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Neon with Black Wardrobe Essentials

October 21, 2019

Happy Monday! Are you awake and ready for another week? Well, if you’re having trouble getting going today maybe my shirt will help wake you up. Ha! Today I’m sharing a lime green neon shirt worn this black wardrobe essentials.

By the way, we took these photos on the last hot day immediately after taking all the photos for last Friday’s post. Whew! I was absolutely melting. And believe me, you can tell it in these pictures!

Wearing Neon This Fall and Winter

Neon continues to trend, but I wanted to try this fad in a more classic setting. I thought maybe an outfit composed of all black wardrobe essentials except for this one vibrant color would look chic.

Wearing Neon This Fall and Winter

It was getting late as we snapped these photos, and I think the green may have become a tad distorted as James worked with the light constraints on these pictures. This faux wrap shirt, while definitely neon, is actually a very pretty green. The neon effect is much softer in person.

Green Neon Shirt

I’m wearing a small in this faux wrap neon blouse and it fits loose but nice. So definitely go with your smaller size on this one. It does feature one small hidden snap to keep the faux wrap closed securely. The snap works well for me, but keep in mind that I am small in the chest.

When I originally bought this shirt I fully intended to share it with my favorite skinny jeans. I think the neon paired with raw hem jeans presents such a modern, edgy vibe. But I’ve shown a lot of jean outfits here recently, so I decided to go for a slightly dressier presentation. That’s when I reached for these black wardrobe essentials.

Green Shirt

I absolutely love these Nic + Zoe Wonderstretch straight leg pants. I wore them Sunday morning to church and I’ll probably wear them again next Sunday. They are so comfortable, keep their shape beautifully, never wrinkle or stretch out and are extremely slimming. These pants are not cheap, but they’re not exorbitant either. However, they are a worthy investment and will be in my closet for years to come.

Black Pants

The day we shot these photos it was a sweltering 80+ degrees, so I certainly didn’t need this long cashmere blend cardigan. And I really love the look best without it. But the days are coming when I’ll be thankful to have this chic black cardi to reach for.

Black Cashmere blend cardigan

I’m wearing this soft, classic cardigan in a small and it fits beautifully. I also have this sweater in the heather tan cobblestone, but it comes in several other beautiful shades as well. Again, this is an investment piece I purchased in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and plan to wear for years, but here is a more economical option.

Wearing Neon This Fall and Winter

I finished off the look with my black flats and my black hobo bag. Yes, these are pricey items, too. But look, they’re my black staples. And that’s where I’ve chosen to spend my money…on high quality black wardrobe essentials that I’ll wear over and over for years to come. PLUS, these extremely comfortable black flats are reduced currently for a price match. And here’s a more economical hobo bag that is absolutely beautiful.

LOL! I had no idea I had put together such a pricey outfit until I sat down to type this post up. But, maybe the lesson in today’s post is not really about wearing neon at all. Maybe it’s more about the worthiness of investing in timeless pieces that are versatile enough to be the underpinnings of an outfit showcasing a trend like this neon green shirt. Make sense? The green shirt probably will not be in my closet next year. But everything else in this look absolutely will be. Not only that, but you can bet I’ll be wearing these pants, shoes and cardigan and carrying this bag on almost constant replay through March or beyond.

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Blessed for My Day

Have you ever felt left out, over looked or even rejected? Sure, you have. We all have. Though at the moment of our perceived rejection, we assume that we are the only ones who have ever been on the outside looking in. Rejection stings.

But there is One who was rejected who deeply understands. Jesus was rejected by His own brothers (originally), the people He grew up around, the people who clamored to Him for help but then shunned His call for commitment. Later His disciples and closest friends would forsake Him in His time of need, scattering like mice. Jesus knows the sting of rejection. And He has promised never to reject us. Instead He pulls us in and calls us precious.

For my father and my mother have forsaken me,
    but the Lord will take me in. ~ Psalm 27:10

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3 thoughts on “Neon with Black Wardrobe Essentials

  1. Kay, Even with the neon blouse, that is a very classy outfit that I definitely see you getting a lot of wear out of. As a preachers wife, I know that you want to look classy and put together while also being very approachable and not being intimidating. The BFMD really hit home today. While I have friends back in metro Atlanta and down here in the country, I don’t have any girlfriends that I hang out with. Larry has quite a few of guy friends, and occasionally he and the guys get together. That leaves me feeling left out and sort of lonely. But then I start reminding myself that the most important person,Jesus, is right here with me. When my time on earth ends, having a close relationship with Him is what will matter the most, not how many people mourn my death and talk about how much they miss me. With Larry living with cancer, I do put caring for him, keeping the necessary chores done, and spending time with him above doing things with others. It’s important for him to feel ‘normal’ on his good days, and to be able to sort of forget that he had an incurable cancer. Have a great day!

  2. You nailed it! This color looks great on you and putting all black with it made it dressy! Thanks for sharing your great taste. The BFMD is truly on point. We are never alone. The Holy Spirit dwells in all who have accepted Jesus. Jesus understands our every feeling and is always here to comfort us.

  3. Love neon green, any time of the year! – Wonderful scripture! It’s so comforting to know we are never ever alone.