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How I Really Dressed for My Day – Social Distancing Edition

April 16, 2020

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! Today I’m sharing with you the line-up of my most recent real life outfits. This is how I really dressed for my day…recently…while social distancing! You may notice these outfits are a bit different from my usual “how I really dressed for my day” looks.

How I Really Dressed for My Day Recently

While I always work from home, I know that the COVID-19 crisis has brought many of my readers home to work for the first time. Add to that the fact that we truly are pretty much confined to our homes these days, and you’ll have the basis for the little challenge I recently gave myself. I wanted to create outfits that are comfortable enough to wear when you really have absolutely nowhere else to be, but that would also motivate me (us) to be a little more energetic, joyful, productive and engaged, despite the prevailing temptation to fall into the doldrums these days. But these outfits also had to pass the test of real-time wear while working in my home office, doing things around the house, getting out for the occasional walk and maybe dashing out to the post office.

So you’ll notice that I only wore jeans a couple of times in the past two weeks. And my shoes are pretty much limited to slip-ons, sneakers and even bedroom slippers. But you’ll also see that I created complete outfits, including third pieces, in most instances, and jewelry. I’ve found that I just feel better and respond to our circumstances better if I’m dressed for my day.

Finally, much of what I’m showing you is old and from my closet. I mainly want to provide you with inspiration, but I will give you information on items that are fairly new and still available.

Here’s how I really dressed for my day recently.

Melange joggers + favorite tee + long cardigan

First up, a look I really like and have to keep myself from wearing every day. These Zella joggers are my all-time favorites. I’d lost them in the move from Arizona, but when my daughter was going through boxes in our basement recently she found them. Yay! I’m wearing a medium and they’re plenty long enough, too. I’m linking to the updated version of these same joggers.

Grey Melange Joggers
updated Zella Mélange Jogger Pants // black v-neck tee (my favorite tee!!!) // similar long cardigan // Gorjana Parker link necklace // Gorjana Compass Coin Pendant necklace // Keds leather sneakers // Bomba cushioned no-show socks // Soma Enbliss wireless bralette (sorry about the hair on my t-shirt above…it happens!)

By the way, I also recently decided I was tired of wearing a bra during this stay-at-home mandate. Ha! But I also don’t like going without, except for with pjs. So I ordered two of these Soma Enbliss wireless bralettes, and I love them. I got a medium, and when you first go to put it on, you think, no way! You have to pull it on overhead. But it does fit nicely once you get it on. It’s snug enough to make you feel supported and clothed, but the absence of the underwire is so appreciated. I had a credit to use toward mine, but last I checked they were still buy one get one 50% off.

soma bralette
Soma Enbliss wireless bralette

oversized white shirt + leggings + leopard print flats

I love this look! And it’s so comfy, but classy. Perfect when you need to be on a Zoom conference or other video format, but still want to feel comfortable. My leggings are Talbots’ tech stretch leggings and the comparable ones are 50% off. I really love these leggings and wear them frequently for walks around the neighborhood. My poplin popover is also from Talbots and currently 30% off.

white shirt and leggings
similar tech stretch leggings // white poplin popover // leopard print flats // jewelry sold out

I resisted the urge to just wear my bedroom slippers with this chic but comfy outfit (you’ll see those shortly!), and opted for my leopard print flats from Target instead. It’s amazing what a little animal print can do to lift your spirits!

Green Cargo Crop Joggers + Chambray Shirt + Camo Flats

I recently got these cotton cargo crop joggers from Athleta when they had everything 30% off. They run a little big. I’m wearing an 8, but they’re extremely roomy. I decided to keep them though, simply because I couldn’t resist wearing them immediately. Soooo comfortable!

Athleta Joggers
cotton cargo crop joggers // chambray shirt // camo flats in other colors and prints

My Caslon camo flats are no longer available in this print, but they do come in other colors and prints. They run true to size for me.

Side Stripe Track Pants + Solid Tee + Yoga Jacket

My side stripe track pants are sold out at this point, but this sweet yoga jacket is still available at Talbots in several pretty colors and this white. I’m wearing a medium, but might would prefer a small for a snugger fit.

How I Really Dressed for My Day during COVID Crisis
yoga jacket // Keds leather sneakers // Bomba cushioned no-show socks // Soma Enbliss wireless bralette

Green Tee + Wide Leg Crop Jeans + Mules

When I went to the grocery store last week I intentionally dressed up a little. Ha! I mean, it’s the only thing I’ve had to dress up for in weeks! I did also go to the post office and by my husband’s office that day. Woohoo! Big outing!

