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How I Really Dressed for My Day 04/30/21-05/06/21

May 7, 2021

Hello and welcome to my outfits of the week post. Each Friday I share how I really dressed for my days. While I absolutely love everything I share with you in fashion posts, these are the outfits I live in. I’ll probably wear yesterday’s modern spring outfit with jeans and my white blazer sometime soon to church. But since I work from a home office, I don’t have the opportunity to dress like that very often. I have a pretty casual lifestyle, but I do like to elevate those looks while keeping them comfortable and easy to wear.

How I Really Dressed for My Day 04 30 21 05 16 21

I also got a lot of new things in during the last couple of days that I’m going to share with you, too. These are items I’ve ordered for upcoming posts, but I want to go ahead and share them in “raw form” while you can get some good deals on them, if you’re interested.

Sizing Information

Just for reference, I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 155. I generally wear a size 8 or medium in dresses, tops, jackets and pants (or 29 or 30 in jeans), so that’s what I’m wearing in these looks unless I tell you otherwise. That way you can assume everything I show you is true to size unless I alert you to sizing up or down. I wear a size 9.5 shoe and, again, I’ll just let you know if I sized up or down in a shoe, otherwise it’s true to size.

How This Works

I want to focus more on styling tips and less on the products. So please assume everything I’m wearing is true to size and fits and feels great unless I tell you otherwise. After all, these are the things I’m choosing to wear in real life.

I’m providing shopping widgets after each outfit, and a lot of what I’m showing you is still available. I’m also trying to include more economical options where that’s appropriate. But if I forget to do that, just ask.

How I Dressed for Friday

Friday this walnut brown fatigue blazer from Everlane came in and I just couldn’t wait to wear it. I had to hit the mall (as I often do on Fridays) to make some returns and pick up last minute items for the video shoot. So I wore the blazer with the coordinating fatigue barrel pants and a simple tee with my faux Birks. I liked the outfit so much I ended up including it in this week’s video, How to Create Great Outfits with Simple Separates.


I know that some of my readers do not like these pants at all. Ha! That’s absolutely fine with me. I take no offense. However, let’s understand that this silhouette is very on trend. And that doesn’t mean it’s a flash in the pan fad either. Pants and jeans are trending toward – that is moving toward – more relaxed fits, including this barrel style. You absolutely can still wear your skinnies. I’m sure I’ll wear mine some. But the more I wear these barrel styles, the more I like them.


I also find the barrel silhouette much more flattering than the full on wide-leg shape for me. At least these have some curve to them and taper back in toward the ankles, creating more of a streamlined look in the legs. You’ll see me wearing a wide leg cropped pant below, and I don’t like that outfit nearly as much as this one. I’ll point it out to you when we get there.

By the way, I really like these Sonoma Goods for Life sandals from Kohl’s for an alternative to the pricier Birkenstocks. They look so similar. However, I made the mistake of wearing them all day as I traipsed through the mall and other errands and they wore a blister on the top of my feet. I won’t do that again. So the moral of the story is you truly do get what you pay for. I’m happy with these for now. But if you’re considering Birkenstocks, not just for the style but also the acclaimed comfort, you might want to go ahead and spring for those.

Shop the Looks

For each of the looks I share with you I’ll have a shopping widget. These links as well as the ones in the copy are affiliate links. If you shop through them I potentially earn a commission on your purchases. Thank you so much for shopping my links and supporting the work I do here at Dressed for My Day. I’m grateful. Remember, the photos in the widgets only share part of the story. Many of the items are available in other colors. And the prices on the widget are not always accurate because they don’t always reflect sales.

How I Really Dressed Saturday

Saturday we shot videos, which means I didn’t really get dressed for most of the day. I was simply trying on one thing after another much of the day. But I did wear the black fatigue barrel pants and aqua colored linen tank before and after the video session. I’m really hoping Chico’s comes out with these linen blend tanks again this summer. I think I have one in five different colors and I love recommending them. In fact, I did a whole video about wearing them last summer. Hahaha!

