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Styling White T-Shirts for Spring & Summer

May 13, 2021

This week at Dressed for My Day we’ve turned our attention to getting ready for summer. Some of you lucky gals are already experiencing summer temperatures, but we’re still quite chilly in Ohio. All the same, I want us all to be ready for the heat when it arrives. And I find that a white t-shirt is a must-have in my summer wardrobe. Tuesday I shared my first annual Women’s White T-Shirt Review and today I’m offering some ideas for styling those white t-shirts.

Styling White t-Shirts for Spring and Summer

The looks I’m sharing here were just quickly put {thrown!} together from items in my closet. I decided while James and I were taking photos of the white t-shirts for the Women’s White T-Shirt Review I might as well complete each of the white t-shirts with a slightly different look. Of course, I also shared a few outfits with white t-shirts from previous years in Tuesday’s post, so if you need more inspiration check back there.

And for more details on how each of these white t-shirts fit, please refer back to the T-Shirt Review. But I will provide shoppable links for things that are available in each of today’s looks. To make this easy for comparison, I’ll share the looks with the t-shirts in the same order they’re shown in the T-Shirt Review.

Let’s go!

White T-Shirt with Jeans & Blazer

This first look with the Ann Taylor Pima Cotton V-Neck Tee is one of my favorites. I’d say this is my style uniform. When I want to look pulled together and classy, but still feel comfortable and casual I dress in modern jeans, a white t-shirt and a blazer.

White Tee with Jeans and a Blazer
The Ann Taylor Pima Cotton V-Neck Tee (online exclusive) // Madewell jeans (TTS) // flannel blazer (almost sold out) (similar option) // Everlane Loafers (TTS) // belt // necklace // earrings // demi bracelet // pearl bracelet // sunglasses

I chose to finish the outfit off with my modern classic Loafers, but other great footwear options would include other flats, block heel pumps, animal print pumps or even white sneakers.

The next look, this time featuring the Banana Republic Supima® Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt, is not too much different from the one above. I just switched in my longer and more modern Everlane Fatigue Blazer in walnut.

White T-Shirt with Modern Jeans and Modern Blazer
Banana Republic Supima® Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt // Madewell jeans (TTS) // Everlane Fatigue Blazer in walnut // Everlane Loafers (TTS) // belt // necklace // earrings // demi bracelet // pearl bracelet // sunglasses

The Everlane Fatigue Blazer is a nice lightweight jacket for summer, but could easily be worn into fall, too. It’s also available in a soft green and runs true to size. I’m wearing a medium.

White T-Shirt with Shorts & Linen Shirt

I completely switched lanes for the next look and combined the Everlane Organic Cotton V-neck Tee with a pair of bleached sand shorts from Talbots and a striped linen shirt from J.Jill. The shorts have a 7″ inseam, but they’re also available in a 5″ inseam, a 9″ inseam and a Bermuda length.

White Tee with Shorts and Linen Shirt
Everlane Organic Cotton V-neck Tee // bleached sand shorts with 7″ inseam (TTS) // striped linen easy shirt (wearing medium) // Born Inlet sandals // necklace // earrings // demi bracelet // pearl bracelet // sunglasses

This is one of those outfits that I love to wear during the summer. Personally I’d probably prefer to tuck the shirt and belt the shorts. But I know many of my readers prefer to go untucked. Plus I wanted you to see that this look actually does look great untucked because the colors are so close together.

I really like wearing this white and khaki colored combination, too. I think it’s so soft on the eyes and summery fresh.

White T-Shirt and Denim Shorts and Floral Cardigan

For the next look I’m wearing the Gap 100% Organic Cotton Vintage V-Neck T-Shirt with Talbots’ denim girlfriend shorts in Pier Wash. I topped this simple one-two punch with a colorful floral cardi in a nice summer weight. This colorful layering cardigan is currently 40% off, and it’s also available in other fun prints.

White Tee with Denim Shorts and Floral Cardi
Gap 100% Organic Cotton Vintage V-Neck T-Shirt // denim shorts // layering cardigan // Born Inlet sandals // necklace // earrings // demi bracelet // pearl bracelet // sunglasses // Native watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

I love wearing colorful pieces like this layering cardigan during the spring and summer, but I prefer to “temper” all that color with classic solids like my white tee and denim shorts. The flesh toned Born Inlet sandals keep the outfit classy and pulled together.

