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How to Style a White Linen Blazer

April 25, 2022

Happy Monday! I’m really feeling all the spring vibes now. Finally! We had a gloriously warm and sunny spring weekend, and the trees and flowers are showing off their blooms ferociously. That splendid spring weather has me dusting off my absolute favorite spring and summer wardrobe staple – my white linen blazer. And because my blazer is back in the store and going on sale this week, I thought I’d share all the ways I like to style a white linen blazer…for spring and summer!

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For today’s post I’m pulling together photos from oh so many previous blog posts. In fact, since I’ve had my white linen blazer for three years now, these photos go way back. So for the most part I’ll simply link you to the original blog post if you’d like more details about the outfit you see in the photo. But for the more current pictures I’ll try to provide some shopping details for items that are available.

My White Linen Blazer

I do love my flax colored linen blazer that I’ve been wearing a lot already this year. And I recently purchased the similar blue one. But I’ll always have a place in my closet for my white linen blazer. It is definitely the most versatile and frequently worn piece in my spring and summer wardrobe. Cost per wear, I’m paying pennies at this point to wear this closet classic.

white linen blazer
white linen blazer // sweatshirt no longer available // See the original post for details.

I purchased my white linen blazer at Talbots and, while it is four years old, I do not think the styling has changed much from my blazer to the one they rolled out just this week. Mine does have two buttons, whereas this year’s Talbots white linen blazer has only one. And this year’s model has flap front pockets while mine sports flat slit pockets. But the length and the collar look similar. So yes, blazers will update a little every year. But you can rest assured that when you purchase a classic like a white linen blazer from a store such as Talbots, that is known for its modern classic clothing, you will have invested in a garment that has staying power.

white linen blazer // See the original post for details.

The beauty of a linen blazer is that you can wear it through the warmest months of the year. Yes, I do indeed shed my linen blazer occasionally when I step outside into the heat. Or I may take it off upon entering the hot, stuffy car. But you can’t beat a white linen blazer for air conditioned places such as work, church, hotels, conference centers and restaurants. And, because it is a natural and breathable fiber, linen really does wear differently than synthetics.

Now let’s talk about all the ways you can style this wardrobe basic for the warm months ahead.

Sale Alert: Talbots is offering 30% off your purchase during their Friends & Family Event Thursday, April 28 through Monday, May 2. But Talbots Credit Cardholders can get 30% off and 3X style points STARTING TODAY when you use your Talbots card.

Style a White Linen Blazer with a Dress

One of my favorite ways to wear a white blazer is over a dress. The crisp fabric, sharp lines and white color of this jacket keep your dress elevated and professional. But it also looks seasonally appropriate and cool.

The Any Day Dress
utility dress (wearing medium, TTS) // Spanx Thinstincts // perfect block sandals (use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off) (more affordable 9 West sandals) // similar necklace // split hoop earrings // Nordgreen watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) // similar linen blazer // Kate Spade woven canvas and leather satchel

I prefer to wear my white linen blazer over my more classic dresses. I think this jacket looks good over a fit and flare, a classic sheath dress, a wrap dress, a shirtdress or a simple shift.

Easter Sunday Dress
J.McLaughlin Brynn Dress // similar white linen blazer // block sandals (use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off your first purchase) // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order) // shoulder bag in aegean teal // necklace and bracelet no longer available

If you plan to wear your white blazer with dresses frequently and want real versatility, I’d definitely select a blazer with a classic silhouette and minimal detailing. And while you can wear that blazer over a wide variety of dresses, it will work effortlessly over those with simple lines and close fitting sleeves (or no sleeves at all).

white blazer with a colorful sheath dress

Style a White Linen Blazer with Linen Pants

I wish I had better photos to share with you here, but evidently I haven’t done a blog post with the combo. However, in real life I frequently paired my white linen blazer with my flax colored linen pants last year.

What I Wore Sunday
white linen blazer // similar linen demi boot pants // See the original post for details.

Don’t worry about linen wrinkling a little. That’s part of the charm of linen! In another time, those wrinkles were a sign of wealth. Only the wealthy wore linen, and the wrinkles indicated that they were people of leisure with no need to iron because they were vacationing. Ha! So yes, I generally give my linen jacket a good steam or few strokes of the iron now and again. But I don’t worry about it wrinkling while I wear it.

white linen blazer // See the original post for details.