How I Really Dressed for My Day during COVID Crisis
cotton bateau neck tee (wearing a small) // wide leg crop jeans // the day loafer mules // belt // handbag // scarf

So I wore my wide leg crop jeans, which run true to size. I’m wearing an 8. They’re currently 30% off. I’m also really enjoying my leather mules. Be sure to size up at least a half size on these.

Leggings + Hiking Shirt + Bedroom Slippers

On this day I put on my tech stretch leggings again, this time with a so-soft-and-silky favorite hiking shirt from Columbia. Here’s a similar one. Unfortunately it’s only available in a small, but at a greatly discounted price. Still, I’m so glad I took this little challenge on because I never would have thought to pair this hiking shirt with my leggings. But really it’s a perfect option again for video conferencing in comfort.

Hiking Shirt and Leggings
similar tech stretch leggings // similar shirt // “waffle” spa slippers

I ordered these “waffle” spa slippers when they were marked down in one of Nordstrom’s recent sales. They are extremely soft and very comfortable to wear and walk in. I wanted something pretty but also a little warming for spring and summer mornings, and these fit the bill perfectly. They come in black, grey, natural (beige), this pink and powder blue. Perfection.

Joggers + White Tee + Black Blazer

No, I didn’t walk around my house all day with my black blazer. But I did slip it on that day for a video conference I had with my FASTer Way to Fat Loss trainer. That wasn’t necessary, of course. But I know that many of my readers are teaching or working from home right now and do in fact need occasionally to look a little more professional. So I wanted to be able to show you this look. Plus, I’ve actually worn this exact outfit before out and about. I love it.

How I Really Dressed for My Day during COVID Crisis
updated Zella Mélange Jogger Pants // white v-neck tee (my favorite tee!!!) // stretch cotton twill blazer // Keds leather sneakers // Bomba cushioned no-show socks // Soma Enbliss wireless bralette // Kendra Scott necklace set (also at Kendra Scott)

By the way, this is my all time favorite white tee (so far – I’m testing others right now for a future post), and it’s 40% off today only. This one and the black one above are so soft and polished looking, but still comfortable and casual. The white one is available only in a few sizes, but the black seems to have been restocked recently.

I love joggers, a tee, sneakers and a blazer for a fun date night look, by the way.

Cargo Cropped Joggers + Navy & White Striped Tee + Denim Jacket

Saturday evening I wore my green cargo joggers again, this time with a simple navy and white striped tee. I added my denim jacket when I stepped out for a little stroll after dinner.

How I Really Dressed for My Day during COVID Crisis
cotton cargo crop joggers // striped 3/4 length sleeve t-shirt (similar) // Levi’s denim jacket // Keds leather sneakers // Bomba cushioned no-show socks // Soma Enbliss wireless bralette

Easter Outfit

Here’s what I ended up wearing on Easter. It was cold. I wanted to look pretty and spring-like, and I also wanted to be comfortable for cooking and watching our worship service online. I opted for these cropped black pants from last year and a favorite floral print top from Boden. Very little, if any, of this is available any more.

Viola top in limited sizes // similar shoes

Black lightweight crops + Solid tee + Yoga jacket

I put this on Monday after my workout so I could be motivated to get out again later in the day for a walk. My lightweight crop pants are only available in green now, but I expect Talbots to come out with similar pants this summer.

Everyday Yoga Jacket (wearing a medium) // lightweight stretch cinched hem crops (wearing a small) // cotton bateau neck tee (wearing a small) // Keds leather sneakers // Bomba cushioned no-show socks // Soma Enbliss wireless bralette // necklace

Striped Tee + Skinny Jeans + Sneakers + Yoga Jacket

After eating a little too much over the Easter weekend I decided it was time to wear jeans for a day. Ha! These are my favorite jeans of all, and Nordstrom has several comparable styles on sale for significant reductions right now. These with a chewed hem are 40% off. But you can find a full assortment of AG jeans on sale here.

How I Really Dressed for My Day during COVID Crisis
similar AG jeans in different wash 40% off // similar long sleeve striped tee // Everyday Yoga Jacket (wearing a medium) // Keds leather sneakers // Bomba cushioned no-show socks // Soma Enbliss wireless bralette // earrings 40% off

What I wore just yesterday!

