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Trying On Eileen Fisher Organic Linen for Summer

April 1, 2023

I know we’re barely into spring, but I’m already dreaming of summer days spent in soft, flowy linen. I’d only worn the random linen shirt or dress here and there until a few summers ago when I was undoubtedly bitten by a linen bug of some sort. Ha! Ever since then I’ve basically lived in linen through the dog days of summer. That will undoubtedly be the pervasive majority of my summer wardrobe, so I’m already trying on Eileen Fisher organic linen for summer 2023.

Eileen Fisher Linen try-on Session 2023

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Most everything I’m sharing in today’s try-on session is from Eileen Fisher. Indeed, Eileen Fisher is one of the pricier sources for linen clothing. But after purchasing and wearing linen from a wide variety of brands, I will say that it is my preferred brand. Not only is their organic linen soft and beautifully pigmented, but it’s also styled in a way that feels wonderful to wear and looks luxurious and sophisticated.

Yes, most of their pieces are designed to be oversized and to drape the body loosely. But you absolutely can make it work in a way that suits your style aesthetic, you body shape and proportions and your style goals. Check out this article in their Journal that provides tips for How to Style Oversized Clothes.

One more thing before we check out what I ordered from Eileen Fisher. In case you’re new here, I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 160. I generally wear a size 8 or medium from most of my favorite retailers, but I usually size up to a 30 or even 31 in jeans. You’ll see my sizes are just a tad different at Eileen Fisher.

Organic Linen Lantern Pant & Handkerchief Linen Short Sleeve Shirt

I actually purchased the Organic Linen Lantern Pants a year or two ago. You can also see me style them differently in this blog post, in which I detailed the coastal grandmother style and shared lots of other great sources for linen.

Organic Linen Lantern Pant & Handkerchief Linen Short Sleeve Shirt
Organic Linen Lantern Pants // Handkerchief Linen Short Sleeve Shirt // similar sandals but not in this color (mine are old) // dragon fly earrings // necklace duo

Eileen Fisher does make other linen pant silhouettes, so check them all out here for the one you may prefer. I personally love the lantern pant silhouette because I think they help provide a little shape while still providing the fullness I love in linen trousers. I might could wear a small in these slightly oversized pants, but I stick with a medium. I love the seam that comes down the outer part of the front panel of these pants, too. The Organic Linen Lantern Pants come in this undyed natural, white, black, a beautiful cobblestone and Pacifica, a deep turquoise.

Above I’m wearing the Organic Linen Lantern Pants with the white Handkerchief Linen Short Sleeve Shirt. It does run large; I’m wearing a small very comfortably. But for an even more on-trend oversized fit, go with your usual size. The Handkerchief Linen Short Sleeve Shirt is slightly sheer, but not enough to warrant a tank in my book. But you definitely have room to wear one with it if you’d like. It is so soft and beautiful.

Check out my video from last summer on the Coastal Grandma trend HERE.

Black Organic Linen Lantern Pant & J.Jill Relaxed Peasant Top

I also already had these black organic linen lantern pants in my closet. Again, I’m wearing my usual size medium for an oversized fit. But I sneaked in a nice linen piece from J.Jill here. I thought you might appreciate seeing a little color paired with the neutrals, too.

Black Organic Linen Lantern Pant & J.Jill Relaxed Peasant Top
J.Jill Relaxed Peasant Top // black organic linen lantern // metallic leather sandals // dragon fly earrings // necklace duo

This J.Jill Relaxed Peasant Top also runs large, as J.Jill tops generally do on me. I’m wearing a small very comfortably. This pretty, feminine peasant top also comes in yellow and blue. All three colors are very on trend for 2023. By the way, those pretty dragon fly earrings are also from J.Jill. Love them!

You can check out more linen options from J.Jill in their Linen Shop. I especially love their tab-sleeve A-line shirt.

Washed Organic Linen Délavé Lantern Pant & Organic Linen Jersey V-Neck Tee

Let’s add a little more color. Below I’m wearing the washed organic linen délavé lantern pants. Délavé is a dying technique that includes a washing, so the fabric has a slightly different, texturized appearance. From what I can tell, the silhouette is basically the same as the pants above, and the sizing is, too. But you’ll find colors from this beautiful blueberry that I’m wearing to field green to raspberry to marigold and more. So bold and beautiful and rich.

Washed Organic Linen Delave Lantern Pant & Organic Linen Jersey V-Neck Tee
Washed Organic Linen Delave Lantern Pant // Organic Linen Jersey V-Neck Tee // dragon fly earrings // necklace duo // sandals (25% off)

I’m wearing the Organic Linen Jersey V-Neck Tee in white. Once again I opted for the size small. I do love this simple v-neck cropped length tee. But I will say that the white tee has a faint blue tint to it that will probably limit how I can wear it. I didn’t discover this until I’d already shipped all the other returns back. So I’m still thinking about whether or not I’ll keep this one or not.

I will almost certainly wear the Organic Linen Jersey V-Neck Tee with a little front tuck as I have above. But you can see the top untucked below.

Washed Organic Linen Délavé Lantern Pant & Washed Organic Linen Délavé Classic Collar Shirt

Below I’m wearing the blueberry washed organic linen délavé lantern pants with the coordinating washed organic linen délavé collar shirt. I’ve worn my seamless ribbed white tank underneath (not EF). I’m not sure what size tank I’m wearing, by the way, because I cut the annoying tag out. But I can tell you it has a LOT of stretch in it, so I would go with your true size. I’m sure I probably have the medium/large. I love that this soft stretchy seamless ribbed white tank is also slightly cropped, so you can wear it with things like these lantern pants without needing to tuck it.

