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My April 2021 Favorites

April 26, 2021

Hello and happy Monday! Not only is it looking like spring, glorious spring, here, but it’s finally feeling like it, too. Yippee! I decided this weekend that Spring is definitely my favorite season here in Ohio, especially when it comes to the beauty of it. But it is also definitely my most frustrating season, too. Anybody else??? While fall is also beautiful, it feels a little more predictable weather-wise. But both springs that I’ve lived here, the weather has been every which way but up. Mercy! Next year. Just you wait. I’m going to finally figure out how to dress for spring. But for now, I’m just glad that it looks like we’ve perhaps turned the corner and warm weather is slated for the foreseeable future.

April Favorites Header

Okay, enough of my rant about spring. Today I’m sharing my April Favorites. These are mostly items I both purchased and enjoyed in April. But I’ll confess I sneaked a few in here that I bought before this month. Still, I included them in the list because this is the month that I’ve really been using or wearing them. Let’s get started!

Copy of April Favorites without Header

It’s a little meaningless, I suppose. But I always enjoy seeing how my list seems to naturally evolve into a theme. And I’m calling this month’s list, Hello Color! Not only will you see a few colorful garments, but you’ll also catch me adding a little color to my skin and my jewelry. It’s definitely that time of year when we enjoy awaking our senses with fresh bursts of pinks, blues, yellows and greens. Let’s see what I’m enjoying this April.

Beach Rose Vintage Cotton T-Shirt

Beach Rose Vintage Cotton T-Shirt

Not only do I wear this Beach Rose Vintage Cotton T-Shirt frequently, but it’s also been a top-seller here at Dressed for My Day. So my bet is that many of you are enjoying it, too. It’s a soft, sweet tee that is quite versatile and just fun to have on hand.

White Linen Blazer Outfit for Spring
See the original post for details and shopping information.

I’ve shown this Beach Rose Vintage Cotton T-Shirt in a few of my How I Really Dressed for My Day post, but I’ve also styled it three different ways in fashion posts. You can see how I styled it with a fun kimono here and a denim jacket here, but my favorite look with the Beach Rose Vintage Cotton T-Shirt was the one above with the white cotton-linen blend blazer.

The Beach Rose Vintage Cotton T-Shirt runs true to size and is almost always on some kind of sale. It seems to be well stocked, too.

The Perfect Vintage Jean in Enmore Wash: Raw-Hem Edition

That actually leads us nicely to my second April favorite, The Perfect Vintage Jean in Enmore Wash. These are the jeans I wore with the Beach Rose Vintage Cotton T-Shirt and white cotton-linen blend blazer. I actually purchased these raw hem jeans earlier in the year, but I’ve been wearing them a lot this month.

What I Wore Wednesday 1
The Perfect Vintage Jean in Enmore Wash: Raw-Hem Edition

The above photo is from this How I Really Dressed for My Day post. I wore this outfit the day we signed the closing papers on our house. I enjoy these raw hem jeans because they’re a modern cut, but they’re still slim fitting and quite flattering. I also appreciate the raw hem, the medium wash and the great fit. I’m wearing my true to size 29 (equivalent of an 8) and they fit very nicely. They’re quite soft and comfortable, too.

Alex Pendant Necklace in Bronze Veined Teal Magnesite

I’m wearing this Alex Pendant Necklace frequently this month, too. It’s a great length for wearing over a crewneck tee or sweater. And the bronze veined teal magnesite can read like a neutral. I think the stone is quite summery.

April Faves 7
Alex Pendant Necklace in Bronze Veined Teal Magnesite // Soft Curved Hoop Earrings

The Alex Pendant Necklace is a customized necklace from Kendra Scott. And you can customize yours with this stone or another. It would make a great Mother’s Day gift, too. You can see me wearing it below with a casual blue tee and my fatigue barrel pants. Oh, and the chain is adjustable. I love that because we all need to wear our long pendants at different length.

How I Really Dressed for Sunday afternoon 2
Alex Pendant Necklace in Bronze Veined Teal Magnesite // See the original post for details and shopping information.

The Alex Pendant Necklace works well by itself or layered with other pretty gold chains.

Soft Curved Hoop Earrings

Also pictured above are my Soft Curved Hoop Earrings from Banana Republic. These are just classic gold hoops, but they’re a big larger than my others. I’m wearing them in the photo below.

Barrel Pants with Sandals
Soft Curved Hoop Earrings // See the original post for details and shopping information.

I like to wear these Soft Curved Hoop Earrings when I want to keep my jewelry simple and pared back, but I also want it to have an impact. When it comes to statement jewelry, I’m more of a classic gal still. So I see these Soft Curved Hoop Earrings as a classic statement piece.

Quinn Suede Platform Espadrilles in light toffee

Because it’s been such a chilly April, I find myself wanting to wear closed toe shoes frequently. So I’ve really enjoyed these Quinn Suede Platform Espadrilles from Talbots.

