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My Winter Bucket List 2021-2022

December 22, 2021

Hello dear reader! Since we’re quickly getting near Christmas I thought I’d throw in a fun post with a little gift for you. At the bottom of today’s post I have a pretty phone wallpaper that you can save onto your cell phone. I hope you enjoy using it for a little while and think of the wonderful community of women we have here. But first I’d like to share with you my winter bucket list for 2021-2022. These are ideas for fun activities you and I can do during the winter months.

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winter BUCKET list 2021-2022

I can find no shortage of ways to get out and make the most of my day in the spring, summer or fall. But come winter I struggle a little to come up with creative ways to fill my days with more than work. So my daughter Abigail and I have put our brains together to come up with a winter bucket list full of ideas that will help us get dressed for our day and then get out there and make the most of that day.

Enjoy a Day at the Museum

A few months ago I went to a Van Gogh exhibit at a museum in Indianapolis with friends. It was such a fun day. James and I have also enjoyed browsing through the Cincinnati Art Museum. But you might choose a museum focused on aeronautics, automobiles, history, fashions or science. Scope out a museum in your area that you haven’t ever visited. If there’s a restaurant or tea room on the premises, stop in for a snack or meal.

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Browse Through a Nearby Town

Most all of us live near a little town worth exploring. I’ve learned to keep my expectations low and reasonable. Then I’m always surprised and delighted when I discover a fun antique shop, a great coffee cafe or a sweet tea room. Sure, you can go casual. But why not dress up a little for the day, keeping your outfit simple, warm and suitable for a casual stroll, but also interesting and pretty?

Visiting Waynesville
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Pro Tip: Many little towns almost shut down on Mondays. And during the winter shops may have shorter hours and abbreviated schedules. So do a little research and call ahead before heading out.

Attend a Concert

The winter is a great time to take in a concert. Whether you buy tickets to hear a large symphony in the city or a chamber orchestra at a college, you can often find matinee or evening concerts to choose from. Truly, if you live near a university of any size, check for free senior recitals or other student productions, which are often offered at lower prices.

Dressing for Festive Occasions this Winter

And while you don’t have to, it’s always appropriate and fun to dress nicely for concerts. Make a day or evening of it by having dessert out afterwards.

Festive Outfit with Pretty Blouse
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Pro Tip: Winter is also when a lot of high schools offer musical productions. You can support a local school and enjoy a fun production at the same time.

Take a Drive (or Walk) to Look at Christmas Lights

We’ve all put so much effort into decorating for the holidays. Now it’s time to enjoy each others’ labors. Pour everyone a serving of hot chocolate in a disposable cup with a lid. Pack some snacks, too! Scout out nearby neighborhoods to see how they’re lighting up for the holidays.

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Create a Warm Fragrance for Your Home

I love the scents of Christmas. But we can enjoy these sweet, spicy fragrances throughout the winter, too. Simply put a small pot on the stove filled about half way with water. Add whatever fragrant ingredients you have on hand, such as orange peels, an apple, cloves, cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, fresh ginger, lemon peels and star anise. Set the pot to simmer gently on the stove. I generally set myself a timer to remind me to check on the simmering pot in, say, 30 minutes. Definitely don’t leave it and forget it!

Spend a Full Morning, Afternoon or Evening Reading by the Fire

Reading a Book
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I tend to grab moments here and there to read and/or relax. But winter is a dreamy time to build a nice fire (or turn one on!) and just sit for a long spell of reading and relaxing. Give yourself permission to turn off the phone and really settle in for a quiet few hours of reading or, potentially, napping by the soft crackle of a warm fire. Maybe listen to instrumental music, have a snack or warm beverage on hand, cuddle up with a soft blanket and wear something clean and fresh, but oh so cozy.

Relaxing by the Fire
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Take Old Winter Outerwear to a Shelter or Donation Site

There seems to always be a need for outerwear donations during the winter. Not only could you gather the coats, scarves, mittens and hats you no longer need to donate, but you could also knit winter accessories to give.

Volunteer at a Food Bank or Soup Kitchen

In the same way, help is needed at food banks and soup kitchens more in the winter months than other times of the year. Especially during January through March, when Thanksgiving and Christmas donations become depleted, community kitchens and food banks begin to run dry and need more personnel, too. I’ve discovered that volunteer organizations are taking extreme precautions to stay safe and sanitary during the pandemic, but if you still prefer not to volunteer you could simply take a donation and drop it off.

Pro Tip: Don’t know where to volunteer? Ask your church’s secretary for recommendations. She or he will probably know of agencies, groups or church organizations with whom they cooperate for helping people in crisis.

