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The Any Day Dress from J.McLaughlin

April 6, 2022

A few weeks ago at one of Abigail’s bridal showers, one of the hostesses was wearing such a great dress. I recall thinking that she could probably wear that sharp, feminine and classy dress most anywhere on any day and look perfectly appropriate and lovely. That’s a lot for one dress to carry off! But that sent me in search of my own “any day dress.” And I think I found one…or two…at J.McLaughlin.

The Any Day Dress
utility dress (wearing medium, TTS) // Spanx Thinstincts // perfect block sandals (use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off) (more affordable 9 West sandals) // similar necklace // split hoop earrings // Nordgreen watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) // similar linen blazer // Kate Spade woven canvas and leather satchel

I’m fairly certain the dress Abigail’s shower hostess was wearing was indeed a J.McLaughlin dress. I’ve long admired these simple but colorful dresses from afar and have developed an eye for them. Let me warn you up front, these are very pricey dresses. And that’s why I hadn’t purchased one before. But after seeing how lovely my friend’s dress looked on her and realizing how appropriate it would be for most any day in spring or summer, I decided to take the plunge.

Any Day Dress

I selected J.McLaughlin’s Lawrence Dress in Caribe Square. This 3/4 sleeve utility dress is constructed in J.McLaughlin’s signature Catalina Cloth, a 91% nylon and 9% Spandex blend that creates a smooth, stretchy fabric in the perfect weight for spring and summer. The fabric makes the dress look just dressy enough for nice occasions such as showers, church, work or even a simple wedding, but also feel casual enough for a “regular” day shopping and running errands.

The Any Day Dress

The dress runs true to size for a body skimming fit and feels cool on the skin. I’m wearing a medium. When I wore it before I did wear a slip underneath, but on this photo shoot full of quick changes I left the slip off, and it worked fine that way, too. However, I did have a little static cling on this day, so the slip might have helped that problem. I did wear my Spanx Thinstincts underneath for smooth shaping and comfort.

The fabric of the Dress

Known for their colorful prints, J.McLaughlin dresses stand the test of time. You’ll see similar dresses show up on their website year after year because they create them in simple, timeless silhouettes and lengths. I chose this one because I thought the navy, blue and white combo would truly make a great any day dress. But you’ll also see me wearing this abstract tile Brynn Dress in bold blue, red and yellow in tomorrow’s video. I’ll share several other perfect choices for an any day dress in the shopping widget below.

Sarah Flint Shoes

I recently earned another pair of Sarah Flint shoes as one of their ambassadors, so I selected their perfect block sandals in sand calf. Like my “any day dress,” I thought these had the potential to be the perfect any day sandals. These are an investment, but they’re extremely comfortable, very versatile and just lovely. Use my code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH and receive $50 off your first purchase of Sarah Flint shoes. And I did find these 9 West sandals that are very similar for a bargain price.

Simple Impactful Jewelry

I accessorized my any day dress with classic, simple jewelry. I’m wearing a link chain necklace similar to this one or this one, my split hoop earrings and my Nordgreen watch with a gold mesh band. (Use code KAYHRMS for 15% off at Nordgreen.)


I think this J.McLaughlin any day dress definitely carries the day on its own, but it was chilly outside so I didn’t mind topping it with my white linen blazer (similar). I’ve had this Talbots linen blazer for several years now and it is undoubtedly my most frequently worn piece in my spring and summer wardrobe. They don’t have a linen blazer in white available yet at Talbots, but I’ve showed this one from J.Crew in this blog post last spring, and it’s just as lovely.

Kate Spade Satchel

Not quite ready to carry the Joyce Rattan Picnic Tote I also purchased from J.McLaughlin for the summer, I opted instead for my Kate Spade woven canvas and leather satchel in blazer blue. This feminine bag is such a nice size and full of great compartments for easy organization. I guess you could say it would be a great any day bag!

the Any day Dress
utility dress // Spanx Thinstincts // perfect block sandals (use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off) (more affordable 9 West sandals) // similar necklace // split hoop earrings // Nordgreen watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) // similar linen blazer // Kate Spade woven canvas and leather satchel

I realize almost everything in this outfit is quite spendy. But I wanted to introduce you to J.McLaughlin since I am loving the couple of dresses I’ve purchased from them. They rarely run sales, but I’ll gladly alert you to them when they do. And I do know that their clothes are mostly true classics that you can enjoy having in your closet for years. Thanks so much for stopping in!

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Blessed for My Day

How are you finishing? Let’s face it, most of us who gather here at Dressed for My Day are in the second half of our lives. We’re on the home stretch. I’m not trying to depress you, but I do want us to think about how we’re living the final years of our lives on earth. Are we finishing well, staying the course? Or are we resting on our laurels and slacking up?