HIRDFMD 11 (1)

By the way, did you know that you can usually shop my video looks and many of my other outfits as well on my Shopstyle Page? And for those of you who like to pin my outfits in your Pinterest board, you can also pin them from there. I frequently link to that page in my daily emails, too. You can access all my looks through the top menu under SHOP, too.

What I Wore to Church Sunday Morning

Sunday morning I went to our more contemporary church service. We also had coffee and cookies outside between the services. It was a pretty day for it. I had enjoyed wearing my new baby blue pointy toe flats so much earlier in the week, so I built another outfit around them.

HIRDFMD 01 (1)

I showed these pretty ice blue flats in last week’s How I Really Dressed for My Day post, too. And in Monday’s post I shared how I frequently begin putting outfits together with the shoes. This is a case in point. I made sure I had just a touch of a similar blue somewhere else in my outfit, although I don’t know that that is really necessary.

My linen biker jacket is a new purchase from Nic+Zoe. It’s available at Nordstrom, but only in a large (I’m wearing a medium for reference). You’ll find it here at Nic+Zoe, but if you shop through THIS LINK you can get $20 off your first purchase. Oh, and look. Here’s the same jacket in a cotton and much less expensive. Man, I wish I had gotten that one. I think the cotton would drape so much more nicely.


My pink paisley shell is no longer available, but I’ve linked to similar options in the shopping widget below. By the way, I originally wanted to wear the shell untucked with the biker jacket. But it didn’t work as well as I’d thought it would. So I ended up tucking it softly.

My flats are not on sale, but these slingbacks that I featured in yesterday’s post are. And they’re available in that same icy blue.

What I wore Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon I had to edit this week’s video because it had to be approved by the sponsor. So I put on something comfortable I could get to work in. Later we went over to our new house to finalize our paint colors before they started the job this week.


I tend to like to wear joggers or something similarly comfy on Sunday afternoons. But I topped it with a pretty striped tee and coordinating cardigan since I knew we were getting out and about a bit in the evening. I thought my blue tones Teva sandals added a cheerful splash of color at my feet.

How I Really Dressed Monday

Monday I worked from my home office and then I needed to head out in the rain to make a purchase. We had decided on some furniture over the weekend and the special deal was closing on Monday. So I went out to order the furniture. I’d enjoyed the fatigue barrel pants and jacket so much over the weekend, so I decided to switch it up a bit and wear it again.


This time I created a column of black with the walnut fatigue blazer with the black barrel pants and a black linen blend tank. I finished off the look with my animal print pumps (similar option – use code KAYHEELS for $40 off your first pair of Ally heels) and my black backpack (more economical option).

I kept the jacket on all day, but I wanted you to be able to see underneath, so I took this shot, too.


I’ll link to some similar tanks. I think this outfit is a great option for work in a more creative or modern setting.


These barrel pants work great with a variety of footwear. You could create the same look with leopard print flats or lower heels.

What I Wore Tuesday

Tuesday I lost my mojo. Ha! I think I need a vacation. I just felt really tired and unmotivated all day. I plugged along, but I don’t think I ever got out…other than for a long walk. But I did eventually get dressed for my day!

These Ralph Lauren cotton twill cargo pants (similar) had arrived in my The Lauren Look box, so I put them on with a linen blend sweater from J.Jill. My sweater is still in stock, by the way, and greatly reduced in price.


I don’t much care for bright or bubblegum pink with olive green, but I love this pale “mink pink” with the green pants. I wish I could find these cotton twill cargo pants somewhere for you, but I’m just not having any luck. Anyhow, I have found a few pairs that are similar to include in the shopping widget below.

How I Really Dressed for Wednesday

Wednesday I worked out, worked in my office and then we shot photos in the afternoon. I dressed comfortably for the work day in boyfriend jeans (no longer available but these are similar), a crewneck tee and a baby blue sweatshirt.


We continue to have quite cool temperatures here most days. So I’m really gravitating toward pretty sweatshirts as my third piece. I’d really rather put one of those on over a t-shirt than I would a cardigan or jacket. Jackets feel bulky when I’m working and cardigans can feel a little fussy when I’m working. So I like having some sweatshirts in pretty colors that I can pull on over a t-shirt. I like the shorter length of this one (available in lots of nice colors), but I also have one of these (from last year) in a longer length. It’s 30% off right now.

