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My Revised Spring Bucket List

March 30, 2020

Happy Monday, dear gal. I do hope today is a beautiful spring day in your neck of the woods. The forecast shows sun peaking through the clouds for us, and I’ll take it. I find myself craving sunlight these days. We’re certainly in the middle of an odd time, aren’t we? Maybe your sense of well-being fluctuates the way mine does lately. I vacillate between feeling like I’m in some sort of creepy science fiction movie and then feeling full of hope and supernatural peace. Sun and fresh cut flowers (which I can no longer find) and green grass and robins help keep me a little more balanced, a little less in my head.

And while, for the past two weeks, I’ve managed to get on somewhat of a roll and push out blog posts that have felt (for the most part) appropriate and authentic to me, it seems that each Sunday I start questioning what I’m doing in this space…during this peculiar time. So I reevaluate and try to think about you, my dear reader. It’s so very important to me that I give you something of value but also something that lifts your spirits a bit. I want to provide a diversion, but I also don’t want to appear ignorant or foolish, like I have my head in the sand. And I also want to stay in my lane. This is a style blog. And I’m determined to be true to that…somehow.

Anyhow, I’ve planned out another week of posts, and I hope you will stop in at least occasionally to see what’s up. I promise to provide a little girl talk – some fashion and beauty and fitness stuff. But I also want to give you some tips and tools for working through these strange days…weeks…months??? Still, I don’t even want those tips and tools to all be somber and serious. You can find plenty of that elsewhere I’m sure. So I’m keeping it light. Please know that doesn’t mean all is “light and fluffy” here in my little world anymore than it is elsewhere. It just means I’m trying to do my job…the best I know how.

Ok. Enough preamble!

Let’s celebrate spring!

There are so many important spring traditions and events we may miss this year. We don’t know yet if we’ll even get to gather with our church families for Easter this year. I’m hopeful, but, honestly, not very optimistic. And I know many of you are experiencing the cancellation of weddings, graduations, parties and vacations.

Other cancellations include the opening of baseball season, band recitals, outdoor concerts, bridal showers, church picnics, ladies’ retreats and spring teas. Normally, spring is a season of sweet, if perhaps simple, celebrations. Unlike Christmas and New Years, which are full of glitter and glam and fast-paced hooplah, the celebrations of spring are more genteel. They’re full of pastel colors and tender blooms and fresh delicacies and earthy aromas. And, oh, how our winter-weary souls crave those sweet, refreshing celebrations of all that is new and fresh and alive.

My Revised Spring Bucket List

So today, let’s create a Spring Bucket List of things we can still do to celebrate this sweet season. Let’s fill it with ample time outdoors, fresh-from-the-garden foods, sweet delights, pretty visuals, the sounds of the season and activities that awaken our senses and fill our lungs with big gulps of fresh air.

No, we can’t do everything we might have. But I imagine we’ll be more bent than ever on doing what we can do. Let’s celebrate spring with all we’ve got!

Here’s my Revised Spring Bucket List.

Take from my list and create your own. Share in the comments below if you have other ideas to add. I’ve got 28 fun activities on my revised spring bucket list!

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  • Go on a picnic. Many picnic areas and playgrounds are closed right now. So you may need to pack a blanket and have your meal on the ground, the old fashioned way. Or you may just want to picnic from the tailgate of your vehicle. But pack up a yummy meal and get out somewhere new to eat it.
  • Grill out in the back yard. Make the meal festive with music, decorations and fun tableware.
  • Host a Tea Party. Host a Virtual Tea Party. Send out invitations to several sweet friends via text or email. Request they meet you on a Zoom conference , Skype or multiple person Facetime session with their own tea steeped and their plate filled with cookies. You can sit outside if the weather permits. But enjoy the time visiting over tea with friends. You can even ask everyone to dress up a little!
  • Fly a kite.
  • Go on a nature hike.
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  • Walk barefoot in the grass.
  • Ride a bike.
  • Visit the zoo. Host a neighborhood bear hunt. My sister-in-law recently helped her neighborhood host a bear hunt for children. All the households were encouraged to put stuffed teddy bears somewhere in their yards or on their porches. Then families could ride in their cars, golf carts or on their bikes, walk and/or pull wagons through the neighborhood so the kids could “hunt” for the bears. You can watch Kim’s Facebook post below for inspiration. (She’s going to kill me!)

