grown-up thing and have drinks before with dinner at the theatre. We won’t even know who we are!
    My kids’ schedules are killing me this week, and a couple of big deadlines at work. I’ll be ready for a break come Friday!

  32. Hi! For several years back in the 80s-90s I enjoyed visiting Jonesborough in mid Oct. to attend The National Storytelling Conference. Those were great weekends that I highly recommend if the conference is still held in Jonesborough. Relax, laugh and enjoy!

  33. Hi Kay,

    I enjoyed your “10 Style Choices to Elevate Your Look” video. I could not find a link to the double breasted dark plaid blazer with black or dark buttons which you had on with your navy blouse and jeans. Do you have a link for this jacket?

    Thank you!


  34. Hi Kay A belated Happy Birthday to you! Glad you were able to celebrate with family. I can identify with your travel anxiety. My son wrote a musical that was to be produced in London with opening on Feb 23 . I’m 75 and not a good traveler and wasn’t going to go BUT I realized I may not get the chance again and this was important to be there to share with him. So my significant other and I decided we needed to get out of our comfort zone and just bite the bullet and do it. It wasn’t an easy trip but we’re so glad we did it. As a parent to share the success of your son or daughter is a life affirming experience and very exciting. I cried just as the opening number began! Ha. So you can imagine how it went from there.
    I so enjoy your posts. It’s like sitting down with a friend to talk about the everyday things that come up in life. Can’t wait to see your MOB dress!

    1. Oh my goodness! How wonderful for you and for him! I’m so glad you were there for the debut. Marvelous! Thanks for sharing. ?

  35. After using Merle Norman cosmetics for decades, I have decided to try most of the skin care products that you recommended in your blog. I absolutely love cleansing with the elemis balm you mentioned. I invested in almost everything you mentioned.( I’m 10 years your senior). I’ve only been using everything for a few days. So far, so good! The only reason I’m trying to get away from Merle Norman is because I have to drive a minimum of 40 miles to the nearest one! I’ve become spoiled to the convenience of ordering other things on line, and MN doesn’t sell on line. I doubt that I can find a foundation that tops MN’s though….I’ve tried before and wasted money doing so. I haven’t tried the Tarte foundation yet. I may, when I run out of the MN that I have. In any case, just want you to know that you are a great encourager! I really appreciate you!

    1. I’m so glad to hear that the skincare is working for you. That’s a shame that Merle Norman doesn’t sell online. I can’t imagine how they’re going to keep up in the future. Thanks for letting me know that you’re enjoying the new products. ?

    2. Hi, I just wanted to say I’m about the same distance as you from my MN shop. The owner mails to me upon request. You might ask them.

  36. I used to have trouble with necklace chains tangling until I learned an easy tip. Cut a plastic straw in half. Open the clasp and feed the chain into the straw and close the clasp. Voila!

  37. Really enjoyed this post. I think we are all heartsick over Ukraine, and, worried that things will escalate even more.
    I had a precancerous spot on the exact same spot on my nose and was given the choice to burn it off immediately or use the same cream. I chose the first option. It was much more painful (both during and for hours afterward) than I was expecting and took a long time to heal. But am grateful just the same for being able to remove it. Reallly love some of the mother of the bride dresses- my 2 favorites are the first aqua one and the fuschia one- both those are my personal style- but I am sure that whichever one you chose will look beautiful on you!

  38. I’m with you Kay, I’m Uncomfortable riding on busy freeways with semi tractor trailers and some drivers who seem to be paying more attention to their phones than the traffic around them. I send up special prayers for peace at that time.?