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Women’s White T-Shirt Review 2021

Building a Wardrobe
May 11, 2021

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! My goal here is simply to help and inspire women over 50 – like you and me – to get dressed for our unique days so we can show up in a big way for those around us. I believe we are all influential women, and I simply want us to stay current and stylish so we can feel and be perceived as relevant and smart…’cause we are! Today I’m pleased to present what I hope to be an annual post, my Women’s White T-Shirt Review.

I’m a big believer in the classic white t-shirt as a year round wardrobe essential. But especially during the spring and fall I find myself putting on one of these easy breezy tees frequently. They work so beautifully under jackets, cardigans, blazers and even sweatshirts. But if you choose carefully your white tee can also look amazing by itself paired with jeans, shorts, pants or skirts.

In fact, just to work us up to speed before we check out my white t-shirt review, let’s look at a few of the styles I’ve created here at Dressed for My Day with simple white tees. White tees are great at calming down an otherwise busy outfit, as with the floral cropped pants below.

floral pants
see the full post

Wear a white tee with jeans at home and you can top it with a pretty cardigan on your way out the day, as below.

see the video

Layer a classic chambray shirt over a white tee for a relaxed but modern look.

Another Reason You Need a Chambray Shirt

Wear it under a blazer for a woman on a mission vibe.

Paperbag Waist Jeans

Wear that white tee under a contrasting pop of color or pair it with a softer shade for a tone on tone effect.

soothing colors

Really, anytime you’re stumped with what to wear under a particular piece…put on that white v-neck tee.

The Most Modern Way to Wear Your Blazer

That white t-shirt is invaluable when you’re transitioning between warmer and cooler seasons.

Add some jewelry, a trending belt and some fun shoes to a white t-shirt and denim skirt combo and you’ve got yourself an outfit.

Transition into Fall with a White Tee and Denim Skirt

And a white tee is all you’ll need to show off that pretty ruana or kimono you want to wear.

Summer Ruana

Okay, I’ll stop there so we can get on to the white t-shirt review. But stay tuned. Because on Thursday I’m going to show you each of these 13 shirts in completed outfits.

Women’s White T-Shirt Review 2021

Let’s get on with the review! I’m sharing 9 simple v-necks, 2 v-necks with additional detailing and a few other white tees with interesting details. I’ll explain more when I get there.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need a couple of good solid white v-neck tees in my wardrobe along with a couple of white tees that have more interesting notes. The solid plain tees are great for layering, but the t-shirts that have a nuanced detail or two can hold their own without that third piece. And that’s pretty important if you live in a warm place where you can’t be fooling with an extra layer during the summer. So I’ll share more about that when we get to those.

While I won’t be crowning any of these tees the BEST white tee, I would gladly wear any of the ones I’m showing you. Choosing a white tee is a sort of personal thing; we each have unique details we’re looking for depending on our body shape, proportions, unique characteristics and personal preferences.

My sizing: I’m 5’8″, weigh about 155 pounds, have an hourglass or X shape, have even proportions and wear a size 36b bra. I generally wear a size 8 or occasionally a 10 in tops, dresses and jackets. I generally wear a medium in t-shirts. But I do have somewhat wide shoulders, and I’d rather my tees fit in the shoulders than not. So even if that means the tee will be a little blousy at the waist, I opt for the fit in the shoulders.

Your Fit: Ideally, the t-shirt shoulder seams should hit right at the outer edge of your shoulders, not drooping over onto your arm and not riding up on top of your shoulders. Some tees will be more fitted than others, but your shoulder fit really does matter in appearances.

My Scoring: I’m giving the t-shirts a score of one to five Ts.

  • T = pass, not a good tee
  • TT = not great
  • TTT = good tee
  • TTTT = great tee
  • TTTTT = outstanding tee

But really my score is based on my personal preference. I’m providing all the other details you might want to consider for your needs.