Is that too cute, or what??? Yeah, she’s going to kill me.

  • Make fresh squeezed lemonade. Here’s my recipe for wonderful fresh squeezed lemonade: In a saucepan, over medium heat, combine 1 cup water and 1 3/4 cup granulated sugar. Heat until the sugar is dissolved to make a simple syrup. Refrigerate syrup until you’re ready to make the lemonade. Squeeze enough lemons (or limes!) to yield 1 1/2 cups juice (probably 6-8 lemons). In a pitcher, combine the simple syrup, the fruit juice and 7 cups fresh water. Stir well. Serve over ice and garnish with lemon slices. Enjoy!
  • Take a stroll in the rain. Use your umbrella or a rain coat. Wear rain boots or go barefooted. Splash in puddles!
  • Find a rainbow. Double points for a double rainbow! Take a picture and post it on Facebook and/or Instagram. Remember, God sent the rainbow to remind us of His faithfulness.
  • Buy a new spring dress. There’s still hope that you’re going to get to dress up for something this spring. But if not this spring, surely this summer! Here are some beautiful selections I found that are on sale.
  • Enjoy an outdoor concert. Enjoy a streamed concert…outdoors. As more and more concerts are being cancelled, artists are streaming their music live so that we can all listen in for free. You can get an updated list of free streamed concerts here. Some artists are charging a fee, but most are free. Still you can make a donation or leave a tip, too. Take the music outside with your phone or other mobile device, and enjoy it under the stars or as the day winds down.
  • Change out your winter wardrobe for your spring wardrobe. I’ve got tips for purging your closet and reorganizing in this previous post.
  • Do some spring cleaning. Wash the windows, the blinds, the shower curtains, etc.
  • Throw a frisbee.
wind chimes
wind chimes
  • Go on a Spring Scavenger Hunt. Take photos of everything you see: tulips, daffodils, azaleas, dogwood trees, baby animals, ducks, robins, children playing, people riding bikes, people riding in a car with the convertible top down, kites flying. Add your own ideas to the list!
  • Attend a baseball game. Throw a baseball or softball with your husband, children or grandchildren (whoever is in your household!).
  • Make a trip to the Farmer’s Market. Plant a vegetable, flower or herb garden.
  • Eat ice cream on a cone.
  • Eat from food trucks. Tailgate with friends. Sunday morning when I was out on a walk I came upon a group of women who had circled their cars together in an open parking lot. They were each sitting at the open tailgate of their own vehicles, enjoying conversation and beverages from thermoses. I asked if I could snap a photo and share their idea with you! This, sweet gal, is intentional friendship. I love it!
  • Dine al fresco. Take your breakfast, lunch and/or dinner out onto your back patio, deck or yard. I think the more time we spend outdoors right now, the better!
  • Dye Easter eggs.
  • Participate in an Easter egg hunt. Egg your friends’ yards. Yesterday morning as I walked James out to his car as he left for church, he looked down into the yard and said, “We’ve been egged!” Thinking he meant we’d had eggs thrown at our house, I walked out into the yard to look for the debris. But what I found was this large pink plastic Easter egg. Some friends from church had tossed it into our yard sometime during the night. Inside, I found a sweet little announcement of the birth of their new grand daughter. But you could just as easily fill eggs with hopeful sentiments, scriptures and well wishes, then toss them into the yards of your friends. I’m not sure I’d toss them into all the neighbors’ yards; some people may not appreciate the gesture. But I bet your friends would. (Make sure you use clean hands when you pack and distribute the eggs. Maybe even wipe them down with sanitizing wipes before tossing.)
  • Hand wash your car.
  • Prepare a spring brunch. On the menu? Yummy spring specialties like roasted asparagus, strawberry spinach salad, spring risotto, ham & Swiss quiche, and my favorite Strawberry Triple Layer Cake. Yes, you’d love to have someone over for brunch. But even if you can’t do that, you can still enjoy a festive meal featuring flavors of this season.