White Tee and Fun A-Line Skirt

I tried taking my sunglasses off for the next look and that didn’t work too well. Hahaha! But I absolutely love this outfit. I couldn’t wait to try this colorful patchwork A-line skirt when I saw it in Talbots’ catalog. And it delivered!

White Tee and Fun A-Line Skirt
 J.Crew Vintage Cotton Tee // patchwork A-line skirt (TTS) // Levi’s denim jacket // Born Inlet sandals // necklace // earrings // demi bracelet // pearl bracelet

I’m wearing the J.Crew Vintage Cotton Tee in the outfit above. This time I did give the Cotton Tee a gentle tuck into my skirt. I love how the Levi’s denim jacket really pulls this outfit together, once again balancing out all that color in the skirt. But trust me, this skirt looks great without the jacket, too.

White Tee with Bright Green Shorts & Denim Jacket

I used the Madewell Whisper Lightweight Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt  to temper the brightness of these kiwi green 9″ inseam shorts.

White Tee with Kiwi Green Shorts and Denim Jacket
Madewell Whisper Lightweight Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt  // kiwi green 9″ inseam shorts (also available in 7″ inseam) // Levi’s denim jacket // Born Inlet sandals // necklace // earrings // demi bracelet // pearl bracelet

Yeah, the one-two punch of a classic white t-shirt and a good denim jacket is so powerful for toning down busy summer prints or bright colors. We older gals absolutely can wear these fun prints and colors, but I think it’s smart to reign them in a bit with a white tee and jean jacket.

White T-Shirt and Brown Short and Tencel Field Jacket

I wore the Nordstrom Everyday V-Neck T-Shirt with brown washed twill shorts from Loft and a soft Tencel field jacket from Talbots.

White T-Shirt and Brown Shorts with Chambray Shirt
Nordstrom Everyday V-Neck T-Shirt // brown washed twill shorts // Tencel field jacket // gold Gia leather buckle sandals // necklace // earrings // demi bracelet // pearl bracelet // sunglasses

This shorts outfit is comfortable, but lacking a little luster. So I added my new gold Gia leather buckle sandals from Talbots. Never underestimate the power of pretty sandals, especially metallics.

White Tee with Ankle Jeans & Soft Summer Cardigan

I paired the Talbots Pima Cotton V-Neck Tee with my slim ankle jeans and a lightweight pointelle open front cardigan in gardenia pink.

White T-Shirt with Ankle Jeans and Cardigan
Talbots Pima Cotton V-Neck Tee // slim ankle jeans // pointelle open front cardigan // gold Gia leather buckle sandals // necklace // earrings // demi bracelet // pearl bracelet // sunglasses

This is a simple look, but it’s one I wear often during the summer. It’s perfect for working from home, running errands or meeting friends for lunch.

White Tee with Ankle Jeans & Field Jacket

I wore the Universal Thread V-Neck T-Shirt from Target with those same slim ankle jeans. But this time I topped the outfit with my modern barn jacket from J.Jill. (By the way, you can get $50 off your purchase of $150 or more at J.Jill with code SEASIDE.)

White T-Shirt with Ankle Jeans & Field Jacket
Universal Thread V-Neck T-Shirt // slim ankle jeans // modern barn jacket // sandals at J.Jill or at Nordstrom // necklace // earrings // demi bracelet // pearl bracelet // sunglasses

This time I finished off the look with my Born Inlet sandals in nude. These sandals are so soft and easy on the foot.

Next I moved on to sharing white t-shirts with a little more character. I do like having plain v-neck tees in my wardrobe for all the reasons above. And of course if you prefer you can substitute in plain crewnecks, scoop necks or other classic neckline. But I like to look for a couple of tees each summer that have some more interesting details. These are the t-shirts I turn to when I need my tee to carry a little more of the load fashion-wise.

White Tee Belted with Cream Crop Pants

First up I wore the Banana Republic Slub Cotton-Modal Henley T-Shirt  with some new creamy beige high-rise straight leg crops I was gifted by Chico’s. By the way, when I published the T-Shirt Review on Tuesday the Banana Republic Slub Cotton-Modal Henley T-Shirt was full price. But it’s been marked down to just $24 from its usual $34.50 today. And it’s also available in a versatile almond, butter cookie yellow and green.

