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Pretty in Pink and Black for Fall

October 5, 2018

Happy Friday, gals! Is it feeling like fall yet in your corner of the world? The sunrises and sunsets have begun looking distinctively autumnal lately, and that excites me. But not nearly as much as the temperatures I see on the weather app for next week here in southeastern Arizona. We’re going to be in the 60s and 70s for our highs! Yippee!

Those cool temps will usher in ample opportunities for me to wear the classic black pants & blazer I’m sharing with you today. And you better bet I’ll be pairing them with this beautiful pink geo dot wrap top whenever I get the chance. I do love pink and black.

Pretty in Pink and Black for Fall

I received this classic cotton twill black blazer in my last Trunk Club trunk. You may remember that I received two blazers in that trunk and I had a terrible time deciding between the two. They were both well fitted and sharp. I really loved the ruched sleeves and ponte fabric of the Vince Camuto jacket that I showed you in this blog post. But in the end, I decided to go with the more classic of the two.

Pretty in Pink and Black for Fall

I’m really looking forward to showing you more outfits with this classic cut black blazer. As much as I love wearing it with these black slacks, I think I’ll enjoy pairing it the most with black, burgundy and blue jeans. But you know what? It would also look lovely with the wide leg crop pants I shared in yesterday’s post.

Pretty in Pink and Black for Fall

I hate to overuse the word, but these pants really are a-maze-ing. They’re crafted from a sturdy but giving rayon/nylon/spandex blend that resists wrinkles and wears easy. They’re also machine washable. You just pull this pants on and they feature a nice, wide waist band that lays flat.

Pretty in Pink and Black for Fall

Pretty in Pink and Black for Fall

This pink geo dot top is a true wraparound top, but it closes nicely in the front without gaps. And it feels secure and comfortable.

Have you gals noticed by now that comfort is a big thing with me? I’m all for stylish, but not at the expense of comfort. Especially if I’m selecting clothing for work or longterm wear.

Pretty in Pink and Black for Fall 8

This wrap around top is 100% polyester and machine washable. That’s a big deal with me, too. Ha! Perhaps most importantly, this top is marked down 40%, as is everything at Ann Taylor, but only through today (Friday).

I’m wearing my new favorite gold layering necklace doubled up so that it lays inside the v-neckline. That’s a nice feature of a long necklace that has a clasp as opposed to one that doesn’t. This necklace is also reduced in price, and it’s available in silver, too.

I got my azalea drop earrings in a Rocksbox a while back. If you’re interested in trying out Rocksbox, you can do that here. I’m not using the service right now, but I did discover some new styles of jewelry and bought several pieces while enjoying using many others. If you need to get out of a rut, or shopping for jewelry frustrates you (as it does me) then you might want to give this subscription service a shake.

Pretty in Pink and Black for Fall

These Zala tweed pumps by Marc Fisher were the natural choice to finish off this classic office ensemble. I’m really enjoying wearing them. And yes, they’re comfortable!

Pretty in Pink and Black for Fall

Pretty in Pink and Black for Fall 4

Finally, I topped off this pink and black outfit with this burgundy crossbody bag I picked up at Target. In fact, I literally picked it up. Remember, you can order online at and then pick up your order at your local store to avoid shipping charges.

Pretty in Pink and Black for Fall

I have to tell you, I love this pink and black outfit. It’s classic and polished enough for the office or church, but it’s also comfortable from head to toe…the kind of clothing you can wear all day long with ease.

Shop This Look Here:

I know that some of the items in this look are a little pricey, but others are quite reasonable and on sale. Plus, remember to use the “favorites” feature in the shopping widget below so that ShopStyle can send you an email when the items you’re interested in go on sale. The prices in the widget do not reflect sale prices, so you’ll need to click through to see the accurate price. And remember, Ann Taylor’s 40% + FREE SHIPPING  sale ends at midnight tonight as far as we know. Use code YESPLEASE.

I hope you enjoyed today’s pink and black post. Maybe you could pin it to one of your PInterest boards and share it on Facebook, too. I have used affiliate links in this post for your shopping ease and so that I can earn a commission on purchases, but at no cost to you. Thank you for shopping through my links.

Speaking of shopping through my links…if you’d like to get in a round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss before the holidays hit, now is the time. Registration is open for the October 15 round, and if you sign up through my referral link I’m offering a few extra incentives.

If you would like to know more about my experience with the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, check out this post. But also feel free to ask questions in the comment section below or email me. I really believe in this program and am excited to share it with you.

By the way, I’ve linked today’s post up with Jo-Lynne Shane’s Fashion Friday Link-Up, so if you have a few minutes to check out some other great fashion ideas, click through!

Thank you so much for spending some time here at Dressed for My Day. I hope you have a blessed and beautiful day!

Blessed for My Day

Are you parenting adult children? Ha, ha! If you are, we’re both all too aware of the irony in that statement. We never stop being parents, but our role certainly changes. I know for me that one of the biggest challenges of this stage is learning how to advise…as asked…without becoming too involved or taking over. I want my young adult children to navigate their own lives successfully and confidently, so I certainly don’t want to take on more of their issues than I should. Some of the best advice I’ve been given in this area is to learn to respond to my children’s “crises” with sincere interest, affirmation and release. So I try (not always successfully, mind you) to listen compassionately, but then to affirm my child’s ability to solve his or her own problem and then release it back into their hands. If I do offer advice, I try to remember to point my children to the Lord, reminding them that He has been faithful to guide and help in the past, and He will continue to do so. 

So if you’re struggling with a dilemma that an adult child has brought to you, I pray that you would be able to help your child to navigate his or her own way, listening, affirming and releasing them to handle the situation…with the Lord’s help.

“It is the living who give thanks to Thee, as I do today; a father tells his son about Thy faithfulness.” ~ Isaiah 38:19

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6 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink and Black for Fall

    1. Thanks Susanne! I’m learning to love a blazer again, too. For years I’ve resisted them, but the ones I’ve tried on lately (including this one) have been so comfortable, not binding at all. Loving that!

    1. Thanks, Jodie. I was pretty impressed with how well this top fit. You never know, ya know! But I’m finding these wrap around blouses to be very flattering.