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What I Packed for a Coastal Maine Vacation

June 5, 2023

If all has gone as planned, I’m waking up in Maine today. We’re on a two-week car trip with a full week in Maine. And I thought today I’d share with you what I packed for a coastal Maine vacation.

What I Packed for a Coastal Maine Vacation

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We’re near Acadia National Park and the coastal town of Bar Harbor. I’ve been to this part of the country before, but the last time I was here it rained every day and we didn’t get to do any hiking. So we’re hoping to have at least a few fair weather days so we can hike Acadia, explore Bar Harbor and venture into other parts of the state as well.

I wouldn’t normally buy an entire new wardrobe for a vacation. Yes, I do generally purchase several fun, new pieces for a holiday, but not a whole suitcase full. Recently, however, Talbots reached out and invited me to have an Appointment by Style in my local Talbots boutique and then share about it, which I did in this recent blog post. And later I’ll also produce a video sharing those purchases and how I styled them on this vacation.

What I Packed for a Coastal Maine Vacation

That said, yes, I packed a suitcase full of beautiful new styles from Talbots for my coastal Maine vacation. And I can’t wait to share them with you. Most of these items are gifted to me by Talbots as part of my compensation for our collaboration, and then I did purchase a few things to round out my vacation collection.

I’m sharing the items I packed for my vacation as I styled them on the day of my Talbots Style by Appointment. And in a couple of weeks I’ll have a new YouTube video sharing footage of how I styled them on my actual trip. Fun!

I had already decided before my that Talbots Style by Appointment that I wanted to wear red, white and blue on my vacation. Call me hokey, but that color combination just seemed appropriate for a coastal Maine vacation.

Skirt and Tee and Jacket
canvas A-line skirt // ruffle square neck shell // washed linen jacket // similar sandals // handbag // earrings // necklace

So the red and white canvas A-line skirt seemed like such a fun piece to take with me. Not only does it work nicely with this white ruffle square neck shell and white washed linen jacket, but I can mix and match it with other tops, too. My sandals above are mine from a couple of years ago, but these are very similar sandals. I ended up not getting the handbag because I already had a couple of straw bags I can use. The earrings were already mine and I didn’t get the necklace.

Fit Tips: Everything here fits true to size, but the washed linen jacket definitely has an oversized fit. They didn’t have a small for me to try, so I came home with the medium (shown here). But if you’d prefer a closer fit you might want to size down.

Skimmers & Ruffle Square Neck Shell and Jacket
red perfect skimmers // indigo/white stripe ruffle square neck shell // washed linen jacket // similar sandals // earrings // necklace

Now I normally would not wear pedal pushers or Capris or skimmers, as Talbots has called these. But, hey! It’s vacation. On the coast of Maine. If you can’t wear clam diggers here, what gives? I’m all for adding a little joy and fun to your vacation wardrobe, so that’s why I came home with these bright red perfect skimmers and the indigo/white stripe ruffle square neck shell

Fit Tips: The perfect skimmers and the stripe ruffle square neck shell both fit true to size.

jeans and tee and jacket
citrus gallery crewneck t-shirt // high waist straight ankle jeans in Newport wash // washed linen jacket // similar sandals // earrings

I already had the citrus gallery crewneck t-shirt, but my stylist Blake brought it for me to try on with the washed linen jacket and high waist straight ankle jeans in Newport wash. I love this combination. And these jeans are actually very flattering. With this straight-on pose they may not look slenderizing to you, but they really are. And they’re so comfortable and vacation-worthy.

Fit Tips: The straight ankle jeans run true to size for a roomy fit in the legs.

jeans and sweatshirt
white slim ankle jeans // red embroidered crewneck sweatshirt // similar sandals // handbag // earrings

I wanted to make sure I had some white jeans to take on the trip that I could pair with my new finds. So I came home with the white slim ankle jeans. And I love this red embroidered crewneck sweatshirt. It’s so soft and cozy, but also lightweight and very comfortable. I think it’s a necessity for a coastal Maine vacation at this time of year.

Fit Tips: I sized up in the jeans to a 10 just because I don’t like snug white jeans at all (and they didn’t have an 8 for me to try). The red embroidered crewneck sweatshirt fits true to size; I’m wearing a medium.

