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Get Ready for 2022 with Me!

December 17, 2021

Happy Friday, ladies! What is it about Friday that’s so magical? Truly, I suppose there is something quite satisfying about tying a bow on another week and stepping back a little to admire it. Whether the week went as planned (does that ever happen?), presented a combination of challenges and victories or jumped track altogether, Friday feels like a deep breath at the end of a long musical phrase in an opus of days. So as we relish that breath today, I thought it would be a good time to remind you that we’re about to come to another crossroads as well. As we wind down 2021 I’d like to invite you to get ready for 2022 with me.

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Get Ready for 2022 with Me

In the past, I’ve been the kind of person who always felt a step behind. Anyone else? Try as I did, I rarely felt truly ready or prepared for any of life’s big events or milestones. I thought about my preparations a lot. And I started thinking about them early. But somewhere between good intentions and the big day I would lose track of time and neglect to actually do the work of getting ready. I failed to order the equipment, materials, food, supplies or whatever is necessary. I’d forget to delegate things to others even though I’d had all those conversations in my head a dozen times. Or the day would just sneak up on me…and sometimes pass me by…and I’d miss carrying out my best laid plans altogether.

But last year I felt like I actually somehow managed to shift gears from 2020 to 2021 seamlessly. Maybe that was because I was so ready for that particular year to end. Ha! And this year I’m determined to repeat the process and be ready to embrace the new year. So today I’m sharing the steps I’ll be taking and inviting you to walk through them with me, if they suit you. Let’s go, shall we?

Planning Time
sweater in blue azurine // necklace // earrings // mug // phone stand // calendar // candle // pencils // Bible

Take Some Time

I’ll be “taking some time” three different days over the next couple of weeks to do a little thinking and a little planning. I’ve discovered that if I really want to feel the effects of some new beginnings and fresh starts, I need to take a little time to think through things, plan out some new moves and make them happen.

I suggest making these moments of reflection and planning sweet, enjoyable and intentional. Pour yourself a favorite beverage, sit by the fire or on the back porch, light a candle and play some nice instrumental music in the background. And be sure to carve out at least an hour for this exercise, silencing your phone and letting others in your home know that you’re not to be disturbed.

Year in ReviewYear in Review

Take Some Time to Reflect on the Past Year

First I’m taking some time to review 2021. For each of us, depending on our personalities, this could look a little different. But here are a few options.

  • You could review each month, remembering a highlight and a challenge, a victory or a loss.
  • You could review the goals or resolutions you set last year and see how far you’ve come, focusing on progress, not perfection.
  • You could look through the photos you took on your phone during 2021, reflecting on the memories and milestones they represent.

It might be nice to journal some of your thoughts, even if you don’t necessarily keep what you’ve written. Just writing your reflections down – in whatever format works for you (illustrations, doodles, lists, diary, etc.) – makes the session feel more definitive and purposeful.

Take Some Time to Plan for the Next Year

Plan for Next Year

Next I’ll set aside another time to write out goals for the new year. I don’t generally make New Year’s resolutions, so to speak. But I’m a huge believer in setting goals and then devising or implementing systems to help me succeed. I like to set measurable goals with intermediate objectives and dates, too.

Setting Goals

I like to have my new calendar or planner at the ready when I have this session. I look for a calendar or planner with pages for goal setting or at least lots of blank pages. I really enjoyed my Power Sheets Goal Planner that I used last year and still heartily recommend the system. But, mostly because I really like having a week at a glance pages, I’m switching to this calendar this year.

Setting Goals
sweater in blue azurine // necklace // earrings // mug // phone stand // calendar // candle // pencils // Bible

When setting goals for the new year, you might want to consider the following areas of life, although you don’t necessarily need to set goals in all of them. You do you!

  • Health & Fitness
  • Financial
  • Work or Career
  • Relationships (new friendships, marriage, time with grandkids, etc.)
  • Pursuits (back to college, new certification, travel, learning a new language, etc.)
  • Service (church, volunteering in community, mission trip, etc.)

Can you think of other areas of life to consider that I’ve left out? I’d love to hear from you if you did.

I’ll also spend time during this session planning for soul care throughout the year. I’ve already been thinking about and praying about what devotional time system I’ll use this next year. I like to begin every morning in a “quiet time,” reading scripture and praying.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading through my Charles Stanley Life Principles Daily Bible (shown above and below) this year, and I’ve heard from many readers that some of you have, too. And I’ve actually decided to read through it again next year. I’m still considering ordering a devotional guide, too. But I figure I just can’t beat reading through God’s Word again.

