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Red Blazer & White Jeans 7 Ways

April 14, 2020

Hello sweet gal, and welcome to Dressed for My Day. If you’ve been here before, you’re really going to appreciate my husband’s photography after you look at this post. Hahaha! I got a bee in my bonnet yesterday and decided I wanted to show you 7 very different ways to wear a red blazer and white jeans, so I set up my phone to take today’s photos. They’re not great, but they get the job done! And you’re going to love the 7 ways I’ve styled these two wardrobe essentials.

1 red blazer 1 pair of white jeans

Most every gal owns a pair a white jeans for spring and summer. Or if you prefer, maybe you own white dress pants or chinos. So you can apply all of these styles to your white jeans/pants even without the red blazer. But I absolutely love my red jacket, so I wanted to share with you how versatile it really is. And many of these looks will work with other types of red jackets, such as a red denim jacket or utility jacket.

Of course, you can translate many of these looks to different colored blazers as well. Maybe you have a pink or navy or yellow blazer for which you’re looking for ideas. I think these 7 ways of styling white jeans and a red blazer will work perfectly for you, too.

My Red Blazer & White Jeans

Unfortunately my red blazer sold out. Crazy! It was still fully stocked just last week. Now it’s available and fully stocked in a pretty shade they’re calling pink lemonade. And most of these looks will translate with that pretty pink shade, too. But I’m linking to other pretty red blazers in the shopping widget below. I especially like this notch collar cotton blend blazer, which is fully stocked in misses and petite sizes.

I’m wearing the white denim jeggings from Talbots. They’re also fully stocked in misses, long, petite, plus and petite plus sizes. And today they’re half price! I wear my true pants size (not my usual jeans size at Talbots) in these white jeggings. I’m wearing a size 8. They feel great on, are a great length, feature flesh colored pocket linings for no see through and are a nice thickness. But I will link to other white jeans in the shopping widget, too.

Let’s get started!

Red Blazer + White Jeans + Navy & White Stripes = Classic Casual

First I simply paired my white jeans and red blazer with a navy and white striped 3/4 length sleeve t-shirt (similar). This is pure classic!

Red Blazer and navy and white striped top
navy and white striped 3/4 length sleeve t-shirt (similar) // leather mules (size up 1/2 size) // leather tote // classic gold hoop earrings // white bangle // blazer (no longer in red) // white jeans

You just can’t go wrong adding navy to red and white. I let that trio of colors shine by scaling back in the color in my accessories. I kept them a soft brown. My leather mules are becoming favorites for so many reasons. Definitely size up 1/2 size in these.

Red Blazer + White Jeans + Pretty Floral Blouse = Soft & Feminine

My pretty floral blouse is soft and flowing. It’s a purchase from last year, so no longer available. But Ann Taylor, where I purchased this top, now has this floral sleeveless shell and this floral smocked shoulder tee, both of which would look great with my blazer in pink lemonade.

Floral Blouse
similar floral sleeveless shell // handbag (now only in red) // similar nude sandals // necklace sold out // Kendra Scott Veronica hoop earrings // blazer (no longer in red) // white jeans

You could copy this look with any pretty floral blouse. Mine happens to have red, pink and a little bit of blue in it. To keep the look soft and feminine, I added neutral colored accessories including strappy heeled sandals. My jewelry is also soft and delicate.

Red Blazer + White Jeans + Black & White Polka Dot Tee = Trending & Bold

This next look is a tad bolder with black and white polka dots and black Bzees comfortable sandals. Notice the difference when you add black or darker colored shoes to your white jeans. My legs definitely look longer when I keep my shoes white or nude colored. But it’s fun to add some color occasionally, too. And it’s always a good idea to wear the same color you have at the top of your look at the bottom of your silhouette. It bookends the look.

Black with white polka dots
black tee with white polka dots (30% off today) // black Bzees sandals // black hobo bag // tear drop earrings // blazer (no longer in red) // white jeans

By the way, my black BZees sandals were gifted to me recently. This is the first time I’ve tried this comfort brand, but I’m impressed. You can check out more BZees here. These shoes are known for their all-day wear comfort and their unique styles.