Sweatshirt sleeve detail
crewneck sweatshirt

Above I just wanted you to see the pretty detailing on the sleeve of the crewneck sweatshirt. I think it’s just enough to add interest without looking silly. Plus, it’s fun. And vacation clothes should be really fun! In fact, this wardrobe is about to get even more fun.

Sweatshirt and Sailboat shorts
red embroidered crewneck sweatshirt // sail away relaxed chino shorts // indigo braided thong sandals // earrings

I just couldn’t resist ALL the sailboats and palm trees. Ha! So in the end I brought home three pieces featuring this fun print, including these sail away relaxed chino shorts. I love them paired with the red embroidered crewneck sweatshirt. I added the indigo braided thong sandals at this point, but I’d probably wear my white leather sneakers here. I did come home with these indigo braided thong sandals, however. They’ll work with almost everything in my suitcase.

Fit Tips: The sail away relaxed chino shorts have a lot of stretch and fit true to size to a little roomy. I got the size 8. They are made from the same fabric as Talbots’ relaxed fit chinos. The thongs run true to size but, while I usually wear a size 9.5 and size down to a 9 in these sandals, I came home with the 10 because that’s all they had. You can probably tell they’re a tad long, but not so long that I’ll trip over them.

shorts and linen top
belted shorts // linen popover in dreamy stripe // gold metallic braid thong sandals // floral drop earrings

I didn’t come home with the white belted shorts, but I did bring the linen popover in dreamy stripe with me on my coastal Maine vacation. The linen popover is so soft and easy to wear. I also did not get the gold metallic braid thong sandals because I have similar ones, but I did get the floral drop earrings, which will go with everything in my vacation wardrobe. In fact, I only wore these and packed one other pair of earrings for my trip, and I took no other jewelry.

Fit Tips: Above I’m wearing the belted shorts in a size 10, but that was too large. I would consider my true size for these shorts to be an 8, and that’s what I’m comfortably wearing in them below. The linen popover runs a little large, but they didn’t have a small in the store, so I came home with this medium.

Shorts and ruffle neck shell and sweatshirt
belted shorts in indigo // indigo/white stripe ruffle square neck shell // red embroidered crewneck sweatshirt // floral drop earrings // indigo braided thong sandals

Doesn’t this outfit look fun and fresh? I’m wearing the same belted shorts in indigo this time. And I topped it with the red embroidered crewneck sweatshirt tied loosely around my shoulders. I haven’t really decided what I think about the rope tie on the shorts. We’ll see if I wear it or not. But the shorts were too comfortable to pass up. And I think they’re a really nice length and rise on me, too.

Fit Tips: The shorts run true to size; I’m wearing an 8.

Brace yourself for more whimsy and fun!

shorts and sweatshirt hoodie
belted shorts in indigo // sail away scoop neck hoodie // floral drop earrings // indigo braided thong sandals

No, I probably wouldn’t wear this sail away scoop neck hoodie on a daily basis in my normal life in Cincinnati. But it’s so fun for a coastal Maine vacation. It brings me great joy! See another look with it below.

Fit Tips: The sail away scoop neck hoodie fits true to size.

hoodie and skimmers
red perfect skimmers // sail away scoop neck hoodie // floral drop earrings // indigo braided thong sandals

This outfit is just pure vacation mode. I’ll wear it with joy.

I almost forgot to show you the hat I got. So I threw it on here to share it.

crochet trim floppy hat // floral drop earrings // modern poplin smocked dress

Fit Tips: The hat fits a little roomy on my fairly average size head. So if you have a small hat size, it may not be for you.

crochet trim floppy hat // floral drop earrings // modern poplin smocked dress // indigo braided thong sandals

I love the way this modern poplin smocked dress fits and looks, but I did not come home with it. I’d already purchased the indigo and white jersey wrap midi dress, which we do not have a photo of here, and the medallion jersey open back dress shown at the top of the post. And I had to draw the line somewhere. Ha! But I wanted you to see this dress because it is truly pretty. So lightweight and classic.

So that’s what I packed for my coastal Maine vacation this summer. Yes, I did round out my selection here with a few more things from my closet, but not much. Of course I took hiking clothes (shown here and here). I also took this tee in white and in red and these linen pants in indigo blue. You know me! I’ve got to have some linen pants with me.

If you follow along with me on Instagram, I’ll try to share at least a daily post of my outfits and a little about our vacation. But I’m really taking time off this go around, something I haven’t done in about three years. So I probably won’t be checking comments today. Thanks so much for understanding.

