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Best Sellers at DFMD in May 2023

June 1, 2023

With the end of each month I like to look at my analytics and see what resonated most with my readers and viewers. I’d love for you to tell me in the comments, in fact, if there were particular blog postsvideos or other content you enjoyed this past month. But today I’m going to share with you what was hot at DFMD in May, according to my affiliate link analytics.

HOT at DFMD in May 2023

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

I don’t just share these top sellers to give you FOMO. Ha! I check these analytics so that I can see what resonates with my viewers and readers. It’s important to me that I provide content and share styles that align with a wide base of my followers. I truly try to share shoppable items in a wide range of price points and a reasonably wide range of style aesthetics. But looking through these analytics helps me to find the sweet spot for the majority of my content.

HOT at DFMD in May 2023
high-neck textured pointelle sweater-tank // white linen blazer // Face Oil No. 9 // Riviera stripe square neck top // Bristol linen pants and in white // linen relaxed crops // summer knit dress // Colleen Rothschild skincare discovery collection // linen tab-sleeve A-line shirt // luxe comfort straight leg travel pants // cap sleeve organic linen & cotton cardigan // 180° two-way tank in Belleville stripe

I think you’ll quickly notice a theme in this month’s top sellers. Obviously we’re all getting ready for summer outfits, and many of us may be preparing for travel, too. Let’s see what you ladies have been purchasing through my links.

13. Colleen Rothschild Face Oil No. 9

Colleen Rothschild Beauty Face Oil No. 9

While I have loved everything I’ve tried at Colleen Rothschild, the Face Oil No. 9 is definitely my favorite product. Actually face oil in general is one of my favorite beauty secrets. Adding a pump of this lightweight oil over my nighttime skincare has been a game changer for me.

Colleen Rothschild Beauty Face Oil No. 9

The Face Oil No. 9 helps lock in all the rich nutrients of the serums and moisturizers I’ve applied to my face, helping them do what I’m paying them to do overnight. Ha! And when I get up in the morning my face still feels hydrated and nourished, not parched like it used to.

12. Eileen Fisher linen pants

They’re not included in the graphic above, but the Eileen Fisher lantern pants were hot sellers this month at Dressed for My Day. Both the soft neutrals and the colorful lantern pants have been purchased frequently, and they’re all selling out fast.

Linen V-Neck Tee // Eileen Fisher linen pants // Tory Burch Miller Sandals // Earrings 

But you may find more at Dillard’s and Nordstrom to choose from. Remember, Eileen Fisher clothing generally runs roomy. I sized down to a small in everything above and below.

Linen Coordinating Separates
organic linen délavé classic collar shirt in blueberry (sized down to small) // délavé linen lantern pants in blueberry (size down, wearing small) // ribbed white tank (another option) // sandals // dragonfly earrings // coin necklace // chain necklace // small necklace

11. cap sleeve organic linen & cotton cardigan

I have loved wearing this soft, easy cap sleeve organic linen & cotton cardigan with my neutral colored lantern pants. And now I’ve added the undyed natural organic linen pocket skirt to my wardrobe and will be topping it with the cardigan, too.

Black Silk Skirt Outfits
black silk skirt (more economical option) // similar tank // cardigan // necklace // earrings // black sandals // nude sandal

The cardigan also looks really nice over my black silk skirt (more economical option), too.

10. Colleen Rothschild Exploration & Travel Kits

Maybe, like me, you’re getting ready to travel or maybe you’re sampling this skincare line, but many of my readers purchased one or more of the Colleen Rothschild exploration & travel kits. And I’m so glad you did because I truly love this skincare line.

Colleen Rothschild Kits
the Colleen Rothschild Quench & Shine Travel Essential hair care set and the CR Discovery Collection

I have taken both of the kits above with me to Maine for my two-week roadtrip, and I fully expect them to be sufficient for the trip. And while I won’t necessarily take everything included in the Colleen Rothschild Quench & Shine Travel Essential hair care set and the CR Discovery Collection (or the bags they came in) on my London trip, I will be reordering these kits so I’ll have select items to include in my transatlantic voyage carryon bag.

Colleen Rothschild Kits
the CR Discovery Collection

You really can’t beat the values you get with these CR kits. The CR Discovery Collection is a $150 value kit available for under $100. And the Quench & Shine Travel Essential hair care set is a $110 value priced at just $75.

9. L.L. Bean summer knit dress

I purchased this black summer knit dress a couple of years ago, and I purchased one of their print versions last spring. They are so soft and comfortable, but also just really flattering and feminine. The perfect casual dress for daytime.

Black Dress

The summer knit dress runs true to size and comes in petite, regular and plus sizes. They have some pretty prints, too, but they sell out fastest. I really think the black dress is such a nice option, however. Looks great under a denim jacket for date night.

8. J. Jill relaxed linen crops

I don’t normally have much luck with J.Jill pants. But these relaxed linen crops have become fast favorites this spring. And I’ll definitely be wearing them frequently throughout the summer. I did size down in them as I generally do at J.Jill.

peasant top
linen relaxed crops // linen relaxed peasant top // sandals // necklace // necklace // bracelet // earrings // watch (Use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your purchase) // similar handbag // sunglasses (no longer in this color)

That  linen relaxed peasant top was another top seller this month, by the way. It probably came in at number 14 or 15. Alas, it appears to be sold out completely.

7. J. Jill linen tab-sleeve A-line shirt

Another J.Jill top seller was this linen tab-sleeve A-line shirt. It’s really my favorite linen button up shirt in my closet, and I have several others. But I have this linen tab-sleeve A-line shirt in blue and white. Love, love, love.