This is my final look in this personal work-from-home challenge. Again, I just wore my tech stretch leggings with my favorite white t-shirt and this long cardigan I’d picked up in last summer’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

How I Really Dressed for My Day
similar tech stretch leggings // v-neck white tee // similar cardigan // Keds leather sneakers // Bomba cushioned no-show socks // Soma Enbliss wireless bralette

Well hopefully the outfits I put together in this two-week personal WFH style challenge provided a little inspiration for you. My goal was to create comfortable looks that were perfectly suited for staying home all day but that also felt a little more put together and professional. I’m finding that even though I’m used to working from home all the time, the stay-home restrictions are making me feel less motivated and enthusiastic. I guess that just shows that we all crave a little balance in our lives. And outings and socialization really feed my creativity and passions. So while we wait this thing out, I’ll continue to put on full outfits like this with hopes of sparking a little professionalism and joy.

Thanks so much for spending a few minutes with me today. I hope you enjoyed the post. Let me know if you have any questions about the things I’ve shared today. Have a good one!

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How I Really Dressed for My Day Recently - Work From Home outfits that are comfortable but also professional and spark enthusiasm
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Blessed for My Day

You would think that since I usually work from home that this time of social distancing wouldn’t affect me much. I’ve been fairly surprised at how unmotivated I’ve felt some days. But it turns out that even those of us who normally work from or at home need times of socialization, outings and events to look forward to. Those are the ingredients in life that build enthusiasm, give us a sense of purpose and community, and help us to schedule our days and weeks. Without them we start feeling fruitless and a little aimless.

But during this time we’re challenged to find our motivation from a deeper and more consistent source. Let’s remember that even when we don’t know what tomorrow brings, we still have holy assignments to carry out. And let’s acknowledge that even if we’re not going to see anyone else or go anywhere, our lives have purpose and meaning each day. God gives us meaning, purpose, significance and responsibility. Let’s roll up our sleeves and fulfill the assignments He gives us for this day.

Go to the ant, O sluggard;
    consider her ways, and be wise.
Without having any chief,
    officer, or ruler,
she prepares her bread in summer
    and gathers her food in harvest. ~ Proverbs 6:6-8

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xoxo, Kay
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18 thoughts on “How I Really Dressed for My Day – Social Distancing Edition

  1. Hi Kay…..just wanted to pop on to let you know your hair looks cute with your bangs pulled to the side. Also even all the comfy outfits looked in some ways, dressed up which is a good thing. Just because they are comfy doesn’t mean the have to be loungy or slouchy. Love the post.


  2. Thanks for today’s post. I’m lucky to have an increasing number of customers switching over to online lessons for the time being, which also means I have to look presentable more often. I actually get excited for the opportunity to put on earrings and lipstick – sad, I know. I think what I’m having the most trouble with is having so few things to look forward to. We had to postpone two trips, one to visit friends and one getaway for just the two of us. I also probably won’t be able to travel to the States to see family any time soon. Our special anniversary dinner which we booked over a month ago will not take place next weekend. Take each one separately and I could accept a cancelation here and there, but added up, it just seems like so much. Just like you mentioned, a lack of socialization and I’m really feeling it.

  3. Great post Kay! It can be so easy to not care about what I put on since I know that Larry is the only person that will see me. But my personality is such that what I see in the mirror really has an influence on how I feel about myself, so I know that if I put on some of my better casual clothes, I will feel better about myself. I don’t wear jewelry every day because too often I end up doing yard work. We have no idea when we will be able to return to our old normal routines, so why save our outfits. Why not enjoy wearing them now! Happy Friday eve!

  4. Great outfits Kay!!! I cannot seem to get dressed like that when I am doing housework while I am out of work. My job doesn’t permit me to work at home so I am taking full advantage of doing some much needed cleaning while mixing in some Mother/Daughter time with my daughter while she is home from college finishing her last semester classes online. Also enjoying some needed time with my precious Husband. I know you did the FWTWL and you look great. I never saw before pics. However, how did you get your small waist and tummy? This “post menopause” is trying to do a number on me?. My biggest addiction is sugar so I know I need to cut down there. I have been exercising more since I’ve been home but the ol scale doesn’t budge. Right now my finances are limited so I cannot purchase any program….any suggestions? Thank you ~Lisa~