The Ann Taylor Pima Cotton V-Neck Tee (online exclusive)

Ann Taylor t-shirt
The Ann Taylor Pima Cotton V-Neck Tee (online exclusive)

The Ann Taylor Pima Cotton V-Neck Tee is the only one I tried that has a shirt-tail hem. That makes it ideal for a front tuck, by the way.

  • FABRIC: 100% cotton
  • LIST PRICE: $24.50 USD / today use code RESET for 50% off
  • COLORS AVAILABLE: black, bay green, washed lavender
  • SIZING: wearing MEDIUM, TTS; available in sizes XXS to XXL

What I noticed: I like the smooth fabric of this tee. It’s also one of the less sheer tees I tried. The neckline is serged underneath but it lays flat and feels good on. This tee does have a tag at the top of the back.

Final Score: TTTT – This tee ranks 4 out of 5 Ts.

The Banana Republic Supima® Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt

The Banana Republic Supima® Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt is probably still my favorite white tee. You can’t beat the Supima® cotton for softness and quality appearance.

Banana Republic t-shirt
The Banana Republic Supima® Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt
  • FABRIC: 100% SUPIMA® cotton
  • LIST PRICE: $29.50 (going fast in white)
  • COLORS AVAILABLE: 8 other colors in limited sizes, including black and grey
  • SIZING: I’m wearing a Medium, TTS; has a straight hem but the fit is more tapered than many of the shirts I tried. Available in XXS to XXL, but sold out in most sizes.

What I noticed: I love the slightly tapered fit of this very soft tee. It’s only slightly less dense than the AT tee above. The neck band is medium in width and lays flat. This tee does not have a tag at the top but does have one on the side you can cut out.

Final Score: TTTTT

Everlane Organic Cotton V-neck Tee

The Everlane Organic Cotton V-neck Tee is very similar to the Banana Republic tee in its thickness and softness.

Everlane Organic Cotton V-neck Tee
Everlane Organic Cotton V-neck Tee
  • FABRIC: 100% organic cotton
  • LIST PRICE: $18
  • COLORS AVAILABLE: white, black, grey, and heathered oat. Comes in stone blue and sesame yellow but almost sold out.
  • SIZING: I’m wearing a MEDIUM, TTS. Fits a little looser in the body than the previous two tops. Available in XXS – XL

What I noticed: This tee feels less “crisp” than the previous two somehow, maybe a little more drapey. But the quality is on par. I’d say it’s just a tad thinner, but not to the point that it causes me any modesty concerns.

Final Score: TTTT

Gap 100% Organic Cotton Vintage V-Neck T-Shirt

The Gap 100% Organic Cotton Vintage V-Neck T-Shirt has a looser drape than some of the other tees, not at all fitted.

Gap t-shirt
Gap 100% Organic Cotton Vintage V-Neck T-Shirt
  • FABRIC: 100% organic cotton
  • LIST PRICE: $19.95
  • COLORS AVAILABLE: for $19.95, grey, green and navy; for $15 right now five other colors, including black
  • SIZING: I’m wearing a medium, TTS. Available in XS – XXL

The Gap 100% Organic Cotton Vintage V-Neck T-Shirt is supposed to have a vintage wash. What that seams to mean is that it feels a little “feathery.” It doesn’t feel as smooth to the hand as the others. And I’d say this tee is also a little on the thin side. Perhaps the most noteworthy detail however is that the neck lays a little wider open and could even show cleavage…if I had any.

Final Score: TTT

The J.Crew Vintage Cotton Tee

I purchased the The J.Crew Vintage Cotton Tee from J.Crew Factory. They list it there as a vintage cotton tee, but inside the shirt it’s stamped “Slub Cotton Tee,” which describes it better. It has that slub cotton texture for sure.

The J.Crew Vintage Cotton Tee

The The J.Crew Vintage Cotton Tee also seems to be slightly longer than many of the other tees. On me it’s a little more fitted in the hips, but that’s really fine with me. From looking at the photo above I’d say it also is a little lower in the neck maybe.

