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My October 2019 Favorites

November 1, 2019

Happy Friday! Well, I’m in the process of getting back to normal around here. Abigail returns home today. So sad. But I’ll be seeing her again soon. At any rate, her departure kinda marks the end of the wedding week festivities for me. Of course, we still have Cooper, Daniel and Stephanie’s dog. So that’s not at all normal. Far from it! Ha! Anyhow, as we begin another month (can you believe it???) I thought this would be a good day to share my October 2019 favorites.

These are the products – clothing, shoes and beauty products – that I’m truly loving and using. I figure since I show so many things on this blog in a given week, you might like to know which ones really stick with me and which ones fall to the wayside. Feel free to ask me if I’m really wearing or using something I’ve shared. I’ll tell you the truth! But today I’m simply sharing my October favorites.

I’ll let you know up front, too, that some of these items in this month’s list are quite pricey. I’m leaning towards developing a classic wardrobe built with slow fashion pieces. While I’m still buying some lower priced trendy pieces, I generally prefer quality when it comes to my wardrobe essentials.

Long Plaid Blazer

Long Plaid Blazer
long plaid blazer

I’ve had so much fun wearing this long plaid blazer. It pairs beautifully with silky blouses, a plain t-shirt, a graphic tee, a chambray shirt or a warm pullover sweater.

The Most Modern Way to Wear Your Blazer
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I have the blazer in a size 8, so it fits true to size. I love that the sleeves are roomy enough on me and that the silhouette of this jacket is a little longer than most. But it does also come in petite and plus sizes.

Chambray Shirt

Denim Cotton Shirt
chambray shirt

I think I’ve included a chambray shirt in my favorites list before, and others are still in my closet. But this is the shirt I find myself reaching for time and again these days.

girlfriend chinos and denim shirt
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This classic cotton denim or chambray shirt is slightly tailored, but still roomy. The sleeves are also roomy enough for me. And I think the medium wash is a pretty color of blue for pairing with so many things. I have the size medium for a roomier fit.

Coated Cotton Rain Jacket

Rain Jacket
coated cotton rain jacket

I wore this jacket just yesterday. It was rainy here all day long and this pretty, coated cotton rain jacket served me well while I was walking the dogs, helping Abby unload her luggage at the airport and hustling into a restaurant later in the evening.

Rain Wear for the Fashionable Gal
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I have the jacket in a size small. I generally wear a small in Talbots jackets and coats.

High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans

Premium Denim Skinny ankle jeans
high waist ankle skinny jeans

I’m a little surprised I hadn’t already included these high waist ankle skinny jeans in a favorites list, but maybe I’ve been wearing them more since the weather has cooled. At any rate, I find myself gravitating towards this pair of premium denim more than any other pair of jeans I own. The denim is amazingly soft and luxe. The jeans have plenty of stretch, but still feel like jeans. Know what I mean? I have an aversion to “jeans” that feel more like tights. Yuck.

Chic Camel Cashmere Cardigan
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I wear these AG jeans in a size 29, so I’d say they are true to size. Right now they’re marked down 33%, so I’d say this is a good time to try these premium denim jeans.

Faux Leather Belt Bag

Faux Leather Belt Bag
faux leather belt bag

Okay, now here’s a bag that’s both a great price and a fun find. I have more expensive belt bags, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with this one. And I find myself reaching for it often, probably because this brown shade is so versatile.

large scarf
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This faux leather belt bag can be found at along with so many other great finds featured in this post about my latest Target try-on session.

Leather Tory Burch Hobo Bag

Tory Burch leather hobo bag
Tory Burch McGraw leather hobo bag

While the last bag was a fabulous fast fashion find, this leather hobo is slow fashion at its best. I bought it on sale, but even then it was an investment. Still, I dare say I’ve already gotten my cost per wear out of it. And I’ll be carrying this classic black bag for years to come.

Ruffles, Denim and Leather, Oh My!
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What do I love about this leather McGraw hobo? It’s light weight, but still feels rich and durable. The interior is unlined but nicely finished. The strap is detachable and I plan to purchase this one to add a little animal instinct to it now and then.