Quinn Suede Platform Espadrilles in light toffee // alternative more in stock

In fact, I was surprised to discover that I haven’t even featured the Quinn Suede Platform Espadrilles in a style post, but I’ve worn them plenty in my How I Really Dressed for My Day posts.

See the original post for details and shopping information.

The light toffee shade I’m wearing was back in stock just yesterday, but they seem to have sold out again. In fact, it looks like this particular shoe is almost gone. But Talbots also has a closed toe espadrille here in pretty spring colors. Espadrilles are definitely trending high this summer. And today Talbots cardholders can get 30% off your order and triple point.

Vince Camuto Smocked Blouse in bright hibiscus

I purchased this Vince Camuto Smocked Blouse in bright hibiscus when I was just so hungry for color. And this pretty, lightweight feminine blouse delivered a satisfying does of beautiful color.

Vince Camuto Smocked Blouse

Vince Camuto Smocked Blouse in this How I Really Dressed for My Day post.

I really wish I had a better photo of me wearing the Vince Camuto Smocked Blouse, but something went really wonky with this picture. So let me just tell you that it runs true to size and works beautifully tucked in or left out.

Vince Camuto Smocked Blouse in this How I Really Dressed for My Day post

I enjoyed wearing it on this day with just a pair of boyfriend jeans, but it would work so nicely with pretty white or black pants, too. It’s selling out fast. Oh, and it’s also available at Dillard’s for 40% off , but only in ivory.

St. Tropaz Self Tan Classic Mousse & Mitt Applicator

Of course this is the time of year when I need to start adding a little color to my skin, too. I discovered this St. Tropez self tan mousse last year, and I really like the results I get with it.

St. Tropaz Self Tan Classic Mousse & Mitt Applicator

The St. Tropaz Self Tan Classic Mousse goes on best with the Mitt Applicator. In fact, I can’t imagine trying to apply it without the Mitt Applicator or some other similar mitt. I purchased mine in a kit, but it’s not available right now. But you can get the kit in a travel size, which would be a nice trial set.

Hanging Jewelry Organizer

I saw another influencer share this Hanging Jewelry Organizer and immediately grabbed it up. I’d become so frustrating with keeping my necklaces in my jewelry box. This Hanging Jewelry Organizer makes them so much more accessible and keeps them untangled.

Hanging Jewelry Organizer

I like that the Hanging Jewelry Organizer is weighted on the bottom, so it stands up nicely on my dresser, even laden with necklaces. This Hanging Jewelry Organizer would also make a nice Mother’s Day gift.

Slub Cotton V-Neck Sweater in popsicle pink

Now I just purchased this Slub Cotton V-Neck Sweater this weekend and wore it for the first time last night. But I’m definitely in love.

Slub Cotton V-Neck Sweater

I wore the Slub Cotton V-Neck Sweater last night to our church’s cookout. I just love the pretty popsicle pink color, but it also comes in other shades, too. And today Talbots is having their Preview Sale with 30% off your purchase with your Talbots credit card.

Slub Cotton V-Neck Sweater

The Slub Cotton V-Neck Sweater is very lightweight, but not so sheer that you need to wear something under it. It’s a nice weight for a summer sweater, almost more of a long sleeve tee. It also layers nicely under a jacket because it is so lightweight.

Tencel Classic Field Jacket

Because it was still chilly, I wore the Slub Cotton V-Neck Sweater under this Tencel Classic Field Jacket. I love this jacket. It’s a nice weight, not heavy. Perfect for summer beach vacations or trips to the mountains.

Tencel Classic Field Jacket

Of course the Tencel Classic Field Jacket has a drawstring around the waist so you can cinch it and make it a little more fitted. I’m still playing with that. The jacket also comes in white and other colors, but I like this Tencel jacket because it reads like a denim jacket, but you can still wear it easily with jeans.

Dropped Hem Slim Ankle Jeans

I actually bought these Dropped Hem Slim Ankle Jeans last year, but I just pulled them out to wear recently. I love the silhouette of these Slim Ankle Jeans, especially for spring and summer. They’re a trim fit, but not a skinny jean (which is less modern). And I think the hem adds just a little visual interest without being distracting or too trendy.

The Dropped Hem Slim Ankle Jeans run true to size or maybe size down. Just whatever you wear in Talbots jeans usually should work. Mine are quite roomy in the waist, but I prefer that over tight jeans these days. You can seem me wearing these jeans in the above photos, too. I wore them to the church cookout…along with all my other favorites. Ha!

Cotton Dolman Sleeve Shirtdress

Finally, this list wouldn’t be complete without my Cotton Dolman Sleeve Shirtdress that I wore on Easter. I love, love, love this dress. Shirtdresses are really trending this spring and summer, and this one is so soft and flirty. Just feminine and classic.

Cotton Dolman Sleeve Shirtdress // See the original post for details and shopping information.

I can wear the Cotton Dolman Sleeve Shirtdress with different shoes for different occasions. I think I actually wore my pumps for Easter because it was a little chilly that morning. This would also make such a pretty dress to wear for Mother’s Day. It runs true to size; I’m wearing an 8.