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Blessed for My Day

I desperately needed a vacation. Honestly, I wasn’t feeling burned out this time around. But my mind and body just felt tired and in need of rest. So I’m taking this time to truly unplug and trying to get my mind on other things besides work or other concerns. I’m focusing on seeing new sights, laughing with my husband, exploring new places and eating good food. I’m also taking a little more time than usual with my daily quiet times.

When I can’t escape to a new place for a vacation, I can still get rest for my soul. Jesus promises to be an oasis for us in our weary seasons. He calls us to come to Him when we feel weary and burdened. And He invites us to learn how to live a more balanced, restful and graceful life by walking alongside Him. His gentleness and humility begin to rub off on us as we walk in step with Him. And when we have ceased striving we find the rest we are looking for.

 “Come to Me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” ~ Matthew 11:28-29

xoxo, Kay
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18 thoughts on “What I Packed for a Coastal Maine Vacation

  1. I vote to wear the rope-tie belt on the indigo shorts. It is what makes that outfit look unique and nautical. If you wear a traditional belt or no belt at all, the outfit will lose some of its “personality.” All of these vacation outfits look fun and joyful, Kay. Hope you are thoroughly enjoying your vacation, May the Lord keep you and your husband safe in your travels.

  2. These outfits look fabulous on you, Kay. I especially love the pop of red (sweatshirt, capris) paired with the neutrals. Even though you rock the “low contrast” palette, I am a medium to high contrast gal and these combos really speak to me.
    Have a wonderful time in Maine!

  3. Enjoy your Maine vacation. I really like all of the new clothes you picked for you vacation. All the clothes look great on you.

  4. We were in Bar Harbor about a week ago and it was cold and windy. This Alabama girl was not pleased. 😉

  5. I love the wardrobe ideas, Kay. Would you say the red sweatshirt is a true red? I hope you packed a warm waterproof jacket! Take care xoxo

  6. Great vacation capsule. I looked for the 2 sweatshirts (red & sail away) but they are not included in the sale.😞 Full price.

  7. Really cute outfits That you and Blair put Together at Talbots. It has become My Favorite store in the last couple of years. Started shopping online a couple of years ago and Get in the store Every couple months The store is 40 minutes away not that far but don’t always have the time to go there. Like the reds and blues together Also like the linen jacket. Debating about it, As I have a white denim jacket I could use.
    Know you both are having a good time.

  8. Hi Kay just to say you are right if you can’t have fun with your holiday wardrobe when can you?. The pieces you have chosen all look fresh and mix and match well( incredibly important when you are away from home) . Loving your colour scheme of Red/White/Blue ❤️🤍💙Xx

  9. Super super cute Kay…..this is All something you would see me in on a cruise! We cruise a lot and would definitely wear all this. Have an Amazing time just the two of you💞. I pray you get rest and relaxation.


  10. Absolutely adore your outfits, 95% of my closet dresser drawers are from Talbots! Enjoy your coastal vacation, we use to live in Vermont and I have family on the Massachusetts coast.

  11. Sorry we are having such unseasonably cold weather and rain, but the farmers really need the rain, so it’s a good thing for us, if not for you.
    I hope you popped into LL Bean and bought some real sweaters and other warmer clothing — and spent some money at local businesses.

  12. I was raised by my grandparents and when we went on vacation, my grandmother always bought new clothes just for the trip. The suitcases were packed ahead of time with the new clothes. We had special clothes to look forward to wearing on our trips, the packing was out of the way, and we could continue to wear our regular clothes without rushing to get them washed last minute for packing. I do a modified version of that to the day. I live on the East Coast, and my husband and I take daytrips to Maine all the time and in all four seasons. When it’s too cold outside, we go antiquing or shopping or take a drive to enjoy the scenery. I never thought about the fact that nautical themes might look out of place somewhere else – LOL – they’re just such a part of life here! And they are fun so I’m glad you’re getting a chance to enjoy them! Enjoy Maine. It’s beautiful any time of year. 🙂

  13. I just love your vacation wardrobe ! It is coordinated and definitely things I would wear ! I also live in Ohio and plan what to wear when we travel. I look forward to your post on and also reading the inspiration part at the end. Thanks !

  14. Thanks for today. I lived in ME for 3 years, long ago, had a hard time leaving there because of the church I was in. ALC. Thanks for what you said about striving. I needed that today. The Lord is good. We need Him.