Tucked into the annals of 1 Kings is a small but powerful verse that reminds us that we cannot just coast on in and expect to finish well. Wise King Solomon let up his guard and allowed his devotion to drift away from the Lord and on to lesser things “when {he} was old.” Yeah, it’s not just young folks who mess up. Let’s think on this sobering thought today and ask the Lord to show us if there is anything we’ve allowed into our lives that could turn our hearts after lesser things.

When Solomon was old, his wives turned his heart away after other gods; and his heart was not wholly devoted to the Lord. ~ 1 Kings 11:4

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37 thoughts on “The Any Day Dress from J.McLaughlin

  1. Love your style but you’ve passed me by with $1,000 ensembles. Just not reasonable for most of your followers I would guess

  2. Love your posts! I’d like to ask a question –
    ( I don’t have pretty legs like you do)
    I need to wear hose if I wear a dress –
    Is there a brand you recommend?

    1. I actually wear hose quite often, too. I have had good results with the Nordstrom brand: and I hear good things about these by Commando, but they are higher in price: And neither seems to be well stocked. In fact I have a hard time finding a good selection of in stock hosiery online. I’m also not opposed to good ol Hanes: But again, they seem to be out of most sizes. The trick is to go as sheer as possible and close to your own skin tone. Don’t try to add tan with your hosiery.

        1. Hmm. In the Hanes I’d probably wear travel buff. That sounds familiar to me. And in the Nordstrom I think I have the Soft Taupe. I know “taupe” sounds wrong, but they worked for me.

  3. Loved the dress! But hubby would kill me if I came home with a $238 dress! Yikes. And the sandals? I need more affordable clothing – haven’t won the lottery yet.

  4. Thank you for introducing me/us to J McLaughlin dresses! What a lovely selection on their website! The dresses seem like they’d be very versatile. You look great in the dress in this post, and I love the addition of the white blazer, too. Thanks for providing clothing choices at various price points. Investment pieces are money well-spent if you wear them for years and the cost-per-wear is low. Plus, they usually have that “star power,” if you know what I mean. Striking, high-quality pieces.

  5. Kay, I love that brand but that dress is too short for me at 71. I am exactly your size and height. I wish it was just a tad longer, maybe mid knee. It’s a beautiful dress!

    1. Hi Jacqueline, I, too, wish it were a touch longer. Admittedly, I don’t have great knees. In fact, I’ve really wrestled with body confidence issues lately. But the truth is I’m just getting older (fast!) and my body is changing. And those changes will not reverse until I reach heaven. Ha! So I totally get it and I do wish their dresses were just a touch longer. I’ve had comments today (that I’ve not approved for publication) that have been quite hurtful and to no good purpose. But I received comments on another recent post in which I wore a longer dress in which the commenters said my dress was too long and should be above the knee. So I can’t win.

      Anyhow, I apologize for venting. Your comment was gracious and perfectly appropriate. And I do agree with you. Thanks for your kindness.

      1. Wow, I’m sorry that people post comments that are hurtful. It probably comes with the territory and it’s not surprising. Let’s be supportive of each other! It’s not that hard to be nice and to just not comment if something is not to your taste. I only follow couple of bloggers and some of the outfits are out of my price range too but I appreciate that you aren’t just pushing fast fashion.

  6. The dresses are too short for me. Although the color and style is flattering I don’t see that dress as unusual in quality or exceptional in style to warrant the cost. It’s the blazer that elevates the look. The dress is somewhat pedestrian and could be duplicated with a less costly brand from perhaps Talbots or Chicos, still good quality stores at a more appealing prices.

    1. Connie, I understand your concern with McLaughlin’s prices, however, what you cannot tell by the pictures is the quality of their fabric. Kay has a wonderful eye for quality. I have several of their dresses and the fabric looks fresh and new after wearing it all day. Some of my dresses that I have worn for years, look like the day I bought them. I’m just sharing that for your information.

  7. Nice dresses and outfits. I have looked at J.McLaughlin dresses before and really like them. I have been thinking of getting one for a while now, but the price point has made me keep thinking which one would I buy, I like so many of them. They are so well made and classic style. Would be able to wear for years. Reminds me of Donna Morgan dresses that I own and bought at a boutique here in town. Unfortunately, she had to close due to Covid. She had been opened for 26 years and it was sad day when she closed her doors. Could not compete with the big box stores.
    Good BFMD as usual.

    1. It is indeed sad that so many lovely businesses closed in the past two years. I loved Donna Morgan clothing, too. Indeed, very similar.

  8. I enjoy your insights each and every day; clothing ideas as well as Blessed for my day.
    Love your hair!

  9. I am still learning … at age 64 🙂 I love your blog and have learned so much. Dresses are something I need to add to my wardrobe — up my game a bit. Thank you for so many dress options lately!