  • FABRIC: 100% cotton
  • LIST PRICE: $24.50 but marked down to $14.95; Use code WHOA just today for another 30% off
  • COLORS AVAILABLE: 11 solids and one stripe, but some are sold out in various sizes
  • SIZING: I’m wearing a medium; TTS. Available in XXS – 3X

What I noticed: This tee definitely has a slub cotton appearance and texture; it’s a little less smooth. Therefore it feels a little more casual than the others. Also this tee does not fit me as well in the shoulders; it’s a little short across the shoulders for me.

Final Score: TTT

Madewell Whisper Lightweight Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt

The Madewell Whisper Lightweight Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt has a wider band around the neck than most. It also has more of a slub cotton appearance.

Madewell Whisper Lightweight Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt
Madewell Whisper Lightweight Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt
  • FABRIC: 50% organic cotton; 50% conventional cotton
  • LIST PRICE: $19.50 (currently up to 25% off)
  • COLORS AVAILABLE: 18 colors
  • SIZING: I’m wearing a Medium; TTS. Available in XXS – XXL at Nordstrom; available in XXS – XXL at Madewell

What I Noticed: This tee also has a slub cotton appearance. That simply means that it has small, almost imperceptible lines in it and doesn’t necessarily lay flat. It’s quite trendy and perfectly acceptable. But it also doesn’t look quite as polished or “dressy” as the shirts without that texture. I also like the length of the sleeves on this tee better than some.

Final Score: TTTT

Nordstrom Everyday V-Neck T-Shirt

The Nordstrom Everyday V-Neck T-Shirt is very soft and feels a little like a well worn man’s undershirt to me. It’s not a bad tee, mind you. But that’s just how it feels.

Nordstrom Everyday V-Neck T-Shirt
Nordstrom Everyday V-Neck T-Shirt
  • FABRIC: 51% Tencel® modal, 49% pima cotton (that explains why it feels different)
  • LIST PRICE: $19.00
  • AVAILABLE COLORS: six other colors, including black
  • SIZING: I’m wearing a medium, TTS; available in XXS – XXL

What I noticed: I don’t like that this tee has a tag sewn onto the back of the tee, not at the neck seam, but smack dab in the middle of the tee. Why???

Final Score: TTT

Talbots Pima Cotton V-Neck Tee

I’ve always had a love/have relationship with the Talbots Pima Cotton V-Neck Tee. I like the look of it in the catalog and online, but I’m just not a fan in real life. I do appreciate it’s thickness…in theory. But it makes for a sort of clunky looking tee in my estimation.

Talbots Pima Cotton V-Neck Tee
Talbots Pima Cotton V-Neck Tee

But I know I have lots of Talbots shoppers here, so let me assure you, if I saw you wearing one of these Talbots Pima Cotton V-Neck Tee I would think it looks absolutely polished and lovely on you. I just don’t like the way it feels or wears on me. It just doesn’t feel like a t-shirt is supposed to…for me.

  • FABRIC: 100% Pima Cotton
  • LIST PRICE: $29.50 but currently marked down to $24.50
  • COLORS AVAILABLE: 7 colors besides white, including black
  • SIZING: I’m wearing a Medium; TTS. But they do stretch with wear. Available in sizes XS – XL in misses, petite, petite plus and plus

What I noticed: These shirts stretch a lot with wear. But I hesitate to size down in the white simply because I don’t want a white tee to be at all tight. So I would probably size down in the other colors, but go true to size in the white. There is no tag sewn into the top of the back of the tee. I repeat, this tee stretches a lot. And it just doesn’t feel right…to me.

Final Score: TTT

Target’s Universal Thread V-Neck T-Shirt

Here’s another t-shirt I’ve been recommending for quite a while. For $8 you can’t beat this Universal Thread V-Neck T-Shirt from Target.