Red Blazer + White Jeans + White Blouse = Chic & Unique

I’m not sure I’d say this next look is my favorite, but it does work. An all white look with a splash of red (or other color) is very chic and current. And it’s a surprisingly slimming way to wear all white because the colored jacket trims the column of white.

All white plus Red Jacket
blazer (no longer in red) // white jeans // white lace & crepe top // similar white flats

My white lace & crepe top is a recent purchase, and it’s still fully stocked. This pretty, feminine sleeveless blouse comes in so many nice colors, too. I sized down to a small, and it fits nicely. The white is pretty sheer, so I’d only wear it tucked in.

Red Blazer + White Jeans + Chambray = Sporty Casual

You know I love having a chambray shirt in my closet. Here I went with my long sleeved one, but you could just as easily wear any other chambray shirt or shell.

with chambray
blazer (no longer in red) // white jeans // denim/chambray shirt (30% off today) // Sperry slingback shoes // leather hobo // scarf // earrings

By the way, I’m loving these Sperry Saybrook slingbacks. This neutral color works so well with many things, but they’re also available in three other shades. These shoes are soooo comfortable!

Red Blazer + White Jeans + Graphic Tee = Edgy & Fun

Can you believe how versatile this red blazer and white jeans duo is??? These final three looks, including the one above, are probably my favorites. And I’m especially fond of this pairing with a graphic tee.

with a graphic tee
blazer (no longer in red) // white jeans // Good Vibes t-shirt // Tory Burch hobo bag

My t-shirt reads, “Good vibes,” and don’t we all need some of those right now? It’s quite soft and long. But I still managed to wear it untucked. My sneakers were gifted by Cariuma and this style is no longer available, but these are similar. But I do love this brand of footwear. If you’re looking for a sharp looking sneaker that is comfortable, durable and current, check them out.

The only thing I wish I had to add to the fun look above would be a yellow bangle or earrings…or even yellow sneakers!

Red Blazer + White Jeans + Leopard Print = Classy & Sophisticated

I’m such a fan of leopard print. Any animal print, really! So maybe this is my favorite look. I love that it’s classy and sophisticated, but still very wearable and casual.

animal print
blazer (no longer in red) // white jeans // leopard print sleeveless shell (40% off today) // gold studded black gladiator slide sandals // black leather hobo // necklace set (40% off today) // black pave earrings (40% off today)

This leopard print sleeveless shell is a recent purchase and it’s such a nice leopard print addition to my wardrobe. Very versatile! I’ll enjoy wearing it with these white jeans, black pants and even blue jeans or shorts. The gold studded black gladiator slide sandals are very on trend, but I love that they feature a short 1 1/2″ heel. Just enough heel to look dressy, but not so much as to be uncomfortable.

Wasn’t that fun? I have prettier photos for you tomorrow. James came home from work and we got out to shoot a fun, casual outfit for you. But I hope you enjoyed today’s “straight from my closet” post with 7 ways to wear a red blazer and white jeans. Thanks so much for stopping in!

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44 thoughts on “Red Blazer & White Jeans 7 Ways

  1. Kay,

    I love these looks, especially the striped shirt outfit.

    Thanks for your blog and posts and positive outlook. I am a relatively new subscriber and always look forward to your daily emails.

    1. Hi Kim, thanks for letting me know. I’m so glad you found Dressed for My Day. I hope you’ll stick around and continue to enjoy the posts. Take care!

  2. I love polka dots with white pants! There’s a navy top with white polka dots in my closet just waiting for this combination. And I really like the look with the chambray top.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Alison. Yes, I love the chambray top look, too. It looks really pulled together to me. Have a great day, sweet gal!

  3. Loved this post. Would like to see more like this. Made me realize how much I have that I can wear with my red (or other colors) blazer and white pants/jeans!!

    1. Great to hear, Sondra. This is really my favorite kind of post to do. But, as you can imagine it’s not always that easy to take the photos for this kind of post. At least not if I have James take them. But we are buying a backdrop soon and he said he’ll be glad to take indoor photos of this kind with his camera. So I will probably do more of these. Plus this is also the kind of post I’ll be doing on YouTube. So that will be even more fun and helpful.