My necklace is from Kendra Scott and it’s one of their customized Alex pendants. Mine is in bronze veined magnesite, but there are many stones to choose from. Today at Kendra Scott you can buy one item and get another 25% off.

How I Really Dressed Thursday

I was in a big hurry as I darted out the door for lunch with friends on Thursday, so I didn’t have any time to play with this outfit. Once I got home I actually changed out of it. But I’d received these wide leg linen pants in my The Lauren Look box, so I decided to give them a whirl. I ended up just wearing them with a simple v-neck white tee and my denim jacket.


When I got home I decided that I really do not like these linen cropped pants on me. They’re quite comfortable and obviously in style. But I’m not liking the wide leg crop silhouette on me. I much prefer the more tapered balloon or barrel silhouette for a modern selection. The moral of the story is we all have to experiment a little to find the silhouettes that work best for our bodies.

And let me say a word about that while we’re on the topic. The fact of the matter is that wider, more relaxed fit silhouettes are very in style right now. And they’re not going away any day soon. In fact, I believe we’ll be seeing the relaxed fit pants and jeans for quite a while. We don’t have to or need to wear all the silhouettes, ladies. But we also need to be careful about poo-pooing them when others want to wear them.

It takes our eyes a while to adjust to new styles. My bet is that many of the women who are so negative about these relaxed fits are the same ones who initially scorned the skinny jeans. Let’s please be gracious and remember that fashions change and women do, too. Fashion is meant to be fun. It’s okay to explore and try new things. Please keep your comments positive and open-minded.

I am going to continue to try the more modern jeans and pants silhouettes, and I’m going to be sharing them here. The way I see it, that’s my job. Why follow a style blogger who just plays it safe all the time? I want my style to continue to evolve; I don’t want to get stuck. Yes, I’m still wearing and enjoying and sharing the straighter silhouettes, too. But please graciously give me the room to do my job and share things that push the envelop a little. Not everything I share is going to be any one person’s cup of tea consistently. I get that. But after a while it does start to hurt my feelings when comments start getting a little biting. Please keep your comments kind.

Try-On Haul

I’m not one to share all the clothes I order and try on. I actually order and return a lot of things without ever showing them here. But yesterday I got in a huge load of things that I actually love. And I wanted to share them with you now because many are on sale (at Talbots) or they’re from Nordstrom, where they’re having the Spend and Get Bonus Notes event. And many of the Nordstrom items are marked down, too.

Try-On 2

I noticed my interior decorator wearing ankle length beige or fawn colored pants several times and they always looked so classy. So I ordered these Hampshire ankle pants from Talbots in the curvy fit. I love them. I’m wearing my true to size 8, but in the curvy fit. Of course, they do also come in a regular fit and in a number of other colors, too. I ordered the same pants in white, and they fit, but I like the look of these better.

Try-On 1
Hampshire ankle pants // cotton blend double v-neck sweater // bossy beige pumps (use code KAYHEELS)

I didn’t iron or steam the pants before trying them on, but I know these creases will come out nicely. They’re also available in petite lengths. Of course they’re 30% off at Talbots right now.

I’m wearing the Hampshire ankle pants with the cotton blend double v-neck sweater in watermelon. I’m wearing a medium, so it’s true to size. I decided to try the pants and sweater duo with my white linen blazer.

Try-On 3
Hampshire ankle pants // cotton blend double v-neck sweater // bossy beige pumps (use code KAYHEELS) // white linen blazer // necklace only in silver // demi bracelet // pearl bracelet // earrings

I think it’s a nice look. The white linen blazer runs true to size, too.

Try-On 4
Hampshire ankle pants // cotton blend double v-neck sweater // bossy beige pumps (use code KAYHEELS) // white linen blazer // necklace only in silver // demi bracelet // pearl bracelet // earrings

Next up, I’m wearing the black linen blend palazzo pants from Talbots. They also come in straw, white, sea opal and navy. These pants are dreamy.

palazzo pants // Vince Camuto Floral Soirée Sleeveless Top // flip flops (gifted) // earrings // necklace

Remember, mirror selfies rarely do anything justice. Which I suppose is why I hesitate to do a lot of try-on hauls here. I’m working on getting a new larger mirror and we’re painting my new office in a shade that should help with lighting. But right now I never really like the way these mirror selfies show up.

