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My 20 Favorite Fashion Purchases of 2021

January 3, 2022

Happy New Year! I hope you had a nice weekend and that you’re ready to move into the new year with a sense of expectancy and courage. Today I’m buckling down on the FASTer Way to Fat Loss. Ever since my little Mohs surgery I’ve not been exercising as consistently as I should. And I had a little fun diet-wise during the holidays. So I’ve got to shape up and slim off a few pounds before my daughter’s May 15 wedding. Anyhoo! That’s not what we’re here for today! This week I’m continuing to review 2021 in an effort to refine my own personal style journey and to prepare to create the best content possible here at Dressed for My Day in 2022. Today I’m sharing my 12 favorite fashion purchases of 2021.

20 Favorite Fashion Purchases in 2021 from DFMD

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

Keep in mind that I purchase more clothes in a year than I ever would if I weren’t a style blogger. Then again, I’ve always loved shopping for clothes. They’re my jam! And this year it was harder than in previous years to narrow down my favorites. In fact, today I’m just sharing my 20 favorite clothing purchases. I’ll share favorite accessories and under garments, as well as beauty purchases on other days.

And I could have named many more, but I knew we’d all tire of this blog post if I didn’t keep the count reasonable. So if you don’t see something in today’s list that you’ve seen here before (and maybe even bought for yourself), don’t assume I didn’t like it in the end. I rarely if ever share anything here at Dressed for My Day that I don’t highly recommend.

One more thing. I’m putting these in typical twenty to one order, but honestly the order could change on any given day. But as I typed up this post last night, this is the order they landed in.

#20 – Good Days & Let’s Go Outside Tees

Well we’re barely started and I’m already cheating. Ha! I’m naming both of my Madewell graphic tees as my number twenty favorite. I thoroughly enjoyed wearing my Good Days tee this summer. It sold out early.

Good Days Tee no longer available

So when Madewell came out with a similar t-shirt that said Let’s Go Outside I really purchased it so I could share it with readers who had wanted the other one, but missed out on it. But I have found myself wearing both of these simple graphic tees so much. When you look back at How I Really Dressed for My Day posts, especially in the summer, you see me in one of these almost weekly.

Let’s Go Outside Tee // See original post.

You know I love a good graphic tee. And I’m not including my Sadie + Jane tees in this post simply because I didn’t actually purchase any of those; they were all gifted to me. But I must admit, these cream and black graphic tees have proven to be the most versatile.

#19 – Zebra Embroidered Tee

I also thoroughly enjoyed wearing my zebra embroidered t-shirt from Talbots. This tee also sold out very quickly, and I hated telling interested readers that it was gone.

Belt It!
See the original post.

Honestly, I generally steer clear of embroidered novelty tees these days. but I had a feeling this black and white embroidered tee would serve me well. And it did. I loved mixing it with my ruana, too.

Tuesday Outfit (1)

Isn’t that a fun look?

#18 – Modern Ankle Jeans with Ribbon Tape

When I look back at my summer photos, I realize how much I enjoyed wearing these Modern Ankle Jeans with Ribbon Tape. They fit nicely, have a great straight leg silhouette and are such a nice light wash for the summer. I found that side ribbon tape to be slimming, too. You can’t really see it in the photos below, but it’s right down the sides.

How I Dressed for Tuesday
Modern Ankle Jeans with Ribbon Tape

Evidently I never even featured the Modern Ankle Jeans with Ribbon Tape in a blog post. But I think I shared them in one of my spring videos. I’ll definitely be pulling these out again this spring.

#17 – Ralph Lauren Jersey Knit Dress

I actually purchased this Ralph Lauren Jersey Knit Dress just for a blog post. But then I fell in love with this lovely sheath dress and decided to wear it to my nephew’s fall wedding. I felt lovely in this pretty blue color.

Ralph Lauren Jersey Knit Dress as seen in this post.

This particular Jersey Knit Dress is not available, but if you click on the link it will take you to other similar dresses. Ralph Lauren frequently features similar dresses. In fact, I’ve featured two other similar dresses here at the blog in previous years.

#16 – Ivory Bow Blouse

Honestly, this blouse should be much higher on my list…except there are other good things to come, too. I’d been looking for a pretty, simple, ivory blouse for some time. And I had to shop for this one several times as it kept selling out before I could get it in my cart.

What I Wore to Church
Ivory Bow Blouse (right now only available in deep violet blue)

I think I’ve only worn this Ivory Bow Blouse once. I took it to Georgia to wear, but ended up wearing a sweater instead because it was cold. But I love how this Ivory Bow Blouse pairs with dress slacks or jeans, especially with a blazer over it.