  10. You look lovely as always. But I just couldn’t myself wear a dress that short. I also am beginning to understand why I am having so much trouble with dress clothes now. Now that I have acquired a rather large tummy, I can’t wear dresses with a waist. I’m not comfortable in any dress or skirt that is straight because I’ve always had larger thighs. And finding something that hides the tummy and isn’t straight is a challenge. And the kind of dress that is appropriate for most occasions is what I am looking for. The search continues.

  11. I love the dress. It is a bit pricey for me, but I live in Florida and I actually found a similar dress at a little boutique in St. Armand’s Square a few months ago. After I looked at the other dresses in the link I realized my dress is the same material and cut (but not the same brand). I’m short, so mine actually comes just above my knee, but I like the shorter length better. When it’s summer all year, you get used to showing legs – so for others I just say don’t worry about it. Anyway, mine was $98, so don’t give up hope. I wore mine to a shower already, but now I will wear it more places. I’m glad you gave us so many ideas about where we can wear this type of dress. I’m glad it’s not just for a shower, LOL!

  12. You look lovely in the dress Kay. I love the style of J McLaughlin but find the clothing best foe individuals who are on the slender side. At 74 it is extremely difficult to find fashionable clothing that takes into consideration the older woman’s body changes. It can really be a struggle. Thank you for the option you modeled today. Perfect for you!

  13. So sorry for the ugly comments. I, too, agree with others that the dresses are too short. But guess that’s the style now. Many of my friends wear pants to church most of the time as it is so hard to find dresses that are not too short. I can’t afford these prices either. But have noticed prices are so much higher everywhere now. Guess purchasing fewer items is an option.

  14. These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them. I appreciate the mix of investment pieces and affordable options in your posts. I learn from you every day and I so appreciate your approach to style and your insights. You are a blessing!

  15. Hi Kay!
    As always you are an inspiration to me! You look fabulous in your dress! Thank you for your fun and interesting post.

  16. You look lovely and so do your knees. I don’t know why some folks are so critical, and it reflects more on them than us. I appreciate that you are so open to sharing.

  17. The dress is not too short. Everyone has their own length that they are comfortable with. I am petite so I don’t know if it would be long enough for me.

    I love seeing different brands even if they are expensive-it’s fun! That is why I follow this blog.

    Sorry you get hurtful comments, Kay. Remember, hurting people hurt people. Who knows what they are going through.
    Have a lovely day!

  18. This dress looks great on you and I think it is perfect for church or business. I enjoy being shown some new ideas, also.

  19. I am so sorry for the unpleasant comments. Was my mother the only one that said if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all!?!?!? I am taller than you at 5’9″ and I KNOW how difficult it is to find a dress that “is long enough”. Length is something that most women over 5’7 struggle with almost every time they shop for a dress. That being said, I think the length of the dress dress is fine on you.

    That dress is gorgeous! I saw a similar J.Mclaughlin dress in my local Dillards and I loved it. So classic and like you said, it is a dress that you could wear almost anywhere. Just seeing it on the hanger you could tell it was a quality dress. I didn’t have time to try it on and it was over what I normally spend so I passed it by. But, I didn’t forget it.

    I live in the deep south and our summers are long, hot, and muggy and a nice cool dress is a staple. And this dress has sleeves! This is a dress that I could wear for several years. Instead of buying two dresses this spring, I think I will give this one a try.

    I enjoy your blog so much and appreciate that you manage to cover all price points. I am drawn to classically-styled clothes and prefer not to buy “one season” clothes except for my exercise gear.

  20. Kay,
    Your dress is very nice. The length is fine and you have good legs. I think office wear has (in the past) a dress code for at the knee. That really doesn’t apply anymore. The use you will get from the dress is well worth the price. The quality and fabric alone are hard to find and will cost more. Just like anything else for sale.
    The rude comments are uncalled for. You have put time and effort into your blog to help women and certainly don’t deserve hurtful comments.

  21. Kay, You look absolutely lovely. I love McLaughlin clothing and just bought some lovely pieces that I will wear for years to come. The length of the dress looks great on you. We all have our own style essence and comfortability with what looks good on us and how we enjoy looking during the different seasons. You look beautiful. I am almost 66 and I have gone a little shorter with a few of my dresses this year with my sweet husband’s approval because “they looked good”, he said. So I am wearing them boldly knowing that I am not being immodest. We are free in Christ to be exactly ourselves and you, Kay Harms, are His Beloved.

  22. I love this dress. Kay, and bought it immediately. I saw more things I liked, but I’m going to have to save my money!

    Have a lovely, day