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Elevating a Simple Jeans Outfit with a Standout Completer Piece

December 2, 2021

I love the simplicity of jeans and a turtleneck this time of year. But I also appreciate having a standout completer piece to elevate that basic look from plain to pow. Today I’m sharing a great girls’ night out or date night look that goes from day to night with the simple addition of a not-so-simple vest.

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Completer Piece
jeans // turtleneck // faux fur vest // boots // shoulder bag (more economical option and another) // similar earrings // similar bracelet // belt in black size up (another option) // sunglasses (more economical)

This is not a sponsored post, but Chico’s did gift me my jeans, turtleneck and vest to share with you. When they gave me the opportunity to share an outfit with my Instagram followers, I knew I wanted to feature one of their standout completer pieces. Some people love Chico’s for their fitted pants, others for their classy statement jewelry. But I gravitate to their one-of-a-kind completer pieces. Whether your personal style essence lends more toward a cardigan, ruana, poncho or jacket, you’ll find some amazing outfit completers at Chico’s.

Standout Completer Piece

I’ve gathered up a shopping widget with some of my favorite completer pieces from Chico’s below. You’ll find amazing garments in all styles. They can be a little pricey, but they are also well constructed and so unique that you can enjoy them for years. And you can always watch for a good deal, too. Of course, Chico’s just ran a great sale during Cyber Week, but I expect another one soon.

Faux Fur Vest

My faux fur vest looks great with jeans, but you could also wear it with dressier pants, joggers or even the right dress. I think it looks so classy and unique. And if you’re wanting to dress up a little, but you still want to wear jeans and a simple top, this faux fur vest can elevate even that simple outfit. I’m wearing the size 1, but I might could have sized down, too. So I think you have some wiggle room in the size, in case they’re running low in your normal size.

Faux Fur Vest
jeans // turtleneck // faux fur vest // boots // shoulder bag (more economical option and another) // similar earrings // similar bracelet // belt in black size up (another option) // sunglasses (more economical)

When the vest arrived, it did look a little flat. Don’t let that throw you. I just steamed the whole garment with my steamer, fluffing the faux fur as I went. Voila! It looks like the real thing!

By the way, this cranberry spice turtleneck is also available in a full range of neutrals. It’s true to size and very comfortable. It has a lot of stretch, fits closet to the body but not tight and has the fabric has a nice heft. If you’re looking for a nice turtleneck (or two) that you can wear by themselves or layered, this is a great option.

Jeans from Chico's

My girlfriend ankle jeans in Ranier indigo are very comfortable and run true to size. I’m wearing the Chico’s size 1 or 8 misses. I could tell from the website photo that they were actually longer than ankle length and figured they would work nicely with booties. Sure enough, they’re the perfect length on my 5’8″ frame with these booties. I love the dark wash, too. They’re a midrise jean.

Franco Sarto booties

I picked up my Franco Sarto booties in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. But they’re back on sale and I think the savings is even greater than what I received in July. These zip-up Chelsea boots come in a variety of colors and patterns and work great with straight leg jeans. I also have them in the black snake print. They fit true to size and so comfortably.

jeans // turtleneck // faux fur vest // boots // shoulder bag (more economical option and another) // similar earrings // similar bracelet // belt in black size up (another option) // sunglasses (more economical)

I pulled this look together with a brown belt and my fudge brown Kira crossbody by Tory Burch. It’s a pricey bag, but I found some great alternatives at Nordstrom Rack. I love this pebbled leather crossbody bag as well as this smooth leather one. And those are some amazing markdowns.

My jewelry is also from Chico’s from past collaborations, but no longer available. But I love these earrings for completing a similar look. And this bracelet as well as this coin bracelet are great options.

Completer Piece
jeans // turtleneck // faux fur vest // boots // shoulder bag (more economical option and another) // similar earrings // similar bracelet // belt in black size up (another option) // sunglasses (more economical)

I think the keys to creating a great outfit with such a standout completer piece are to…

  • keep the other pieces simple
  • add jewelry that compliments and doesn’t compete
  • pull the outfit together with substantial but simple accessories such as belt, shoes and bag
  • wear it with confidence and joy!

If you’re interested, you can shop the pieces I’ve shared today through the links in my copy or in the caption of the above photo. And don’t forget that shopping widget above with all those standout completer pieces from Chico’s.

Thanks so much for joining me for a little style inspiration today. Have a lovely day!

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26 thoughts on “Elevating a Simple Jeans Outfit with a Standout Completer Piece

  1. Kay this outfit is great! Building
    on yesterday’s post, is this all one intensity? And what level? I see that while this look has several colors, it is not busy, it is clean and classy.
    Love your posts!

    1. I’d say these pieces are all mid to high intensity and that the contrast is low. That’s usually my goal in my outfits: low contrast, whether I’m wearing high, medium or low intensity. But I don’t always do that. I did manage to this time though! ?

  2. I have a faux shearling vest in a chocolate brown that I purchased years ago from LLBean that I wear in colder weather with a cranberry turtleneck and jeans-just like your example. I love the warm coziness of the vest, and still receive lots of compliments on it. It isn’t as luxurious as your faux fur vest, but it serves the same purpose as a completer piece, and it’s so comfortable! As you might guess, I love your outfit.

  3. LOVE your look today on you. That faux fur vest is the cats pajamas! Very pretty on you. I really like your hair curley.

  4. Thanks for the tips on these
    Faux fur vests. I bought one similar to this over a month ago and have not worn it because I just didn’t know if it was cold enough yet but in a week or so it should be. Mine is more suede but it’s reversible and fuzzy on the other side. It’s more and a Gingerbread color. I think I’ll put navy under it with jeans thank you for
    Jogging my memory about it.
    Another great BFMD. What is that saying
    Jesus is the reason.

  5. What a great look right down to the boots! I would love to see a post on what vest to wear with whst neckline. I usually wear a vee neck with a collared vest and turtleneck with collarless vest. Are there rules on this? Is that sweater on the thin side? So many are these days.

  6. Beautiful outfit, Kay. I’ve noticed that great fur vest at Chicos recently while browsing the website as it is a real eyecatcher! The raspberry turtleneck is one of my favorite fall colors. I have multiple blouses and a cashmere sweater in that color. Thank you for sharing the BFMD, it brought joy to me as I read it.

  7. Wow! Love this outfit on you and your hair! How did you fix your hair? Hot or Velcro rollers. It is a very youthful look. You don’t look old by any means, but your hair looks fantastic.

  8. Thank you for this great post! You’re helping me get back in the grove. After I retired, my wardrobe only consisted of sweat pants, jeans, and t-shirts. I am only 61 years old, and I need to try to look more put together. You’re my inspiration!

    1. Ahh, I’m so glad to hear this Leila. I really try to offer some tangible take-away. Thanks for letting me know that I’m on the right track. You are definitely worth it! Bless you. ?

  9. Wow! That vest looks way better when you put it together than on the Chico’s website. You have inspired me! It has suddenly gotten colder here and I was wondering how to style a puff sleeve blouse and now I will put my fur vest over top.

    Thanks for the great ideas always!!

    1. Ooh! Yes, that sounds wonderful. If you order the vest be advised that when it arrives it will look all flat and uninspiring. Just steam it with a steamer, fluffing as you go. It will work miracles. ?