#15 – Blue V-Neck Cashmere Sweater

This Blue V-Neck Cashmere Sweater has definitely been one of my most frequently worn sweaters this winter. You probably know that I tend to wear a lot of neutrals, so I was determined to add some flattering colors to my wardrobe this winter. I think this surf blue is so pretty, especially with black or grey.

How I Really Dressed for My Day
Blue V-Neck Cashmere Sweater

You know something is a favorite of mine when it shows up a lot in my How I Really Dressed for My Day posts. I think I also wore this video a lot in several recent videos, including this one on how to Style a Pullover Sweater.

#14 – Black Long Quilted Coat

I confess, I almost didn’t list some of these because they’re out of stock. But that would have been silly. Still I wish this black long quilted coat were still available, if for no other reason but that my mom really wanted one after seeing mine.

Winter Classics Outfit
See the original post.

Quilted coats have really been trending this year. I found some more great ones here if you’re interested. I’ve enjoyed this coat so much because it’s lighter weight but still substantial, looks classy and chic and is a nice silhouette.

#13 – L.L.Bean Summer Knit Dress

There’s nothing fancy about this L.L.Bean Summer Knit Dress, but I wore it frequently this summer. Surprisingly I have several dresses in this list, and all of them are from the summer. I later purchased this dress in solid black as well. It’s soft and so easy to wear.

How I Dressed Thursday
L.L.Bean Summer Knit Dress

This L.L.Bean Summer Knit Dress is still available in limited sizes and prints, but I expect they’ll reintroduce it again this spring and summer in this print and the black, as well as maybe a new one or two.

#12 – Roller Rabbit Embroidered Shift Dress

I purchased this Roller Rabbit Embroidered Shift Dress to share in a video about how to wear a white dress this spring and summer. I actually loved and wore all three dresses I showed, but I definitely wore this one the most. This simple shift silhouette just proved to be very versatile.

Roller Rabbit Embroidered Shift Dress

This dress never did go on sale, so I guess it’s not going to. But cost per wear I think it’s going to prove to be a good investment.

#11 – Dolman Sleeve Shirtdress

I purchased this dolman sleeve shirtdress for Easter and really enjoyed wearing it. Of course it’s no longer available. I think shirtdresses are continuing to trend this next year, and I’m all for it. I love the classic-retro vibe of these dresses as well as the comfort.

See the original post.

#10 – Johnny Was Silk Reversible Kimono

I don’t even remember why I purchased this pricey Johnny Was Silk Reversible Kimono, but I was in love the minute I tried it on. And I remember I really hesitated to even show it on the blog because of the price, especially since it sold out pretty quickly. But in the end I just loved how versatile it was.

Graphic Tee and Floral Kimono for Spring
Similar Johnny Was Silk Reversible Kimonos

Not only did I end up styling the kimono multiple ways on the blog, but I also wore it frequently through the summer. And it’s definitely in my wardrobe for next spring and summer, too. So cost per wear I think this is also going to prove to be a worthy investment.

Animal Print
See the original post.

#9 – Tiered Tie Neck Top

Again, I’d been on the hunt for a pretty blouse or two to add to my wardrobe. I just love the idea of a pretty, feminine blouse with jeans. Of course, I wanted to be able to wear these blouses with dressier items, too. So I really like this navy Tiered Tie Neck Top. It’s fully lined in the bodice, but sheer in the arms.

Pretty Feminine Blouse
Tiered Tie Neck Top as seen in this post.

This Tiered Tie Neck Top is still available in a couple of sizes. I find that Ann Taylor generally has a nice selection of feminine tops and blouses, but they do tend to go fast.

#8 – Everlane Polo Cashmere Sweater

You know I love my cashmere sweaters, but I love this Everlane cashmere sweater for three reasons. It has a modern polo neckline. It’s a beautiful soft lavender color. And it’s a very soft, fine weave.

Adding Navy to My Wardrobe
As seen in this post.

This color is not really one of my signature colors, and I’m usually a stickler for staying with my color palette. But since I can wear this sweater with black, navy, denim or ivory pants, I figured it was a reasonable investment. And I thoroughly enjoy wearing it.

#7 – J.Crew Full Length 90s Straight Leg Jeans

I am so converted to straight leg jeans. And while I love my Talbots straight leg jeans, I find myself wearing these J.Crew Full Length 90s Straight Leg Jeans more than any others. Granted, I think they’re a size too big for me. Maybe that’s why I like them! They’re sooo comfy. But I also just love the medium wash, the true straight and the high waist.