Bible Reading
sweater in blue azurine // necklace // earrings // mug // phone stand // calendar // candle // pencils // Bible

But this is also a good time to make sure you have everything you need for satisfying, life-altering quiet times each day. Consider purchasing or securing:

I suggest having all of these things in a well chosen location for your quiet times before the new year begins. Maybe choose a new location this year, just to shake things up a bit. Make the area special with a candle, a cozy throw and maybe some soft music.

Daily Reading Bible
sweater in blue azurine // necklace // earrings // mug // phone stand // calendar // candle // pencils // Bible

As I set goals I like to go ahead and get on my phone or computer and set myself up for success. I immediately order anything I need to follow through with my plans. Considerations could include:

During this session I also lay the ground work for setting myself up for success in other ways. Specifically, I plan for accountability and support, and I make sure I have a system in place to achieve my desired results.

For instance, I use the FASTer Way to Fat Loss to help me achieve my fitness and nutrition goals. It also provides me with the accountability and support I need in this area. (If you’d like to know more about FASTer Way to Fat Loss, check out this post and this one, or head straight to their website for all the details. And don’t hesitate to email me for more perspective. I am an affiliate for FWTFL, but I pay monthly for the program just like everyone else.)

Other ways I may arrange for support, accountability and a system for success include:

  • having a church family
  • enrolling in a Bible study group (another option and another)
  • downloading a helpful app
  • getting a workout buddy
  • joining or starting a book club
  • lining up my plans with my spouse
  • joining a support group
  • and simply telling somebody about my goals and plans

Truly, there are no substitutes for having good systems in place, enlisting support and lining up accountability. You can read more of my thoughts on these essentials in this previous post and video.

Take Some Time for Prayer

Finally, I think it’s a good idea to have a little prayer meeting at the transition of the year. Whether I join up with my husband, spend time with a friend or carve out this time just for me, I like to spend some time intentionally praying through the plans I’m making and the bridge I’m crossing.

This is a good time to sit still before the Lord and ask for His guidance and direction. Here’s a great scripture passage to get us started.

Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast love, for in you I trust. Make me know the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.

Psalm 143:8
sweater in blue azurine // necklace // earrings // mug // phone stand // calendar

Thank you so much for joining me for today’s post as we get ready for 2022. Here’s to a blessed and fulfilling year! Let’s be a blessing to others by getting ourselves organized and ready for a good year.

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Aren’t you excited to see what 2022 holds? I’ll admit, there are days when I actually dread the future. Things are hard and a little crazy in our world. And, no, I don’t think they’re going to get better.

But I also know we won’t walk through those days alone. Nor are we without hope. God knows the plans He has for us. And He is good and gracious to walk through the valleys and the mountain tops with us. He will provide everything we need to handle whatever may come. Indeed, some days may be too hard for us. But they will not be too hard for Him. Let’s look forward to the future with joy…because we know that He holds our lives in His capable and good hands. We can have hope, not fear, for tomorrow because we know our God.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare[a] and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. ~ Jeremiah 29:11

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18 thoughts on “Get Ready for 2022 with Me!

  1. Such a beautiful, wise post, Kay! Thank you for this timely reminder to pause, reflect, plan, and pray. Just what I needed. For many of us, I imagine 2021 was mostly about recovering from 2020. Looking forward with hope and joy to 2022. Especially love your translation of Psalm 143:8!

  2. What an inspirational post today! You have inspired me to reflect on this past year and consider what I would like to accomplish in 2022. I have to admit that I have been floating along since the onset of the Covid pandemic. I always start my morning with devotional time and a walk with my dog, but I haven’t been goal-oriented for over a year. Thanks for the gentle nudge today.

  3. Thank you fir sharing your awesome ideas on reflection then planning. I need this. Life is slower in retirement so it’s very easy to put things off- and guess? They don’t get done!
    Thank you fir sharing your wisdom.

  4. A wonderful, inspirational post. I don’t often take the time to reflect back on the previous year- I’m too anxious to run ahead to see what’s in store for the next year. HA! This last year was indeed a hard one with momma in hospice, flying back and forth, coast to coast to be with her and still manage all that I have going on with my husband, our church and so forth. Losing momma on Halloween and all the work that is necessary for dealing with the realities of life and death, and still 3000 miles away. I will have much to reflect on at the end of this year. Thank you again Kay for your sweet spirit and gentle guidance and wisdom you so willingly share with us.