Column of White with a Linen Shirt
linen relaxed crops // tank // similar button-up shirt // sandals // necklace // bracelet // earrings // watch (Use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your purchase) // similar handbag // sunglasses (no longer in this color)

In fact, my button-up shirt shown above is from last year and no longer available. But I’ve tried on the striped version of this shirt and really love it, too. And I highly recommend the white one.

6. Talbots Bristol linen pants & white linen pants

Mom, Me and Abby in Talbots Fashions
Talbots Bristol linen pants & white linen pants // see the original post for more details

My mom and I wore these Talbots Bristol linen pants & white linen pants in this recent blog post and the video shown below. We both love them. They fit true to size for a very generous fit, or size down.

5. J. Crew high-neck textured pointelle sweater-tank

I selected this high-neck textured pointelle sweater-tank to wear to my J.Crew shopping party in May. And for two weeks straight this sweater-tank was one of the top sellers. It comes in five great colors. I’d love to have them all. It’s become another favorite in my closet.

purple sweater tank 3 ways
Kate linen pants // Parke linen blazer // wedge sandals // textured pointelle sweater tank // earrings // pin is old // bracelet // skirt // black linen pants // Tory Burch Miller cloud sandals // denim jacket

Those are three of my favorite ways to wear it. And I think I could wear the textured pointelle sweater tank in the other colors in additional ways. We’ll see if it’s still available when I return from vacation. I can’t order anything while I’m away, and that’s probably a good thing. Ha!

4. Talbots luxe comfort straight leg travel pants with ankle zipper

You know I love my travel pants! I’ll definitely be wearing these to London. And I’ll probably take my full length travel pants, too. In fact, I may get them in navy. At any rate, I do hope that those of you who purchased the 4. Talbots luxe comfort straight leg travel pants with ankle zipper love them as much as I do.

Travel Outfit
Talbots’ travel pants // striped shirt (similar short sleeve top) // sandals // trench coat // scarf // Away bag // necklace // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

Happy travels! Oh, and these pants fit true to size, but have a very generous fit. I stayed with my usual size medium. Very comfortable but chic for travel.

3. Talbots Riviera stripe square neck top

I think I owe my mom a commission check. What do you think? It certainly was her amazing modeling that sold this Riviera stripe square neck top like hot cakes.

Mom in Ankle Pants
linen Bristol pants (Petite 10) // stripe square neck top (petite M) // metallic espadrille wedge sandals (TTS) // linen jacket (misses M) // hoop earrings // woven crossbody

I ended up buying the top, too. It runs true to size. And it looks great under a blazer, the linen jacket below or even a denim jacket.

Mom in Striped Square Neck Top and Linen Jacket
linen Bristol pants (Petite 10) // stripe square neck top (petite M) // metallic espadrille wedge sandals (TTS) // linen jacket (misses M) // hoop earrings // woven crossbody

The stripe square neck top also comes in a pretty pink and white stripe. By the way, I also purchased that great linen jacket above, too, and I took it on vacation with me. It comes in some nice colors, too. It does run a little large, but I got my usual size medium for a generous oversized fit.

2. Talbots 180° two-way tank in Belleville stripe

The 180° two-way tank in Belleville stripe is such a summer wardrobe essential. I’m always glad to see items like this in the top sellers because they are such worthy investments for your wardrobe.

5 Wardrobe Essentials for Great Spring Outfits

I especially enjoy wearing my 180° two-way tank under completer pieces, as I showed in this blog post.

white boyfriend jeans // striped reversible tank // similar white sneakers (more economical) // windbreaker // necklace // earrings

1. Talbots linen blazer & white linen blazer

And the number one seller at Dressed for My Day in May was the Talbots linen blazer and their white linen blazer. Of course I love my white linen blazer from Talbots. I’ve had it for several years now.

white linen blazer
white linen blazer // Talbots Bristol linen pants & white linen pants // flat gold sandals // wedge gold sandals // pink tee // blue graphic tee // Mom’s handbag

But the Talbots linen blazer comes in other pretty colors, too. I have the blue one from last year and really enjoy wearing it, too.

Thanks so much for dropping in today. Let me know if you ordered any of these trending items or anything else at DFMD in May. I’d love to hear about what I helped you find.

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3 thoughts on “Best Sellers at DFMD in May 2023

  1. Thank you for your reminder to really listen to those speaking to me.
    I am wondering what you would suggest for the friend who really does not get that I have heard and am aware of her situation/s that she brings up again and again every time we meet? I find I really avoid her, because over the years, nothing I or another friend may say, especially pointing her to Jesus, is heard–for the continual “carping”. I do pray for her, but she seems to just want to hear herself talk. Sorry if this sounds hard-hearted. I know she’s had a much harder life than I, but it is much of her own making.
    Any books on this subject Kay??? You should write one for us who have “friends” like her. Am I doing her any favors by letting this go on and on. How does one kindly but firmly draw this to a close and change the subject?
    Thanks for your consideration on this topic, Love your work and direction with style, etc.

  2. I’ve been considering the Talbots travel pants for awhile now, but the price was a bit steep. This post finally convinced me to give them a try. I was very happily surprised to find them deeply discounted—only $89, instead of the usual $150!! Glad I waited 🙂

  3. Hi Kay, I ran across your You Tube by accident and found it so informative that I subscribed to your blog and look forward to receiving it daily. I have always struggled with”I have nothing to wear!” So I have been revamping my closet to have things I really like and let go of things that never see the light of day. I am a Talbots girl too and since reading your blogs have ventured into areas I had never tried before. I have bought linen shirts (from Chicos) and the Bristol linen pants from Talbots. I love the Eddie Bauer shirts from Kohls. We have a Motorcoach and are taking a 4 month trip this year so I have incorporated several of your selections to take with me. I enjoy your blog and You Tube and the message at the end of your blog lifts my day. Thank you