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Two Ways to Wear a Black Jumpsuit

May 4, 2020

Happy Monday, gals! It’s a good day to have a good day. And I thought it might be a good day to share two ways to wear a black jumpsuit, too. I know this trending fashion is a little polarizing. You either love them or you hate them. But honestly, I’m still on the fence. So I decided to jump in with both feet and buy this one…not just to wear once, but to really give it a try.

2 Ways to Wear a Black Jumpsuit

When my kids were growing up, I tried to help them develop a palate for new foods. They would have to try anything I served. But by “try” I didn’t mean they could just put the food in their mouths and make a quick judgment. Nope. They had to take three full bites…and swallow them. My kids didn’t always appreciate this rule, but today they both actually have more adventurous taste than I do. (Yep, I’ll take credit for that. Thank you very much.)

That’s why I think it’s important as a fashion blogger to give new styles a genuine try before I turn my nose up at them. I’ve bought jumpsuits before and even shown them here on the blog. But I must confess that none of them have actually made it to my closet. This time I’m following my own rule and compelling myself to try wearing this basic black jumpsuit at least three times.

Obviously, the first way you can wear this black marled jersey romper is simply to put it on and call it a day. A jumper is a true one and done. That’s part of the beauty of this trending piece. In many ways, it functions as a dress.

Black Jersey Romper Two Ways
marled jersey romper (runs a little large) // leopard print flats // sunglasses

By the way, this marled jersey romper also comes in blue, and I’ve purchased that one, too. I’m wearing a medium here in the black. But I’ve decided it’s a bit big on me, so I ordered the small in the blue. The small fits much better. So I suggest sizing down one number size and then calculate your size from there. I wear an 8 usually, so if I size down to a 6 I need a small. But if I wore a 10, I’d size down to an 8 and still wear a medium. Make sense?

Let’s check out the two ways I’ve styled this very comfortable marled jersey romper from Talbots. By the way, I’m sharing links to other jumpsuit options in the shopping widget below.

With Leopard and Denim

I like combining chic black with denim. I like combining chic black with leopard print. So you gotta love combining chic black with denim with leopard print!

Black Jersey Romper Two Ways
marled jersey romper (runs a little large) // leopard print flats // sunglasses // tote bag // Levi’s denim jacket

Why is it that wearing a jumpsuit still feels a little awkward to me? For some reason it makes me feel exposed. I know, that makes no sense. But that’s why I love topping it with a denim jacket. My jacket is a medium.

Black Jersey Romper Two Ways

My black reversible faux leather tote is no longer available with the leopard print side, but it is available in two other color combinations. This bag is reasonably priced and I’ve actually carried it both ways.

Black Jersey Romper Two Ways

My flats are also a bargain. They’re from Target. They are a little thin on the bottom, so don’t expect to wear these walking long distances. But especially around home (ahem) or for simple outings, these animal print flats are a great choice.

With a Bold Color and Nude Accessories

Another great option for styling this marled jersey romper is to add a swath of bold color. My red long cardigan (similar) is perfect for this, creating a column of color, which is so slenderizing and sophisticated. But you could accomplish the same styling effect with any color of your choice. Wouldn’t it look great with a yellow, orange, kelly green, pink or even bright blue long cardigan? I’ve linked to a couple of long cardigan options in the shopping widget below.

Black Jersey Romper Two Ways (4)
marled jersey romper (runs a little large) // similar red cardigan // neutral flats // neutral tote // customizable necklace

I think the key to keeping this look chic and modern is to wear neutral colored accessories in your shoes and handbag. That way, the black looks like a chic column and the surrounding color shines. Both my pointy toe flats and my rich leather tote are from Everlane, and last I checked they were both fully stocked. They’re not cheap, but they are worthwhile investment pieces, classic and timeless.

Black Jersey Romper Two Ways (5)

This marled jersey romper could easily be dressed down for a more casual look, too. Especially since it’s constructed in an easy-to-wear knit jersey, it would wear beautifully with sneakers or casual sandals.

customizable necklace

My double necklace is from Kendra Scott, and it’s customized. You can customize one, too, here, selecting the metal tone and the stone inset. Or you can order the “as is” variety from either Kendra Scott or Nordstrom. I find myself reaching for this elegant but simple necklace often.

