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How I Really Dressed for My Day Recently

May 15, 2020

Happy Friday, dear gal! Are you ready for the weekend? Of course, I realize since so many of us are home more than usual, the days seem to just blur into one another, weekdays into weekend days. But I do try to shift my activities a little so that I can get some rest and a little more “play time” on the weekends. What about you? In fact, today I’m sharing with you how I really dressed for my days in the past few weeks.

How I Really Dressed for My Day Recently

The weather here in Cincinnati has been unusually cold and wet this spring. Yes, it’s been a big change for this southern gal. But I hear it’s been colder than most springs here in Ohio, too. So I’ve still be dressing pretty warm. And of course, most of my outfits have been very casual. In fact, much of what I’ve been wearing is still reminiscent of this last How I Really Dressed for My Day post. But I’m not re-showing any of those outfits.

I have made a little more effort to actually wear outfits, though. I figure if I don’t wear my clothes now…even though I’m mostly home and going nowhere…I won’t ever get to wear them. Ha! I find myself even “dressing up” just to go to the post office! Can you relate?

Let’s get started!

Workout clothes

We’ll begin with an outfit I’ve worn several times each week, at least for part of the day. I’ve been getting out for more walks since we began social distancing. It keeps me sane and provides much needed sunlight and activity. So while the following photo came from a photo shoot for this post on perimenopause weight gain, we actually took these photos right as James left for work and I left for my morning walk one day.

Sundown Sweatshirt in Cascadia Violet (wearing medium) // Ultimate Train Tee (wearing medium) // Hyper Focused Bra In Powervita™ A-C // Elation crop (wearing medium) // Bombas Socks // Running shoes // Sudio Earbuds (use code 4myday for a 15% discount)

I can highly recommend the Elation crops and the Ultimate Train Tee, both of which run true to size. I wear these for weight training workouts and walks. I love that both pieces feel so lightweight and move well with you. But the crops also feel supportive, not flimsy.

The following outfit is another one I’ve worn frequently in the past few weeks, especially for taking long walks. But this outfit transitions easily between home wear and getting out for a walk. I wore this outfit in this post, but I also had worn it that day.

Short Sleeve jewel neck tee // Relaxed Restyled Zipper Pockets Capris // Relaxed Restyled Zip Up Stripe Sweatshirt // Keds leather sneakers // sunglasses

I have washed these pieces by now, of course. And I can tell you that everything held up well through the laundry. However, I don’t even dry my athletic wear of any kind. so I didn’t dry these pieces in the dryer either.

Working from Home

I don’t know that this first look is one of my favorites, but I love the pieces of it separately. Ha! Everything here runs true to size, but the jeans are almost sold out. They do still have these jeans completely stocked in white, however. I’m wearing an 8.

how I really dressed for my day
the jeans // the jeans in white // belt // blue sneakers // madras plaid shirt

By the way, this madras plaid shirt has been knocked down to just $30 through today only. I’m still loving my blue sneakers. They’re extremely comfortable right out of the box and available in a rainbow of colors. They’re marked down to a reasonable price on Amazon.

Next up you’ll even see I shot this look without any makeup. Yep, I definitely forego the makeup at least a few days a week. #keepingitreal

how I really dressed for my day
similar same brand graphic tees // white jeans // sandals

My white jeans run true to size…for white jeans. I’m wearing an 8, whereas I wear a 6 in this same style in blue denim. I like that they are thick enough to not be see through, but still a nice summery weight. My t-shirt is sold out, but here are others by the same brand (1901) to choose from. I like this one that says, Soak up the Sun.

My sandals above are from Michael Kors. They’re very comfortable, available in several colors and run true to size. I hope to wear them more soon!

Like I said, it’s been very cool here, so I’ve actually worn a lot of sweaters recently. This cotton v-neck sweater has been on constant replay in my closet. I decided to wear it on top of my white chinos last week because I was tired of waiting for a reason to wear my white pants.

how I really dressed for my day
white chinos // cotton v-neck sweater // black Comfi Flats // Elisa Multi-Strand necklace

Let me fill you in on these black flats. Empress Shoes reached out to me a while back and wanted me to try their leather flats. I was willing but a little skeptical. But I have to tell you, these are some of the most comfortable flats I’ve ever put on my feet. Their patent-pending SORA Sole evens out the pressure across your whole foot, so they walk beautifully. And the soft, supple leather is designed to fit your feet like a glove so they actually gently hug your foot and do not slip at all. I find myself wearing them more often than any other shoes I own right now.

The Comfi Flats come in white and beige, too, and are currently on sale. I think the square toe box looks very modern and interesting. Huh, I just noticed I’m wearing them in the next photo, too.

