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Feel Warm + Look Stylish this Winter

January 20, 2020

Hi gals! Today I’m bringing you the mini-series you’ve all been waiting for. Ha! I’m going to show you what this southern peach has learned about keeping warm in a real winter. Of course, my new friends here in Cincinnati tell me we haven’t even hit truly cold weather yet. LOL! But if I don’t share these fun tips for how you can feel warm AND look stylish this winter now, I’ll miss my window of opportunity. So here goes!

How to Feel Warm and Look Stylish this Winter

We actually stayed in the teens temperature-wise yesterday. That’s Fahrenheit! So yeah, I think it’s pretty cold here. And the day I shot this entire mini-series of posts it was hovering right around freezing and the wind was blowing…as you’ll see! So while I’m sure we’ll have colder weather to come, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to practice dressing for the chill. And I’ve learned the secrets.

I’ve got five outfits to share with you this week. And I’ll be sharing tips for how to feel warm and look stylish with each one. All five looks are very different. One is business professional, one is business casual, another is date night ready, yet another is lunch date approved and the last is work from home toasty!

How to Feel Warm and Look Stylish this Winter
Levi’s 721 High Rise Skinnies // plain black tights (not seen) // black ankle socks // white ribbed crew neck t-shirt // Denim Patch Pocket Shirt // v-neck sweater (similar) // leather hobo bag // booties (similar) // similar necklace // earrings (similar) // similar leopard print faux fur coat

Today’s look is exactly what I’ll wear when I meet a friend for lunch tomorrow. I like this look because it’s interesting and fresh, but still toasty warm.

How to Feel Warm and Look Stylish this Winter

Obviously the secret to this warm but stylish look is the layers. I’m wearing four layers up top and two below!

Warm + Stylish Tip #1 – Bottom line, you’ve got to layer on the warmth! Layers will ultimately create more warmth than one singular hefty piece of clothing.

How to Feel Warm and Look Stylish this Winter

Underneath my Levi’s 721 High Rise Skinnies, I’m wearing plain black tights. You know, the kind you would wear with a dress or skirt. I also have on these black ankle socks.

How to Feel Warm and Look Stylish this Winter

Like I said, up top I have four layers. You can barely see it in one of these photos, but the first layer is this white ribbed crew neck t-shirt. Because this shirt fits close to the body, I went with a medium.

Warm + Stylish Tip #2 – Wear thin layers multiplied for the most warmth and for the most chic presentation. That’s why I started with tights and a fairly thin long sleeve t-shirt.

How to Feel Warm and Look Stylish this Winter

Warm + Stylish Tip #3 Wear your base layer close to the skin for the most warmth. You want a t-shirt or undershirt that wears close to your body.

On top of the ribbed crew neck t-shirt I added my denim or chambray shirt. Again, this piece is fairly light weight and it layers well under my loose fitting sweater (same sweater in different colors). I can easily remove the sweater and just wear the button up shirt if I get too warm.


Warm + Stylish Tip #4 To maintain the most stylish look, make sure that each layer you add is one that can also be worn by itself. That’s why even my base t-shirt is one that is interesting and pretty. But I could also remove the sweater and wear the button-up shirt.

My final layer for this look is my warm and soft leopard print coat. Mine is sold out, but I found this one by Steve Madden that features a faux sherpa collar. How fun is that! And the price is great.

How to Feel Warm and Look Stylish this Winter

I’m not really showing all of the outerwear that I would probably add on to each of the five looks you’ll be seeing this week. Of course, I’d definitely add gloves and probably even a scarf and hat if I’m going to be outside for long. I’ll include some sweet options in the shopping widget below.

How to Feel Warm and Look Stylish this Winter
Levi’s 721 High Rise Skinnies // plain black tights (not seen) // black ankle socks // white ribbed crew neck t-shirt // Denim Patch Pocket Shirt // v-neck sweater (similar) // leather hobo bag // booties (similar) // similar necklace // earrings (similar) // similar leopard print faux fur coat

I hope you’ll join me back here Tuesday through Friday for the other four looks in my How to Feel Warm + Look Stylish this Winter mini series. We’ve got cold weather in the forecast all we, so you better believe this gal will be layering on the style and some warmth!