Universal Thread V-Neck T-Shirt
Universal Thread V-Neck T-Shirt
  • FABRIC: 100% cotton
  • LIST PRICE: $8
  • COLORS AVAILABLE: Available in almost 20 colors, but many are sold out in various sizes.
  • SIZING: Wearing a medium, TTS. Available in sizes XS – XXL

What I noticed: I think the price difference in this shirt shows up only in the way it fits. If you look at the photos you might notice that it doesn’t lay quite as smoothly in the back of the neck as most of the others do. Sure, I could have patted it down. But I just took these photos quickly. That is, I took all of them quickly. So what you see is what you get…with all of the tees.

That said, I still have these Universal Thread V-Neck T-Shirts in my wardrobe and wear them.

Final Score: TTT

Okay, now we’re moving into a few tees that aren’t really plain v-necks. At first I was just looking for plain v-necks, but then as I was purchasing white tees for my own wardrobe I noticed that I was indeed looking for more added details. And sure enough these are the tees that will make your outfits appear just a little more interesting. Details matter.

So I do think it’s a good idea to purchase a couple of tees with these stylistic nuances. I’ll add more of these to the shopping widget below.

Banana Republic Slub Cotton-Modal Henley T-Shirt

I wore the Banana Republic Slub Cotton-Modal Henley T-Shirt in last week’s video on styling outfits with simple separates.

Banana Republic Slub Cotton-Modal Henley T-Shirt
Banana Republic Slub Cotton-Modal Henley T-Shirt

The Banana Republic Slub Cotton-Modal Henley T-Shirt is a cozy slub tee that is a little on the thin side. But I just love the Henley shirt button details and the back seam. Those two features really elevate this tee just enough to keep your outfit casual but a little more chic.

  • FABRIC: 60% cotton, 40% Tencel modal
  • LIST PRICE: $34.50 (goes on sale often)
  • COLORS AVAILABLE: I also love the almond, butter cookie and flight jacket green
  • SIZING: Wearing a Medium, Available in XXS – XXL; Available in Petite sizes XXS – L

What I Noticed: This is a very lightweight and somewhat thin tee. That doesn’t bother me, but just be aware. And because of the fabric makeup it does stretch a little with wear.

Final Score: TTTT

Loft Cinched V-Neck Tee

This Loft Cinched V-Neck Tee surprised me. I tried it on not expecting much. But when I realized what you can do with this tee I decided I needed to share it. This is definitely not your usual v-neck t-shirt, and it may even look a little odd in the photos below.

Loft Cinched V-Neck Tee
Loft Cinched V-Neck Tee

But here’s the key to this Loft Cinched V-Neck Tee. If you don’t want to tuck in your tee, but you want to achieve those desirable proportions, here’s your ticket. The cinched line down the center of this tee adds interest and movement, but the cropped hemline lets you wear it untucked and still get great proportions.

Tell you what, I’m going to go ahead and show you the “outfit photo” that I took with this tee. I’m saving the rest of them for Thursday’s post, but you might need to see this one now to understand why I’m so excited about this t-shirt.

Loft Cinched V-Neck Tee

What do you think? Especially because I’m wearing cropped length jeans, it’s really important to wear a t-shirt either tucked or this cropped length. So this tee can stay loose outside your jeans or pants and still give you that long leg look. And you really want that when you’re wearing cropped pants or even shorts.

  • FABRIC: 63% Polyester 34% Rayon 3% Spandex; exclusive of elastic – but it feels like cotton
  • LIST PRICE: $34.50
  • COLORS AVAILABLE: also in hazlenut and grey
  • SIZING: Wearing a medium, TTS. The website says customers say it runs small; I don’t find that to be true. Available in sizes XXS-XXL

What I noticed: This tee does not have a tag sewn into the neckline, but the info is stamped on the inside of the back in pretty bold lettering. So everyone is going to know where you got it – hahaha! If that matters to you, be aware. It’s not 100% cotton, but has a slub cotton appearance. It’s a nice thickness and drape.