White Tee Belted with Cream Crop Pants
Banana Republic Slub Cotton-Modal Henley T-Shirt // high-rise straight leg crops // similar belt // sandals at J.Jill or at Nordstrom // necklace // earrings // demi bracelet // pearl bracelet // sunglasses

The keys to this subtle monotone neutrals look include the belt (which I just happened to have in my closet, but this one is similar) and the nude sandals. Also, these high-rise straight leg crops, available on in this color unfortunately, fit so much better than I expected. I’m wearing my TTS 1 (or 8) and they fit nice and loose in the legs, just skimming, but more fitted in the waist and hips.

White Cinched Front Tee with Modern Jeans & White Blazer

I helped you visualize the effects of the  Loft Cinched V-Neck Tee in Tuesday’s post by sharing this outfit there. But it’s worth seeing again.

White Cinched Front Tee with Modern Jeans & White Blazer
Loft Cinched V-Neck Tee // Madewell jeans (TTS) // linen blazer // necklace // earrings // demi bracelet // pearl bracelet // sunglasses // slide sandals

I went back to my Madewell balloon jeans for this look because I love how it pairs with a blazer, but you could create a similar look with any jeans silhouette. But see how that Cinched V-Neck Tee not only creates a little visual interest but also helps creates those ideal proportions? It’s a perfect tee if you want to create a higher waistline without having to tuck in your shirt.

Just a White Tee and Jeans

But the real beauty of a white tee with a little more interesting details is that it can hold its own. You don’t necessarily need that third piece. And that’s a good thing as the days heat up and the jackets come off.

Just a White Tee and Jeans
Talbots Embroidered Cotton Split Neck Tee // Madewell balloon jeans // gold Gia leather buckle sandals // necklace // earrings // demi bracelet // pearl bracelet // sunglasses // belt

Above I’m wearing the Talbots Embroidered Cotton Split Neck Tee. Several readers asked about white t-shirts with longer sleeves, and I found this Split Neck Cotton Tee that has elbow length sleeves. Or you could also try the Scoop Neck Curved Hem Tee.

Just a White Tee and Modern Cropped Pants

Again I paired the Talbots Cotton Blend Button Shoulder Tee with simple but modern military straight cropped pants.

Just a White Tee and Modern Cropped Pants
Talbots Cotton Blend Button Shoulder Tee // military straight cropped pants (similar option more in stock and 40% off) // gold Gia leather buckle sandals // necklace // earrings // demi bracelet // pearl bracelet // sunglasses // similar belt

In the outfit above the pants bring a little more visual interest to the outfit, so the tee doesn’t have to. Tucking and belting also help bring this simple outfit together.

Well that’s a wrap! Do you have your white t-shirts for summer? You can do so many things with a simple white tee. And don’t forget to check out my Summer Wardrobe Essentials post for the other basics you might want to have in your closet for the warmer months, too.

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Blessed for My Day

The older I get the more it seems I have to work at just looking presentable. Ha! My skin requires more attention, I have to exercise more diligently and I need to think a little more about how I’ve put my clothing together than I used to. I’m really a pretty low maintenance kinda gal, but these days it seems that this ol’ body just needs a little more TLC.

So I have to remind myself that indeed nothing is more beautiful than a woman who is confident, settled and gracious from the inside out. I can’t shirk on the time I spend with the Lord and His Word just because my physical upkeep requires more of my time. In fact, I need to make time in God’s presence a bigger priority, too. When I take time in my day to read my Bible, meditate on what I’ve read and talk with God about it, I find that I have more to offer from the inside out.

Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. ~ Proverbs 31:31

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30 thoughts on “Styling White T-Shirts for Spring & Summer

  1. You really spent a lot of time on this tee shirt blog. Thank you for this. You are great! I am going to buy the henley t-shirt to add to my collection of t-shirts. Has character and another look instead of just a regular t-shirt. I like the look.

    1. I think you’ll like it. It is a touch on the thin side so keep that in mind. But I’m still thinking about getting the almond one.

  2. Love the look of white on white! The white blazer and white tee ……great look.

    Also a classic, white tee and jeans. Super cute ankle jeans…..oh and I did what you did and cut off these one pair of jeans and like them so much better.

    Love the post,

    1. Yay for cutting off jeans! I’m so glad raw gems are in. Makes it so easy to get the ideal length…and look in trend at the same time. ?

  3. This is a wonderful presentation of outfits with white tees. Thank you for all of the time you spent putting the outfits together.