Try-On 6
palazzo pants // Vince Camuto Floral Soirée Sleeveless Top // flip flops (gifted) // earrings // necklace

That said, these palazzo pants have a very nice drape and fit that is hard to see in these photos. They run true to size; I’m wearing an 8 regular. They come in petite, plus and petite plus sizes as well. They’re 30% off. Get one item for 40% off with code MOM.

Try-On 7
palazzo pants // Vince Camuto Floral Soirée Sleeveless Top // flip flops (gifted) // earrings // necklace

I’m wearing the palazzo pants with a super pretty Vince Camuto Floral Soirée Sleeveless Top. I love, love, love this pretty shell. It’s 40% off and available in most sizes right now. It does run large; I’ve sized down to a small. Unfortunately it looks like they’re out of the smaller sizes, so if you’re smaller than me you may be out of luck. But this is a great top for wearing under a blazer or cardigan.

Try-On 8
palazzo pants // Vince Camuto Floral Soirée Sleeveless Top // flip flops (gifted) // earrings // necklace // cardigan

I love this pointelle open front cardigan, but I’m not sure I like it with this predominantly black combo. What do you think? The open front cardigan runs true to size.

Next week I’ll be posting a denim shorts review. I’d ordered A LOT of denim shorts and a few came in yesterday. I wanted to go ahead and share these Caslon denim shorts because they’re from Nordstrom where they’re having their bonus note event.

Caslon denim shorts

The Caslon denim shorts do indeed fit large. I went ahead with the size 8 though because I don’t want my denim shorts tight at all. They are very comfortable and yes, a little roomy. And they may “grow” with wear. But at the price, they’re definitely worth a shot. I’ve learned that denim shorts can be just as pricey as full leg jeans, so the price on these Caslon denim shorts is appealing. The cuff is sewn into these shorts.

The only other pair to come in were these Madewell high waist mid length black shorts. I’m wearing my TTS 29 here.

Madewell high waist mid length black shorts // cotton modal back detail tee in aqua splash // flip flops (gifted)

Unlike the Caslon denim shorts, the Madewell high waist mid length black shorts do not have a sewn in cuff. But of course you can cuff them yourself. I really like the soft black color of these shorts. I think they will stretch a little with wear, too, but they’re 99% cotton, so they definitely won’t stretch as much. I’ve ordered the 30 to check out, too. But I have a feeling they may be a little big.

I’m not posing in the next photo. I want you to see how the shorts really fit. In my upcoming denim short review, I’ll be doing three photos in each pair of shorts: a head-on shot like this one, a rear view (Lord help!) and a more posed shot for a more flattering vantage point.

Madewell high waist mid length black shorts // cotton modal back detail tee in aqua splash // flip flops (gifted)

In the photo above I’ve cuffed the shorts the way I’d probably wear them (if I cuffed them at all). I’m wearing them with the cotton modal back detail tee in aqua splash from Talbots. It’s just like the pink tee I have. I’m wearing a medium, but it fits a bit large. I just want you to know that, but I’ll probably keep the medium anyhow.

Next I tried on the cotton modal back detail tee with Talbots’ summer twill pull on shorts.

cotton modal back detail tee // summer twill pull on shorts // sandals

The summer twill pull on shorts feature an elastic waist band and a removable tie string belt. I’d say they run true to size. I’m wearing a medium and I definitely wouldn’t want white shorts to fit any tighter than this. They’re available in other colors, too. They have a 6″ inseam.