A word to the wise

I’ve tried only to include activities that help us practice social distancing and smart health standards. But if you find that any of these activities would compromise those behaviors for you, please don’t do them. While we’ve been given guidelines for social distancing, they are different throughout the country and we should all do our part to help prevent the spread of this virus. Bottom line? Be smart.

Do you have other ideas to add to our “revised” Spring Bucket List? I’d love to hear your ideas for ways to celebrate spring in this time of social distancing. Thank you so much for visiting Dressed for My Day today.

Additional Encouragement

In the spirit of encouraging us to stay positive during these trying days of social distancing, midlife influencer Robin LaMonte recently wrote a blog post called Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty. She ended her post by sharing other encouraging posts by midlife bloggers, including this one. You might enjoy visiting Robin and reading her post, as well as the others she linked to there.

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Blessed for My Day

As we enjoy spring – the new growth from the earth, the baby animals and the lengthening and warming of the days – let’s not forget to praise the Lord. He is the one who created the pleasures of this world for our enjoyment and provision. Isn’t He amazingly creative and good? Let’s be sure to marvel in the beauty of the world, but more importantly let’s marvel at God’s glory seen throughout.

May the glory of the Lord endure forever;
    may the Lord rejoice in his works. ~ Psalm 104:31

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xoxo, Kay
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53 thoughts on “My Revised Spring Bucket List

  1. Thank you for this post, Kay! Your ideas are a great reminder to look for the blessings we can still enjoy in these strange & uncomfortable times. Thank you for continuing to post and spread your wonderful positivity. God bless!

  2. Good morning Kay, Creepy is the perfect word for what the world seems like right now. Some days it’s hard to get excited about anything. But we have a beautiful cherry blossom tree in the front yard and seeing that for the past week has lifted my spirits! Saturday was my son-in-laws birthday so we face timed and sang Happy Birthday while he blew out his candles. The children in the neighborhood have drawn rainbows and taped them to their front doors. What a sweet sight. We are making the best of what this season of life has given us. Thank you , as always, for your uplifting words?

  3. Thank you for this post this morning. I’m working from home now and its very hard to get used to. I was feeling a bit down but the song by Gold City (anyone remember them) Under Control came to mind yesterday morning as I was walking my dogs. I so look forward to your uplifting posts and ideas. Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much for letting me know, Vicki. I’m not familiar with Gold City. I’ll check it out. Have a lovely day. I know you’ll get the hang of working from home…probably just in time to go back to work! Lots of grace!

    2. I love Southern Gospel music and Gold City is a favorite I also love the Booth Brothers. I love this blog because it brings us all together.

  4. Such good ideas, Kay! My neighborhood has done the “tailgate” idea twice in the last couple of weeks. I’m thinking the egg idea with “He is risen!” for Easter morning would be a fun neighborhood surprise and I want to be best friends with your friend Kim. The video clip of her, that you shared, just made me smile and I know we would bond immediately. I so appreciate this happy and encouraging place on the internet that you provide!

    1. Hahaha! Yes, Kim is a dear. She was a children’s minister until she recently retired. You could “friend” her on Facebook I’m sure. ?