Take a Brisk Walk on a Cold Day

I’m as prone as the next cold-natured coward to skip my outdoor walk when the temperatures plummet. But if I think of it as a Winter Bucket List item I’m more prone to bundle up and enjoy the challenge of staying warm while on a brisk walk. Layer on the warmth with leggings, fleece lined pants, multiple tops, as well as a hat and gloves.

Tips for Staying Fit Through the Holidays
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Go On an Off Season Winter Getaway

This is a great time to get away to a summer vacation destination. Sure, some things will be closed for the off season, but you’ll still find things to do and places to explore. For instance, James and I went to Charleston, South Carolina, for our honeymoon in January. It was quiet and less crowded, but we were still able to explore a nearby plantation, visit Fort Sumter and eat at delicious restaurants. And this year we’re heading to Port Clinton, Ohio, again, where we expect to be some of the few tourists there.

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Schedule a Spa Day

During the winter our skin can get dry and lackluster. It’s a great time of the year to schedule a spa day. You could have a facial, a massage, a mani-pedi or some other relaxing and rejuvenating service, but I especially enjoy treatments that benefit my skin at this time of year. Check out nearby resorts or day spas for packages or single item offerings. But hurry! These establishments tend to get busier around Valentine’s Day.

Pro Tip: Be prepared to feel a little wiped out after a massage. Drink plenty of water before and after.

Enroll in a New Exercise Class

Winter is a great time to check out a new gym or workout facility or class. Check community centers, churches, Facebook communities and senior centers for offerings. Consider pilates, zumba, stretching classes or weight training groups.

Moving More

Invite a Friend or Two Over for Coffee

Whatever happened to the days when friends simply dropped in for coffee? I think it’s time to revive that familiar tradition. Keep it simple so that you nor your guest feels overwhelmed by preparations or fuss. Instead, just serve coffee or hot tea and maybe one type of cookie or cake (that you pulled from the freezer or the bakery shelf!). Focus on sweet conversation and lingering with one another over a simple cup of warmth. Ask your friend to tell you her story, listen well and savor this gentle custom.

See the original post for styling and shopping details.

Do you have items to add to my Winter Bucket List for 2021-2022? If you do, let me know and I’ll add them over the next few days. I think this is a great time of year to challenge ourselves to make the most of our days.

A Gift from Abby & Me

While I was writing today’s post, Abigail created a few new pretty wallpapers for your cell phone. You can just tap on the one of your choice, download one or all three to your phone and then set one as the wallpaper for your device.

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Blessed for My Day

Good news of great joy! Indeed. The good news of Christmas is that we have a savior. Messiah has come. We no longer have to live in darkness or dread, guilt or sadness. We have hope and assurance and a future. We know that while in this world we will have tribulation, Christ has overcome the world, so we need not feel doomed or defeated.

Let’s rejoice in the good news of God with us, Emmanuel. And let’s share that good news with others. A simple “Merry Christmas!” or a Christmas card with a Bible verse can help someone else know the reason you celebrate this season. But we can also pause to share the gospel with someone who is hurting or confused or living in fear.

And in the same region there were shepherds out in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And an angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were filled with great fear. And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. ~ Luke 2:8-11

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34 thoughts on “My Winter Bucket List 2021-2022

  1. Thank you for the screen saver. Have a wonderful Christmas!

    One question about the jeans from Amazon on today’s video: what is the height difference for midrise compared to highrise? I want some black straight leg jeans but don’t want to have to tug the waist up. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Nancy. I don’t think I had any jeans in the video from Amazon. So maybe that was from someone else’s video? I know sometimes I sit down and watch several videos at a time and they all get jumbled together. The only jeans I showed were from Talbots and J.Crew. Both of those have a high rise. Have a merry Christmas!

    2. Hi Nancy. Thanks for the clarification. I’d forgotten I included that one. A mid rise hits below the true waist. I really prefer all high rise at this point but sometimes jeans listed as mid rise work too. The Levi jeans have a front rise of 9 3/4” and usually a mid rise is 9-10”. A high rise is above 10”, so that’s close to high rise.

  2. Hey Kay!! The screen savers are really pretty. Thank you so much!! In the picture of you sitting on the excercise mat, what brand of shoes are you wearing? Love those!! Hope you have a wonderful time with your daughter this Holiday Season. Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed New Year!! ❤?❤?❤?❤

  3. Thank you for the screensavers, Kay. And for the work you do all year, helping us get dressed for our day. Wishing you a blessed and joyous Christmas ?!