Faux Leather Combat Boots

Combat Boots

So we’re back to another Target find. I’m finding these faux leather combat boots to come in handy on messy days. You know, there are some days that you don’t dare wear your nicer shoes, but you don’t necessarily want rain boots either. These faux leather combat boots may or may not make it past one season, but they’ll more than serve their purpose for this year at least.

plaid wool skirt
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The boots run true to size and feature an interior zipper for easy on/easy off.

Frye Carly Tall Boots

Frye Carly Tall Boots
Frye Carly Tall Boots

Okay, those boots were the bargain, while these Frye Carly tall boots are the investment. I also purchased these classic riding boots during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, so I got them at a fraction of the full price. But I have to tell you, I’m so in love with these comfortable, sturdy boots that I could heartily concur if you wanted to pay full price for them. They’re that good.

Styling Fall Colors Tone on Tone in Blue with Blazer
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I’m wearing the Frye Carly tall boots in my regular 9.5, but in the extended calf. They are so comfortable…beyond belief. In fact, I had purchased the Tory Burch riding boots in the NSale, fully expecting to keep them. But when these came in, the Tory Burch boots went back!

CevaVe Therapeutic Hand Cream

CevaVe Therapeutic Hand Cream

Finally, I use this CeraVe Therapeutic Hand Cream several times each day. It really came in handy as I tried to get my hands in shape for the wedding this past weekend. I love that this thick, creamy lotion has no fragrance and includes essential ingredients like ceramides, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid for true skin healing. I suggest buying several of these at a time!

Well, that’s a wrap! These are the products I’m truly wearing, using and loving right now. If you have any questions about these or other products I’ve shared here at Dressed for My Day, let me know. I’m glad to help.

You can shop the links in the post, the captions and the widget below. Remember, these are affiliate links, so if you buy anything while shopping through them I do potentially earn a commission, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for shopping my links and helping to support what I do here. You’re a blessing!

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10 thoughts on “My October 2019 Favorites

  1. Great favorites Kay. Thank you for the reminder in your BFMD. I am praying for your sweet daughter to arrive home safely. ~Lisa

  2. Once again, great message in Blessed for my Day! Enjoyed seeing your fav’s for October. The Tory Burch bag stands out for me. I purchased the Rebecca Minkoff Feedbag style in black during the N sale & passed my black leather Coach satchel bag to my daughter, so I’m looking to “invest” in a new handbag . That one seems to be a versatile style, I’ll just have to wait for another sale! Hopefully you can enjoy some downtime this weekend, after last weeks busy one. Of course, it was worth it, considering the event!

  3. Love all these favorites! Can you give a tip on how to roll up the blazer sleeves?? This looks so cute and I’m having a hard time getting mine to ‘roll up’ so nicely! Thanks and have a blessed day!

    1. Hi Danelle. Unbutton the cuff completely and fold up one long cuff, 2x the length of the cuff. Then fold up that new cuff 1/2 until the edge of the cuff is just peeking out the top. I’ll try to show more in an upcoming post. ?

      1. I would like to know how to roll the cuffs also Kay. Are you willing to make short videos on fashion tips? I’m more of a visual learner than I am with written instructions. I got lost after the first step! LOL I’d also like to know how to tie a belted trench coat the way the models and bloggers do. I’ve tried but it never turns out looking right! Have a much needed restful weekend! ??

  4. Hi Kay! I do pray that Abigail’s flights are all on time today and that she makes it to the ATL safely. Good luck having 3 doggies to potty, etc.! It’s probably like a circus at times, especially since one of them is a puppy. After seeing the post where you shared your riding boots, I decided to order me a pair. I found a pair with arch support, from DSW, so I am anxiously awaiting there arrival. Due to very bad ankles, I cannot wear any type of heal, so riding boots are a great option. Have a blessed day!

  5. Kay I’m signed up to receive your emails every day but this week I didn’t get any until Saturday . ?? I haven’t changed anything. I thought you were taking a week off after the wedding. What do I need to do to fix this ? Thank you , Laurie