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12 Ways to Style Black Pants

November 4, 2019

Hello and welcome to Dressed for My Day! My goal here, each and every day, is to inspire and help women like you and me to dress beautifully and appropriately for our unique days so we can engage gracefully and authentically with those around us and influence them well. To that end, this year I’ve been focusing on building a wardrobe that works for you. One of my 9 keys to building a wardrobe that works for you is making sure you have a well stocked assortment of wardrobe essentials. For me, one of those essentials is a beautiful, well fitted and comfortable pair of black pants. In fact, I wear mine at least a few times every month…and I don’t even work outside the home!

Today let’s look at 12 ways you might want to style your black pants this fall and winter. Actually, many of these translate into year round looks. In fact, some of these looks are from the spring, but I have suggestions for making them work for fall and winter.

In each of these looks, I’m wearing my Nic + Zoe Wonderstretch Straight Leg Pants. I love, love, love these slacks. But I’ve provided a shopping widget below (with affiliate links) in which you’ll find a variety of price points and styles. However, I do personally think it is wise to invest in high quality black pants made of durable fabric and well constructed so that you can wear them for years. Choose a pair in a classic silhouette and they won’t go out of style any time soon.

I haven’t personally tried all the pants in the shopping widget above, but if you have questions let me know. I’ll help as much as I can. I have, however, tried these more economical black pants from Christopher & Banks and can highly recommend them. They’re not included in the shopping widget above.

Black Pants + Leopard + Black Blazer

I absolutely love pairing animal print with black. Is there anything more chic? You could add leopard, cheetah, zebra or snakeskin!

Black Suit with leopard
black straight leg slacks // animal print blouse (similar – more in shopping widget) // black blazer // black handbag (more economical option) // suede pumps (similar lower priced option) // necklace // bangle (similar)

The secret to this classic look is to keep it pared down to these two colors. While you can certainly wear multiple colors with your black pants, they look all the more sophisticated when paired with just one other shade. I chose to wear my sesame colored suede pumps, but black pumps ore sandals would work well, too.

Style Tip: You don’t have to buy your black pants and black blazer together. In fact, they don’t have to completely match. The current trend is to create a more “thrown together” look, so slight variations in texture and even shade are fine.

Black Pants + Light Grey Sweater

Black pants and light grey sweater
black straight leg slacks (more economical option) // black handbag (more economical option) // similar grey cashmere pullover // plaid heels (this year’s model of same shoe) // black felt cloche hat

Black and grey is such a sleek, sophisticated pairing. There are so many ways you could recreate this timeless outfit, but I simply paired my classic black slacks with a light grey cashmere sweater from my closet. Here is a similar one available now. My black and white tweed heels have been updated for this year with this wide plaid version. And my black felt cloche hat is a sweet find from Target.

Instead of the hat, I could have added a scarf to this look. I have a beautiful black, grey and pink silk scarf that would have looked lovely. But you could pull this look together with any black and grey scarf in your wardrobe.

Style Tip: Adding another swath of black at the top of your outfit, whether it’s a hat or scarf or statement necklace, will add balance to your black pants, especially when wearing a white or other light colored top.

All Black Column of Color

I think all black is so sophisticated and timeless. And of course, an all black column of color is super slimming as well.

How to Style a Column of Black Between Spring Colors
Nic+Zoe Wonderstretch Pants (size 8) // black crew neck sweater (size small) // tortoise shell link necklace (similar) // Leopard print foldover clutch // Gemma Pointed Toe Heel Pumps (TTS)

Style Tip: Create a beautiful black column of color by wearing black head (or neck) to toe. I bought these black faux suede pumps last year at Target and love them. Unfortunately, I can’t find them since our move. Ha!

Style Tip: Keep the color of color pure, but at add interest with your accessories. I’ve added leopard print and tortoise shell because these add a little light and color, but read like solids.

Black Column of Color + Dark Grey Ruana

Once you’ve created a column of color with you black top, pants and shoes, you can add a topper. This will actually slenderize you even more. In this look I switched to a black turtleneck and black booties (because I can’t find my pumps!)