Those cropped linen pants above were my favorites last summer and I still have them in my closet for this summer. In fact, they were a top seller here at DFMD last year. But Talbots has introduced a new slimmer variation for summer 2022. The linen demi boot pants have a similar length, but a slightly trimmer leg with more of a kick flare below the knee. Very modern!

Style a White Linen Blazer with Dress Pants

I also enjoy wearing my white linen blazer with other dressier pants in the spring and summer. Again, I apologize for the quality of these photos. They’re just mirror selfies. But you can see enough to get the effect.

Modern Summer Work Outfits 16
white linen blazer // See the original post for details.

I especially love a white linen blazer with dress pants in a soft neutral or a pastel. This year I’m enjoying wearing my white linen blazer with grey slacks.

pants // white linen blazer // similar blouse

But you can wear the jacket with black or navy dress slacks, too.

Modern Summer Work Outfits
white linen blazer // See the original post for details.
white linen blazer from Target no longer available // See the original post for details.

Style a White Linen Blazer with Blue Jeans

Of course I love wearing a white linen blazer with blue jeans. You can use the blazer to dress the jeans up a bit…

What I Wore Saturday
white linen blazer // See the original post for details.

Or you can use the jeans to dress the jacket down a bit.

white linen blazer // See the original post for details.

Now that’s a blast from the past! Here’s another.

How to Wear White Sneakers this Summer
white linen blazer // See the original post for details.

I love wearing my white linen blazer and jeans with a pretty, colorful shell or blouse…

Styling a White Linen Blazer with Indigo Blue

But I also love wearing the white linen blazer and jeans with a simple tee or graphic t-shirt.

White linen jacket
white linen blazer // See the original post for details.

I wanted to point out that, while I love the white linen blazer at Talbots and it will be 30% off on Thursday (TODAY for Talbots Credit Cardholders!), I wore the J.Crew Factory linen cotton Holland blazer in the photo above, and it’s a great blazer, too. You can learn more about it here. That linen cotton blend blazer is also marked down and fully stocked.

Style a White Linen Blazer with Casual Pants

You can also style a white linen blazer with casual pants, such as joggers, chinos or flared crops. You just have to play around with proportions and footwear to see what works for you.

Put your money in the bag.
white linen blazer // See the original post for details.

I liked the way my white linen blazer worked with these green full leg crops last summer. Those pants are similar to these new ones.

Style a White Linen Blazer with White Jeans

I love, love, love a white linen blazer with white denim. But I do think this combination takes a little work. I find it works best with a light colored top…for me. I have low contrast in intensity, so I like for my outfits to echo that.

White Jeans for Date Night
white linen blazer // See the original post for details.

But if you have higher contrast in intensity, you might like wearing white jeans and a white linen blazer with a brighter or darker top.

Style a White Linen Blazer with All White

Don’t be afraid to go all white with a white linen blazer. This is an especially beautiful look if you have dark skin. But I enjoy wearing it, too.

white linen blazer // From a video, I’m not sure which one???

Don’t worry about matching the whites exactly. And one of the keys to pulling off a monochromatic look of any color or neutral is to include a variety of fabric types and textures in the outfit. This is actually a very slenderizing style formula that works with white better than you might assume.

Style a White Linen Blazer with Shorts

If you’re still rocking shorts, feel free to wear your white linen blazer with yours. You can wear the jacket and shorts like a suit, as I did below, pairing white shorts with the white linen blazer.

How to Style Summer Chic

Or you can wear your white linen blazer over other classic shorts such as seersucker, gingham or solids in colors like taupe, navy, red, you name it. I’d complete the look with nude or metallic sandals.

White Linen Blazer with Seersucker Shorts
white linen blazer // similar shorts

The photo above is really bad because it’s from my earliest days of blogging. But the outfit is great! How simple is that? Seersucker Bermuda shorts, a white tee, my white linen blazer and gold sandals.