And finally here are the summer twill pull-on shorts in Tencel.

summer twill pull-on shorts in Tencel // pom pom trim tee // Gia buckle sandals

Like the others, the summer twill pull-on shorts in Tencel fit true to size for a roomy fit. But you want these particular shorts to have a roomy fit, I think. I paired them with the pom pom trim tee in gardenia. I’m wearing a medium. So if you prefer a closer fit, size down. I’m also wearing the new Gia buckle sandals. I bought my last pair about three years ago and have decided it’s time to retire them. I probably wear these metallic sandals more than any other shoes during the summer. I wear a 9.5 usually, so I went with the 9. I think the 10 would have been a better length but they might have been to wide and loose. My old ones were 9s.

Well, that’s a wrap. Remember the Nordstrom Spend and Get Bonus Notes event and the 30% off (plus 40% off one item with code MOM) deal at Talbots. Let me know if you have questions about anything I’ve shared. Have a great Friday!

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Blessed for My Day

While I’m all for putting a little effort into our appearance, I think it’s so important to prioritize the inner woman. This week I focused our blog posts and video on putting together outfits. But we must also put in the effort to grow the fruit of the Spirit in our lives. Things like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control are evidence of Christ in our lives. And while people generally size up their first impressions of us within seconds of meeting based on externals, what’s inside eventually surfaces to the top and says so much more about us.

This weekend I’m spending time thinking about the fruit that is bearing in my life. The fruit that shows up is only a reflection of what is truly inside. As I plant the seeds of God’s Word by meditating on it and water it with prayer, the exterior of my life will reflect His character more and more.

When they came, he looked on Eliab and thought, “Surely the Lord’s anointed is before him.” But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” ~ 1 Samuel 16:6-7

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46 thoughts on “How I Really Dressed for My Day 04/30/21-05/06/21

  1. Kay,
    My favorite outfit on you is the fawn pants & heels with the hot pink shirt sleeve sweater. Very flattering!
    I do enjoy seeing all the new silhouettes that you show. You are doing a great job.
    Thank you for the words of wisdom & the Bible verses.
    You are appreciated very much.

  2. Kay, Thanks for always putting yourself out there for us. I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

  3. I for one appreciate your bravery in trying new pant styles for us! I have always loved wide leg pants but struggle finding the right shoes for them. Heels look great but are completely impossible for my daily life. I like both the barrel shaped and wide leg styles on you. I may have to try the barrel shape pants. They seem easier to style for a casual look.
    I have been challenged recently that I have been focused on my work for God as an assessment of my heart when Christ said we will be known by our fruit. So I too have been thinking of the fruit of the Spirit in my life. Any thoughts you have on how to assess our growth in those areas would be welcome! Have you ever written a study on the fruit of the Spirit? Do you have one you would recommend?
    Thanks for all your work helping us with our style choices- and our inner beauty choices!

    1. Hi Deana, the study by Beth Moore “Living Beyond Yourself, Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit” is one that I am doing right now and has been an incredible blessing to me. I highly recommend it!

      1. Hahaha! Great minds think alike. That’s what I suggested too. I just couldn’t remember the name of it. Great study.

    2. Hi Deanna. Thanks for your comments. I can’t think of an assessment right now, but I did do a Bible study by Beth Moore years ago on the fruit of the spirit that was excellent.

  4. I’m a big fan of wide-leg pants…particularly for us hourglass girls. The barrel pants are cute, but I think the wide leg pants look more proportional on you. Just my opinion!

    1. Thanks for sharing Nancy. I appreciate that. Having looked at those photos a little more I think that maybe what I don’t like is the cuff. I think it draws attention there and breaks up the leg more.

  5. I totally agree we must show grace and I think everybody should wear the new styles if they like them. Their choice as God gave us free will. I just feel that some of these are not for me and will not be buying them. I love the straight leg pants and jeans that are in right now, just not some of the baggier styles as I think they add pounds to the person and look sloppy. Just my opinion but hey if you like them ladies, wear them.
    I love the beige straight leg pants, pink top and white blazer that you have on Kay. Lovely and classy. Looks so nice on you I also like the black pants and printed black and pink top. The pink cardigan looked all right too. Maybe a little long but still nice. Your white linen blazer would have looked nice also, My vote is still out on the palazzo pants though. Would have to see them on me. Your cotton twill shorts were nice too. Like the BFMD as usual.