  5. Daily I look for your posts for your honesty, sweetness, inspiration, fashion, and inner and outer beauty. Please cease questioning what you are doing. You are the ray of sunshine many of us need.
    I enjoyed your bucket list and yesterday when you posted about the ladies tailgate coffee hour I was inspired. What a clever way to see our gal pals!!! Another priceless idea was egging to announce the birth of a baby. Clever folks out there. Look at the happiness in these two activities. That is what I’m noticing about this confinement. People being kind and helpful to one another. Families actually talking, playing games, having meals together. I see God working in those situations making us all slow down, focusing on what is important. Someone told me once, God writes with crooked lines! Yep, sometimes he does. Yesterday in our pastor’s live stream sermon, he reminded us, We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, Philippians 4:13. We will all get through this together and with His help and with Kay Harms wonderful daily inspiration.

    1. Ah, that is so kind of you, Doreen. You’re exactly right. I’m trying to gain from this season. I always feel like when we go through a season of loss there are things to be redeemed and gained; we just have to look for them and gain them intentionally. Let’s all help each other do that. Let’s ask each other, “When you come out of this ‘pit’ what treasures will you bring with you?” Have a great day, Doreen. ????

  6. Thank you so much for the uplifting post. So many great ideas. I especially love the tailgate with friends. I am going to get the girls together for this. Stay well and God bless.

  7. Good morning Kay! You made some great suggestions! There are some neighborhoods here in central GA that are also doing the bear hunts for children. As difficult as this time is for us, it is forcing us to slow down and enjoy the beauty that is in our own backyard. We don’t have to travel to see new things and enjoy life. We are getting out on my four wheeler more, riding around on our property and our leased property behind us, looking for deer sheds and just taking in nature, and unfortunately the pollen. I am making myself wear something different every day and I’m wearing my better casual clothes except for when I’m on the four wheeler. We don’t know how long the social distancing is going to be mandated, so why wait to wear my cute spring clothes! Sending blessings to y’all!

  8. Great ideas! Another one: play golf. Most courses in our area of Florida are open, with social distancing procedures in place: no rakes for the bunkers; one person to a golf cart unless it’s two family members, or walking instead of riding; leave flag in the hole; no sand containers on the carts; no shaking hands; holes modified to prevent the balls from dropping all the way into the cup; etc. I’ve been taking sanitizing wipes to wipe down surfaces of the cart that I touch.

  9. Love your blog!! I’am a newbie just found your blog a few weeks ago and have been enjoying it sense, please keep forging ahead, look forward to it in this dismal time. Love your style, sense there is no shopping as such I have been ordering over the internet, something I have never done before but finding I like it! I look forward to your blog, look for it everyday. Your style is very close to mine and I see many things I will be getting in the future. Please keep forging ahead , it makes for happy faces. Thanks looking forward to many blogs.

  10. This is the sweetest do-able list ever! And fun! Thank you for so many ideas. I’m going to go over it with my 17 year old daughter and plan to implement a few right away. I’m thinking the teddy bear one may be first on the list, then maybe the tailgate with friends. My daughter is really missing her friends, and I think she may like this alternative to other social activities.
    Drawing hope from Romans 8:28, I’m really trusting and looking forward to the good that God will draw out of this pandemic. So while the seriousness of this situation has really sobered me (especially as my husband has been receiving radiation treatment for cancer, and is immunosuppressed), this verse has encouraged me to remain positive and lean on our perfect, creative Maker for something that will glorify him.

    1. Thank you, Kay! What a sweet post today! All your posts are blessings but this one was extra special! Such great ideas!
      My husband began radiation therapy today also. Your posts are a calm and promote normalcy in this unusual storm. I thank God for you and pray for you all each day. (Also will pray for all others who post here.)
      Blessings to you and your family,

    2. Wonderful Rachel. Yes, I bet your daughter would love some of these. I also saw on Instagram last night about a community where the elementary school teachers did a parade in their individual cars through the neighborhoods where their students live. I love that! And that could be adapted to other groups too like neighborhoods or teams or even churches.