  4. Apparently I need a red blazer, pronto! I can re-create every look on this post, minus the red blazer. You and I have very similar taste in clothes and age, which is one of many reasons that I love your blog. (now for the quarantine to be over, so we can dress for our day and go somewhere! I put on a fun pink top and white jeans just to run to Target the other day, because I’m so tired of jeans and t-shirt!)

    God bless!

    1. Hahaha! I hear ya. I dressed up for the grocery store the other day, too! yes to that red blazer! But the pink one would be oh so pretty, too. And if you get creative you can take that pink one into fall as well, maybe by adding camel or brown or grey to the look. Thanks for sharing, Rebecca!

  5. Kay, you knocked these combinations right out of the park. My faves are the navy & white striped shirt combo, the floral blouse combo, the black & white polka dot blouse combo and the chambray shirt combo. All of them look great on you. Tell James he did a fabulous job as your photographer:) I am thoroughly enjoying being home because I am getting to spend longer having my alone time with God in the mornings and doing my Bible study, relaxing more, having more family time and getting some spring cleaning done along with some organizing. However, I miss dressing up so your posts inspire me for when I do return to work. Enjoy your day. ~Lisa~

    1. Hi Lisa. Thanks so much. It sounds like you had lots of favorites here. That’s great! No, James normally takes my photos, the ones you usually see here. I took these with my phone. That’s why they’re so grainy and the lighting is bad. James really didn’t like that I took them. I think he didn’t want anyone thinking he had. Hahaha! He’s grown so much as a photographer. In fact, I usually have a really hard time culling our photos to just 8 or so. He took some wonderful photos for tomorrow’s post in fact. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m glad you’re enjoying your longer days and taking advantage of that time. I think that’s the best we can do right now, is just use the time wisely. Take care!

      1. I apologize Kay for thinking that James took those…I misread. I knew that James takes your usual photos and he does a phenomenal job at it. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s posts…BTW….I really like how you can style certain pieces so many different ways and hope you do more. ~Lisa~

        1. Thanks Lisa. No problem. I just realized I wasn’t very clear and had made the assumption that everyone knew my husband does my photos.

  6. This is one of favorite posts you have put on. The photos look great too. Seriously, how great are pictures taken with a phone? I’m still amazed we can do that!
    This look can be so easily copied with just my heavy red, corduroy jacket or cardigan too for a more casual look around the house. Pink lemonade? Got to have.

    1. Well I’m so glad you gals are liking this post. That’s encouraging because when I get going with my videos you’ll be seeing a lot of these! You absolutely can duplicate these looks with any colored jacket or cardigan. Thanks so much for commenting, Eve.

  7. I love, love, love posts like this! Ways to maximize wear from classic items we might already have in our closet. Slow fashion at it’s finest! Thanks for posting

  8. I honestly adore each of these looks! You did an amazing job creating completely different outfits with just the change of a top and a few accessories! I would love to see more ideas on how to stretch my closet! On the white jeggings, do you feel they relax as the day goes? I’m wondering if I should order them TTS or a size smaller. I like jeggings to be snug but not skin tight, especially white, but also I don’t want them to bag out after a couple of hours. Have a blessed day Kay, I just love you!

    1. PS: Is there a way you can post these outfits on a grid, if that’s what you call it, so we can see all 7 outfits in one photo? I’d love to post onto my Pintrest board.

      1. Alrighty, Nancy! I got the new graphic done and added to the post. Check it out! I’d love for you gals to pin one or both. And share on Facebook, too!

    2. Hi Nancy. I haven’t found these to grow with wear. I normally wear a 6 in the Talbots jeggings but went with the 8 here because they’re white and I’m very happy with the fit. Thanks so much for reading!

