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Warm Casual Friday Work Look

January 22, 2020

Happy hump day, dear gal! Are you making it through the week? Looking forward to the weekend already? Hahaha! Well, in honor of making it ’til Friday, I’ve got a {fairly} warm casual Friday work look for you today. I love the individual pieces I’m sharing in this look, but you can probably duplicate this look with pieces from your closet, too.

Warm Casual Friday Work Look

While this outfit is part of my “how to feel warm and look stylish this winter” series, I’ve not included any outerwear in the look. I figure we gals know by now to put on a coat, gloves, scarf and hat. Ha! Instead, check out this look with an eye for the office.

Warm Casual Friday Work Look

I love these dark wash jeans for the office. And I’m so pleased that Ann Taylor has finally completely restocked them. These jeans are some of my favorites. They fit beautifully with a pleasant amount of stretch, but they still have that “real jean” feel. I’m wearing a size 6.

Warm Casual Friday Work Look

My base layer up top is this simple flesh colored camisole from Target. They come in several skin shades plus black and white. I’m wearing a medium.

Over that tank I’m wearing my white ribbed long sleeve t-shirt. I prefer this tee because it has a nice finished look, but you could absolutely wear the Cuddle Duds several readers have mentioned. I’ve worn those in the past and liked them. But I guess in the long run I prefer the t-shirt because I want every layer (except the camisole) to be one that could stand alone, too.

Warm + Stylish Tip – Wear layers that you can peel off if necessary. That means each layer needs to be one that you wouldn’t mind wearing alone or on top.

Sitting down

Over the ribbed white tee I’m wearing the “Perfect Shirt” from Talbots. I think every gal needs one of these in her closet because it’s a great tool for elevating any look to make it a little dressier. But you gotta use it! So I’m committed to showing more looks with the wardrobe essentials like this classic button up shirt this year.

Close Up

In fact, if you’re worried about your classic button up shirt looking a little stodgy or stiff, I think adding a white t-shirt underneath it is a great way to make it look more interesting and contemporary. I’m wearing a size 8 in this classic shirt.

Warm Casual Friday Work Look

I topped this casual Friday work look with my red cotton twill blazer. This blazer is just like my black one that I’ve had for over a year now and love. It’s such a classic cut, fitted but comfortable. And the cotton twill is a medium weight fabric with a nice bit of stretch in it. Of course, the jacket is completely lined, too. It’s also available in navy. I wear this blazer year round. In fact, I can’t wait to style it for spring! I’m wearing an 8.

Warm Casual Friday Work Look

Ok, these shoes! I know some of you are already shaking your head and declaring that these aren’t possibly warm enough. Hahaha! I agree! My feet were absolutely freezing the day we snapped these photos. But you could always put some pretty flats like these in your work bag, locker or desk drawer and change into them once you get to work. And absolutely feel free to wear some knee high hose if that helps your feet stay warmer.

Warm Casual Friday Work Look

My leopard print flats are old, but these are similar. And have you heard about these Birdies flats? I haven’t tried them, but they’re all the rage right now. Supposedly they’re extremely comfortable, easy to “walk miles in,” and fit great on feet with “issues.” Ha! They’re a little expensive in the leopard print, but they come in other colors, too, at a better price. Find a full selection here.

I finished my warm and stylish casual Friday work look with some of my favorite earrings, my Kendra Scott pendant necklace and my black hobo satchel. Oh, and here’s a great hobo style bag at a fraction of the price. It’s at Walmart!!!

dark wash jeans // flesh colored camisole // ribbed long sleeve t-shirt // classic button up shirt // red cotton twill blazer // similar leopard print flats or Birdies // favorite earrings // Kendra Scott pendant necklace // black hobo satchel (more economical option)

One more thing. If those flats just aren’t an option for you during the colder months, you could absolutely wear riding boots or booties with this look. I just think a pair of dark wash jeans, a classic button up shirt and a bright red blazer looks so cheerful but also quite professional for a fantastic Friday. Bring on the weekend!

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8 thoughts on “Warm Casual Friday Work Look

  1. This is truly one of my favorites from you Kay. You look great!!! I would wear the flats in the spring and my leopard booties in the winter. Have a great Wednesday. ~Lisa~

  2. Another beautiful outfit! It is very flattering without being fussy. Leopard print shoes really make the other colors pop.
    Thanks for the great ideas,

  3. Kay, You look so nice in this outfit! Since I’m not a blazer kind of girl, I would replace it with one of the cardigans in my closet. I’d love to know about the location for these photos. It looks like a nice roof top area. Keeping y’all and Benji in my prayers!

  4. I too have a sweet fur baby named Benin. He is almost 12 now and I know we will most likely have him only a few more years. I dread saying goodbye as he truly has been a gift from God. Prayers for your sweet Benji and for you as you say goodbye.
    Love your sweet spirit and your blog. God bless.

  5. Kay, this is not a snarky comment, I’m sure you get plenty of those all the time, but since we are the same size, height and weight, I can’t help notice your legs are fuller just like mine. I don’t wear skinny jeans because of that but do wear slim jeans. Even then I am wondering if I should wear such “fitted” jeans with my fuller legs. You obviously feel comfortable in skinny jeans.

  6. So sad to hear about your dog. I know how you feel. I just had to put my black lab Annie to sleep last Thursday. And miss her terribly. She was my husbands hunting dog and when he passed 6 years ago we went thru an adjustment period. But bonded and looked out for each other and became very close. Now another chapter begins for me…
    On the brighter side I loved your outfit today and was thrilled to see you were wearing my new jacket in the same color I got. Love it!! And the cute striped lining.
    I so enjoy your daily posts, I read my email with coffee in the morning. And look forward to seeing what news you have for us. I have also taken the leopard print plunge, from your inspiration. I have ordered the Dr. Scholls “Madison” sneaker slip ons in that print. Can’t wait to try them.

  7. What a great look. It can be worn anytime of year with just a few changes. I have a cord shirt I wear as a light weight jacket and just bought a red one. I love classic pieces. The leopard shoes are perfect but black boots for right now with my soft red wool cardigan.

  8. Catching up on my blog reading! I was wearing almost this exact outfit earlier this week. Have you been peaking in my closet? Ha ha. The only difference is I had socks and snake skin booties. Such a awesome look.