Final Score: TTTTT

Talbots Embroidered Cotton Split Neck Tee

Of course this tee is not a v-neck at all really. Neither is the last one. But I just wanted to show you some alternatives that have a little interest. And, unlike the Talbots Pima Cotton v-neck tee, I actually like this one – how it feels and wears.

Talbots Embroidered Cotton Split Neck Tee
  • FABRIC: 100% cotton
  • LIST PRICE: $44.50
  • COLORS AVAILABLE: available in 7 other colors, including indigo navy
  • SIZING: Wearing a Small; size down. Available in sizes misses XS – XL and petite, petite plus and plus sizes.

What I Noticed: This 100% cotton Talbots Embroidered Cotton Split Neck Tee also has a slub cotton appearance and texture. It has pretty but simple embroidery around the neck. In the other colors that embroidery shows up because it’s in white. But in this white tee it’s very subtle, and I like that. The gathered and slightly curved bodice add just a touch of femininity without going overboard. Personally, I will only wear this tee with a bit of a front tuck. I think it will look a little matronly if it’s left untucked. But tucked it looks really classy.

Final Score: TTTT

Talbots Cotton Blend Button Shoulder Tee

I’m not big on buttons on shoulders, but I included this Talbots Cotton Blend Button Shoulder Tee simply because it’s another example of a t-shirt with a little more going for it.

Talbots Cotton Blend Button Shoulder Tee
Talbots Cotton Blend Button Shoulder Tee

Of course this Talbots Cotton Blend Button Shoulder Tee is also not a v-neck at all. Ha! It features a slub cotton texture and appearance.

  • FABRIC: 60% Cotton, 40% Modal
  • LIST PRICE: $44.50
  • AVAILABLE COLORS: available in five other colors, including indigo navy
  • SIZING: Wearing a medium, but may be a touch large. Available in misses XS – XL, as well as petite, petite plus and plus sizes.

What I noticed: Features a slightly curved hem, has a tag sewn into the neckline and features gold buttons on the shoulder. Honestly, I’d prefer this tee which has buttons on the back. I have the back button tee in a couple of colors and it has a similar feel, but a more modern look.

Final Score: TTT

There ya go! I know there are other great white tees out there. I’ve worn the Loft Everyday V-Neck before and liked it, but I couldn’t lay my hands on one in time for this post. At some point I just had to stop waiting for orders to come in and shoot the thing! Probably today more will show up at my door. Hahaha! But I think I’ve given you lots of good options to choose from.

Like I said, I don’t hate any of these; I’d wear them all. But you can see from my scores the ones I’ll be keeping in my wardrobe this summer.

I’ve filled a shopping widget with the tees in the post (minus the Talbots tees; you’ll need to shop the links in the copy for those). These are all affiliate links of course. If you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you for shopping my links and supporting my work. I appreciate you.

You might want to check out last week’s video, How to Create Great Outfits From Simple Separates for more ideas for how you can use these simple tees this spring and summer.

Thanks so much for stopping in today. Let me know if you have any questions.

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57 thoughts on “Women’s White T-Shirt Review 2021

  1. Wonderful review of white T shirts. Wow. I had no idea! I am going to go out and buy a few crisp ones today.
    Thank you for all your delightful side comments and pointing out things we could never possibly think through if we have a busy life going on!


  2. I like the t-shirts from Talbots split neck and Loft cinched neck t-shirts because both are a bit more upscale without being too fussy. I can see wearing either in a casual fashion or more dressed up. I loved the review.

  3. Good AM Kay, You are one hard working lady. I cannot imagine what was involved in your white tee shirt photo shoot. Love love love your Bible lessons. Just yesterday the lesson helped me through a rough patch. As always, when I concentrated on my blessings rather than grumbling, the issue was resolved. TY.

  4. Oh my goodness, what a lot of legwork you put in to give us such variety and details! Thanks, Kay! I am checking out some of your recommendations now….hope your day is refreshed, and BLESSED!