Well, those are my April favorites. If you have questions about anything I’ve shown let me know. You can shop most of them in the shopping widget below, too. These are all affiliate links, of course. So if you shop through them I potentially earn a commission on your purchase, but at no cost to you. Thank you so much for shopping my links.

Don’t forget to check out Talbots’ Friends & Family Event, especially if you’re a cardholder. Talbots cardholders can get 30% off your entire purchase PLUS 3X the style points. If you’re not a cardholder, I suggest you take this time to build your Talbots Wish List. You’ll just need to sign in to your account to start adding to your Wish List. You might like to start your shopping at My Talbots Favorites page.

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I’ve found that I become less easily offended if I’ll purposely set out to understand the other person’s viewpoint rather than assuming that their statement is somehow aimed at attacking me. I try to be a student of the person rather than a defender of my position. Listening to another person is such an invitation for honest conversation, while anger simply shuts true communication down. Today let’s seek to understand rather than defend. It won’t be easy, but it will prove to be a valuable method.

Someone with great understanding is slow to anger,
but the one who has a quick temper exalts folly. ~ Proverbs 14:29

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27 thoughts on “My April 2021 Favorites

  1. You always look beautiful. I have mentioned that I use the St Tropez mouse, but this week I tried the Bali Sunny Honey mouse. OMGosh. It’s wonderful. Just wanted to throw that out.
    Have a blessed day.

  2. Your BFMD is right on for me. Thank you so much. I all the looks I like the hot pink blouse. Have a great day.

  3. I ordered that hanging jewelry organizer after seeing it on your post and I love it! It is sturdy and pretty. Now instead of having to dig for my necklaces in a box (sometimes tangled!) they are organized and easy to select. I also ordered that cotton shirt dress from Talbots and love it! The cotton is perfect for our hot Arizona temperatures. I wish it came in more colors, I would order several. Love your style and posts, Kay! I need all the help I can get! Have a blessed day!

  4. The thing about Ohio weather is it stinks. Keep your winter clothes out until summer hits. It usually doesn’t snow in April. But in Ohio anything is possible. That’s why I moved to Georgia. But I found out that Georgia in April isn’t good for allergies. But it’s almost May, so I will survive. Hang in there. I hope it warms up soon for you.

  5. Kay, I really like your Vince Camuto Smocked Blouse and dropped hem slim ankle jeans! I have so many necklaces that I have a towel rod up in my closet with double shower curtain hooks that is filled. I hope that you have had a great day!

  6. Love all the pink and that field jacket is to die for. I need more pink. Where can I buy those pink loafers with the navy anchor on top? They are with the stripe tee and jeans. I need those for my pink and ivory and tan striped pants.

    1. No, it’s with the black tee and jeans. That is the cutest little bag you’re carrying with the pink sweater and field jacket.

      1. Here’s a link to the bag and it’s 40% off with code COUNTDOWN. It was the perfect bag for keeping up with my sunnies, keys and reading glasses at the cookout.

    1. Lol! I think those must have been part of Talbots collection last year. They don’t seem to have them now. Sorry about that. ?

  7. I also needed that reminder with BFMD. Thank you. Love how you encourage me to be Dressed for my Day. 🙂

  8. I love Talbots too. Every season has something wonderful. I always enjoy seeing what you choose and how you style it.
    I live a little south of you in Lexington KY and I use Derby Day as my transition from winter to spring, both with my clothing and moving my plants to my enclosed porch. I usually wait until Mother’s Day to move plants outside though but you still have to be vigilant even then to watch for below 50 nights.

    1. Hi Cindy. That’s cool about using Derby Day to transition to spring. That’s this week, right? Pretty smart. I may have to try that next year. ? Thanks for sharing.

  9. Love the field jacket from Talbots and would like to see multiple ways to style it. Your blog is one of my favorites for both inner and outer beauty, Kay! I am almost finished with your Bible study “Joseph: Keeping a Soft Heart in a Hard Place”. This study gave me a richer and more personal perspective of trusting God in difficult circumstances. Thanks!

    1. Oh I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Bible study and benefiting from it. To God be all the glory. I’m glad to hear you like the field jacket. I’ll try to remember to use it with several outfits soon. Thanks for the suggestion. ?

  10. Just received the hanging jewelry organizer. Perfect! I had tried a different organizer for necklaces, but it just wasn’t working. This one is great! Thank you for the recommendation.

  11. Thanks for sharing. Seems our style sense is similar. I just purchased the jewelry organizer because the one I currently have is lightweight and circular and keeps tipping over causing me to have to gather jewelry off the floor. This one looks steady and like it can hold more and takes up less dresser space.

  12. Kay, I don’t know how I found you, but so glad I did. I enjoy your take on style and the icing on the cake is you’re a sister in Christ. I have a question and don’t believe anyone else has asked. Concerning the jewelry organizer, what is the tool on the tray? Thanks!