Style a White Linen Blazer Like a Suit

Finally, a white linen blazer looks great with a pair of white slacks, whether they’re linen or some other polished fabric.

Looking Chic with Baby Blue Gingham
white linen blazer // See the original post for details.

Again, don’t worry about trying to match the white exactly. More than likely if your pants are truly white, they’re going to look great with the white linen blazer. You can wear most any type of suitable top here, a blouse, shell, sweater top, t-shirt, you name it. And you can complete the look with nude or white sandals. Or you could wear shoes in the same color as your chosen top.

Style a White Linen Blazer with Grey Jeans

Obviously you could probably create great outfits with a white linen blazer and other colors of denim, too. But I really like how it works with grey.

white linen blazer // grey jeans // satchel bag (now 40% off!!!)

You could wear a white tee or top with the white and grey combo, like I did. I think this creates a really pleasing to the eye look. But of course, you have other options, too. However, the photo above does remind me of my final style tip.

Style a White Linen Blazer with a Low Contrast Top

This spring I’m really enjoying creating low contrast looks with my white blazer. Above you’ve seen a lot of high contrast looks with vibrant blouses and t-shirts. But this year I’m favoring pairing the white blazer with a white tee or top or a soft grey or ecru one. I got so many compliments on the pairing below.

white linen blazer // collared silk blend top (restocked in some sizes! and now 50% off!)

That dusty shell collared silk blend top is definitely one of my favorites to wear with my white linen blazer right now.

Final Words

I’m sure someone may ask about pairing a white linen jacket with a skirt. And certainly you can do that. I just haven’t worn a lot of skirts in recent years. But it’s a definite possibility.

I’ve loved sharing my white linen blazer looks with you today. This jacket just makes me so happy. I think I’ll wear it today! And don’t forget that it will be marked down 30% on Thursday, so return here to shop if you’re interested. But if you have a Talbots credit card, today’s the day to snag this white linen blazer. My oatmeal or flax colored one that I’ve worn on repeat this spring has already sold out. And I think this one will, too. At least in some sizes.

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Blessed for My Day

I’m all for developing a healthy self-confidence. I do believe that having a little confidence in your abilities and knowing your own assets helps you to show up in a way that brings value to other people’s lives. But there’s sometimes a fine line between feeling confident and behaving arrogantly. Pride is quite different from confidence. Pride asserts that self-importance and implies that others are somehow less than. And the Bible teaches that pride is a sinful attitude, despised by God.

How can we develop a healthy self-confidence but keep from becoming prideful and arrogant? I’ve found that the only way to do either – gain true confidence or keep pride at bay – is to daily worship the Lord. You see we were created to worship. We will worship ourselves, our God or something else. When we worship something or someone else, our self-confidence wanes. When we worship ourselves obviously our pride grows. But when we worship God in truth and in spirit – acknowledging Him as our Creator and placing Him on the throne of our lives – He grows within us a healthy confidence and helps us to remain humble at the same time.

When pride comes, then comes disgrace,
    but with the humble is wisdom. ~ Proverbs 11:2

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5 thoughts on “How to Style a White Linen Blazer

  1. I too love my white linen blaze that I purchased last year. It goes with absolutely everything.
    Loved the BFMD. Yes, we need to be careful not to show being prideful.

  2. Kay
    Great looks. Amazing how the jacket pulls the outfit together. I like the blue plaid (so summery) and the darker paisley look. You make a good point with the preference for light and dark contrast. My hip-length white cotton cardigan with gold button accents has been my go-to during summer. The jacket is more structured yet casual. Shorts with jackets have been popular in the fashion articles lately and I’m all for it.
    BFMD really hit home with me. I grew up with competitive brothers (mainly sports) and although they knew better would brag and tease. Mom would remind them with one question. “Remember pride before the fall?” Then she would tell the bragger to teach our other brother his winning sports moves.
    Thanks for showing how one piece can be used for many looks.

  3. Thanks, Kay. These type of posts are some of my favorites. I love seeing how well-chosen basics can be used in a variety of ways. It encourages me to be content with what I have and shop my closet. I bought the white linen blazer from Talbots last summer, but have only used it a few times. I’m looking forward to trying it more ways this year by inorporating your tips and ideas.