  9. LOVE THIS POST! More please. I am trying really hard to be sensible with my purchases and 7 ways for one blazer and white jeans awesome! I will need to buy a new blazer at some point but since I am working out, eating healthy and losing weight and my current red blazer is only a size to big I will cuff the sleeves for a little longer and maybe then red will be back in stock, I like the pink but red is more versatile in my wardrobe. As always thank you and the pictures aren’t as nice but they aren’t bad by any means! Perhaps it is due to the lovely lady in front of the camera.

  10. Love the variety of looks, Kay. Stirs my creative juices. Actually more helpful to me to have the variety of styles and ideas than nicer photography of one outfit. Either way, so appreciate the time you put into this!

  11. I love the variety of looks, but am wondering if I could do the same variations using indigo or black jeans? I have a pear shape and heavy legs. I am also a retired nurse, so white bottoms remind me of the nursing uniforms I wore (life before scrubs). I wear bootcut jeans year round and avoid cropped or ankle pants that show my cankles.

  12. I’m curious…….how did you take the photos with your phone without being in front of a mirror or without a “clicker” in your hand?

    1. Hahaha! The phone was on a tripod and I’d set the timer for 10 seconds and then position myself in front of it. I could see myself in the phone because I was using the selfie side.

  13. Excellent post! I like the fact that you showed 7 ways to wear red and white. My favorite styles are the striped, denim, and polka dot combinations. Great ideas that could translate to other color combinations.
    I love the idea of the Lord inclining his ear to my prayers, just like a parent leaning in very close to listen to a beloved child’s request.
    As always thanks for the spiritual encouragement and the lessons about how to dress appropriately.

    1. Yes, I love that visual of God leaning in, too, Suzanne. I guess that’s why I love that scripture so much. Thanks for sharing. And I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

  14. I really like every one of these looks. I have everything to duplicate, including the Talbot jeggings , but my only red blazer is the velvet one you had a couple of Christmases ago….not appropriate for spring! I do have a couple of pink ones. I will probably buy a different red one when I find one in petite. I hope you do more of these posts, Kay! Like everyone else said, we need somewhere to wear it now!

    1. Good to hear, Patt! Yes, really when you get right down to it I just used simple style formulas that work for so many third pieces – graphic tee, leopard print, stripes, polka dots, chambray top, floral print, solid white! Those work with most everything! Thanks so much for reading.

    1. Hi Nancy, yeah it’s there. Try refreshing your page. It’s at the end of the post under the header graphic. right before the blessed for my day.

    2. Hahaha, never mind! It just came through once I refreshed the page! Thank you so much for doing that for us Kay!

  15. can you give me some advice on fit? I typically wear a 4 missy in Talbots jackets. Even though I am 5′ 2″, being long waisted, I appreciate the extra length. The most recent Aberdeen blazer from Talbots was too tight in the arms, unlike previous Aberdeen jacket purchases. I notice comments on this jacket that the arms are tight. I love the pink jacket but just don’t know what size to purchase. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    1. Hi Anna. I sometimes have problems with sleeves of jackets feeling tight too. I’ve not tried the Aberdeen jacket from Talbots so I can’t really compare to it. But the 1901 jacket works well for me in the smaller of my two usual sizes. I usually wear a missy 8 at Talbots in jackets and coats. And I have an 8 in the 1901 blazer. It does have a little bit of stretch in it too. Hope that helps.

  16. Joining the crowd that enjoyed this post and want to see more! I liked every one of the selections and can duplicate most. I bought chambray shirts in light and medium dark washes based on one of your previous posts. Never thought they were my style (now I love them) and this is another great option on how to style them! I really feel like reading your posts have helped me to become more thoughtful in what I buy and how I will wear it. Thank you so much for the great ideas and positive attitude!

    1. Wonderful to hear, Virginia. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the post and that you’re liking the blog. Thanks so much for sharing. I feel encouraged. ?

  17. Love all the looks. You gave me some great ideas.I always look forward to your daily posts. Thanks for all your hard work. You did a great job with the photos.

  18. Hi Kay, The gold studded black gladiator slide sandals, Sam Edelman, are on sale for $97.50 at Belk. I have them in Black and Natural Sand. They are so comfortable. Love them. Have a great day!