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These Heels Were Made for Walking

May 12, 2020

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! While I’m sharing the second of three looks with these darling {albeit, polarizing} paperbag waist jeans, I’m even more excited about showing you my new favorite “out and about” shoes. No, they’re not flats. But these heels were made for walking!

These Heels Were Made for Walking
paperbag waist jeans (wearing 8) (similar option) // white v-neck Supima cotton tee (wearing small) // cardigan // handbag (similar option) // comparable necklace // bangle // earrings // Viv Wedge Sandal (TTS and in black)

Let’s talk about the jeans outfit first…but then we’re going to look at these terrific shoes in detail.

Today’s style is not that different from yesterday’s. I’m styling the same pair of paperbag waist jeans all three days, by the way. Thanks so much to you gals who weighed in on this unique silhouette yesterday. I think the key here, ladies, is to remember that we wear different styles of jeans (or pants) to create different vibes or aesthetics.

paperbag waist jeans

So no, these are not just extremely figure flattering. But they’re fun, fresh, comfortable and relaxed. So if that’s your preferred style aesthetic, this silhouette of jeans could speak your language very well.

illusion of waistline

And while, they’re not figure forming, I do think the paperbag waist detailing is rather feminine in a way. The “ruffle effect” looks sweet and romantic. And you can easily create the illusion of a more shapely figure or thinner waist by wearing a loose-fitting cardigan, as I did here and in yesterday’s post. For today’s look I actually tied the belt in a bow, another sweetly feminine touch. (You’ll see a different “tie” in Thursday’s look.)

Paperbag Waist jeans

Today’s look is distinctly neutral. I love relaxed fit, medium to light wash jeans with white and taupe or tan. Something about that neutral color combination just feels and looks like summer to me. What do you think?

soothing colors

So I simply paired the soft, medium wash paperbag waist jeans with my favorite white t-shirt and a simple oatmeal colored cardigan. (Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the cardigan is available in that shade anymore.) You could create this soothing color combo with your favorite jeans, a white tee and a similar cardigan or jacket.

I continued the color theme by adding a white bangle, taupe rimmed sunnies and a taupe colored bag. These sunglasses would work well, too. And while my shoulder bag is no longer available in the soft beige, either this crossbody or this Finn leather hobo would work just as nicely (at a much better price!).

up close

But what really drives this jeans and neutrals combo home for me are the shoes. These oh-so-soft, barley nubuck leather heels were made for walking! I wouldn’t normally own these Eileen Fisher Viv wedge sandals. But at 40% off I decided they were just barely in my price range and worth giving a try. Oh my. I’m so glad I did.

handbag and shoes

These two-inch wedge heels do not feel high at all because the toe bed is over 1/2″ and the cradle for your foot is so soft and absorbent. The nubuck leather crisscross straps keep your feet anchored in the shoe and feeling very secure. I actually wore these heels when James and I drove down to the Ohio River Saturday and walked back and forth on the Roebling suspension bridge. I felt like I was wearing hiking or comfort sandals. So, so comfy. They run true to size. And they’re available in this barley or black. And did I say they’re 40% off???

These Heels
paperbag waist jeans (wearing 8) (similar option) // white v-neck Supima cotton tee (wearing small) // cardigan // handbag (similar option) // comparable necklace // bangle // earrings // Viv Wedge Sandal (TTS and in black)

So let’s wrap this up with a few pointers for everyone, whether you’r a fan of the paperbag waist jeans or not. Shall we?

  • Soft denim combines with white and beige or taupe for a distinctly chic summer look. Duplicate with your favorite jeans and white tee.
  • Create the look by adding neutral accessories and a splash of white in your jewelry perhaps.
  • Keep the look soft and fresh by wearing lightweight, dainty jewelry.
  • You absolutely can wear heels with a casual look like this, especially if you opt for something chic and comfortable like these Eileen Fisher wedges.

Thanks so much for reading today. I was so thrilled to be able to share these shoes with you, since they’re still stocked and on sale. I know many of you gals look for comfortable walking shoes, and I think these are winners. Have a lovely day!

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17 thoughts on “These Heels Were Made for Walking

  1. You know, maybe I’m just getting used to the look of the paperbag waist jeans and the bow but I really liked that look on you today! (yesterday I thought the paperbag waist was too high and I didn’t like the tie) Maybe it was the cardigan? Love the shoes also..they DO look comfy! Thanks again for giving us so many looks and ideas.

    1. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts Dana. Yes, these shoes are extremely comfy. And this neutral shade makes them look very chic and elongate the leg. Thanks for dropping in.

  2. Did you try wearing the jeans with a regular belt? I think they are cute but there is alot of bulk at the waist. Just wonder what it would look like without the tie belt . Shoes are cute too.

  3. Thank You Kay for this daily blog. I look forward to reading it every morning. It’s helping me to get a focus for my style. Your blog is very quality and has great substance. I also love the Bible verse at the end.. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this everyday! Blessings to you..

  4. I really like the neutral colors. It is so easy on the eyes and elegant. The shoes look very comfortable as well as trendy. Great look!
    Thanks for the reminder about trusting God. I needed that today.
    Bless you, Kay.

  5. I have paperbag shorts and pants (at 5’9″ and 62 years of age) and I love them. Kay, I would love to see the jeans in the next size down on you to make it less baggy in the leg. You are an inspiration to me and I truly enjoy you style ideas!

    1. Great to hear. I do think they’re easier for y’all gals to wear. But if petite they probably work fine too if the size is petite. Unfortunately I would not be able to button the next size down ☺️. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog.

  6. Cute look! You look great in this style of jeans!! I do like the belt tied this way better than yesterday’s look! Really like the colors in both looks and the shoes today are terrific! Thanks for taking the ‘risk’ and showing us how to style this type of jeans!! You’re adorable!!

  7. I love the look on you with your size. I’m a size 10-12, and not sure if the bulk around the waist would be too much. You look cute as a button. I love the neutrals with it. I am giving the EF shoes a try.

  8. Love the shoes you featured today. They look great with the paperbag jeans! I will have to add them to my summer shopping list!

    1. Shoes look so nice, love the cardigan and white neutral look….keeping opinion on the jeans to myself. You look very nice and put together.

  9. I like the bow at the waist. Love the white top with jeans and neutral shoes look for summer. As much as I love these shoes I couldn’t wear them due to an inner ear disorder. Any heel makes me feel unbalanced. They are really cute though.
    I have a pair of champagne snakeskin sandals I think would look good with this look though. You look so young and stylish in these new style pants. They all seem to be about comfort now.

  10. I love how you expand my fashion horizon plus the bonus inspirational message at the end. Thank you, Kay! Your blog is a welcome diversion as I work from home. Can I ask what size cardigan you purchased? How does it run?

  11. Thank you Kay, I love the look of denim with the white tee and linen tan sweater, will definitely bookmark that, it could be casual or dressy, many possibilities! Thank you for your style sense and tips.
    The paperbag waist jeans are just not meant for anybody other than Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz, or maybe size -0 models on the runway.