What do you think? Have you tasted jumpsuits or rompers yet? Really tasted them? Three bites! Well, I’m going to keep wearing this one. I do love the comfort. This particular jumpsuit has no zipper or button. You just pull it up and down. And it’s surprising easy to get into. Of course, there’s the bathroom issue. But I’m not going anywhere right now! Ha! So I’m getting used to it in the comfort of my own home.

Black Jersey Romper
marled jersey romper (runs a little large) // similar red cardigan // neutral flats // neutral tote // customizable necklace

I do appreciate the ease of a jumpsuit, too. It’s a no-brainer to style, really. Just add a topper! Let me know if you have questions. Like I said, I realize these can be a little polarizing. But let’s keep the comments sweet and positive. Mainly I’d like to hear from those of you who have given a jumpsuit a real try. Let me know any secrets to adjusting to them or wearing them. Thanks so much for reading today!

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13 thoughts on “Two Ways to Wear a Black Jumpsuit

  1. I love a cute jumpsuit and this one is adorable and so dressy casual depending on what accessories you choose. The only minus for me….. If you wear one of these to an event or out to dinner, going to the ladies room is an “event” in itself. You basically need to get undressed. I think I may give this one a go because it’s just so cute!!

  2. Hello Kay! My first thought when I read you were featuring a jumpsuit was no, just no. Then I see you styling it both ways and I see the beauty and elegance you created. I love both looks. I am 5″2 so rather then wear one that is cropped I think I might try a full length jumpsuit and style with wedges to create a clean long line for myself. As always, thank you so much for sharing your eye and heart for beauty! Have a blessed day, Rhonda

  3. Good Morning Kay!
    I agree with both of the comments above. I’m old enough to have been through the jumpsuit ‘thing’ years ago and once had to wear one as a Maid of Honour. It was lined chiffon with a back zipper so trips to the ladies room that day/evening were events in themselves. Even though I’m 5’6″, I still think I would go with a full length to add height…and because I prefer not to reveal my legs if I don’t have to.
    It does look cute on you though so for those who can pull it off (no pun intended!), I say go for it.

  4. Kay, I like how you styled the jumpsuit, with the denim jacket look being #1 for me. My eye is drawn to the shorter jacket with the full legs. The short layered necklace looks great! Like the other ladies, I recall the jumpsuit days way back when, and my memories aren’t too good. Because I am a pretty frequent bathroom visitor, I know that adding a jumpsuit to my closet would not be a smart purchase. What a great BFMD!!

  5. Love this look! So cute and on trend!! I am only 5’1” so I went with a full length jumpsuit!! I hadn’t thought about dressing it up! Great tips!! It’s a beautiful day in Texas! I’m choosing Joy, all week long!!!

  6. I’d probably pair this with the denim jacket, like you did, and some casual slip-on sneakers. The material looks comfy!

  7. So are you short waisted ? I am and so dresses or in this case a jumpsuit with a waist belt most often ride too high .. you did say it runs large , so maybe I should try my regular medium , your thoughts ? Thanks

    1. No I’m pretty evenly proportioned. This jumpsuit has plenty of room in the crotch on me. It’s just very roomy in the waist and rear in the medium on me. But the small still gives me room in the crotch.

  8. The jumpsuit looks great on you! On me – – not so much. I like the way you have styled the outfits: more casual then a bit dressy. Very nice and very easy.
    BFMD is a blessing as always. Joy in the Lord can never be taken away.
    Thanks again,

  9. I would have never considered a jumpsuit for myself (Been there, done that) until I saw this one on you. I love the way you styled it.

    Your Blessed for My Day is exactly what I needed to read this evening. I live in Illinois and our state’s stay-at-home order has been extended through May 30. Thank you for encouraging us to choose our attitudes this week.

  10. I will do a column of black with separates instead and add the topper. I wore jumpsuits in my 20s before having three children. Now it would take too long to shed a topper and pull the jumpsuit down unless I wore Depends ?