    1. Thanks for sharing all those thoughts Sherry. I do love that black palazzo pants and floral blouse combo. I think I’m going to have to wear it for a date night soon. ?

    2. Ditto everything you said! ? Barrel style pants look ridiculous on me- I’m good at adding pounds and don’t need my pants to do it for me! ??

  6. I agree with what you said about showing us all the styles even if we may not like them. How else will we learn? Thanks for telling us that we don’t have to buy them if we don’t like them even if they are the style!
    I like the twill shorts best. The jean shorts are a little too young for me, I think. Not sure. Maybe around the house or vacation, I don’t know.
    Thanks for your posts.

  7. Nice outfits today, Kay! I hope to get to Talbots this afternoon. It’s funny, but I don’t like my skinnies any more. I put them on and take them off. I’ve seen updated looks on all my blogs and just can’t do them. In the end, fashion is “ I’ll do me and you do you”. Excited for your move! I’m sure y’all are ready to stretch out and have more space. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks for sharing Terry. I pretty much feel the same way about my skinny jeans. I love my slim fitting straight leg jeans and ankle jeans, but I think I’m quite over the skinnies.

  8. The very reason I read your blog each day is to see styles that are current; outfits and individual pieces which I might be too timid to try, because they are new to me. I am one who can get “stuck”, fashion-wise, and I am an impatient shopper on top of that, who does not typically enjoy “the hunt”. So I do appreciate your efforts to show what is trending, the links you provide, and your honest opinions. Thank you for that!

    1. Thanks for that Karen. I just finished editing my Mother’s Day special video on confidence, but I have to admit my own confidence sometimes starts to wane as I receive negative comments about new styles I try and share. It shouldn’t. I know better than to give opinions that much weight. But it helps to get some positive feedback occasionally. So thank you for sharing your perspective. I really appreciate it. ?

  9. Sorry to hear you’re getting snippy remarks from followers. I order more online fashion from your recommendations than from just browsing and send back fewer items this way. Do I agree with all your recommendations? No, I’m a different shape. But I still find more things to wear that you recommend than not. You’re doing a great blog; don’t let the naysayers tell you differently. Much love.

    1. Thank you so much Tenley. That is very helpful to hear. I think the negative comments just have a way of reverberating a little louder. I get lots of positive comments and I can tell from my analytics that a lot of women are purchasing the more current items, but somehow the negative just sticks with me longer. That’s my bad. I need to stop giving the negative so much weight. Thank you again for sharing.

  10. I just don’t get why some people think they have any right to judge others for how they look, dress, etc, and then criticise them because their choices are different from theirs. Anyway, you’re doing a great job, Kay, and always look great. We do tend to notice the negative comments, unfortunately, and can find them hard to let go of. But the positive comments you receive hugely outnumber the negative ones, so I hope you can focus on that. Your videos and posts are full of joy and enthusiasm, and that is a gift.

    1. Thanks Sue. Yes, I’ve definitely given myself a “talking-to” and am choosing to not be so easily offended. I don’t think most people intend to wound anyhow. Thanks for sharing.

  11. These are comments are like talking to sisters. Of the heart.
    I’d like to suggest you learn to use the delay shutter release on your phone. It will give you up to 10 seconds to pose your shot. It looks like a circle with a slash at the top of an iPhone camera. The mirror shots are fine but the reversed picture might be the cause of your dissatisfaction with the photo. By the way, this is a lesson learned from my 14 yr old granddaughter.

    1. Thanks Chrysti. Yes I know how to do that. But most of the time I’m just in too big of a hurry to line things up for that kind of photo. It’s not the reversed photo that bothers me. It’s the lighting. But hopefully that will get better when we move. ?

  12. Kay, I hate knowing that you have been receiving some negative comments. As my mom always told me, If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything! I truly appreciate you sharing various current styles with us, whether it’s something I would wear or not. While you look nice in all of the outfits you shared with us, you look fabulous in the tan slacks and bright pink top. And I actually like the pink sweater with the black palazzo pants and printed top. The pink topper adds the right amount of flare and interest, as far as my eyes are concerned. I hope that you are having a fabulous Friday!