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Blessed for My Day

When is too much just too much? How many times do you think you should have to forgive someone for hurting you, for leaving you out, for being disrespectful or uncaring, for saying hurtful things to you or pushing your buttons intentionally? We know the Bible’s answer to the question, right? But surely that extreme kind of forgiveness doesn’t really apply to the relationships we rub up against!

Yeah, it does. But here’s the thing. Jesus requires that we forgive over and over and over because that shows the world the kind of grace our Father in Heaven gives to us. When we forgive people for hurting our feelings or damaging our reputations we also give people around us a glimpse of God’s heart for them. So yeah, He really does mean for us to forgive and forgive and forgive again.

However, forgiveness and reconciliation are not synonymous. We can forgive someone – not hold their offense against them with enmity – but still keep our distance. Dear gal, if you are in a relationship that consistently causes you hurt or grief, you may need to remove yourself from that situation completely. Please know there is a difference between forgiveness and staying in an abusive situation. Seek the advice of someone you trust if you think you may be in that kind of toxic environment.

Then Peter came up and said to him, “Lord, how often will my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? As many as seven times?” Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you seven times, but seventy-seven times. ~ Matthew 18:20-22

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33 thoughts on “Feel Warm + Look Stylish this Winter

  1. Great combination Kay….gorgeous !!!! You definitely know how to layer and look fabulous at the same time. Enjoy your Monday. ~Lisa~

  2. I honestly think this is favorite look ever from you! The combo of the blue and leopard makes your eyes shine and your skin glow! I’ve lived in Texas for many years now but still pack a pair of panty hose for an extra under layer when I head back to Iowa each year. ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

  3. Super look and advice. Also, welcome to my world! I’m up north in the Cleveland area, just across the street from Lake Erie. Cold country!!! Yesterday we stayed around 18 even into the evening. I like to start with a long sleeved cuddle dud shirt and layer in the pieces you showed. Tights and jeans are a great suggestion, sometimes I wear fleece lined tights under. Lastly, fleece lined boots and down filled coat! My survival outfit!
    Your blessed for your day, hit home for me regarding a relative. Thank you for it and your advice.
    Keep warm.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Doreen. Yes, I love my puffer coat for real warmth. And I have some fleece lined sneakers that are great, too!

  4. Great advice and great look! Makes total sense to layer for the best warmth. We live in OK and our weather is generally much better than yours but we can get really cold too!! So, I’ve had to do some laying myself!

    1. Hi Sondra. Thanks for reading. I’m glad you enjoyed the post today. I bet it can get pretty chilly in Oklahoma! Have a great week!

  5. Great job on layering while looking very stylish, Kay! Is GA girls definitely are not used to the kind of cold that the northerners have. Our ground just doesn’t get so bitterly cold down deep, so it doesn’t stay as cold. I am looking forward to seeing your outfits the rest of this week. Oh, it’s in the 20’s in GA this morning! I hope your parents stay warm! The way you want to organize the boxes in your basement sounds like something I would do! Good luck! I needed this BFMD because there are some people I am going to forgive, but I cannot allow them back into my life because they bring Larry and me stress that we don’t need with him fighting cancer.

    1. Hi Ginger. You’re so right. We absolutely do not have to be in relationship with someone. We can forgive without re-engaging. Bless you!

  6. You still do not look warm enough! You need gloves and a hat. I live up here in NE Ohio and we had a foot of snow. I have to go out today. I will wear my long down coat, hat, gloves, scarf, and cowboy boots! Plus layers underneath. You also have to be practical when it is really bad out. Love your look! Loved BFMD.

    1. Hahaha! You have to remember, I mentioned adding all those things at the end of the post. If I put all that on you wouldn’t be able to see the outfit. Ha! Really, you better believe I bundle up good when I’m really going out. But for the purpose of showing the outfit, I had to take these pics without all the heavy hitters. Thanks so much for reading!

  7. Love your layers, and BFMD today. Have you tried fleeced lined tights and leggings? They’re my go to under every cold weather outfit during the depths of winter here in the Great Lakes’ state.

    1. Hi Chyra. No, I haven’t tried the fleece lined tights or leggings. I’ll have to try them. I don’t think we’ve been quite that cold here yet. But we could certainly get there!