J.Crew Full Length 90s Straight Leg Jeans

These J.Crew Full Length 90s Straight Leg Jeans are still available, but they are final sale. I’m wearing a size 30 and they are very roomy in the waist and hips. I think I would do fine with a 29. And I have ordered another similar pair in a darker wash in a size 29. They’re not on sale, but they’re also returnable.

#6 – Black Travel Pants

I was so excited when I saw these Black Travel Pants in Talbots’ autumn offerings. And they didn’t disappoint me. They’re not available right now, but I’m linking to the page anyhow because they’ve already restocked them once and maybe they will again.

Black Travel Pants
Black Travel Pants as seen in this post.

I love to have casual pants in my closet that I can wear instead of jeans. And these Black Travel Pants are comfortable but also classy. I wore these on the airplane to and from Georgia, but they also worked well for dressier outings once I was there.

Winter Classics Outfit
Black Travel Pants as seen in this post.

#5 – Talbots Linen Cropped Pants

I’ve loved wearing linen for the past two summers, but this summer my favorite pair of linen pants were these cropped pants from Talbots.

Linen Up for Summer
As seen in this post.

I especially liked these linen crop pants because they have a more tailored fit and belt loops. I liked the flax color, too, but they did come in other colors as well. I wore these to church a lot, but they were suitable for so many other occasions, too.

#4 – Everlane Black Parklet Shirtdress

If you look back through my summertime How I Really Dressed for My Day posts you’d see that I wore this Everlane Black Parklet Shirtdress almost weekly. It is so amazingly comfortable and sweet to wear. And when I say it’s comfortable I’m not just referring to the roominess of the dress. The fabric is such a smooth, silky cotton.

What I Wore Wednesday (6)
Everlane Black Parklet Shirtdress

I loved this dress so much I ended up buying the blue and white houndstooth one, too. But honestly I love the black one more. I always got compliments on it when I was out and about in it.

#3 – Audrey Cashmere Sweater in Almond Heather

I purchased three different camel colored pullover sweaters this fall. But my Talbots Audrey Cashmere Sweater in Almond Heather is definitely my favorite of the three. It’s such a pretty color and great quality. Plus I’m partial to the 3/4 length sleeves and neckline of the Audrey.

Audrey Cashmere Sweater in Almond Heather

I think this Almond Heather is a great camel tone for those with cool undertones. I actually have neutral undertones, but I know a lot of women with cool undertones struggle with finding a camel that works. I really think this one is nice. The mirror selfies above don’t do it justice and evidently I’ve never styled it for a fashion post. But this Audrey Cashmere Sweater in Almond Heather definitely comes in at #3 this year.

#2 – Talbots Black Blazer, Pants & Dress

Okay, this is a major cheat because I’m grouping three items into my #2 favorite purchase. But I love the versatility of my black blazer, pants and dress. And part of the reason any of the three are this high in my list is because of how beautifully they work together and separately.

Pretty Blouse with Black Suit
Black pants and blazer as seen in this post.

I originally bought the dress to fill that “little black dress” hole in my wardrobe. But then I decided it would be smart to have the jacket to wear with it. And then I decided it would be silly not to go ahead and purchase the matching black pants, too.

Sunday Preview
Dress no longer available; black blazer

#1 – Veronica Beard Miller Dickey Plaid Blazer

My Veronica Beard Miller Dickey Plaid Blazer was a little reward I game myself when I reached 100,000 subscribers at my YouTube channel. Still, I’m always a little nervous when I spend that much on a jacket. Veronica Beard jackets are pricey, but I’ve always found them to be extremely high quality. Plus, I absolutely love the dickey feature. You have to buy them separately – and they’re also expensive – but you can create completely different looks by buttoning and zipping in the various dickeys.

Anyhow, this plaid blazer has proven to be just as much fun to wear as I’d hoped. I was looking for a substantial plaid blazer that would look sharp with both dress slacks and jeans, one that looked a little British, if you will, but also modern. This jacket fit the bill beautifully.

What I Wore to Church

I wore this beautiful blazer Thanksgiving with jeans, but I’ve also worn it with green slacks and navy ones.

What I Wore Thanksgiving

So as I look back over this list, I learn a little about what qualifies a purchase to be one of my favorites. While I enjoyed wearing many, many more of my clothes this year, the items in this list have several things in common. They are generally:

  • very versatile, pairing easily with multiple garments or accessories
  • pieces that can dress up or dress down
  • comfortable and easy to wear
  • well-made so that they will last
  • true to my personal style aesthetic
  • fun to wear

I also noticed that I continue to love my neutrals, but I added at least three pieces that I love in that pretty blue.

Thanks so much for dropping in for my run down of favorite purchases of 2021. Not many of them are available any more, so I apologize for that. But I appreciate you indulging me as I build these lists. I’m learning more from them than you can imagine, and I hope that will translate into a more refined wardrobe for myself and better content here on the blog and YouTube channel, too.