COUPON CODE: Empress Shoes has given me a coupon code for my readers. Use the code MYDAY and receive 10% off your first order. The code does not expire, but you can only use it once.

how I really dressed for my day
black chinos (wearing 8) // textured 3/4 sleeve cardigan in rose (wearing medium) // black Comfi Flats

The textured 3/4 sleeve cardigan in rose above is from Loft. I’m wearing a medium and it fits nicely. It’s also available in navy, lavender, white and black. I bought it to wear as a top, but if you want to wear it over a t-shirt I think it would still fit nicely.

I recently decided I needed some updated, sportier white leather sneakers. So I took the plunge and ordered a couple of pairs. Below I photographed that outfit of the day with the Tory Burch Howell Lace-Up Sneaker with navy trim. They’re a little pricey, so I haven’t decided if I’ll be keeping these. But boy howdy. Are they comfortable! Uh, yes. They are…right out of the box.

how I really dressed for my day
Tory Burch Howell Lace-Up Sneaker (TTS) // patch pocket crop chinos in toasted barley (TTS) // white t-shirt (wearing medium) // pleated back denim jacket (wearing small) // Elisa Multi-Strand necklace

If you’ve been around Dressed for My Day long, you’ve probably seen me in these patch pocket crop chinos before. Yes, I really do wear them. They’ve turned out to be one of the most comfortable pairs of pants I own. And the toasted barley color pairs so nicely with a white t-shirt and a denim jacket. These crop chinos are 40% off today and available in other colors.

The white t-shirt, by the way, is from Gap. I bought a medium, but probably should have gone with the small. And I’m wearing a denim jacket gifted to me by Christopher & Banks recently. I’ve been reaching for this pleated back denim jacket frequently because I like the more cropped silhouette for the higher rise pants I’m wearing so often. I’m wearing a size small.

how I really dressed for my day
blue marled jersey jumper (wearing a small) // the 40Hour Flat in taupe (TTS) // necklace

Okay, I started yesterday off in the outfit above. I fully intended to wear it all day. And I really felt comfortable and great in it. I’m wearing the blue marled jersey jumper in a size small here. You may recall I shared this marled jersey jumper in black in this previous post, but it was a medium and I felt it was too large. So I think definitely size down. the marled jersey jumpers are 40% off today.

how I really dressed for my day
blue marled jersey jumper (wearing a small) // the 40Hour Flat in taupe (TTS) // necklace // earrings sold out // pleated back denim jacket (wearing small)

I’m also loving my 40Hour Flats from Everlane. They’re pricey, but soooo worth it. These are another amazing pair of flats. Unlike all the other Everlane shoes I have tried, these run true to size. They were just a tad snug when I first got them, but in no time at all they formed to my feet and fit like leather socks now. I threw on my pleated back denim jacket when I left the house to pick up some lunch to drop off to James.

But when I got home I had a package. And that package contained my new favorite pants. Oh. My. Word.

black pants
Tech Stretch ankle pants // slub jersey tee // Madewell Sidewalk Low Top Sneaker (40% off – size down 1/2 size) // Elisa Multi-Strand necklace

The Nic+Zoe brand got me one day earlier this week with an Instagram ad. I followed the ad to their website and discovered this athleisure/travel collection called Tech Stretch. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I have a real weakness for sleek, black (and sometimes navy) travel clothes like these. But before I ordered, I check out Nordstrom’s collection of Nic+Zoe and, sure enough, they had these Tech Stretch ankle pants marked down significantly…60%. So I ordered these pants from Nordstrom, but I also ordered the coordinating black Tech Stretch jacket and a light sky blue Tech Stretch tank and shirt (marked down) at Nic+Zoe. (They’ve not shipped yet.)

Tech Stretch ankle pants // Italian Merino rib polo // Tory Burch Howell Lace-Up Sneaker (TTS) // Elisa Multi-Strand necklace

Okay, all of that was way more than you asked for. Hahaha! So let me just tell you about these pants. The reviews on the Nordstrom site are bad, but I think that’s because the customers didn’t know what they were ordering. My favorite black dress slacks are by Nic+Zoe. (They are also amazing and marked down 40% right now.) But these Tech Stretch ankle pants ARE NOT dress slacks. These are lightweight, on-the-go, travel pants. They’re perfect for everyday wear, but ideal for summer travel or even walks in the neighborhood. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. Could not take them off after I put them on. I may wear them again tomorrow! I cannot wait to receive the rest of the items I ordered. Yay! Deep breath. Calm down.