  11. Thank you Kay for the beautiful post! I am by myself and look for things to keep me busy. You had some great suggestions! Yesterday, I spoke with my two adult children and my grandchildren in a joint Facetime call! It was fun seeing everybody together. On Friday, although I am 76, I put a kite together I had bought for my grandson and drove until I found a field of Texas bluebonnets and flew the kite. I even played “Let’s go Fly a Kite” from Mary Poppins! It made me feel so good, I plan to do it again soon.
    We have to stay focused in this difficult time and continue to pray for the virus to stop spreading! We all have to do our part to distance ourselves and “never give up!”

    1. That is so wonderful, Evelyn. I think it’s so important to make things fun and beautiful and enjoyable for ourselves…even if we are by ourselves. You are a beautiful example of that. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring others. I’m out for an outing at a local park by myself right now. ❤️

  12. Good Morning! Thank you for being Real and sharing your heart. We are all in an unknown area and honestly our thoughts are all over the place! Thank you for the Spring bucket list. These are terrific ideas. I truly believe this is a time in our lives we all have to think outside the box! LOL
    Your spiritual uplifting is always refreshing! Press on! The fashion tips are always a delight!
    Have a hopeful day!

    1. Thanks so much Lesa, for the encouragement. We will get through this! And maybe we’ll all be better for it in the long run! ?

  13. Thank you Kay for all of these great ideas. The tailgating is awesome. The bear hunt is adorable and a couple of local neighborhoods are doing that as well. Stay Healthy and Safe. ~Lisa~

  14. This post was awesome! Thank you! I am determined to have a virtual tea party with a few of my friends.
    I try to take a walk every morning before I have to get my day started. The lilacs are starting to bloom in my neck of the woods. Daffodils and tulips are blooming and almost done. God’s mercies are new every morning, and my morning walk helps me remember that.
    Keep doing what you’re doing, Kay. It encourages me and so many others, especially as we navigate this uncertainty.

  15. Kay, thank you so much for your daily posts. I look forward to visiting with you each day through your daily posts. I enjoy the style content, as well as the spiritual inspiration. They brighten my day. Please keep them coming, they are a wonderful distraction to the uncertainty happening in our world right now.

  16. Please keep doing style posts!!! We are overrun by the news (I tune in only rarely and it really helps to not have the constant exposure). I love your style posts! We need normalcy these days. I am not worried or worrying because God is in complete control like He always has been. Worry is non-productive. Your tips are great and doable! I have actually done quite a few of them, but found some on your list I hadn’t thought of! I’m also in Ohio, although in the NE where we still can get snow in April (and May) so know all about dreary weather days! The sun really does help, as does the rare warm day! I look forward to your style posts and your weekend thoughts very much! Please don’t stop showing us fashions!! Let’s just hope the stores can reopen sooner than later!!

  17. Hi Kay, Such a wonderful post with just the right messaging. Your tone and thoughtfulness in your content is perfect. Today I made myself get some spring cleaning chores done instead of reading you right away with my morning coffee. And now, with the buckets and rags put away, you are truly a treat to read. Keep it up. I like the intro where you acknowledge the mess we are in, and then something new and fresh to read. We faithful readers will soak up all you have to give us so keep up your important work. We need you!

    1. How wonderful that you knocked out some chores early in your day. I need to do that tomorrow. Thanks so much for your kind words. ❤️

  18. Kay, you are doing a GREAT job of posting just the right balance of where we are to where we hope to be! I didn’t have a chance to comment on last week’s posts, but was inspired by many of your ideas (and outfits!). Saving this one to Pinterest for sure! Thanks ‘Sweet Gal!’

  19. Thank you Kay for the beautiful post today. I love seeing your post everyday. We have to continue to stay focus and keep praying through this difficult time.

  20. I’d like to echo what so many others have said – your posts help keep us sain in chaotic times. I’m teleworking, but save reading your posts as my treat when I get “leave” work for the day. Your inner and outer beauty are a ray of sunshine! Thank you.