Black column of color
Nic+Zoe Wonderstretch Pants (size 8) // black turtleneck // black booties // grey cashmere ruana (sold out – similar option, long sweater option) // hat (sold out – similar option)

Style Tip: I like to wear silver jewelry with grey. This is totally optional, but I think it presents a more cohesive look.

Black Column of Color + Colored Long Cardigan

While I simply added a grey outer piece to my column of color above, in the following two looks from this past spring, I chose more colorful top layers. You could easily duplicate these looks for fall/winter with jewel tones such as blue sapphire, deep green jade, ruby red or amethyst.

How to Style a Column of Black Between Spring Colors
Read the post from this spring.

Style Tip: You can certainly top your black column of color with a shorter cardigan or jacket. But a longer outer piece will elongate and create a trim silhouette top to bottom.

Black Column of Color + Trench Coat

Also from this spring, the following look was created with a trench coat in a pretty spring hue. But you could duplicate this look for fall and winter with a camel, beige or grey trench coat. Or you may find one in a pretty print or color.

How to Style a Column of Black Between Spring Colors
Read the post from this spring.

Style Tip: For the most timeless presentation, choose a trench coat with classic lines even if you go with one in a non traditional color or print.

Outer Black Column of Color + Pop of Color

So there are two ways to create a column of color. The most slenderizing is the one above. But you can also create a column of color on the outside with your pants (or skirt) and your outer garment. Then you add a pop of color on the inside of the column with your top. In the following two looks I’ve added bright colors in my blouses to my black outer column of color.

Wearing Neon This Fall and Winter
Read the post for all the details.

Style Tip: The beauty of having wardrobe essentials such as slacks, cardigans and blazers in your preferred neutral (in this case black) is that you can add varying pops of color and create completely different looking outfits. Of course, you could also use a print or floral blouse to add even more color.

How i Dressed for Church
black slacks // similar notch collar wrap front blouse // black blazer // black pointy toe flats // black hobo bag

Black Pants + Colorful Wrap Top

The following look is similar to the looks above, but without the outer layer. You don’t have to create that column of color. Black slacks and a pretty colorful or print blouse is classic and oh so feminine.

Pretty in Pink and Black for Fall
Read the post here.

Style Tip: Choose a blouse silhouette that best fits your body shape and proportions. Learn more about dressing your body type here. I chose a wrap blouse because I have an X or hourglass body shape and equal proportions. But you could also choose a loose flowing blouse, a more fitted ruched blouse or a wrap blouse that hits at the top of the hips.

Black Pants + Colorful Pullover Sweater

Of course, let’s not forget that you can certainly top your favorite black pants with a pretty, warm pullover sweater. This look is from last winter and the sweater is no longer available, but I’ve provided a number of pretty options suitable for pairing with black slacks in the shopping widget below.

Bright Colorful Sweater for Winter to Spring
See the original post. But remember, most links will be dysfunctional.

Style Tip: Select a sweater that works for your body shape and proportions. Also look for solid sweaters or print sweaters with a little black in them.

Black Pants + Camel

Is there anything more chic than black and camel? I love this combination. And you can duplicate it in myriad ways. My camel cashmere sweater is sold out, but I’ve linked to another one or two in the shopping widget. But you can also create this look with a cashmere camel pullover or camel blazer.

Black Pants + Camel
black slacks // black tank // pumps in spiced chai // cardigan no longer available (cardigan optionpullover option)

Style Tip: If possible, add camel colored shoes to tie the look together. My pumps are in spiced chai. But you could also wear camel colored booties for a more casual look.

Black Pants + Pop of Color + Black Vest

I recently picked up this black puffer vest with a faux fur collar at Talbots Friends and Family sale. Of course, I had mainly thought of pairing it with jeans or cords, but, especially with the detachable faux fur collar, it looks perfect with black dress slacks, too. Add a pop of color that flatters you underneath.