  8. Good morning Kay. It’s cold here in New York as well, it was 20 degrees with a wind chill of 8 when I walked the dogs! You are so right about the layers. I’m really wishing for summer right now, I hate to be layered. Oh well just 2 more months of this to go?. Love, love love the leopard coat!!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Deb. It is a fun coat for sure. And it’s surprisingly warm. Yes, that wind chill is what really gets me most days. But it is extremely cold here right now without any wind. Ha! And the sun shone all day, too. Thanks for sharing!

  9. What a pretty, well-coordinated outfit! It’s beautiful for moderate winter days. I join my fellow Ohioans in saying that for bitterly cold weather, I go to fleece-lined tights (mine are from Loft), a 3/4 length down puffer coat, lined gloves, fleece jackets or cardigans under my coat, and lined boots. Waterproof boots and booties are great for snow and slush, and tread is a must for ice. This past weekend in NW Ohio, we were lucky to get more rain than snow, because 1” rain = 10” snow. Brace yourself – it’s been a mild winter so far!

    1. Oh my! We’ll see. I’m really ready for some snow. But who knows how I’ll feel when I get it. Yes, I love my long puffer coat for the really cold days. Obviously this isn’t my warmest outfit. And you gals have to remember I’m trying to show style here, not just warmth. If I layered on all the things, you wouldn’t be able to see the outfit! hahahah! Anyhow, thanks for the tips. I love it!

  10. A beautiful outfit, Kay. It wouldn’t be a warm enough winter outfit for where I live but all of the components look fabulous together.

    1. Thanks Bev. Remember, this isn’t really an outdoor look. So, no, I’m aware this isn’t all that warm for a really blustery day. In fact, I wasn’t really shooting these outfits as a “warm + stylish” post at the time. I was just wearing all these layers to stay warm enough to show you gals the clothes. Then I decided to share the under layers as well as the top ones. That’s how it all transpired. Thanks so much for reading and sharing. Stay warm up there!

  11. This is such a great look, and right in line with my own modern classic style. I will be borrowing this look for Bible study tomorrow! Your Blessed for my Day is so important! So many times we hear “forgive and forget”, but while God requires us to forgive, I agree with you that sometimes reconciliation is not possible. I was told once that you haven’t forgiven unless you forget and are restored in relationship, but that is not true. You make an important point!

    1. You’re so right, Karen. And honestly, we can’t forget. But we can put things in their rightful place. We can stop letting the event, words or person have power over us. We can quit being bitter. But, no, we can’t really forget. And we certainly don’t have to re-engage. Thanks for sharing.

  12. A friend once told me that’s it’s impossible to forgive someone who won’t repent for what’ve done. I just don’t agree. I forgive that person and move on. It’s the same if I hurt someone. I ask for forgiveness and try to make amends but that’s not always possible. Still, I don’t camp around thst. You can’t live by someone else’s code.
    This is my absolute favorite winter look I’ve seen on any blog. I love this. I don’t own a leopard coat but I do have a solid that will work.Not quite the pop I want but it will do.

    1. I think you’re so right Eve. God calls us to forgive even if the other person never acknowledges that what they did or said was hurtful. But to forgive simply means that we let them off the hook. It means we don’t expect anything from them – an apology, retribution, good behavior, an excuse, nothing. Forgiveness is really about our heart, not theirs. Thanks so much for reading!

  13. Cute outfit but wouldn’t be warm enough here. I have been living in “long johns” I have several pair of silk blend (polyester and various stretchy stuff). They fit close to my legs. And are thin enough to go under my pants for work. I have some leggings that are slightly furry that I wear under my jeans. Yes I have a couple of jeans that are one size too big that I put these under. Looking forward to seeing what else you are going to show us this week.

    1. Hi Catherine. I totally understand that this wouldn’t be warm enough for some climates. But the main point was simply to learn to layer. It sounds like you’ve definitely got that mastered! You go girl! Thanks so much for dropping in and leaving a comment.

  14. This Georgia girl absolutely loves this outfit and will be wearing my version of it this week with my leopard fleece jacket. Thanks for the inspiration-you have great posts!

  15. I am a southern girl too, but I hate being cold. When our temperatures drop, I wear CuddlDuds under my clothes. I have camisole as well as long sleeve tops and bottoms for extra cold days. They make such a difference!