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19 thoughts on “My 20 Favorite Fashion Purchases of 2021

  1. I did a double take this morning as I read your post, as my husband and I also celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary yesterday! Happy Anniversary to you both! Thanks for the wonderful content on your blog and YouTube channel. I look forward to reading/watching each morning before heading to work.

  2. Love all these looks and looking forward to this year with you Kay!

    Too much Graeters; Ice Cream and pastries means I need to cut a couple pounds myself.

    I know we had talked sometime last year about a Group get together …….wonder if they may be possible this year for all us whomever can make it, meet for a long weekend? Just an idea if it’s possible!!

    Will be with you this year in 2022 following on the Blog, Instagram and DFMD.


  3. Great list! I’m glad to see the blue v-neck cashmere sweater on your list. I purchased it and have really enjoyed wearing it. The color is just beautiful!
    I can see why the Veronica Beard Blazer topped your list. It is gorgeous and very flattering on you.
    I’m tempted by the black blazer. I already have a black blazer but it’s shorter and I feel like the longer blazers are trending more right now. I suppose it doesn’t matter, but the Blazer went on my wish list for me to consider. I have a different black dress from Talbots and think they’d pair nicely.
    Happy New Year!

  4. I bought the dolman sleeve dress from Talbots but then didn’t have a chance to wear it – it’s a classic though so I’m sure to wear it in 2022. I also love the Audrey sweater – I have it in red, black and now the same Almond Heather – so versatile with jeans or to the office. The plaid blazer is so flattering-a well deserved treat!

  5. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. ❤? This is wonderful!! I love your posts and your fashion style. So classic. I wouldn’t change anything. I’m a little older than you and I do wear what I like. Mostly jeans, sweaters, tees and Sweatshirts. I do have a Sunday wardrobe. Which is a little more classic. You are very inspiring and I have learned a lot from you. Thank you!! …Linda…

  6. I too loved and bought the surf blue cashmere sweater. So nice. I should have bought the lavender polo sweater also, but hesitated and it sold out in my size. I also purchased the Talbots linen pants and the roller rabbit embroidery white dress and glad I did. I have 35 blazers so hesitated on the Veronica Beard blazer, but wish I hadn’t now, as it looks so classy on you.
    Glad Andrew could come for a couple of days and visit with you all. Have a blessed day.

  7. Great list. I liked the hunter green blouse that you had on with the black blazer and pants the best of all of your posts. Happy New Year.

  8. I am considering the Evelane black cotton Parklet shirt dress. What is the length of the dress you are wearing? Is it a Midi length? I am 5′ 9″ and looking for a Midi length.
    Also do you think they will come out this spring with several colors to consider as well as black? I enjoy seeing the various clothes from the past year. I’m looking for sales right now, of course, if possible.
    Thanks for all the help and BFMD you give us. God bless you and Happy Anniversary. —J

    1. Hi Jane. I don’t know if they’ll come out with more colors this summer. I’m 5’8” so maybe that would help you gauge the length of the dress. I think it hits me just below the knee.

  9. My husband and I had an anniversary yesterday also – 43 years!
    It was always funny to us because we thought no one else ever married on this day
    Congrats to you both and I so enjoy your posts!

    1. Happy Anniversary! Maybe you, like us, we’re between semesters in school. James was in seminary at the time and we got married between semesters. ?

  10. Happy 34th Anniversary to you and James! I enjoyed seeing some of your favorites things you loved to wear in 2021. I am looking forward to sharing 2022 with you! Without giving anything away, can you share what color dress you will be wearing for Abigail’s wedding?

    1. Hi Ginger. I really don’t know yet. I ordered six last week and sent them all back. ? I’ve ordered five more and am waiting to try them out. Ideally I’ll wear green or blue, but I have a pretty pink one coming too. Also Abigail has requested I try to find one in champagne or gold, but I’m not having a lot of luck there right now. I’m finding colors I like but not in the designs I want.

  11. Love the blue v neck cashmere sweater, quilted coat and green blouse. But you cannot wear a sweater and a quilted coat in 78 degree temperature which is what we had for Christmas. I had plans on wearing them to the beautiful Harbor Lights show in Gulfport MS the day after Christmas but wore a red plaid lightweight shirt instead. NOW it goes down to 31 last night. Gods little joke?

  12. Hello
    I really love your hairdo on photo number 18. I also love that pink shirt. There are several fashions in your top 20 that I don’t own but I love.

  13. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary Kay. My husband & i also celebrated our wedding anniversary.

    Love your youtube videos❤️

    Blessings for 2022.