    1. Hi Jan, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. Your comment is exactly why I think it’s so good to look back over the last year and reflect a little. You’ve had a HARD year. And obviously God has graciously supplied wisdom and strength and so many other things. So I think it’s important for you to be gracious with yourself and work toward some closure. Bless you, sweet lady. I hope you have a much better 2022. ?

  5. Kay, I LOVE how you approach the end of a year and the new year!! Thank you for walking me through it!! I’m unable to do your fitness program because I’m very disabled but I do everything else!! I love to set Spiritual goals that are personnel!! I find these to be very important in my life!! I see you do too!! May the LORD bless you!!

  6. What a great post! I appreciate the gentle encouragement to review and plan. I appreciate that you mention relationships- so often we “fit in” relationships. I plan to use Alastair Begg’s “Truth for Life” devotional next year.

  7. What a fabulous BFMD! I have decided to read the Bible through in 2022, and will be using Guideposts The Daily Bible (daily readings in chronological order with devotional insights). I will continue reading my Daily Guideposts and probably Jesus Always by Sarah Young. Having my daily devotional time is very important for me. I’ve even had to sit in my closet for my quiet time when we’ve had overnight guests that I didn’t need to disturb (we live in a small home). To be honest, I do not take the time to reflect on the year that is coming to an end nor do I plan for the coming year. I hope that it won’t take long for Abby to find the perfect dress, and you find the perfect dress for yourself. Will James perform the ceremony?

  8. Kay I Love your post. I am retired and I definitely need some guidance. I just do what ever comes up. My husband keeps telling me I need to learn how he keeps up with our finances and Bank acct. When I was working nights he took over all of the finances and some of the household chores. For that I was grateful. Now I just do what I need too with no organization at all. This is my year to change. I know I won’t do it alone. God may have to carry me, but I’ll get there. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I pray everything goes well with the planning of your Daughter’s Wedding!!
    –Much Love, Earl, Linda and Evan Williams–

  9. What a wonderful post. You look simply stunning in that color! Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials! Definitely something to look forward to. You’ve inspired me to get my planning started for a great New Year. Thank you for your inspiration and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  10. I got a lot out of this post, Kay. Thank you for it. I was reminded of the vital component of letting the Lord in on any and all plans from the beginning. I look forward to all the Lord has for us in 2022. I am so glad that He is in control.
    You must be so excited as you begin the planning for Abigail and Andrew’s wedding. I am so happy for you all.
    Blessed Christmas to you and your family,

  11. Thank you Kay for this very inspirational post. It has inspired me to be more exacting in setting goals and desires for 2022. It’s so easy to just coast and, often end up floundering. Your guidance and ideas have truly given me the boost and drive I need to persevere. Thank you for your wonderful messages!

  12. HI Kay, Well this post is certainly timely for me! I’ve got my word for 2022 but I need to figure out what my goals are. Thank you for providing this helpful blog post! I have a Franklin planner I use and I want to be faithful to use it all year. I tend to be hit or miss. UGH! Looking forward to 2022 and all the good it holds. Wishing you a lovely Christmas. I so want to see the dresses you and Abigail select! Maybe hide them deep in a post where Andrew won’t wander in by accident….

  13. Thank you so very much Kay for today’s post. What a wonderful idea to reflex and plan. I too, start my day with my Heavenly Father. If I may suggest, I use several guides, “Journey” a women’s guide to intimacy with God, First Five, which is an app. Lysa TerKeurst is the President and she has Bible Studies and a weekend audio program. I also listen to Moor of the Word with Dr. Chuck Pourciau. Journaling and praying rounds out my morning. I need to get motivated on my goals for 2022. Health, Diet and Lifestyle are just a few. Merry and Blessed Christmas to you and your family.

  14. Kay, I’m so thankful for the tips you share! Today’s is especially helpful to have a plan before January 1! I’m returning songwriting to my quiet time one day a week in 2022. Thank you so much for the practical steps you suggested and may your year drip with abundance!

  15. I loved everything about this post. It felt like you were speaking directly from my heart. I will be reading this one again as I sit down to reflect, plan, and pray.