Tech Stretch ankle pants // Italian Merino rib polo // Tory Burch Howell Lace-Up Sneaker (TTS) // Elisa Multi-Strand necklace

Sizing notes: I’m wearing a size medium in these Tech Stretch ankle pants, so I’d say they run true to size. They’re pull-on pants with a flat front panel. Also note that they are ankle pants, but look where they hit me at 5’8″. Nordstrom doesn’t seem to have petite sizes, but Nic+Zoe does. Also, these pants are available at Nordstrom in blue, but they’re not marked down quite as much.

One more thing: If you shop through my link to Nic+Zoe, you’ll save $20 on your first purchase and I’ll get a $20 reward, too! Yay for us! Then, if you’re interested in the Tech Stretch line, just look for it in the menu under CLOTHING.

Alrighty, I better stop there. That’s all the outfits I have documented anyhow. Honestly, like you I suppose, I repeat a lot these days. And I wear the leggings and such that I shared in my last similar post, too. One of these days, gals!

Actually our stores are starting to open up here in Cincinnati. Our Talbots called to say they’re opening Monday. But when I asked about the new summer line, she said it looks like it may be June before they have that in. Ugh.

Okey dokey. Let me know if you have questions about anything I’ve shown here. I’ll try to pay attention to comments today and get back with you quickly. Thanks so much for reading!

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It’s funny. Humbling ourselves can actually feel sickening, can’t it? When we admit we’re wrong, ask for help, close our mouth and choose to listen instead…it can actually hurt. And when I have to apologize or amend my behavior or acknowledge a weakness, I sometimes feel like that’s got to be the most painful thing I could do.

But the truth is, humility brings healing and strength. When we confess, “I don’t know,” instead of pompously making something up, we actually strengthen ourselves. And when we apologize for a mistake we’ve made or an offense we’ve caused, we invite healing into a wounded relationship. Don’t let the enemy of your soul deceive you, dear gal. Humility is not a poison; it is a healing balm.

Then you will have healing for your body
    and strength for your bones. ~ Proverbs 3:8

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7 thoughts on “How I Really Dressed for My Day Recently

  1. Hi, Kay. How would you compare the Empress flats with the Everlane flats support wise? I have been looking at Everlane’s flats for a while, but I haven’t taken the plunge and bought them yet. I have a pair of similar leather flats from Madewell which are comfortable on my feet, but after a day of wear, my legs were swollen, I’m guessing from lack of support. Sad, because I love the way they look! I’ve never heard of Empress, but they look like a nice option too. Which would you say has better support, or are they pretty equal?

    1. Hmm. Good question. Well, I think we need to remember that orthopedists generally do say that flats are not the best choice for all day wear. But I have worn both of these all day several times. Of course, I’m not on my feet all day. But between the two, I’d probably say the Empress Comfi flats have just a bit more cushion in the heel, which might make for better all-day wear. Otherwise, the two fit and feel very similar. Of course the Comfi flat also has a more generous toe box, so that makes them feel a little better at the end of the day, too. And Everlane’s Day Glove ( which I’ve never tried, looks a little more comparable to the Comfi Flat. Finally, Everlane’s Day Loafer ( is also a good choice. Hmm. I probably just complicated matters. I guess if I were going to be on my feet all day, I’d probably choose the Comfi Flat, but just because of the toe box.

  2. Great post Kay! You look so good in all of the outfits, and you are beautiful without makeup because your inner beauty shines! Like you, I love very comfortable pants for traveling, etc., so I am going to check out the black pants at Nordstrom, going thru your link. My spine does not like belts, so pull on pants really are the better option for me right now. I LOVE the Christopher and Banks travel capris you shared with us! Mine were ready to hang and wear when I took them out of the dryer. Have a beautiful Friday!

    1. Great to hear about those Christopher and Banks pants. Thanks for sharing that. I just never dry my pants because I can’t afford to lose an inch of them at 5’8” and I’d rather be safe than sorry. But I’m glad to hear they dried nicely. Yes, I’m wearing my Nic+Zoe pants again today. And I went ahead and orders the blue ones too since they’re marked down some. I just think these are perfect for so many things but especially car and airplane travel. Have a lovely day, Ginger. ☺️

  3. There are so many things I hang to dry. I have one pile of don’t dry and one pile of dry. LOL I never dry any underthings or things with elastic or stretch because it will make them stretch out faster. I’ve been told anyway.
    One faithful, comfortable pair of black pull on pants that look decent can save you sometimes.

  4. Ordered the Nic+Zoe black pants and am eager to try them. They look so sharp on you!

    Have you ever tried the Vuori joggers? If so, would you please share your thoughts on them? I am particularly instead in your opinion concerning quality.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Elizabeth. Thanks for letting me know. I hope you like them as much as I do. It’s funny you asked about the Vuori joggers because I just looked at them yesterday and put them in my cart. But I ended up not getting them. So no I haven’t tried them. ☺️