  5. Any nice t shirts with elbow length sleeves. It’s hot where I live but not crazy about my upper arms

    1. Hi! I’m sure I’ll be sharing more options in outfits to come but simply focused on short sleeve here. Most of the tees I showed have longer sleeved counterparts at their websites. I know Talbots has 3/4 length tees as does Chico’s.

    2. I found some nice elbow length tees at LLBean with 2 different necklines and multiple colors. I don’t want to show my crepe upper arms.

  6. Oh so many choices Kay!

    I love a white tee……so clean looking. And can go with most anything in your closet. I think we all should have at least 3 for different looks and styles.

    Great post…….and needed to hear Blessed for my Day?


  7. Thank you Kay — this is a very helpful post! I know you’ve mentioned it in other posts but can you also recommend what to wear UNDER a Tee if the fabric is not thick enough? I would love to wear a white tee shirt in the summer but then get all sweaty with certain camisoles.

    1. Hi Catherine. I think the only solution is to get a t-shirt that is thick enough for your preference and comfort. I wouldn’t recommend trying to wear anything other than a nude colored bra under any of these tees. In yesterday’s Summer Wardrobe Essentials post I did recommend some tanks for wearing under button up shirts or other blousier shirts. If you do want to wear a camisole under a tee it would need to be a close fitting one with a silky texture.

  8. I am so glad that you did this review, Kay. Thank you! I am waiting on the arrival of a white tee that I ordered from Lands End. In the past I have always been pleased with their tees, so I am hoping that this one will meet my requirements. Except for the shorter length, I really like the Loft tee with the interesting center front.

  9. Thanks for all your hard work on this tee shirt blog. It really is a work horse. I can hardly wait for Thursday to see all the outfits you have come up with using the tee shirts. Loved the BFMD. Sometimes it is really hard to forgive someone who has hurt us. We need to forgive them as Jesus forgives us.

    1. Thanks for reading Shery. Yes, forgiveness is hard. But Jesus is our example. We are never more like Christ than when we give grace. ?

  10. For me the Talbots Pima is great, like that it isn’t thin. I did size up in the white because I know it will shrink. Bought in 3 colors. The cotton blend felt too synthetic for the summer.

    1. I’m so glad to hear you like the Talbots tee. I know it is a good tee and obviously a lot of women enjoy wearing it. So I appreciate you sharing. ?

  11. Fantastic reviews of tees Kay. Bless you for all the hard work you put in to this. I’ve always bought tees at Talbots and agree they do seem to stretch out a bit. Just ordered the BR tee in gray and white. I also noticed it looked a little shorter than many of the others, which I like. Today’s BFMD really spoke to me. I hate confrontation and just usually avoid it and just stew about it and think of all the things I could have said and get even angrier. Which of course leaves the situation unresolved and the offender may not even know they’ve offended you. You are a woman of Godly wisdom. Thanks again.

    1. Yes, I think that’s the {unhealthy} route I usually take too. Ha! It’s hard. But Christ’s instructions give us a good road map. ?

  12. I am a Banana Republic white T girl. I love their short sleeve v neck and I love their long sleeve as well. I prefer the subtle texture in the fabric rather than a smooth fabric. Thanks Kay!

  13. Great advice on the white t shirts! Little details make a difference. Also the BFMD hit me right between the eyes! I am upset with my older sister and complained about her to my younger sister and that is childish. I definitely will handle this in a more respectful way now Thanks for that!

    1. Thanks for sharing Mary. We have all made that mistake at times. God will bless your desire to make things right I am sure.

  14. Loved the interview and she was a good interviewer. About that Loft cinched tee! I had no idea tee shirts like that existed. I have been a fan of Loft and enjoy their clothes. No problems with them. I usually wear linen tanks in the summer because they look better on me than a knit tee and are cool but I’ll have to try this tee out. I like the split neck too.
    BFMD reminds me of how important it is to act quickly on things that bother you. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes. Seek a peaceful resolution instead of throwing up camp around it.

