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Transition into Fall with Separates from #NSale

August 1, 2018

Hi gals! Today I have another outfit I composed from purchases at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. But what I like about this ensemble is that its comprised of five separates that can be worn now and later. These are great separates for transitioning into fall weather.

Transitional Separates for Fall

I didn’t really mean to share this outfit within just two days of Monday’s post, which also featured these jeans and t-shirt. But it was too hot the night we took these photos for me to get to the other pieces I wanted to share. But the good news is that these are all great transitional separates.

Transitional Separates for Fall

By the way, I noticed that Nordstrom has some new sizes available in these Treasure & Bond Praise high waist jeans. I’m debating whether or not I need to order another size or keep mine. Like I said in Monday’s post, they run a little small in comparison to jeans from, say, Talbots, Ann Taylor or Loft.

Transitional Separates for Fall

My BP stitch curve hem sweater is definitely lighter than the one in Monday’s post. It would have been perfectly suitable for me to wear to the movie theater today when I saw Mamma Mia 2 again. Do you get chilly in the movie theater like I do? The sweater comes in several other shades. But once again the sizes have been picked over. I also noticed that Nordstrom carries this same sweater in one additional color, a beautiful red rumba, that isn’t marked down to the sale price. Still, it’s not a horrible price to pay for a sweater like this, and the color is gorgeous. And of course there are plenty sizes available in that shade.

Transitional Separates for Fall

I’m wearing my Caslon rounded v-neck t-shirt again. Yes, the sizes are still scarce in this shirt. But I found this one at Gap that is just as functional and nicely priced. And there are more sizes to select from there.

I received this gold pendant necklace from Ava Rose in my last Rocksbox set. If you’d like to try a month of a Rocksbox subscription free, use my code: KAYHBFF4.

Transitional Separates for Fall

Honestly, my favorite thing about this outfit are these English saddle leather toned mules. These are going to make beautiful transitional shoes for the rest of summer and into winter here in Arizona. I think they look sporty, sophisticated and classy. And the color is easy to pair with most any brown purse. They also come in black.

Transitional Separates for Fall

Of course you do not have to perfectly match your shoes and purse. But you can see how well these mules go with my Fossil bag.

Transitional Separates for Fall

I think this is a great outfit especially for months like September when the weather is getting a little cooler. You could certainly add a tee of a different color or one with print. In fact, this t-shirt comes in some really nice stripes. By the way, it runs large so go down a size or at least to the lowest size you normally wear.

Transitional Separates for Fall

So there you have it. A transitional fall outfit comprised of five pieces that could easily stay in your closet all year long. What kinds of separates do you gravitate toward when the weather begins to change?

By the way, don’t forget that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends August 5.

I used affiliate links in the post that lead you to where you can find these clothes and accessories. But I’m also including a shopping widget below for your convenience. When you shop through either, I make a commission, but at no cost to you.

I’ve linked today’s post with the Style on the Daily fashion link-up. Take a look! Thanks for reading and spending some time here today. I really value my readers. Have a blessed and lovely day.

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12 thoughts on “Transition into Fall with Separates from #NSale

    1. Yes, I’ve taken in a blanket before too Jodie! But I guess I’d rather it be chilly in the theater than hot! ?

      1. I happened to pop over because I never get an email telling me you’ve replied to my comments, yet I was thinking you were the wonderful kind of person who did respond. I know when I was using Jetpack for my comments, that happened to me. I wasn’t sure if you knew that or possibly didn’t care. But I thought I’d give you the heads up!!

  1. I always take a jacket or sweater with me when I go to a movie!

    I ordered these jeans, too and just received them yesterday. I tried them on last night and think they make me look wide. I need to try them on again before I decide if I will keep them. They look great on you!

    1. Hi Connie! Hmm. Maybe it’s just a matter of getting used to the style. The high waist, the straight leg and the cropped hem length together do create a fairly boxy silhouette I think. But you certainly want something you’ll wear. I haven’t really decided either. Thanks for reading. ?

    1. Hi Lynn, I’m sorry. I should have done that. I’m wearing a medium in that particular sweater. I ordered mediums and smalls in several different sweaters from Nordstrom, but this one is a medium. I might could have worn a small, but I like my sweaters a little roomy. I’m an 8, so sometimes I wear smalls and sometimes mediums. I hope that helps. Thanks for reading. I’ll try to do a little better about mentioning sizes. I’m glad you asked.

      1. Thanks, Kay! I’m an 8, too, and have the same situation in sizing, so your reply really helps. I like this sweater, and thanks for mentioning the various colors!

  2. Love that sweater! Did I tell you that my husband and I were stationed at Ft. Huachuca in 1977 and our first child was born there?
    I love hearing all about Sierra Vista and Bisbee and the places you mention that we have been to. What a small world!

    1. Hi Cindi! No, I don’t think you mentioned that. How cool! I think things have changed tremendously since then from what I hear. In fact, things have changed significantly since the late 90s. It’s a beautiful place to live really. And I’m going to Bisbee next Monday to get my hair cut. Bisbee hasn’t changed much! Thanks for letting me know. 🙂

  3. Cute outfit! I’m also an 8 and never know whether to order small or medium.. Really like the purse too!

  4. Love this outfit! I’m a little behind in your posts, so I’m happy you did a recap. You’re always so stylish and fresh. I love the bright color cardigan, I see myself wearing this in the fall!.