  4. Kay, you are a joy!
    A joy to watch, and listen to and learn from.
    I have enJOYed your videos & blog this year so much &
    you have helped me in countless ways.
    May you and your family have a JOY-filled Christmas
    & wishing you all the best in the New Year.
    JOY to the World, the Lord is come,
    Let Earth receive Her KING!
    ? ?

  5. Thanks for the winter bucket list. One thing I love to do in the Winter is snowshoe. In the Cleveland area you can rent snowshoes at some of the parks for $3/hr. It’s lots of fun.

    1. That’s great to know! I’ve always wanted to do that and would have included it on my list. But I wasn’t really sure how accessible it is. Maybe James and I can do that on one of our outings. I’d love to!

      1. I have the same Veronica Beard jacket and like you I thought it might work with some olive green Talbots slacks. I found a great pair of green straight leg pants at Ann Taylor that look good with the jacker. They are a nice alternative to navy slacks or jeans as they brighten up the look. If you are still looking for some green slacks you might check them out. I got them on sale for around $60.

        1. Thank you Ali. I’ll check those out. I have some green slacks I wore them with a few weeks ago. Not quite the same color, but I went with them anyhow. But I’ll definitely check out the AT pants. I love the jacket! Timeless.

  6. Merry Christmas Kay and Abigail!! Your blog has been a great gift this year! I truly enjoy opening your email and enjoying your beautiful inspiration and message at the end of the blog! May your family have a Blessed Christmas season???

  7. Like the wallpaper. Finally figured out how to download one and get it on my phone. Could you send directions how to download to your phone for people that are having pronblems.
    Thanks for the BFMD. Celebrating Jesus.

  8. Merry Christmas Kay and all the dressed for my day community. I just love this blog! Kay it is something I look forward to. I appreciate all the pictures and details you do. I love the Bible verse you add to each day. I also like that you do lots of different companies and price points. I keep thinking of more things I like about the way you do this blog; that you cover more then just outfits, helping us with finding our personal style, verbalizing we are all different just to name a few more. Thanks.

  9. Great post, Kay! Thank you for all of these fun ideas! I am so excited for you as you plan Abigail’s wedding with her ? We have two daughters, both married, the last one was married 3 years ago. I look back on those times planning and preparing for their weddings with such fondness. Enjoy this special time with your precious daughter and I pray you will have many sweet memorable moments together leading up to the wedding! Merry Christmas and God bless you!

  10. Thank you for the pretty screen savers. I can’t decide which one I want. And thank you for the bucket list. It did give me some good ideas for my husband and me. God bless and Merry Christmas! ?❣️?

  11. Great ideas! Several we do since we are retired but you have more to try. I now volunteer through our Council on aging and I am assigned a senior and I call her once a week . We have become good phone friends and look forward to our visits. And in the past I volunteered at an after school reading program for 2nd graders. There are lots of different volunteer jobs that are only once or twice a week.

  12. Thanks Kay for these great ideas! And a very Merry Christmas! Wishing you Gods great blessings and joy in the new year!

  13. Kay,
    Your suggestions are great for a free afternoon to be out and about. I have found small towns that I didn’t know about here in MI just by seeing the exit sign and deciding to go have a look. I’ve found some real gems.
    Your Tory Birch sneakers are the style I’ve been looking for. Plain white low sneakers with no stripes/logos are hard to find. My exercise plan calls for walking more and using the track at the community center. It’s too cold to be outside in MI winters!
    Thanks for keeping the true spirit of Christmas to reflect upon.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

  14. Hi Kay…just a quick note. You always brighten my day! You are so down to earth and welcoming. I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas and great New Year!

  15. Where to begin. Okay, everything they all said above. You are a joy and a blessing and I can’t wait to see what you have planned for us in 2022. I’m getting delayed packages but finally got all gifts ready. Have a wonderful Christmas!
    Your email made me laugh. It reminded of a boy in high school that every Christmas Eve would come up to me and say, “Merry Christmas Eve, Eve, I’m Adam. Haha. No, he wasn’t.

  16. I look forward to your posts everyday. I am a young grandmother that is 78.I love your taste in clothes. I try to dress this way and have for many years. You are such a lovely person. Have a blessed Christmas and wonderful New Year. So glad that I subscribe to your YouTube channel.

    1. Hi Kay
      Totally agree with all the comments.Keep your not so little light shinning on all of us.
      I’m new to your blog and I loved it . Thanks for all these wonderful ideas.I’m going to add winter and paint.A while back before Covid19 five of my best friends gather for a lunch and a simple winter paint .Merry Christmas to all .

      1. Oh, Aida. That’s a wonderful idea. I’ve done several of those and have one planned with friends this winter too. I can’t believe I left that out.