  15. This is an awesome review; thank you! I am seeking white and black tees for summer, so I will be checking these out for sure – especially the BR one 🙂 New subscriber here, and I love your style and positive attitude. I am so happy to see that you also embrace black, which I was scared off of by people saying it’s a no no over 40 🙁 I would love if someday you would share any tricks and tips you use for wearing it well at any age!

    1. Welcome Helena. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog. Yes, I love wearing black. And I appreciate the suggestion.

  16. Kay,
    Especially loved the Loft cinch front tee on you & the outfit on you. Very flattering!
    I think the Ann Taylor ones will work best for me. This was great info. Thank you for taking the time to do it.

  17. Kay, thank you for this extensive list of tees. I read your interview with Imogen and enjoyed that, as well. Looking forward to Wednesday’s video.

  18. Kay, I admire your stamina in modelling all of these tees for us. Thank you. The Loft cinched-tee looks amazing with your blazer.
    I appreciate the message in BFMD. It isn’t easy confronting someone who has hurt us. You have a wonderful way of explaining the Bible verses and making them meaningful in everyday life.

  19. The endless hunt for white tees. Thank you for the research you did. While I’m not a Lands End shopper I do like their tees. In general they run large. I’m 5’4 and short waisted so many times tees are too long. Buying petites seems to help there. Also I have a larger chest and most v necks are too low. Now a request. What to put under a white tee without adding extra bulk or heat?

  20. Thank you for one of the most useful fashion posts I’ve ever read! I am buying the Loft shirt with the shirring in front and I’m sure it will be great!

  21. Thank you, Kay. I desperately need white tees! I was wondering why the discount code wasn’t working and than I noticed I’m a day late! Oh well. I ordered some anyway from J Crew plus a sun dress that was on sale! I do hope they fit. It pays to read your blog daily!

  22. It seems like a white tee should be the simplest selection, but truly I have struggled more with finding a perfect white tee than any other item. First and foremost it has to be opaque… I can’t abide seeing my bra or skin color through the fabric! Your review on the Talbots tee is true; it is a winner for opacity however it does stretch out. I have to size for my bust and then the waist becomes quite loose and boxy. Other go-to tees are St. Johns Bay 3/4 sleeve v-neck from JCP, and NY & Co. v-neck Perfect Tee. Also for those who like elbow-length sleeves, L.L. Bean offers a scoop neck tee. I’m looking forward to trying the Ann Taylor and shirred tee.

    1. Thanks for sharing Karalane. It is indeed a quandary! Thanks for sharing the ones you’ve had luck with. I hope the new ones work for you too. ?

  23. This post is very helpful! I shy away from white tees because I cannot find one that isn’t sheer. How do you do it? Even the shirts that are so thin we can see the tag or can see the print/image of your slacks through the shirt, we cannot see the outline of your bra. Nothing. Zero. No back fast, no bra strap. Nothing. At a 36F, my bra is like a suit of armor. I’ve had a professional bra fitting, so it’s as good as its gonna get. But white tee shirts? There’s always a not so good look from the back… Unless I buy an oversized shirt, then I look like a clown from the front!

    You look lovely in each one. Great post!

  24. I ordered the Loft Cinched V-neck tee. I hope it works for me. Super cute! Thank you so much for this post.

    1. I think you’ll love it. It will look a little odd to you at first because it is more cropped. But play with it a bit and you’ll enjoy it.

  25. Thank you so much for this comprehensive tee-shirt review! I have a nice crew neck white tee from Orvis but have been wanting to get a v-neck white tee, and you have saved me so much legwork. I ended up ordering from Ann Taylor, as I love the shirttail front look. I received 40% off, too, so it was a real bargain. Thanks again! Love your blogs!

  26. When I saw your first photo of the Loft cinched t shirt, I thought it looked odd. However, in your photo with the white blazer, it looks fabulous! I want it now!

    1. Hahaha! Yeah that’s why I showed it with the blazer. I’ve worn it a couple of times since then and it works great with so many things.