    1. Hi Lisa. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I’ve never really shared any before photos but you probably wouldn’t notice that much difference. When I gained weight it was pretty evenly distributed. In fact, if you’ve seen the free e-book I offer subscribers, the photos in it were taken before I lost 20 pounds. (I need to change out those photos!) But I know what you mean about menopause weight gain. I do encourage you to have your thyroid checked if you haven’t already. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few years ago and take a medication for that. But I can tell you that medication does not help at all with weight gain. I really think one of the keys to keeping off weight in this season for me has been intermittent fasting. So even if you don’t do the entire FWTFL program, I’d suggest you look into intermittent fasting. But you do want to do it right and consistently for any effect. That and weight training. As we age and especially as we go through menopause we lose a lot of muscle. Muscle burns fat. So we need to counteract that natural tendency by lifting more effectively and more. And we need to eat plenty of protein to help build and maintain muscle

      Hope that helps! But if you ever do get to where you want to try FWTFL, I can’t recommend it highly enough. It really provides the parameters and knowledge for me to stay healthy and at a good weight.

    2. Hi Lisa,
      You can do this! ?
      I did last year! I gained almost 30lbs post menopause over 5 years.
      Last year I made changes, started walking approximately 3 hrs a week. Ate healthy foods, fresh, less processed and lean and low-fat. I also kept a food and weight log. I lost all the 30 lbs I put on and I have kept it off! Now I would like to work on the last 5 lbs I’d like to lose, and I will probably try some weight training especially for my upper arms, and biking for my legs. I think IF is a good idea, I would like to try on my own, maybe 8/16hrs fast, which will be my biggest challenge!
      . *** Little changes add up to make big changes, you can do this! ?***

      Kim ?

      1. ***Forgot to mention my favorite treats for my weight loss were animal crackers (12-16)
        Ghirardelli dark choc chips 20/ 100 calories and low fat flavored popcorn at night. All these treats are 100-120 calories. I also drank a lot of green tea and still do. Lastly we eat only 2 meals a day generally, breakfast and a early dinner. Hope this helps! ???

        1. Awesome!!! I really like dark chocolate & animal crackers. I have been eating 2 squares of Hershey’s Dark Chocolate dipped in a little peanut butter. Wow!!! I started drinking hot green tea a few days ago. Thank you again Kim.

  5. I really like these outfits: they are comfy yet pulled together.
    Thanks for the spiritual encouragement. We are a social and a sociable people so keeping a safe distance is difficult. I try to smile more and to express my thanks to those who are out there working so hard for all of us. (From a safe distance of course)
    Blessings to you today, Kay.

  6. Kay, I do not know how to express how much Appreciate reading your blog each day. You have some great ideas for women that are in this strange times of live with the COVID19 virus. Thank you again.

  7. I am an SLP and I work for a public school in NE Ohio. I am still meeting with all my speech students to deliver therapy on line. Of course I get cleaned up every am. I usually wear comfy bottoms and a nice shirt and sweater so I look professional. Sometimes I even wear my pearls or a cool chunky necklace or a head bad with ears so the children notice!
    I try to wear colorful shirts and tops. I want the children and parents to know that I am there for them.

  8. Great post, Kay. It can be temping to stay in pj all day but I feel better when I make the effort to dress up even if it’s just yoga pants and a cute sweater or tee with a sweater.

  9. Thank you, Kay, for these great ideas and looks. I’m now retired and this is kind of what I want to wear and look like everyday now.


  10. Dear Kay,

    You look adorable in all your photos, and perfectly outfitted for working at home, fashionably. I appreciate you so much!
    An interesting discussion point between my adult daughter and me: we women tend to dress for one another to some extent, but it’s still important to dress for at least one woman right now–ourselves!
    Quick question: Could you address online clothing shopping again sometime? I haven’t fully embraced it yet (for fear of making mistakes or being disappointed) but I suspect I will be more and more. Thank you!

  11. I really enjoyed this post. I can’t tuck in because of my short waist but I can tie a soft shirt in front a little below my waist for that casual look. Because I’m busty I choose blouses and shirts over knits most of the time. I love the shirts and blouses you wear. Viola is so pretty.
    It must have felt like this to the first pioneers who lived far from each other. I get excited just seeing our lawn mower man and hearing a live human voice or hearing the children down the street laughing as they play. I’m glad my husband is with me.