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Summer Date Night Outfit

June 22, 2018

Hello Friday! Do you have special plans this weekend? What about this evening? James and I are anticipating a little couple time next week as we attend a loosely structured retreat with lots of open time for couples to get away and just relax. So I thought I’d share a sharp date night outfit with you today, something like I might wear if we get to go out to dinner or an outdoor concert.

Summer Date Night Outfit

I actually took these photos when I was preparing for my 7 Ways to Wear White Jeans this Summer post. Ha! I knew there were supposed to be more than seven! This was the 8th! Ah well.

Summer Date Night Outfit

None of this is new, but I’ve never grouped these pieces together before. Don’t you love it when you’re able to “shop your closet” and put together a new outfit, one you didn’t even realize you had? Besides featuring these white skinny jeans in my 7 Ways to Wear White Jeans this Summer post, I’ve shown my red lacy mixed media tee with my double frayed skinny jeans in this post.

Summer Date Night Outfit

I love the detailing on the sleeve of this red easy breezy shirt, and it’s still available in many sizes and on sale.

Summer Date Night Outfit

I’m wearing my black capri sandals. I’ve gotten so much wear out of them, and I think they’re going to be favorites for at least a couple more years. Here’s the link to the capri sandals in silver and gold. I am still kicking myself for not getting those gold sandals before they ran out of my size.

Summer Date Night Outfit

I’m wearing a black and white tassel pendant necklace from Talbots, but they’re gone. So I’m providing you a shopping widget with all the other longer length necklaces from Talbots that I’m crushing on right now. Some would work perfectly in this white, red and black ensemble. Others are just ones I love! Ooh! And some of them are on sale.

Summer Date Night Outfit

Finally, I found this never used Vera Bradley wallet clutch in my daughter’s closet when we were cleaning it out recently. It still had the tag attached! I love it and she gave it up. And it’s perfect for a date night when you don’t want to lug around your everyday bag. Of course, they no longer carry this purse, but they have so many to choose from at the Vera Bradley website.

I don’t always get gussied up when James and I have a date night. But I do like to put on something a little special every now and again. And this is a very casual outfit. But because I stuck with white, black and a big splash of red, I think it looks sharp and sophisticated.

I hope you enjoyed this date night post. Remember, I’m always open to suggestions of the kinds of outfits you’d like to see. If you have a special occasion or venue that you’ll be dressing for sometime, feel free to ask for suggestions.

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Blessed for My Day

Today I pray a blessing on your marriage, dear reader. If you are married, I pray that God would bless you with many more sweet and compatible years together. Marriage can certainly be hard, especially during the trying years of building careers and raising children. So if you are still in those hard pressed years, I pray for endurance for you. Believe me, the blessings that come after enduring and staying committed are bountiful. But if you are in those reconnecting years of the empty nest, maybe retirement, then I pray for God to meld your hearts together, reignite your passion and sweeten your conversations. May your marriage – the storms you’ve weathered, the trials you’ve endured, the children you’ve raised and the home you’ve built – be a blessing to those who are watching you and spending time in your presence. God bless your marriage.

Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice in the wife of your youth, a lovely deer, a graceful doe. ~ Proverbs 5:18



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4 thoughts on “Summer Date Night Outfit

  1. I do love shopping my closet. I’m one of those people who look in my closet and think “I have TOO much to wear”. I love it all, and there aren’t enough days to wear it all. (obviously I need to shop less…ha ha).
    Have a great time on your trip. It’s good to get away!!

  2. Thank you for the beautiful prayer. We are in the empty nest stage and it is a season to focus on our relationship
    Your prayer felt personal and I do want to be a good example to those who are watching!

  3. Kay, you have a lovely way of expressing your thoughts as well as describing apparel, jewelry, styles, colores and accessories. Thanks for beautiful prayer. Please continue your blog. I find it refreshing and informative!