Washed Organic Linen Delave Lantern Pant & Washed Organic Linen Delave Classic Collar Shirt
Washed Organic Linen Delave Lantern Pant // Washed Organic Linen Delave Classic Collar Shirt // seamless ribbed white tank // similar sandals but not in this color (mine are old) // dragon fly earrings // necklace duo

I’m wearing a size small in the washed organic linen délavé collar shirt and it fits very comfortably, even in the sleeves where I sometimes run into problems. I’m sure I will mostly wear it unbuttoned like this, but it does look fun buttoned and tucked, too.

Washed Organic Linen Délavé Lantern Pant & Organic Linen Jersey V-Neck Tee

I didn’t really plan to keep both colors of these washed organic linen délavé lantern pants, but I just couldn’t bring myself to part with one of them either. Plus I learned that I actually can mix and match the tops for a sort of deep sea color combination. These are the washed organic linen délavé lantern pants in Nile, a soft sea turquoise.

Washed Organic Linen Délavé Lantern Pant & Organic Linen Jersey V-Neck Tee
Washed Organic Linen Délavé Lantern Pant // Organic Linen Jersey V-Neck Tee // organic cotton open weave scarf in arctic blue

And for a tonal look I paired the Nile washed organic linen délavé lantern pants with the Nile organic linen jersey v-neck tee. The v-neck tee doesn’t come in the blueberry, but it is available in several of the other colors, including that gorgeous raspberry. Again I’m wearing a small.

The sandals above are from two years ago and I’ve practically worn them out. So I ordered the last pair of these similar sandals available in my size. I think they will be even more comfortable, but they’re about gone. I bet Eileen Fisher will come out with more soon.

Finally, I also purchased the organic cotton open weave scarf in arctic blue last summer when it went on sale at the end of the season. It’s still marked down and still available. I love this scarf for a summer wrap, and it will work beautifully with these Nile separates.

I know Eileen Fisher is on the pricey side, for sure. That’s why I presented this as a bonus post on a Saturday, when I don’t normally even have a post. You’ll certainly find more economical linen options as the season unfolds, and I’ll be sharing some of them here. But for those of you who are interested, and I know I have quite a few EF fans here, I wanted to share my order. I’ve gathered up these and a few other fun finds in the shopping widget below.

Thanks for stopping in. Have a lovely weekend!

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14 thoughts on “Trying On Eileen Fisher Organic Linen for Summer

  1. I just love linen in summertime, too! My favorite of your pieces are the vibrant pink peasant top and the entire artic blue outfit! Such a beautiful blue!
    I’m still out on a limb over lantern style pants? I’m only 5 ft 3 and thin. They tend to swallow me.

    1. Yes, I definitely think we have to consider our height and shape and proportions when choosing pant silhouettes. But even at 5’8” I find that tucking the top a little helps tremendously.

  2. I love the linen on you. I’ll be looking for some this summer. When I wear matching pieces, I feel like I am wearing pajamas or scrubs. I don’t see that on other people, so it must be in my head.

    Yesterday I saw the new movie His Only Son. It was great! Deeply scriptural and deeply Christian. It held the attention of a theater full of people.

    1. I’ve not heard of that one, Caron. I’ll have to check into it. Thanks for sharing. As for wearing matching pieces and feeling like you’re wearing pajamas…🙋🏼‍♀️. I know exactly what you’re talking about. But I just determine to press through and wear it anyhow. And I’m always glad I did later. But I can absolutely relate.

  3. I love Eileen Fisher! Each piece to me is like a piece of art – the colors, the unique seams and draping, the amazing fabrics, wow! The items are pricey, but I get them on sale or on the resale market. Eileen Fisher has a Renew line that is comprised of items that customers have returned specifically to be reused. They get a small store credit for their effort and the items are cleaned and repaired and resold on their website. What is not sold is repurposed. Other companies are getting on board with the reselling of their own brand’s items. It speaks to the quality of any brand that can do this. The ethos of this brand (caring about the environment and their workers) and the quality makes it my favorite hands-down! Thanks for the post Kay!

    1. Thank you for mentioning the Renew program. I meant to do that and forgot. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post.

  4. I discovered Eileen Fisher (and how much I like to wear linen in the summer) last year so I’m excited about this post. I’ve worn lots of linen tops but not pants. Now that I see the lantern pants on you I’m definitely going to try them. I also love the matching top and bottom (pajama look, haha) so I’ll try that, too. Thank you for this post, Kay!

  5. The linen looks great on you. I have a few tops, but when I have tried a linen pant, it looks odd on me. I think because I am only 5’1” and you are 7 inches taller—it makes a difference. But I think I will try the JJill pink top. Your BFMD brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much.

  6. Really enjoyed the BFMD. I love linen. I too got bit by the Linen bug 2 years ago. I like the tops by Eileen Fisher but not crazy about the pants. Too baggy for me

  7. Oh my gosh! I was feeling pretty satisfied with my spring/summer wardrobe, but I can never pass up Eileen Fisher. I have her pants in several shapes and materials, the lantern being my favorite. You look so pretty in your EF choices. Thank you for this fabulous post ❤️

  8. Thanks, Kay! All outfits are great! I love the sea turquoise colour! I also love your hair – the cut, colour, and style. Your hair is so shiny and pretty.

    I ordered linen pants yesterday in an oatmeal colour.

  9. I would love to know how to get a tee shirt to hold a knot–I saw this in the EF post that was linked. I’ve tried to make this work with a rubber band, hair elastic and by tucking the tail of the knot into the little pocket near the waist on jeans. It never stays. Maybe I need to try it with a more oversized tee to make this work? Love all the EF outfits and the CG look–thanks for sharing!