Black Pants and red
black pants // red turtleneck // faux fur collar puffer vest // leopard print booties (more economical option) // black hobo bag // necklace

Style Tip: Leopard print accessories work beautifully with black slacks and a solid colored top. I’ve worn my leopard print booties (oh so comfortable!), but you could also wear animal print pumps or flats.

Black Pants + Brown

Close to camel, but really a different animal altogether, brown pairs beautifully with black. Because these colors are so close to each other, the combination is chic and easy on the eyes.

Black and Brown
black pants // black and brown snake print booties (reduced significantly) // brown v-neck sweater (sold out in brown – similar option) // similar tortoise layering necklace

Style Tip: Pull your brown and black combo together by including at least one accessory that includes both shades, such as a tortoise necklace or snakeprint booties . You could also opt for a snakeskin belt or pumps.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Almost every piece shown in this post is in my closet. I wear my black pants so very often, and I’m able to create a plethora of beautiful outfits with them. What’s in your closet that would create a beautiful and unique look with black pants?

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20 thoughts on “12 Ways to Style Black Pants

  1. I’m amazed at how versatile black pants are! I rarely wear mine but I agree they are a needed item! Loving each one of these looks, they are so classy and beautifully put together!

    1. Is it okay to wear navy on the top with black pants, or are navy pants a better choice? Thank you so much for your styling tips! I’m not a fan of shopping, but feel like I can take your ideas and put together a nice outfit. ?

      1. Generally you’ll do best to pair navy pants with tops or blouses that have navy n them. But that’s not always true. If you combine navy and black you just want to make sure it looks intentional and not like a mistake. To do that incorporate at least two pieces with each color into the outfit, the same way I did with the brown and black.

  2. Thanks so much for your post today. This is exactly what I needed to see to create classy, timeless work wear options.

  3. Wow, Kay, another fabulous and very helpful post! Thank you for all of the wonderful suggestions! Have a blessed day!

  4. These are such great ideas. I’m saving this post! Also, your “Blessed for my day” message was just what I needed for grace today. Thank you, Kay❤️

  5. Thank you Kay for posting all these great ideas for styling black pants! They are all very classic and so helpful! But most of all thank you for the Blessed for My Day today! I needed to be reminded of the hope I have through God’s grace! Blessings!

  6. I really like today’s post as I can shop my closet for many of the looks! The beauty for the day was also very encouraging. Thank you, Kay!

  7. I have two very comfortable pair of black pants that I hardly ever wear. After seeing the many outfits you created, I think it’s high time I start wearing them. Thank you for all of these suggestions.

  8. Hi Kay!
    Have your N + Z pants held up well in washing? One reviewer said her pants shrunk. Another said her pair stretched out.


    1. We’ll honestly I haven’t washed them a lot, but I have washed them several times. I wash them in cold water, as I do most of my clothes. Then I put them on a drying rack to air dry. They feel strange when you take them out of the washer, but they air dry beautifully. And they have neither shrunk or stretched out. Hope that helps. ?

  9. Hi Kay! I LOVE that long green cardigan. I’m always looking for clothes in that color and it is hard to find. Also I look for royal blue.

    I have a question about black pants. I have been wearing the same ones for years I probably got a Kohl’s forever ago. I’d love ones that look like yours and need to invest in new good ones. I most closely match X shape too, except that my hips are wider than average relative to the rest of my body, and I have a normal/small waist. I sometimes have to get “curvy” pants. I was looking through the black pant options on here and don’t know which might work best. Do you have any advice? Thanks!

    1. Hi Erin, I love the black pants I’m wearing in this post. And you might want to try them. they have lots of stretch and a mid-rise. But you also might look into Talbots’ Refined Bi-Stretch Side-Zip Straight leg pants in the Curvy Fit: . I bet they’re great pants, and they’re half the price of the others right now.

  10. Great post, Kay! Thank you! As black pants are practically daily wear for me in the winter – really appreciate all your ideas! You look terrific and I’m loving your shorter hairstyle! Keep rockin’ it, girl!

  11. Thank you for all the many ways to wear black pants

    I especially appreciated your Blessing for My Day.