    1. I loved those outfits the best as well. The pastel shorts and tees are pleasing too.
      Ginger, I can just hear my mother saying the same thing.

  13. Kay, you are so lovely and look fantastic in everything you show. It takes time for our eyes to get used to new silhouettes but mean comments say more about the writer than your style. I’m so short I worry about cropped and balloon shape but might be brave and give them a try! Miss seeing you- I retired!

    1. Oh my! Congratulations Marilyn! How wonderful. I hope you and Paul are doing well. Maybe you can do more traveling soon. Nice to hear from you today. I miss you, too. You’re my all-time favorite hairdresser!

  14. I am a pastor along with my husband. I love your blogs. You have helped me coordinate my wardrobe for my busy life with ministry, grandchildren and public webcasts. Thank you so much! ?

  15. Kay,
    Like the others above, I am glad that you show a variety of styles. I’d never try on so many clothes, and don’t have to do so, since you model them for us! It makes no difference to me if items are for me or not; I enjoy seeing them on you and being able to decide.

  16. I don’t like the hammer time pants just yet but I think I’ll get a pair and see. I love the fawn pants with the watermelon pink top. When you added the white blazer, I started reaching for my credit card. Of course they will be out of my size but the key to this look is the beautiful pink top. I have similar pieces but watermelon is a favorite color.

  17. It’s so exciting to see the new colors and silhouettes for Spring and Summer. At Talbots today I bought a pair of white wide leg crop pants. It does take awhile to adjust one’s eyes to a non-skinny pant. But, I’m liking the new silhouette. Thanks so much for sharing, Kay!

  18. I read your post everyday, but do not read the comments very often. I was surprised to hear you say that you had been receiving negative comments, because I really feel like you have been “hitting it out of the park” so to speak with your post and videos! You just keep doing what your doing and let the negative roll off you! I personally cannot wear every style you show, because Im much shorter than you and a different body shape, but I can sure appreciate it on you and use it as a tool to choose what will work for me! You have truly helped me build a wardrobe that works for me, choose a tight color palette, and make better buying choices for my unique lifestyle! Thank you so much for all your informative videos and post as well as helping us stay current!

    1. Ahh, that’s so good to hear Dee. Fortunately most comments I receive are very positive, much like yours. I think I’m just a little tired this week and started letting things get to me too much. Thank you for the encouragement. ?

  19. Hello Kay. I believe your purpose is to show us what is trending and keep us on the “fashion train”. Granted, some styles won’t work for me and some are more flattering on you than others. But your posts would be without purpose if you showed the same style, colors, and fit every day. So you keep on doing what you’re doing, and I will keep learning about current fashion trends. I look forward to your posts. Have a blessed evening & Happy Mothers Day.

  20. Hi Kay, I really admire your style. You always look so polished and put together. Thank you very much for showing us the various trends. By doing that I definitely get ideas on what I want to try. I also enjoy your Bible verses. I look forward to your daily emails. Keep them coming. Have a wonderful Mother’s day weekend. Cara

  21. Love this post! As a pear shape, I avoided skinnier because the accentuated my wider hips. I’m glad to see more proportioned pant legs trending. I have to laugh at people saying they’ll cling to their skinnier (or whatever fading fashion item) because there was a day when that was new and they chose to embrace that trend. We need to keep our “picker” flexible and able to pivot to stay on trend.

  22. I was, oh, so slow to get comfortable with leggings or skinnies. Now, I love my skinnies (I’ve purged the leggings from my closet). Years before that, it took me a while to embrace flat front pants rather than pleated pants (and now I think “how could I have ever thought pleats looked better on me than flat front?”). I’m one who may take a little longer than others to try out the latest thing, but I love seeing them on other people in the real world. I was out and about this weekend and noticed someone wearing barrel pants (and was so pleased that I knew what they were!). I probably won’t buy a pair this season — they need to grow on me a bit more — but that’s not to say that I’ll never wear them. Thanks for showing us what’s out there, Kay, and demonstrating how to wear it! The fashion-and-shopping-challenged among us are SOOOOOO appreciative!!