    1. Hahaha! You know James is the one who had to put in extra time on this really. He had to process 39 photos for me! I owe that guy a bonus ?!

  4. Love all these looks, Kay, as well as your BFMD. I can tell a lot of thought and effort went into this post. Also, because of you, I started reading the Life Principles Daily Bible and have really enjoyed it. I had set a goal to read the entire Bible this year but wasn’t exactly sure how to break it up to reach my goal. This seemed like a great way to do it, so thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Oh I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Bible. I’m really enjoying it too. I’ve been amazed that I’ve kept up to date so far. Last few times I did it I fell way behind. But I think that’s because I still had kids at home and life was crazier. It’s been so enjoyable this time. Thanks for letting me know.

  5. Loved this post a d the BFMD. Thinking I need that floral cardigan from Talbots. Well, need might not be the case. ?

  6. Thank you for all the suggestions for wearing white tees, Kay. The Loft cinched tee is nice. I’ll check it out. NE TX is still very cool for May. Looking forward to sun and warmth soon.

    1. Yeah just this morning my daughter in Georgia told me it’s been unusually cool there too. We’re supposed to start warming up today. ?

  7. Thanks for another great post – both the fashion advice and spiritual insights are much appreciated. Enjoy that sunshine today!

  8. What a great post! So helpful to see the different outfits, very inspiring. Thank you for putting so much thought and effort into your posts, it’s very much appreciated by someone who’s still trying to figure out her style at 57!

  9. Feeling the love with our “ladies’ T” as I enjoy my English tea this morning! A whole new take on a Ladies Afternoon Tea, lol. I have the almond and butter cookie Henleys, and thanks to a very small bust, they don’t look scandalous at all. About to read the Word and put some time into this process of BECOMING. I always love and appreciate that reminder!

    1. Great to hear about the Henley tees. I’m going to have to order those colors too I think. Such nice basics for summer.

  10. Kay, I am amazed with how many great outfits you put together involving a white top and other pieces you have in your closet! Once I launder my new white tee from Lands End, I have got to use it as the closet workhorse that it is. I really like the Loft cinched front tee and saw that it is available in two other colors, but if I purchase it, at least one tee needs to come out of my closet. So we will see if I bite the bullet. What a great BFMD!

    1. Hi Ginger. I returned a pair of shorts to Loft today and the sales clerk was wearing the grey one. I wanted to get it but they didn’t have my size. So cute.

  11. Glad you included the tees and bottoms without a “completer” piece near the end. In SE Texas, we don’t wear a lot of summer sweaters when it’s still in the 80’s at night. I do love a good white tee or soft white tops of any fabric here in the summer. Thanks for all the ideas.
    Madge W.

    1. You bet. Having lived in Georgia, Texas and Arizona most of my life I completely get it. I’m sure I’ll be dropping those pieces myself soon. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

  12. Black and white tee shirts are the bookends to a wardrobe I believe. I do wear them but not without a third layer. God blessed me a bit much on top so I switch to white linen tops in summer instead of the knit tees but the principal still works. So many ideas, so little time and money.?
    BFMD I think we are drawn to people with confidence. You can’t effectively preach, teach or pray without it.

    1. So true about confidence. And I believe God calls us to be confident people. The apostle Paul certainly was even though he called himself the chief of sinners.

  13. Kay, I have been following you for awhile now and you have really made a difference for me with your Videos. I love them !!! I watch them while I walk on my treadmill in the evening. So much content and I have learned a lot. Thank you Thank you for all you do for us ladies out here.❤️?❤️

  14. Thanks for the very helpful post! Many of these looks will be so easy to create. And the BFMD thoughts and scripture were so fitting for me today.

  15. Hi Kay!
    I thoroughly enjoy your blog and YouTube videos. It’s never too late to learn how to look “put together”. (I’m 66!)
    My idea for a blog/video concerns what to wear to a wedding. Our daughter is getting married this fall and I am having a difficult time finding a dress that doesn’t look old and matronly. I would appreciate any words of wisdom you might be able to share regarding wedding attire. Blessings!
    Thank you,
    Suzan Adams

  16. Thank you Kay for the sensible but stylish outfits. I am a fit, slim 74 year old and your posts are the type of things I wear. I have problems getting practical, stylish casuals. Its either old lady clothes or younger generation.

    1. Hi Lynette. It is a challenge. I think it really requires knowing our bodies and our personal styles and doggedly sticking with it as we shop. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.