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How to Feel Warm + Look Stylish at the Office

January 24, 2020

Happy Friday! The work week is just about over for many and I’m wrapping up my mini style series, How to Feel Warm and Look Stylish this Winter. Today I’m sharing a colorful office look that I layered on. In fact, this post is also part of another style series, 5 Ways to Wear a Red Suit. Today I’m styling my bright red suit with soft blush to look stylish at the office. See what you think!

How to Feel Warm + Look Stylish at the Office + 5 Ways to Wear a Red Suit - Red Suit plus Blush

Having moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, from southern Arizona recently, I’m still learning how to layer on warmth during the winter. But I’ve learned a few tricks that I’ve been sharing this week in different looks.

Because my red suit is sold out, I’ll focus mainly on those Warm + Stylish Tips in this post. But I will have links to similar products throughout the post and in a shopping widget at the end.

How to Feel Warm + Look Stylish at the Office

As with the previous looks in this style mini series, this outfit begins with layers you can’t see much of. Close to my skin, for optimal warmth, I’m wearing this camisole in nude. On top of that I’ve layered on my white ribbed long sleeve t-shirt. This soft, stretchy tee is also available in black, camel and a couple of other colors, too. But sizes are going fast!

Warm + Stylish Tip – To keep your look stylish but also warm, start adding on the warmth in your base layers. Don’t wait to just add on a cardigan or coat.

How to Feel Warm + Look Stylish at the Office

I love, love, love the combination of true red and pale blush pink. It looks so contemporary. But pairing the blush pink with a red power suit also keeps it smart and feminine.

Unfortunately, my blush blouse is also no longer available, but I’ve built a shopping widget below with lot of pretty blush pink blouses. I think the key is to look for a true blush pink and to steer clear of mauve or anything with a purple undertone.

How to Feel Warm + Look Stylish at the Office

My pants are lined so that adds significant warmth. But if you need to add another layer below your suit pants, I suggest either nude pantyhose or something very form fitting such as these footless tights. I only suggest nude so that they won’t be seen through your pants, but if you’re wearing black or other dark pants colored tights probably won’t be a problem.

How to Feel Warm + Look Stylish at the Office

You could also opt for something even more warming such as these Cuddle Duds Fleecewear Stretch Leggings if you need even more warmth for traveling between appointments or outdoor events.

Warm + Stylish Tip – Choose suits in fabrics that help keep you warm, such as wool or silk blends. You might also want to opt for lined trousers.

How to Feel Warm + Look Stylish at the Office

I didn’t include outerwear in this photo session, but I would simply wear either my wool coat or even my puffer coat over this suit. But, especially for the office or church, I’d reach for a neutral colored scarf, gloves and hat. That’s why I have this scarf in medium grey heather, similar fingerless gloves in dark grey and this black beanie.

Warm + Stylish Tip – When layering on warmth for an office look, choose a coat and accessories in coordinating neutrals. You could wear black and greys, camel and brown or even winter white. But selecting solids in neutrals will look more chic and professional.

How to Feel Warm + Look Stylish at the Office

For an office ready look I suggest keeping accessories minimal and understated. I’m wearing these iridescent crystal and gold hoop earrings, a gold bangle (similar) and my palm necklace.

My blush bag is no longer available, but this leather satchel is the same brand and color. Oh, and this one is a nice option, too. They’re both significantly reduced and would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for yourself.

How to Feel Warm + Look Stylish at the Office

You could certainly wear boots or booties with this suit for more warmth. But I chose to wear my nude colored snake skin pumps (similar). If you’re leading a meeting, giving a presentation or going for an interview, I suggest wearing you nice shoes. So pack them in a separate bag and change into them if needed.

How to Feel Warm + Look Stylish at the Office

Like I said, most everything in my look except for my jewelry is no longer available. But the shopping widget below is full of options at different price points to replicate this entire look.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s mini style series, How to Feel Warm + Look Stylish this Winter. Did you catch each of the posts in this series? Just click on the bottom of the image of one you missed.

And if you’re especially interested in the red suit, don’t forget to check out the other outfits I’ve posted in this mini series so far, too. So far I’ve styled the red suit with black, more red and now blush.

Have a red lettered day, sweet gal!

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6 thoughts on “How to Feel Warm + Look Stylish at the Office

  1. Your lovely necklace is a GREAT price!! Got it! I’ve been pondering purchasing it for awhile to fill in a hole in my gold jewelry selections. Have loved the warm layer series, especially now that our state is FINALLY seeing real winter!

    1. Great. Yes I noticed that good price when I was linking it and meant to mention it. I’m so glad you clicked through. I wear it constantly…as you’ve probably noticed!

  2. Wonderful BFMD! I really like the blush pink blouse with your suit. It adds that really perfect touch! You have shared some really great layering tips for staying warm this week. I will be spending the bulk of my Saturday in the dealership waiting area while my Ram is being serviced. I know you’re jealous, Ha! Have an awesome day!

  3. I am new to your blog but I look forward each morning to see what you have to say and show me. I have already purchased several things you have shown. You recommend some of my favorite stores. Thank you for taking the time to send us such interesting information and I love the Christian part, makes me think each day of God.

    1. Thank you so much for introducing yourself, Marsha. I love it when readers do. I’m so glad you are enjoying the blog. Thanks for sharing!